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Asia Services Group A Division of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

Behind these doors lies a dynamic approach led by Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty into the Asia market. This is a summary of their ongoing initiatives to emerge with Asia through exclusive relationships, events, collateral, partnerships and marketing.

ASIA INITIATIVES - CONNECT WeChat App Exclusive Real Estate Partners Executives of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) and adSage have developed an exclusive real estate portal for WeChat – a popular mobile device communication app that has attracted more than 600 million subscribers, mostly in China, since its inception in 2012. Now a global sensation, the multimedia platform allows communications to penetrate the firewall in China and can share messages virally between followers. WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing. It can exchange contacts with people nearby via Bluetooth, as well as providing various features for contacting people at random if desired (if these are open to it), next to integration with social networking services such as those run by Facebook and Tencent QQ. Photographs may also be embellished with filters and captions, and a machine translation service is available.

Partnerships AREAA’s membership represents a broad array of real estate, mortgage and housing-related professionals that serve the diverse Asian American market. AREAA is the only trade association dedicated to representing the interests of the Asian real estate market nationwide. is where Chinese find international property. List Juwai is our international gateway for property sellers to reach this growing market easily.

The International Real Estate Federation – US Chapter (FIABCIUSA) is a multi-discipline, networking organization for all professionals associated with real estate transactions. We provide information, connections and concierge services to help you expand your global network. With members in more than 50 countries and territories.





Nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges along picturesque Puget Sound, King County is one of the best places to live in the world.

the Pacific northwest and most specifically King County (including the cities of seattle and Bellevue) is broadly known as a center of innovation, technology and life sciences and home to numerous fortune 500 companies.

• VIsIon 2040 is a regional strategy for accommodating the 5 million residents expected to live in the central Puget sound area comprising more than 3 million jobs • Between 2000 and 2040 the five metropolitan cities in Puget sound are expected to manage 32% (550,000 people) of the expected population growth led by seattle and Bellevue

• seattle software engineers are 2nd highest paid in the nation

• Moderate climate

• More than 31,000 job postings for technology jobs in August 2013

• Pristine natural environment

• single-family home prices are up 12% in last 12 month

• Immediate access to an abundance of cultural attractions

• washington state #2 in startup jobs per silicon Valley Bank

• Bidding wars on houses are the highest in 22 large markets in the Us

• King County posted highest wage growth in Us for Q3-2013

• Apartment development greatest in 25 years

• King County unemployment down to 5.6%

Visit or

• outdoor recreation • waterfront living

Downtown Seattle is a thriving metropolis with famous landmarks that include the Space Needle and Mount Rainier, which stands at more than 14,000 feet. • one of the most affluent cities in the Us

DownTown seATTLe • headquarters for Amazon, starbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, fred hutchison Cancer research Center, nordstrom, reI and russell Investments • Approximately 200,000 jobs (more than 40% of all jobs in City of seattle) • Population grew 24% since 2000 compared to 10% citywide • “Most Popular City in America” – huffington Post, April 2012 • “Best City for technology Jobs and steM Jobs”– forbes, May 2012 • “#6 Markets to watch in Us” – Urban Land Institute 2013 Top Five CiTies For: 9 “smartest Cities in north America”- fast Company, december 2012 9 “fastest Growing Cities in nation” – forbes, January 2013 9 “strongest economies in nation” – Policom’s 2012 economic strength rankings 9 “America’s Best Cities” – Businessweek, september 2012 • home to $2B waterfront redevelopment and deep bore tunnel


BeLLevUe / eAsTsiDe • the City of Bellevue is the second largest city in washington • Bellevue ranked #12 of top 100 places to live in Us • home to 45 corporate headquarters including 9 of the 50 largest public companies in the region

• Cost of living is comparatively more affordable • reasonably priced housing • renowned public schools • no state income taxes

