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About Us

REALM History  

The  founders  of  REALM  Professionals  owned  and  operated  two  national   franchises   before   deciding   to   open   their   own   operation.   Although   REALM   has   been   around   for   nearly   twenty-­‐four   years,   it   was   only   in   1997   that   REALM   Professionals   began   accepting   associates   into   the   company.     Since   that   time   REALM   Professionals   has   enjoyed   a   consistently   impressive   growth   from   three   agents   to   now   over   800   agents   in   the   corporately   operated   Houston   Metroplex   area.   For   the   most   part,   this   growth  can  be  attributed  to  the  integrity  of  the  senior  management  staff   and   the   brokers   and   associates.   Another   reason   that   we   have   seen   record   growth   is   in   the   technology   we   provide   to   our   agents   and   their   clients   that   make   the   transaction   process   as   simple   and   fulfilling   as   possible.     With   our   proven   track   record,   REALM   Professionals   began   franchising   the   concept   in   May   of   2007   by   opening   our   first   franchise   in   Austin,   Texas.  Our  unique  concept  has  allowed  us  to  create  the  same  networked   structure   provided   by   the   traditional   national   franchises,   without   having   to   collect   numerous   fees   that   either   get   passed   on   to   the   brokers   and   agents,   and   then   subsequently   the   clients,   or   that   prohibit   the   brokers   and   agents   from   putting   money   into   direct   advertising   dollars   for  our  clients  properties  and  not  into  franchise  fees.     REALM   Professionals   trademark   and   motto   “Good   People   Doing   the   Right   Thing”   is   more   than   a   slogan.   It   is   the   very   essence   of   how   we   expect  our  operations  to  be  run  when  dealing  with  clients,  cooperating   brokers   and   agents,   and   other   industry   professionals.   When   you   deal   with  one  of  our  associates,  we  insist  that  all  parties  be  treated  fairly  and   with  respect.              

Our History  

David   Gale   and   Elizabeth   Dawson   both   have   years   of   experience   in   Corporate  America  prior  to  becoming  Realtors.  We  bring  experience  in   Customer   Service,   Finance   and   Problem   Management.   This   expertise   aids  us  in  all  aspects  of  real  estate  transactions.     We  look  forward  to  serving  you  and  arming  you  with  the  knowledge  you   need  in  making  the  biggest  financial  decision  of  your  lives.     We  are  Good  People  Doing  the  Right  Thing!      


Professional Affiliations  

David  Gale  and  Elizabeth  Dawson  are  REALTORS.     The   term   REALTOR   has   come   to   connote   competency,   fairness   and   high   integrity   resulting   from   adherence   to   a   lofty   ideal   of   moral   conduct   in   business   relations.   No   inducement   of   profit   and   no   instruction   from   clients  can  ever  justify  departure  from  this  ideal.       In   the   interpretation   of   this   obligation,   REALTORS   can   take   no   safer   guide   then   that   which   has   been   handed   down   through   the   centuries,   embodied  in  the  Golden  Rule,  “As  others  should  do  to  you,  so  shall  you   do  unto  others.”     Accepting   this   standard   as   their   own,   REALTORS   pledge   to   observe   its   spirit   in   all   of   their   activities   whether   conducted   personally,   through   associates   or   others,   or   via   technological   means,   and   to   conduct   their   business  in  accordance  with  these  tenets.     This  is  the  importance  of  being  a  REALTOR.                                

Selecting an Agent

Why Should  You  Use  an  Agent?    

Buying  and  selling  a  home  is  the  biggest  financial  decision  many  people   make   in   their   lives.   Selling   your   home   with   a   Realtor   is   important   to   ensure  that  the  transactions  proceed  smoothly  and  at  a  fair  price.                                                  

Difficulties in  Selling  Your  Own  Home    

Sellers often  don’t  know  how  long  it  will  take  to  complete  all  the   steps  to  close  on  time  after  you  have  found  a  buyer.  

Sellers do  not  have  access  to  the  type  of  data  necessary  to  set  the   price  and  how  much  negotiating  room  you  need  to  factor  in.  

Sellers do  not  know  the  difference  between  prequalified  and   preapproved  and  usually  does  not  know  the  documents  necessary   for  loan  approval.  

Sellers are  required  by  law  to  provide  a  Lead  Paint  Disclosure   Form.  They  often  do  not  have  access  to  this  form.  

Sellers often  do  not  understand  all  of  the  closings  costs  that  they   are  expected  to  pay.  

Sellers do  not  which  environmental  disclosures,  such  as   hazardous  waste  and  Superfund  sites  that  would  apply  to  their   particular  situation.  

Sellers are  not  prepared  to  get  identification  or  information  from   strangers  that  want  to  see  your  home.  

It is  a  safety  issue  for  the  Sellers  to  show  their  own  home,  as  they   don’t  know  the  type  of  people  coming  into  their  home.  

Sellers are  not  available  to  show  their  home  at  most  times  of  the   day.  

Sellers often  do  not  know  which  contracts  should  be  filled  out,   how  they  are  executed  and  recorded  and  how  to  convey  deed.  

Sellers often  do  not  know  how  to  run  ads  and  how  to  word  them   to  get  the  best  response.  




