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DENVER - BOULDER Enchanting as its landscape, Denver and Boulder offer a lifestyle that is unsurpassed in work, life and play

Denver skyline at dusk

DENVER - BOULDER : E nchanting Welcome to Colorado, where 300 days of sunshine, a thriving cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods, and natural beauty from the east and west combine for the world’s most spectacular playground. Constantly breaking the mold in politics, pop culture, and economics, Colorado lives by its own rules and loves every minute of it. The two great cities in Colorado, Boulder and Denver, are about 30 miles from each other in the northeastern section of the state. Both with their own story to tell, these vibrant cities are full of history, art, culture, fabulous food, and even better neighborhoods. Residents in these fabulous cities know a lifestyle that is above par, and future residents can expect nothing but the best from these close-knit cities.



DENVER Denver, the capital and most populous city in the state, is located in the South Platte River Valley on the western edge of the High Plains, just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The downtown district is located immediately east of the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River, approximately 12 miles east of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Nicknamed the “Mile-High City” because its elevation is exactly one mile above sea level, it is one of the highest cities in the United States and the 105th Meridian west of Greenwich passes directly through Denver Union Station. The estimated population in 2015 was 682,545, making Denver the 19th most populous and fastest growing U.S. city. In 2016, Denver was named the best place to live in the USA by U.S. News & World Report.

The RE/MAX Collection

In the summer of 1858, during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, a group of gold prospectors from Lawrence, Kansas established present day Denver as a mining town on the banks of the South Platte River. The town faded just as quickly as it had begun. But that was not the end. In November of 1858, General William Larimer, a land speculator from eastern Kansas Territory, placed cottonwood logs to stake a claim. Soon after it had established itself as a frontier town, with an economy based on servicing local miners with gambling, saloons, livestock, and goods for trading. In May 1859 the residents donated land to secure the first wagon route, trimming westward travel time from 12 to 6 days. By the end of the 1860s, the decision to route the nation’s first transcontinental railroad through Cheyenne, rather than Denver, threatened the prosperity of the young town. Citizens mobilized to build a railroad to connect Denver to the transcontinental railroad. Despite challenges, on June 24, 1870, citizens cheered as the Denver Pacific completed the link to the transcontinental railroad, ushering in a new age of prosperity for Denver. By August of 1876, Colorado was admitted to the Union. Finally linked to the rest of the nation by rail, Denver prospered as a service and supply center. The young city grew during these years, attracting millionaires with their mansions, as well as the poverty and crime of a rapidly growing city. Intent on transforming Denver into one of the world’s great cities, leaders wooed industry and enticed laborers to work in these factories. Soon, in addition to the elite and a large middle class, Denver had a growing population of German, Italian, and Chinese laborers, shortly followed by African-American and Spanish workers.

INFRASTRUCTURE Denver’s economy is based partially on its geographic position and its connection to some of the major transportation systems of the country. Because it is the largest city within 500 miles it has become a natural location for storage and distribution of goods and services to the Mountain States, southwestern states, as well as all western states. Over the years, the city has been home to large corporations in the central United States, making Denver a key trade point for the country. Several

Denver’s Mile High Stadium and city scape

6 | Denver - Boulder

Christmas in Denver

The RE/MAX Collection

Union Station

well-known companies originated in or have relocated here in the past several years. Major companies like Denver Instrument Company, AIMCO - the largest owner and operator of apartment communities in the US, Samsonite Corp., The Gates Corporation - the world’s largest producer of automotive belts and hoses, The Wright & McGill Company - produces the Eagle Claw brand of fishing gear, Frontier Airlines, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Inc., Big O Tires, LLC, The Shane Company, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Coors Distributing Company, The Newmont Mining Corporation - the second largest gold producer in North America, and several others. Large Denverarea employers that have headquarters elsewhere include Lockheed Martin Corp., United Airlines, Kroger Co., Xcel Energy, Inc., and MapQuest. Geography also allows Denver to have a considerable government presence, with many federal agencies based or having offices in the Denver area. The Denver area is home to the former nuclear weapons plant Rocky Flats, the Denver Federal Center, Byron G. Rogers Federal Building and United States

Rafting down the Colorado River

Courthouse, the Denver Mint, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. With its host of companies, headquarters, and links to several transportation hubs, its easy to see why Denver has become such a populous city and why people are continuing to flock here, and not just for the snow and high altitudes.