• #1 “City for entrepreneurs in UsA” – forbes 2008 • #1 “Best Places to Live and Launch” – fortune small Business, April 2009 • “washington’s Most diverse City” – seattle times, october 2009 (one of three residents is foreign born) • “In Bellevue, Beverly hills Meets its Match” – Puget sound Business Journal, June 2009 • downtown Bellevue is the premier retail shopping destination in the region with large malls and world-class retain brands. • It is estimated that 75% of Bellevue’s population and employment growth will occur in downtown Bellevue • According to newsweek, all five of Bellevue’s public high schools rank in the top 100 of the nation (3 in the top 20)


Surrounded by Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the east Seattle and its sister city Bellevue offer an abundance of waterfront living opportunities and world-class boating. Waterfront living on Puget Sound or upon the many lakes allow residents to transfer from their high-rise office on downtown Seattle or Bellevue to their private yacht in just 15 minutes.

Investment Capital of the Pacific Northwest Colateral for Immigration and Foreign Direct Investments in the Northwest A dynamic overview of the geographic, economic, demographic and lifestyle composition of the Seattle and Bellevue region. Also, demonstrates why our region has increasingly become favored for immigration over historically more significant markets such as Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA.

ASIA INITIATIVES - EVENTS NanHai “Seattle Biz Tech Summit” Seattle has Become Synonymous with Technology and Innovation As an encore to last year’s success, the NanHai Forum, an industry networking group hosted the 2014 Seattle Biz-Tech Summit this year on September 27th at the Bellevue Hyatt Hotel. Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty was proud to be a corporate sponsor for the program and participated with a real estate desk featuring select listings. Dean Jones also contributed on a discussion panel about opportunities with investment in Washington State, which was covered by China Daily USA.

Reception & Dinner for President Xi Jinping RSIR Attend Reception in Honor of President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping In September of 2015, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) was represented at a reception and dinner in honor of his Excellency, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, which took stage at The Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle. Jones was a guest of the Washington State China Relations Council, where he is a committee member for both inbound investments and real estate. There were delegations from five provinces, and over 200 business and government officials in Seattle. The business deals on and off the official channel will propel Seattle’s business scene in the foreseeable future, and real estate opportunities along with it.

Annual Pacific Rim Real Estate Summit Asian Real Estate Association of America Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty was host of the 1st Annual Global Pacific Rim Real Estate Summit, sponsored by AREAA. As leaders of the industry they presented best practices for working with international buyers and building global investment strategies. A-list real estate and luxury brand experts provided education and entertainment in an intimate setting. This summit included the current state of global housing markets and insider secrets on how to develop business relationships with international clients, including advice from our tax attorney and EB-5 specialist.

Passport to luxury Hundreds of Prospective Asian Homebuyers and a Collection of Luxury Brands Participated In February 2015 more than three hundred guests joined two dozen brands representing the best of the Pacific Northwest during the Passport to Luxury at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Upon arrival, the VIP attendees enjoyed valet parking alongside a collection of luxury cars on display. The elevator doors opened onto the penthouse level of the hotel where Benjamin Lee, President Emeritus of the Hong Kong and Greater China Association of Washington welcomed guests to the lifestyle showcase like no other.

ASIA INITIATIVES - IN PRINT 地球村天涯即咫尺 找对经纪人,世界大不同! Realogics苏富比国际地产是寻找境内外购房者的地 产行业执牛耳者——我们网站45%的访问量(和我 们相当多的实际销售)来自美国境外的消费者。我 们很自豪地积极参与国内外关于本地区的行业论坛 和行业协会。我们的总裁兼首席执行官迪安·琼斯是 华盛顿州中国关系委员会的董事会成员。 我们的亚洲服务团队致力于协助入境购房者和投资 者找到合适参与的本地EB-5开发项目(创造一个获 得美国国籍的途径),以及一个提供学校招生、法 律事务、税收和生活方式等服务的咨询网络。 一言以蔽之:我们可不仅仅是名字里包含 “国际”二字。