Selecting a  Realtor       You  may  say  to  yourself  “It  doesn’t  matter  which  agent  or  Realtor  lists   my  home.”  This  is  absolutely  false.  It  is  critically  important  which  agent   you  select  to  market  and  sell  your  home.     It  absolutely  matters  why  your  selection  of  an  agent  is  so  important  in   getting  your  house  sold  and  getting  the  highest  price.     The  Real  Estate  market  is  highly  competitive  with  many  other  sellers   competing  for  those  few  available,  qualified  buyers.  A  marketing  plan   that  can  out-­‐market  your  competition  and  not  just  throws  your  home   into  MLS  and  waits  for  a  buyer.  You  need  someone  to  get  the  job  done.      

Marketing Your Home

Yard Signs  

As   soon   as   a   Listing   Agreement   has   been   signed,   one   of   the   following   yard  signs  will  be  placed  in  your  yard.                                                     Yard  signs  are  one  of  the  most  efficient  forms  of  advertising.  One  well-­‐ placed  sign  on  a  high  traffic  road  can  be  seen  by  hundreds  of  people  in   just  one  hour.  Many  thousands  of  people  a  day  will  see  one  well-­‐placed   lawn  sign.  One  of  these  people  could  be  your  buyer.    

Listing Flyers/Mailers  

Listing   flyers   and   mailers   are   another   marketing   tool   that   motivates   buyer   calls   and   interests.   Your   flyer/mailer   detailing   your   home’s   amenities   will   be   sent   to   thousands   of   people   on   your   Realtor’s   client   list.                                                                  

Open Houses  

An  open  house  serves  one  very  interesting  purpose  –  it  lets  all  of  your   neighbors   know   that   your   house   is   for   sale,   and   it   practically   invites   them   to   come   “take   a   look”.   Being   generally   nosey,   a   lot   of   your   neighbors  will  take  advantage  of  the  invitation.     And  they  may  tell  their  friends  about  your  house,  creating  more  “word   of  mouth”  advertising.     Of  course,  there  are  other  reasons  for  holding  open  houses  too.  Listing   agents   who   “farm”   a   particular   neighborhood   use   them   as   an   opportunity   to   investigate   local   homes   and   could   bring   their   clients   to   the  table.     Open   houses   are   very   important   as   they   attract   prospective   homebuyers.                                        

Internet Marketing  -­  MLS  

MLS   (Multiple   Listing   Service)   is   a   co-­‐operative   search   engine   that   allows   participants   and   subscribers   to   have   mutual   access   to   available   property   listings   in   all   other   participating   MLSs.   Through   a   simple   search,   a   Realtor   can   find   all   property   listings   that   match   search   parameters  regardless  of  the  MLS  in  which  the  listing  resides.     The   information   provided   on   MLS   is   exclusive   only   to   Realtors   and   provides   information   that   no   one   else   is   privy   to   in   regards   to   properties   and   market   regions.   HAR,   TAR   and   NAR   are   basic   search   engines  for  the  general  public  to  find  their  next  home.    

Internet Marketing  -­  Craigslist  

The  Internet  provides  the  largest  group  of  potential  buyers  in  the  world.   For   sheer   ease   and   popularity,   Craigslist   is   a   great   resource   to   incorporate  into  your  home  sale  marketing  plan.     We   will   include   links   to   Facebook,   Twitter,   Linked   In   and   You   Tube   sites.                                              

Internet Marketing  –  Social  Media  

Social   networking   should   now   be   called   business   networking.   The   Internet  has  made  dramatic  changes  in  the  way  the  world  shops,  locates   information  and  in  how  they  communicate  with  each  other.     More  than  a  broadcast  tool,  social  media  offers  a  unique  opportunity  to   have  conversations  and  share  information  with  clients  and  colleagues.  It   is   also   about   information   retrieval.   People   don’t   just   Google   anymore.   They  go  to  these  social  sites  for  immediate  information  and  answers  to   questions.     The  Big  Names  in  Social  Media  Are:   –   This   text   and   email   communication   tool   has   grown   tremendously  since  its  inception.  Leaving  “tweets”  as  they  are  called  is   placing  short  bits  of  information  out  via  cell  phone  text  message.   –   Facebook   is   a   lot   like   MySpace,   only   for   an   older   age   group.  It  is  also  used  to  communicate  over  distance,  send  messages  and   share  information  with  a  social  network.  –  This  is  a  business  and  professional  network.  It  is  set  up   with   a   resume   profile,   connections   to   others   in   your   field,   business   or   company,   finding   employment   and   making   deals.   With   more   than   10   million  users,  it  is  a  great  place  for  a  businessperson  to  network.    

Internet Marketing  –  YouTube  

YouTube  is  a  video  sharing  website  where  users  can  upload  videos  for   other  users  to  watch.     People   searching   for   homes   come   from   all   around   the   country   and   the   world.  Many  of  them  are  looking  for  more  information  about  the  area  to   help  them  with  a  second  home  or  a  relocation  decision.     Putting  up  videos  of  listings  and  local  area  information,  allow  visitors  a   first  look  at  properties  that  they  could  be  interested  in  and  opens  up  a   large  group  of  potential  buyers.                                                  


CMA & Selling Strategy

The Gale Sales Team Listing Presentation  

Looking to sell your home? The Gale Sales Team provides some crucial information about the process in this listing presentation.