DENVER’S NEIGHBORHOODS Denver is surrounded by a wide variety of suburbs. Some have great schools, some are as picturesque as a cozy ski town in the mountains, some have the mansions, and some are family friendly. The neighborhoods in the city offer a variety of housing options and more things to do than in the popular Denver suburbs. From upscale homes to “urban pioneer” neighborhoods to manicured mansion communities, they are all within 15 minutes of downtown. Chic Cherry Creek offers its own upscale shopping, arts, and restaurants district. The Santa Fe Arts neighborhood also has a great variety of galleries, shops, and eateries. Of course these areas are pricey. Be prepared to pay

Denver - Boulder | 7

The RE/MAX Collection

Colorado Landscape

Aerial of Boulder

more in the best city areas than in the suburbs. Old warehouses converted to lofts are common in neighborhoods near downtown like Lo-Do and Lo-Hi. Downtown Denver neighborhoods include Lo-Do, Lo-Hi, The Central Business District, Golden Triangle, Uptown, Curtis Park and City Park. Lofts, traditional condominiums, town homes, renovated Victorian homes, as well as bungalows comprise the housing stock here. These areas are popular with the younger generation looking for the nightlife, and empty-nesters enjoying the amenities the big city offers, including theater, sports, shopping, and world-class dining. Chic shopping, boutiques, and art studios can be found in Cherry Creek. This area is very popular with empty-nesters who enjoy the lifestyle of the affluent without children at home. Denver Country Club is located within walking distance of Cherry Creek shopping and has its own exclusive country club right in town. This is for Denver’s elite. On the south side of Cherry Creek, you will discover Bonnie Brae, Belcaro, and Polo Club. Again, there are stately

Court House, Boulder

mansions from days gone by and brand new homes too. Bonnie Brae has probably the most affordable homes with some priced under one million. University Park is further south from downtown near the University of Denver with homes for the well-to-do. Park Hill is due east from downtown Denver, and it’s full of stately homes from the past and some brand new homes. Stapleton, the site of the former Denver airport, was converted into a mixeduse residential community. While most of the land there has residential homes or is designated for future homes, some of it is retail, restaurants and commercial offices, many builders are still building brand new homes and demand is high. The nearby Anshutz Medical Center is rapidly developing into one the top national medical complexes in the nation. Young families who are reluctant to retreat to suburbia, flock to Stapleton. As Interstate 25 goes south out of Denver proper, it travels along the southern suburbs. Greenwood Village and Cherry Hills Village are considered among

8 | Denver - Boulder

The RE/MAX Collection

Panoramic view near Boulder

the most affluent suburbs in Denver. These towns share the excellent Cherry

communities of Evergreen, Morrison, and Conifer are located in the nearby

Creek Schools with Centennial, Englewood and southern sections of Aurora.

foothills, and offer gorgeous views and sometimes limited access to rural

But, all of these suburbs have excellent schools, low crime and lots of trails and

communities. But, there is upscale suburban living here too, including a few

open space. Littleton has its own excellent schools but parts of unincorporated

gated communities, golf courses, and planned communities.

Littleton attend the exceptional Jefferson County Schools. Aurora runs the entire length of Denver along its eastern border. The northern Highlands Ranch is Denver’s largest planned community on the border

section of Aurora offers some of the most affordable homes in the Denver

between Douglas and Arapahoe counties. It attracts the highest percentage

metro area. Newer, and yet still affordable homes are available in southern

of relocating buyers because it resembles California-style developments

Aurora. Crime is low in these southern sections including Saddle Rock, Tallyn’s

and Douglas County offers excellent schools. Castle Rock and Parker have

Reach, Piney Creek, Sienna, and Wheatlands.

excellent schools and you will discover suburban neighborhoods mixed in with more rural sections of the county.