地区—蕴育着蓬勃经济的 家园;世界一流的学校、健康的环



好理由——这里有西海岸增长最迅速的 中国移民人群 。

-迪恩 琼斯,企业所有人 | Realogics苏富比国际地产

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Seller reserves the right change the product offering without notice. 每间经纪公司均为独立所有、自主经营。卖方有权改变所售产品组合(包括报价),恕不另行通知。

Seattle Luxury Living

Sotheby’s Preferred

International Ny Times

Seattle’s First All-Mandarin Luxury Magazine

Showcase Your Listings to the Affluent Art Connoisseur

Deluxe, Leading, Active and Upscale Lifestyles

Experts estimate that at least one-third of luxury home sales above $5 million east of Seattle are to affluent chinese buyers. Executives of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) and Tiger Oak Publication’s Seattle Magazine have just released a 92-page, all-Mandarin magazine called “Seattle Luxury Living” in response to a steady rise in affluent Chinese nationals arriving to the Seattle/Bellevue metro area.

Sotheby’s Magazine will be renamed “Sotheby’s Preferred” and will be sent to 10,000 of the highest-spending clients at auction internationally. The editorial focus remains on the most valuable property being sold on the international auction market including a gallery of Sotheby’s International Realty® listings.

The International New York Times is a sophisticated and comprehensive daily report for opinion leaders and business decision makers around the world. Its readers have levels of income and investments that can hardly be described as average—like the newspaper they enjoy reading, these levels reflect their highly mobile and affluent status. Circulation & Demographics: Circulation: 219,188 | Readership: 607,400 Geographic Distribution: Europe, Asia, Pacific, Middle East, N. Africa, Americas Male/Female Skew: 76% Male / 24% Female Average HHI: $303,040 (worldwide) | Median Age: 45

The publication will be distributed locally and overseas at select retail stores and hotels, within private and first class lounges at airports and by affiliates of Sotheby’s International Realty. The magazine will also be showcased at select Starbucks stores locally and in Shanghai and across numerous digital media platforms in China including a custom WeChat app built by AdSage.

Luxury Properties 超凡




) Ranch 斯堡 River nyon 顿州埃伦 (Ca |华盛 峡谷牧场 10A单元 有权 14700号 ,部分所 2室1.5卫 nRiverRa 元 :Canyo 57万5千美 O 查看网页 12万9千 – VERSAN : CON 售价 BECCA com .0326 经纪人: : 206.387 thebysRealty. 电话 sano@So nver Becca.Co 电邮:


China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia

单元 元 te)112 he Esta 道147号112单 米) (Ru 汝河山庄 霍米什|西南大 约合633平方 公里) 尺( 斯诺 6平方 华盛顿州 面积6,815平方 亦即0.02 亩, .com 5室5卫, 亩(约合39.5 heEstate :Ru 美元 0 占地6.5英 查看网页 百五十万 .550.079 售价:两 LD |电话: 206 Real WO BOB Sothebys 人: 经纪 b.Wold@ 电邮:Bo

单元 元 te)110 he Esta 道147号110单 米) (Ru 平方 汝河山庄 霍米什|西南大 约合652 ) 斯诺 平方公里 平方尺( 华盛顿州 积7,020 ,亦即0.028 ,面 .5亩 .com 5室7.5卫 (约合42 heEstate :Ru 0 占地7英亩查看网页 百万美元 .550.079 售价:四 | 电话: 206 Real WOLD BOB Sothebys 经纪人: b.Wold@ 电邮:Bo

THE 港)宅邸 (奥查得 查得港) 年果园港 果园港(奥 尺

备地块 梅因 雷东多储 盛顿州得 号|华 英亩 道28057 块,共10 )a 公里 南第13大 ,36幅地 0.04平方 开发机遇 亩,亦即 eatRedo (约合60 eReserv 千美元 2 :Th 十六万一 445 844 查看网页 :七百八 m 425 话: 售价 梦之队|电 othebysR 经纪人: .Mai@S avid 电邮:D


ow Ridg Shad 顿 ty at (Sereni 号 175苑|伦 英尺 幽谧影脊 路18620 ,020平方 东南 ,面积10 米), 5室4.75卫 合931平方 m (约 温馨大屋 多代同堂 Shadow tyat 千美元 9.1003 :Sereni 十九万五 :206.93 查看网页 :一百六 | 电话 售价 TAYLOR bysRealt E r@Sothe CANDAC 经纪人: ndace.Taylo 电邮:Ca


