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A LEADING AND STRONG BUSINESS ECONOMY The Pacific Northwest and most specifically King County (including the cities of Seattle and Bellevue) is broadly known as a center of innovation, technology and life sciences and home to numerous Fortune 500 companies. • VISION 2040 is a regional strategy for accommodating the 5 million residents expected to live in the central Puget Sound area comprising more than 3 million jobs • Between 2000 and 2040 the five metropolitan cities in Puget Sound are expected to manage 32% (550,000 people) of the expected population growth led by Seattle and Bellevue

• Seattle software engineers are 2nd highest paid in the nation • More than 31,000 job postings for technology jobs in August 2013 • Single-family home prices are up 12% in last 12 month

• Washington State #2 in startup jobs per Silicon Valley Bank

• Bidding wars on houses are the highest in 22 large markets in the US

• King County posted highest wage growth in US for Q3-2013

• Apartment development greatest in 25 years

• King County unemployment down to 5.6%

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• Headquarters for Amazon, Starbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, Nordstrom, REI and Russell Investments

• The City of Bellevue is the second largest city in Washington

• Approximately 200,000 jobs (more than 40% of all jobs in City of Seattle) • Population grew 24% since 2000 compared to 10% citywide • “Most Popular City in America” – Huffington Post, April 2012 • “Best City for Technology Jobs and STEM Jobs”– Forbes, May 2012 • “#6 Markets to Watch in US” – Urban Land Institute 2013 Top Five Cities for: 99 “Smartest Cities in North America”- Fast Company, December 2012 99 “Fastest Growing Cities in Nation” – Forbes, January 2013 99 “Strongest Economies in Nation” – Policom’s 2012 Economic Strength Rankings 99 “America’s Best Cities” – Businessweek, September 2012 • Home to $2B waterfront redevelopment and deep bore tunnel


• Bellevue ranked #12 of top 100 places to live in US • Home to 45 corporate headquarters including 9 of the 50 largest public companies in the region • #1 “City for Entrepreneurs in USA” – Forbes 2008 • #1 “Best Places to Live and Launch” – Fortune Small Business, April 2009 • “Washington’s Most Diverse City” – Seattle Times, October 2009 (one of three residents is foreign born) • “In Bellevue, Beverly Hills Meets its Match” – Puget Sound Business Journal, June 2009 • Downtown Bellevue is the premier retail shopping destination in the region with large malls and world-class retain brands. • It is estimated that 75% of Bellevue’s population and employment growth will occur in downtown Bellevue • According to Newsweek, all five of Bellevue’s public high schools rank in the top 100 of the nation (3 in the top 20)


Beautiful By Nature Nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges along picturesque Puget Sound, King County is one of the best places to live in the world. • Moderate climate • Pristine natural environment • Immediate access to an abundance of cultural attractions • Outdoor recreation • Waterfront living

Downtown Seattle is a thriving metropolis with famous landmarks that include the Space Needle and Mount Rainier, which stands at more than 14,000 feet. • One of the most affluent cities in the US • Cost of living is comparatively more affordable • Reasonably priced housing • Renowned public schools • No state income taxes

Surrounded by Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the east Seattle and its sister city Bellevue offer an abundance of waterfront living opportunities and world-class boating. Waterfront living on Puget Sound or upon the many lakes allow residents to transfer from their high-rise office on downtown Seattle or Bellevue to their private yacht in just 15 minutes.

The region has experienced significant immigration and foreign direct investment.

A Very High Standard of Living

• Asian residents are the fastest growing demographic

• Clean air

• Some cities on the Eastside have 30-percent to 50-percent of the Asian population

• International culture

• Rising demand has supported: • More Asian supermarkets • Bilingual communications in schools and businesses • A robust international culture • The International District in downtown Seattle is the largest China Town on the West Coast between Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA.