Denver suburbs offer less crowded living but with all amenities of downtown. Most suburbs are within 20-40 minutes’ commute to downtown. Anything

Lakewood and Westminster are closest to Denver and there are a mix of

further is so far away it could be called an “exburb” or an extreme suburb.

older homes, built before 1980, and newer custom homes. Green Mountain

Those would be Perry Park, Elizabeth, Franktown and Larkspur near Colorado

in Lakewood has trails, open space, and hiking. The picturesque mountain


The RE/MAX Collection

Denver - Boulder | 9

University of Colorado, Boulder

BOULDER Located just 30 miles northwest of the more popular Denver, Boulder is famous for its colorful Western history. A popular choice for hippies in the late 1960s, its focus is on health, well-being, quality of life, education, and art. It is also home to the main campus of the University of Colorado, the state’s largest university. Life is Boulder is much calmer and laid back. The mix of college life and family life give way to everything you could want in a city, without all the hustle and bustle.

NEIGHBORHOODS Boulder itself is one the highest priced areas for homes because of the limited growth policies of the City Council. It is a great place to live, but the neighborhoods are hard to characterize, as they were developed over time in a piece-meal fashion. The result is many of the neighborhoods are only a few hundred homes in size, and it is common to have two adjacent neighborhoods developed at different times with completely different price ranges.

The 28th street shopping district of Boulder is where all the fun begins, with shopping galore and several yummy local restaurants. Many Boulderites consider this to be the touristy area of town, but you can think of it as a place where you can find just about anything you’re looking for. South Boulder or SoBo is different than many of the central and northern neighborhoods. This area was built during Boulder’s high-growth period during the 60s and 70s. South Boulder includes two very large neighborhoods, Table Mesa and Martin Acres. These homes were not custom homes and as you drive around you will see ranch style homes along with many multi-level homes. People like to live here because of the proximity to hiking trails, and good schools, and because it is a better value than you can find in North Boulder. There are many homes that have been remodeled and you will find some beautiful homes and quiet streets in South Boulder. East Boulder is a residential area with a good mix of moderately priced homes, condominiums and some larger homes. There are rentals and owner-

10 | Denver - Boulder

The RE/MAX Collection

occupied homes in this area. It is a typical suburban neighborhood with good neighbors and easy access to downtown Boulder. The area from Broadway to the mountains and between downtown Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology can be broadly characterized as University Hill and Chautauqua. Homes in this area tend to be older, some are high-end, and there is no shortage of rentals due to Colorado University. The rule of thumb is that the closer you get to the mountains the fewer students you will find and the nicer homes you will find. Proximity to the mountains and hiking trails is a big draw. The Mapleton Hill neighborhood is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Boulder. This is a historic neighborhood and many of the homes are over 100 years old. The prices are quite high on a square footage basis as many of the houses are quite large. This is where the original mining mavens lived when Boulder was first settled. Broomfield, Lafayette and Louisville offer a variety of housing options on the US 36 highway corridor. Louisville has been named the top city in the US for livability several times. The new Flat Irons Mall offers a wide variety of shopping and restaurant opportunities. Thornton, Northglenn, Brighton and Commerce City are affordable and pleasant middle-class neighborhoods. There is mixture of older neighborhoods and brand new communities here. Some of the schools in Brighton are well rated. Reunion is the newest planned community here by Shea homes and it utilizes some of the Brighton schools even though it is located in Commerce City. Niwot, Erie and Longmont are further north but with upscale neighborhoods and some excellent schools. Many gated and luxury home communities are located in this corridor between Boulder and Longmont.


If you have not had the opportunity to experience Denver or Boulder, there is no time like the today. Take in the sights and find out what it means to work, live and play in one of the best places in the US. Take a peek at some of the fine homes and contact a RE/MAX Collection Agent today, and let them find the perfect home for you!