1909 道228号| 58平方英 西雅图大 ,面积60 ,水景 8室9.5卫 3平方米) 871637 (约合56 LS号)# 百美元 (M 2127 千五 房产代码 十九万五 : 206.619. 百五 | 电话 售价:一 BELLAH ebysReal PAMELA ah@Soth 经纪人: mela.Bell 电邮:Pa

滨海物业 米) 达博波湾 2| 奎尔森 649 合407平方 科伊尔路 英尺(约 线 平方 米)海岸 ,4,383 约合244 828190 3室2.5卫 0’英尺( )# 元 ,80 6 (MLS号 万五千美 .271.742 房产代码 百五十七 : 360 com 售价:一 ett | 电话 ysRealty. Burk theb Meg @So 经纪人: Meg.Burkett 电邮:



查看 售价:九 MAN | 电话 ysRealty. FREE theb AARON man@So 经纪人: ron.Free 电邮:Aa


Seattle Hig 12 Oly mpic hlands 5 Bed Estate Drive , 5.5 NW | Sea MLS# Bath, 8,1 ttle 782687 47 sf, | $2, 2.6 Acres 495,00 For 0 Inq uir ies in Ma nd Each Office ari n, Is Indepen dently ple ase Owned

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Mo 9950 dern Wa terfro SE 35t 4 Bed nt Ga h , 4 Bat Place | ted Estate Merce h, 5,0 MLS# 850725 00 sf, Wa r Island terfron | $6, 300 ,000 t


71 天涯若比邻 the right


the product




购买住宅和商业地产。在国际房地产领域,她一直被视为先锋 人物。她曾参与过数十个国际会议,去过包括香港、澳门、温哥 华、莫斯科、纽约和胡志明市等无数国际都市。丽兹赢得了各界 所有客户的信赖,她代表的客户涵盖从多户家庭聚居的开发小区 和土地开发,到单一家庭住宅、公寓和庄园,复合商业物业和 EB-5项目,范围宽广,种类多样。


经纪人:Liz Davidson 电邮 |电话: 206.892.8790 查看网页




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20 IS Norri FUJII | 20 6 713 215 1 6 sNW Home714 3516

Entert ainer’s Dream with 4 Bed 15813 23r Specta /Bath, d clar 6,060 Ave SW Views | Bur sf, MLS ien #8632 4 Car Gar age 84 | $1,350 , Indoor Pool ,000


苏富比国际地产 的亚洲服务团队



626 丽兹 大 逊 .3 5 4 .8 卫 7 reserves




Succes sfully signifi repres cant enting hom more the e sal Pacific than es and two North discer decade west’s ning s of cliente experie Mary le wit Norris nce, h and truste Paige d and Norris respec Fujii ted res are am identia ong Togeth the mo l bro er the kers st in the of ser y are region vice set tin and . g the bot h cha ngi locally new ng the gol d and way sta nda glo bal rea l rd ly. est ate is sol d

物业 斯 峰会公园 |安纳科特 即0.0075 ,亦 场8654号 合11.3亩 特纳湾广 英亩(约 地幅1.87 平方公里)。 建房。 m 开工 囊底路, 世庭院 图 备,只待 劳顿堡传 05号|西雅 地平等皆 tatesAtSumm 元 路44 43 平方英尺 万美 :Es 英亩 蒙大拿环 积1,994 6.519.88 ,面 查看网页 售价:二十六 | 电话:20 地0.464 com 里) 3室2.5卫 MAN 米),占 ysRealty. 18平方公 ton 5平方 ON FREE @Sotheb AAR man 亦即0.00 m/Fort-Law (约合18 8亩, 经纪人: ron.Free (约合2. eemanN 千美元 电邮:Aa 9.8843 十九万九 网页:Fr :206.51 com

