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Just as these homes offer distinctive features to which their owners aspired, legacy homes in the San Juans offer similarly ideal accommodations and recreational benefits to their owners. Steve Miller—the seller of RSIR’s Friday Harbor Estate listing, — suggested during a recent Howard Stern interview that boating was very calming to his hectic world as a musician and that his estate on San Juan Island was effectively a sanctuary for this lifestyle. His yacht Abracadabra was moored in one of the largest and most protected moorage slips in the San Juan Island archipelago. Owners in the San Juans from Robert Moran to Steve Miller have discovered that a legacy home in these islands offers to some a satisfying recharge before re-engaging the world; and to others, a more permanent place of refuge.

ROBE R T MOR A N ’ S RO S A R IO A N D H OWA R D G O U L D ’ S C A S T L E G O U L D CON T I N U ED The Goulds’ marriage had been over for months by the time Robert Moran and his family moved into Rosario on June 21, 1909. By 1912, the engineer had run out of projects around the house and grounds, and set himself to building a yacht. When finished, Moran launched the San Wan in the company of 400 guests from Seattle. But by then, Moran was looking past his sailing days and life at Rosario. Many years before while on business in Alaska, he had met and been influenced by the naturalist John Muir. In the intervening years, his health crisis had passed, and he had created something special for himself, his wife, and their children. In the end, Moran decided to donate his lands for preservation to the State of Washington. The State accepted his offer in 1921 and created Moran State Park. Moran’s wife died in late 1932, and he eventually sold Rosario in 1938—but he never left Orcas Island. He built a modest house at White Beach near the ferry landing, and moved in with his daughter Nellie. A Bellingham Herald report mocking his move into a “shack” prompted Moran to reply: “Money represented no value to me excepting as a means to carry on an industrious life ... When I had money that I could not use in an industrial and constructive way, I gave it away. I got my pleasure out of a simple personal life by industry.”


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LEGACY HOME REPORT A legacy home is most often an expansive home, large enough to accommodate an extended family and guests, with fea...

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