Denver - Boulder | 11

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Homes Sold - 360 Average Sold Price - $1,453,477 Average DOM - 57 Average SP/LP - 97.69%



Homes Sold - 114 Average Sold Price - $2,028,278 Average DOM - 70 Average SP/LP - 95.87%



Homes Sold - 84 Average Sold Price - $1,592,582 Average DOM - 98 Average SP/LP - 96.41%



Homes Sold - 36 Average Sold Price - $1,450,385 Average DOM - 136 Average SP/LP - 96.26%


Homes Sold - 57 Average Sold Price - $1,377,041 Average DOM - 113 Average SP/LP - 94.95%




Homes Sold - 220 Average Sold Price - $1,590,751 Average DOM - 80 Average SP/LP - 98.33%


Homes Sold - 382 Average Sold Price - $1,483,476 Average DOM - 59 Average SP/LP - 97.37%


Homes Sold - 103 Average Sold Price - $2,002,374 Average DOM - 100 Average SP/LP - 94.98%


Homes Sold - 75 Average Sold Price - $1,655,234 Average DOM - 80 Average SP/LP - 96.69%


Homes Sold - 46 Average Sold Price - $1,386,068 Average DOM - 80 Average SP/LP - 96.23%


Homes Sold - 75 Average Sold Price - $1,472,779 Average DOM - 113 Average SP/LP - 95.90%


Homes Sold - 77 Average Sold Price - $1,634,400 Average DOM - 77 Average SP/LP - 98.61%

Statistics represent single family homes priced $1,000,000 and above. Data pulled from IRES MLS REColorado for the period of January 2015 to November 10, 2016.

12 | Englewood, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

The RE/MAX Collection

Englewood, Colorado | 13

Stunning French Country Home in Buell Mansion Stunning French Country ranch style (a rare find in Cherry Hills Village!) estate, nestled on 2.39 fully-enclosed acres of mature, flowering landscape in one of the country’s most desirable gated communities. Built by the venerable Bond General Contractors, this unique home features exquisite finishes throughout - Jerusalem limestone fireplaces, Honduran Mahogany doors, antique crystal chandeliers, hand scraped walnut and natural stone floors, marble and slab granite. From the towering ceilings and reclaimed timber beams of the dream kitchen and dining room to the grandeur of the gentleman’s office and hearth room, every detail and amenity is considered. Wander the expansive grounds, luxuriate in the saltwater pool and hot tub, and retreat to the ornate haven of the extraordinary master bedroom suite. Unique features include an in-door hockey rink, as well as outdoor sport court/skating rink. Meticulously decorated and maintained, the property offers simply the finest in luxury living.

Lana Cordier Shelton REALTOR®, Broker Associate RE/MAX Uptown


14 | Greenwood Village, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

7 Greenridge Road Chris Davis



What a rare opportunity in Greenwood Village! Your initial approach is a lovely and very private drive down a quaint road that contains only five homes. At the end of the road you will find the most private gated entrance to this massive, mature, and extremely quiet estate. This trophy estate is not only 4.88 acres in size, it also backs to Cattail Park, which has an additional 15 acres with walking trails and access to other trails and parks in the area. Some of the best exterior and lot features also include a private boat house, pond, flat lot excavated to create privacy, and a walk-out basement. In addition, the well-crafted home gives such a great first impression when you enter the gate and make your way up the beautiful circle drive past the pond, and up to the grand entrance. The current homeowners have raised their children and grandchildren in the home. They are the original homeowners and are pleased to offer this home for your heirs to enjoy for multiple generations.