And Operate d. Seller



Established in 2004, LP-Luxury Properties has positioned itself as the premier publication for international luxury real estate in Asia and beyond. LP, offered bilingually in English and Chinese lifestyle magazine is the preferred choice for investors looking to purchase outstanding properties in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of luxury listings, each issue features sought-after communities, emerging luxury markets, news and analysis, design trends and other advice for high-end buyers. Circulation & Demographics Frequency: 6 issues per year Language: Chinese & English Circulation: 146,000 Northern China: 18% Eastern China: 16%

South West China: 10% Central China: 8% Hong Kong/Macau: 16% South East Asia: 30% Rest of World: 2%

Unique Homes Magazine China, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing Featuring a mix of U.S. and China-based advertising, and translated into Simplified Chinese, the Unique Homes Magazine – China Edition is the premier luxury magazine including high-end properties from both the United States and China. Circulation & Demographics In Print: 8,000 Distributed Online: 15,000+ Unique Visitors Language: Chinese & English

ASIA INITIATIVES - ONLINE 45% Visits From Outside the U.S. SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM attracts more consumers to search, view and inquire than any other luxury real estate website. Millions of visitors immerse themselves in our collection of vibrant, quality controlled property photographs and property videos. • • • • •

14,000,000 visits 75,000,000 page views 30,000,000 property detail pages viewed 12 focused minutes per visit 45% visits from outside U.S.

• • • • •

Metric and imperial units of measure 2 Currency conversion with 50 currencies 3 16 human-translated languages 4 Search by lifestyle 2 5 Mobile Optimized Delivering SIR 1.7 Million Page Impressions in 2015 HONG KONG TATLER As the essential guide to the very best in life, covering everything from the best events, fine dining and the most glamorous people, to international fashion and luxury travel. Their website houses a custom real estate and listings platform created EXCLUSIVELY for the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and is primed to deliver more than 2 million media impressions in 2016. The largest and fastest growing property portal in the China and Asia Pacific Region was created to fulfill the high demand of our affluent Chinese consumer base requesting exclusive properties from around the world. China represents the world’s largest and fastest growing population of new millionaires than at any other time in history. is the largest and fastest growing property portal in the China and Asia Pacific region. • • • • • Wall Street Journal – China real estate New York Times – China real estate Delivering SIR 600,000 Media Impressions in 2014 FTCHINESE.COM The Chinese online publication of the Financial Times,, is positioned as a leading business and financial website for China’s top business people and decision makers. A must read for China’s business leaders, gives its readers unrivaled global perspectives combined with outstanding local expertise and reaches over 1.7 million registered users. Utilizing strategically placed banners ads featuring listings for sale, our 2014 plan will garner 600,000 media impressions.

EXCLUSIVE ASIA INITIATIVES Announcing Beijing Sotheby’s International Realty Artfully Uniting Extraordinary Homes with Extraordinary Lives Overseas As the first affiliate of the global realty network to operate within Mainland China, Beijing Sotheby’s International Realty is led by Plus Investment, Inc. whose principals have been active in domestic and international real estate development and sales as well as vanguards for importing private jets and luxury yachts into China over the past 25 years. With key interests in aviation, travel and hospitality the brokerage firm maintains unique and exclusive marketing platforms in an effort to modernize the domestic real estate industry within China and explore international referrals.

Grand Opening Stage

Director of Network Development Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty Principal & Owner Executives of Beijing Sotheby’s International Realty, appointed Dean Jones of Seattle-based Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty as its Director of Network Development for the United States. In this capacity Jones will join other Beijing-based international sales team members to cultivate referral networks throughout the United States.