• Great quality of life • Numerous direct flights to Asia

A Rebounding Housing Market • A a median home price of about $450,000 in King County • Residents can choose from a broad mix of housing including highrise condominiums, waterfront estates, in-city houses, suburban acreage or equestrian ranches and even floating homes made famous by the movie Sleepless in Seattle. • In general homes are typically half the cost of Vancouver, BC (2.5 hours drive to the north) and a third less than San Francisco, CA (12 hours drive to the south). • The cities of Seattle and Bellevue offers the most affordable housing on the West Coast when comparing household incomes to property values with median home home prices rising 12.8% in the last year.

Rich in Culture • The Seattle/Bellevue metro area boasts more cultural attractions per capita than any other city in the US • Renowned art museums • A world-class symphony and ballet • Numerous live theaters, concert halls and entertainment venues • The region is also famous for its myriad of award-winning restaurants, perhaps best known for fresh seafoods and Washington State wines. • One of the most productive wine regions in the US is located just three hours east of Seattle on the other side of the Cascade Mountain Range producing famous wines such as Leonetti and Quilceda Creek.

A comfortable year round climate with surprisingly less precipitation than Boston, Chicago or even Miami means it rarely snows on the mainland in the winter and summers are often mild warm and dry. • Lake Washington and Lake Union provides fresh water moorage for private yachts • A series of canals and locks provide direct access to the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean for weekend trips to the many destinations in the San Juan Island chain • Residents enjoy being just a short flight to popular golf destinations in the southern states or famous ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains. • Direct flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo and other Pacific Rim destinations have made the region popular for business interests or for foreign students studying abroad.

Nationally Top Ranked Schools • The region is very desirable for its public schools and universities • The University of Washington ranked #16 on the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013. Foreign born students comprise 20 percent of the freshman class each year with approximately half of these students being from China. • In the U.S. News Best High Schools 2013 rankings, there are 10 Washington schools with gold medals, 45 with silver medals and 67 with bronze medals. • The most popular cities for public schools are on the Eastside of Seattle in Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Issaquah, Lake Sammamish as follows:

99 #1 International School - BELLEVUE, WA 99 #2 International Community School - KIRKLAND, WA 99 #3 Newport High School - BELLEVUE, WA 99 #4 Bellevue High School - BELLEVUE, WA 99 #6 Aviation High School - SEATTLE, WA 99 #7 Bainbridge High School - BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA 99 #8 Interlake High School - BELLEVUE, WA 99 #9 Garfield High School - SEATTLE, WA

fortune 500 The Seattle/Bellevue/Everett metro area is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the region...

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西雅图/贝尔维尤/艾弗雷特都会 区聚集了无数全球财富500强中部其 中包括:

• “财富”500强排名第24位 • 2013收入同比增长1%高达318亿 • 2013年第三季度利润为6.17亿美元,与去年同期6.09亿美元,同 比增长1.3%, • 在2013年开设26个地点(美国12个,加拿大和英国3个,在日 本5个,韩国台湾和墨西哥各1个)-全球总共634个 • 股份在2013年增长16%

• • • •

• “财富”500强排名居第37位 • 2013年第三季度营业收入与去年的160亿美元相比, 今年达 到$185亿 • 2013年第三季度利润与去年的45亿美元, 今年达到$52.4亿 • 公司员工中有3位亿万富翁和12000位百万富翁

“财富”500强排名第159位 2013年第三季度营业收入同比增长13%至43亿美元 2013年第三季度利润与去年同比增长42%至$ 3.09亿 北美卡车销量在2014年预计将扩大 • • • •

“财富”500强排名第227位 2013年第三季度收入上升到3.8B美元,股价已上涨了73 % 2013年第三季度利润与去年3.89亿相比,增长至$ 4.81亿 有世界各地的20,000个地点( 美国有12,000家店)

• • • •

“财富”500强排名第374位 2013年第三季度收入同比增长23%至21.80亿美元 2013年第三季度利润同比增长34% 公司最近收购朗维尤木业

• “财富”500强排名第56位 • 2013年第三季度收入同比增长24% 达到171亿美金 • 员工总人数同比增长10%,在过去的一个季度,全球到达 109800 人(超过微软) • 目前在西雅图市中心,开发330万平方英尺的办公空间 • 股票上涨27% 创历史新高