Littleton, Colorado | 15

The RE/MAX Collection

5660 Aspen Leaf Drive Gorgeous six bedrooms, nine bathroom, 5,960 square foot custom home on 3.48 acres in beautiful Cherokee Ridge Estates. Serene setting backing to Daniels Park. Dramatic entry with soaring ceilings and spacious living areas. Kitchen with large breakfast nook, walk-in pantry, knotty alder doors and cabs, custom slab granite, and high-end Viking appliances. Main floor master includes private sitting area, gas fireplace, coffee bar, his-and-her walk-in closets, large jetted tub, and heated floors. Upstairs find three bedroom suites, each with a full bath and walk-in closet. Large loft with second office area/play room and bath. 3,600 square foot walk-out basement includes three bedrooms, five-piece Jack-n-Jill bath, family room with fireplace, wet bar, game room, and half bath. Enjoy the peaceful outdoors from the private deck and patio areas. Plenty of room for your toys in the heated, oversized four-car garage. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously maintained. Call The Alan Smith Team today! Offered at $1,750,000

Alan J Smith

Broker/Owner, REALTOR ÂŽ


RE/MAX Professionals

Direct: 303.932.3306 Cell: 303.503.2526

16 | Littleton, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

5782 South BentonWay Alan J Smith


RE/MAX Professionals

Direct: 303.932.3306 Cell: 303.503.2526

Immaculate custom home by Cuttermill Homes, facing west with southern exposure! Located in the quiet neighborhood at Grant Ranch, this home offer an exceptional fit and finish with craftsman woodwork. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms, 3,493 square feet, plus an additional 1,875 square feet in the finished basement. Offering plantation shutters, designer touches of color and style, hardwood floors, HEPA Pure Air System. Chef’s kitchen boasts gorgeous cherry cabinets, granite slab counters, and stainless steel appliances. Home includes a family room with rock fireplace, beautiful mantel, sun-filled formal dining room, master suite with private retreat, and a finished basement with wet bar and media room. Landscaped lighting, miles of walking paths, great neighborhood amenities including lake access. Just Gorgeous! Come and See It! Call The Alan Smith Team Today! Offered at $884,500

The RE/MAX Collection

Littleton, Colorado

Littleton, Colorado | 17

22 Village Court

14224 Majestic Eagle Trail

Main level living in this beautiful two-story home in The Village at Columbine Valley. The main floor master suite opens to deck overlooking the par 3 course at Columbine Country Club. Master bath features heated tile floor and an updated shower. Slab granite counters and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. New carpet and paint upstairs. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 3,641 square feet, plus 891 square feet in the finished basement. Oversized deck in the back is shaded with mature trees and is the perfect place to spend the afternoons. Littleton, Wilder, Goddard, and Heritage schools! New 40-year roof. Adjacent lot (designated open space) is included in the sale. Offered at $694,950

Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak from every level of this beautiful two-story home of Deer Creek Canyon. 3,531 square feet, plus 2,373 in finished walkout basement. The inside of this home has been remodeled and updated from top-to-bottom. Cherry hardwood floors on all three levels. Granite counters and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen on the main floor and the wet bar in the basement. All six bathrooms have been updated and now have a shower, which helps accommodate for the six bedrooms in the home. Walkout basement to rare, flat topography in the backyard, giving plenty of opportunity to use the space as desired. Much more, come and see! Offered at $975,000

Alan J Smith

Broker/Owner, REALTOR ÂŽ


Call The Alan Smith Team Today!

RE/MAX Professionals

Direct: 303.932.3306 Cell: 303.503.2526

18 | Littleton, Colorado

Littleton, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

5752 South Sheridan Boulevard

7628 Hawks Nest Trail

Stunning seven bedroom, six bath, 3,346 square foot brick ranch in coveted Bow Mar South. Three-car, side-entry garage. Gorgeous kitchen with hickory cabinets, brand new stainless steel appliances, five-burner gas cook-top, Corian counters, and more. Large master suite with spa-like bathroom, BainUltra therapy tub, custom tile, and heated floors. Mother-in-law kitchen in 2,911 square foot finished basement. Waterford gas fireplace, Andersen windows, Velux skylights, hand-scraped engineered hardwood floors, and newer high-grade carpet. Tons of natural light with sky lights and solar tubes. Offered at $934,500