Mansion Plus REAL ESTATE SPOTLIGHT: 聚光灯下房地产: 华盛顿州的西雅图


T 在上升

he Seattle/Bellevue metro area is experiencing a meteoric rise in homebuyers and foreign direct investment from China. Discovered for its high quality of life, economic prosperity and relative affordability compared with other West Coast markets, The New York Times estimates 40-percent of $1 million-plus homes sold on the affluent Eastside are being purchased by Chinese buyers.

Seattle, Washington The Investment Capital of the Pacific Northwest Shines 进入太平洋美西北的投资夺目闪耀

University of Washington, ranked #15 by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, says 20% of its freshman class is attending from international markets and half are from China.

Foreign buyers aren’t the only contributors to a booming marketplace. The region is teeming BY JESSICA MELIN with high-paying job openings. Companies like, which will soon occupy more than 5 million square feet of office space in “Living the American Dream is more easily attained downtown Seattle is a demonstration for the here in Seattle,” says Dean Jones, President & CEO “urban campus”. The online retail giant is set of Seattle-based Realogics Sotheby’s International to exceed 40,000 local employees downtown, Realty. “Overseas clientele realize their children can eclipsing Microsoft’s Eastside headquarters. relocate, graduate from the Seattle area’s premier Other industries are expanding too, including public and private schools with honors, confidently aerospace, education, global health and life secure employment and can afford to buy a home sciences, and philanthropy (Seattle is home to to build a family in one of North America’s most the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). beautiful and fastest growing regions.” n the wake of the global credit of 2008 and the Anticipation for crunch the housing demand caneconomic be seen recession that followed, the pipeline for high-rise effectively down across the US. For years buyers sat on the Although rising quickly, Jones says homes are still condominiums throughout thewas metro area with shut scores of residential considerably less expensive than Vancouver, BC, developments the purse skyline. Other sidelines, construction lenderstransforming tightened their strings and developers focused on selling their San Francisco or Los Angeles, andexisting unique lifestyle major projects include $2 billion But tunnel below fundamentals the inventory instead of planning newabuildings. as market improved so did consumer opportunities like living on Lake Washington, project that will rival Westout, often times without construction confidence giving city rise and to a waterfront new cycle park of developers willing to step really can’t be found elsewhere. He believes the they Coast cities for both accessibility and first tier, gateway markets like New York, lenders. Today are introducing exciting new residences trend with international home buying has only just San“We’re seeingand housing demand due job growth, Miami, Seattle, Francisco Los Angeles. Andtothat’s welcome news to brokers and buyers alike. begun, so there’s a much greater propensity for immigration and lifestyle preferences all at the same value appreciation ahead. timedowntown - it’s havingSeattle a compounding effect,”projects says Jones. “At the peak in 2008 had eighteen under construction representing more “We’re witnessunits,” to a world-class cityJones, on thePrincipal rise.” than 2,500 new condominium said Dean of Seattle-based Realogics Sotheby’s “Washington has no state income tax and the International Realty. “Today less than 1-percent of that developer-owned inventory remains available and overall cost of living is much lower either 西雅图/贝尔维尤市区正在经历来自中国的 we’rethan in need of new product. The story is the same in many top tier cities throughout the US.” British Columbia or California,” adds Jones. 富裕购房者和直接投资的迅猛崛起。 大家 “With the savings, you could greatly enhance 发现这里有着高质量的生活, 繁荣的经济, Developers are finally playing catch up but when it comes to high-rise development Jones suggests your lifestyle by living in Seattle.” demand can rise much 和与西海岸其它城市相比更合理的地产价 quicker than the supply. He says Seattle’s in-city housing market has been 纽约时报最近估算, 在贝尔维尤所在 particularly strong 格。 given the meteoric job growth in the city. Corporate expansion at companies such as


Pacific Northwest Featured in (Fully Translated) China Magazine

N THE RISEKevin Corbett released two editions publication called Mansion Plus – a glossy magazine with original