• “财富”500强排名第395位 • 2013年第二季度的收入和去年持平在15亿美元 • 2013年第二季度利润与去年的8400万美元同比,增长10% 至9200万美元, • 西雅图港口和塔科马港口是亚洲最大的航运码头 • 在华盛顿州,40%的工作机会与国际贸易相关

• • • •

波音787与波音737每月产量增产 公司有超过800架飞机的订单 股票增长69%,达到今年历史高点 2013年第三季度销售达到220亿美元(利润12亿美元)

• “财富”500强排名第242位 • 2013年第二季度的收入与去年同期$ 29亿相比增长了6.4 % 达到31亿美元, • 2013年第二季度的利润高达184亿美元,与去年156亿相 比,增长18% • 股票在过去12个月上涨了5%

fortune 500

The Seattle/Bellevue/Everett metro area is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the region...

• Fortune 500 rank #24 • Q3-2013 revenue up 1% at 31.8B versus $31.5B last year • Q3-2013 profit up 1.3% at $617M versus $609M last year • Opened 26 locations in 2013 (12 in US, 3 in Canada and UK, 5 in Japan and 1 in Taiwan, Korea and Mexico) – 634 total worldwide • Shares have climbed 16% in 2013

• Fortune 500 rank #37 • Q3-2013 revenue $18.5B versus $16B last year • Q3-2013 profit $5.24B versus $4.5B last year • Company employees estimated to comprise 3 billionaires and 12,000 millionaires

• Fortune 500 rank #159 • Q3-2013 revenues up 13% to versuses $4.3B last year • Q3-2013 profits up 42% to versus $309M last year • North American truck sales expected to expand in 2014

• Fortune 500 rank #227 • Q3-2013 revenues rose to $3.8B and stock has jumped 73% in 2013 • Fortune 500 rank #56

• Q3-2013 profits up % to $481M versus $389M in 2012

• Q3-2013 revenues up 24% to $17.1B for loss of $274M loss last year

• Has 20,000 locations around the world (12,000 in US)

• Total employees up 10% in past quarter to 109,800 worldwide (surpasses Microsoft) • Currently developing 3.3M SF of office space in downtown Seattle • Stock at record high rising 27% in 2013

• Fortune 500 rank #374 • Q3-2013 revenues up 23% to $2.18B from $1.77B in 2012 • Q3-2013 profit up 34% to $157M from $177M in 2012 • Fortune 500 rank #395

• Company recently purchased Longview Timber

• Q2-2013 revenues were flat at $1.5B same as last year • Q2-2013 profits up 10% to $92M versus $84M last year • Ports of Seattle and Tacoma are the largest shipping terminals to Asia • 4 in 10 jobs in Washington State is tied to international trade

• Fortune 500 rank #242 • 787 and 737 production increasing every month • Firm orders of more than 800 airplanes • Shares up 69% of the year (an all-time high) • Sales of $22B for Q3-2013 (profit $1.2B)

• Q2-2013 revenues rose 6.4% to $3.1B versus $2.9B last year • Q2-2013 profits up 18% to $184M versus $156 last year • Stock has risen 5% in the past 12 months

WORLDWIDE PRESENCE The Sotheby’s International Realty network currently has nearly 14,000 sales associates representing more than 36,000 exclusive listings with approximately 650 offices in more than 45 countries and territories worldwide. The company places over 7,500 referrals every year.















Over 125 national & regional marketing & sales awards 请访问: Regional Headquarters 2715 1st Avenue, Seattle WA 98121

Dean Jones, Owner 迪安•琼斯 (O) +1 877 448 2885 (C) +1 206 390 1826 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. 请访问:


Investment Capital of the NW | Seattle / Bellevue (English)  
Investment Capital of the NW | Seattle / Bellevue (English)