The attractions are many. A depth of arts and culture, a pristine natural environment (including extraordinarily clean air and water), renowned schools, and an internationally diverse population – much of this promoted in the hit movie “Beijing Meets Seattle”, which has become a box office favorite in mainland China. Asians are the fastest growing demographic in Washington and in some markets, like Bellevue they represent 30-percent of the population. Chinese grocery stores, fine dining, international schools and many Mandarin-speaking businesses have created a comfortable relocation experience for new immigrants. It also helps that Seattle now boasts numerous direct flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, which proves to be less expensive and up to two hours quicker than other international airport hubs in California. A preference for Seattle starts at a young age. The

RSIR. com | +1 877 448 2885

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14/12/5 下午3:49


Amazon is drawing thousands of new residents for high-paying jobs there. There’s an unprecedented boom of high-rise apartment buildings underway but Jones says it’s almost exclusively for rent.

Seattle | BainBridge iSland | KirKland | iSSaquah

“The only funding for new development has been Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s) and pension funds, which typically won’t loan on speculative for-sale development,” adds Jones. “There are thirty new residential projects under construction yet only one is for sale. Ownership is being underserved and the market is escalating because of the supply and demand imbalance.” That lone development called Insignia is being built by Bosa Development, a developer known to have a great sense of timing. The Vancouverbased developer was among the first to invest in downtown San Diego during the last cycle and recently rebooted San Francisco’s for-sale, urban housing market. Now they say it’s Seattle’s turn.

editorial content and exclusive listings from featured markets in the United States. Considered the “Guide to Luxury Homes & Global Lifestyles”. Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty is an editorial and luxury property contributors of Mansion Plus. The luxury magazine is distributed throughout China, luxury events as well as throughout a network of China-based airlines both domestically and internationally.

COMING SOON Plus Investment’s Mixed-Use, High-Rise Development in Downtown Bellevue, Washington in the United States.

A world-class, mixed-use project is in planning for a key site in downtown Bellevue east of Seattle. The developer, an affiliate of Plus Investments Inc., will fund the project in part with foreign capital and hopes to introduce a new international class of development comprising flagship retail, a full service hotel, luxury apartments and sky-high condominiums.

ALL IN – Developers are increasingly willing to work around conventional lending challenges in order to break ground on the next cycle of high-rise condominiums as with 1321 Seneca Street in downtown Seattle proposed by Lowe Enterprises who partnered with a foreign mutual fund. REALOGICSSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM I 45

Meet the Asia Services Group East Meets West The Asia Services Group exclusively at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, are a team of independent brokers fluent in foreign languages, customs and logistics when working with international homebuyers. Far more than a website, our listings are directly represented abroad with unparalleled exposure both here at home and overseas. When you’re targeting a global audience, working with the right team makes all the difference in the world.

Cantonese, English, French, Mandarin



English, Mandarin

English, Chinese



English, Mandarin

English, Korean



Chinese, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Chinese, English, Japanese, Mandarin



BROKER | 206.853.9153

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BROKER | 206.900.2324

BROKER | 206.390.2839

BROKER | 206.892.8790­

BROKER | 971.236.3887

BROKER | 206.459.8888

BROKER | 206.605.3881 Chinese, English, Mandarin


BROKER | 425.658.5300

Cantonese, Chinese, English, Mandarin


BROKER | 206.310.2014­­ English, Mandarin



Chinese, English, Mandarin

Cantonese, Chinese, English, Mandarin



BROKER | 206.851.7646

BROKER | 206.779.3023

BROKER | 626.354.8771

BROKER | 206.351.5957

Chinese, English, Mandarin


BROKER | 206.772.5104


BROKER | 425.802.5667

Exclusively at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, a team of independent brokers fluent in foreign languages, customs and logistics when working with international homebuyers. Far more than a website, our listings are directly represented abroad with unparalleled exposure both here at home and overseas. When you’re targeting a global audience, working with the right team makes all the difference in the world.

English, Korean


English, Mandarin

Asia Services Group A Division of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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