Stunning five bedroom, five bath, 3,658 square foot custom home on wonderful half-acre lot in Roxborough Park, with Red Rock and city views! Ranch-style with wonderful open floor plan. Main floor features a large chef’s kitchen with large granite island, 42” hickory cabinets, double ovens, cook-top, butler’s pantry, and breakfast nook. Large master suite with master bath offers heated travertine floors, a large soaking tub, and large his-and-her walk-in closets. The stone fireplace is the focal point of the family room. Large main-floor office with custom built-ins. The 3,635 square foot finished walk-out basement has two large beds, hobby room, small office, and large rec room with wet bar. Pella windows throughout, slate tile entry, wrought iron balusters, two Rinnai tankless water heaters. Tons of wildlife and little creek in the back. Offered at $1,095,000

Alan J Smith


RE/MAX Professionals

Direct: 303.932.3306 Cell: 303.503.2526

Call The Alan Smith Team Today!

The RE/MAX Collection

Boulder, Colorado | 19

1110 White Hawk Ranch Drive Among 56 homes in the distinctive enclave of White Hawk Ranch, this exceptional custom one-story, with finished walk-out, is the pièce de rÊsistance! The lush 1.2 acre setting richly captures the essence of an estate lifestyle. Enjoying breathtaking mountain views backing to the natural ambience of open space and a bike path, the raised lot is still afforded complete privacy. Featuring a luxurious master suite and two additional bedroom suites on the main level, a family guest suite in the lower level, and a total of six bathrooms, the expansive floor plan is open and voluminous, yet exceedingly warm and casually comfortable. With 10,254 total finished square feet, the home is brimming with the most impressive and highest quality amenities that one can find. No detail has been overlooked, from the dramatic stone and stucco exterior and lavish outdoor spaces, to the elegant custom appointments of every gorgeous interior room. For additional photos and online tour with detailed features, visit: Offered at $3,650,000

Steve Houy

Broker Associate/Owner, CDPE RE/MAX Professionals

Cell 303.268.8891 Office 303.268.8800

20 | Boulder, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

The RE/MAX Collection

Boulder, Colorado | 21

3476 Sunshine Canyon - The StarHouse The StarHouse and its adjoining properties offer an incredible opportunity for the discerning buyer. Located on the saddle of Sunshine Canyon just 3.5 miles from downtown Boulder the StarHouse has been a world renowned destination for over 25 years for spiritual events and education. Built upon the principles of Sacred Geometry, Star Wisdom, and Community Ceremony, the StarHouse has hosted a wide variety of ceremonies, yoga and dance programs, celestial gatherings, and retreats. The main home is beautifully built and perfectly situated with stunning views of the back range and bordering on private and rugged land. A two bedroom retreat cabin offers a secluded respite ideal for a quiet getaway or creative introspection. Three 35 acre parcels connect 105 acres featuring 360 degree views with rolling meadows, certified organic gardens, trail systems, and sacred sites. Expansion is possible. This is a one-of-a-kind property with incredible energy! Offered at $5,200,000

Roger Walker

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut


22 | Boulder, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

6116 O lde Stage Road Lynn Ryan

REALTOR ® RE/MAX of Boulder


Privacy, serenity, and 360 degrees of spectacular mountain and city views, just two miles from town! This beautifully updated, five bedroom, four bath, 6,200 square foot luxurious modern home sits on a 1.44 acre lot and will not disappoint. The open, sun drenched, flowing floor plan will wow with vaulted ceilings and spacious rooms, that extend to multiple decks for the best in entertaining and family gatherings. Delight in the gourmet chef’s kitchen with a butler’s pantry, two wet bars, eat-in breakfast area, gas range, double ovens, and stainless steel appliances. Master suite with breathtaking views, seating area, large walk-in closet and en-suite with granite flooring and separate tub and shower. Main floor guest wing, hot tub, wine room, and exercise room. You will NOT be roughing it in this “mountain modern” home! Offered at $1,575,000

Boulder, Colorado | 23

The RE/MAX Collection

5060 Pierre Street #B Extraordinary updated and beautiful home with amazing Flatirons views. Perfect location adjacent to park and just steps to Dakota Ridge trails. Kitchen offers gorgeous Euro cabinetry, solid granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of storage space. Home offers new Brazilian pecan hardwood flooring throughout, plus new carpet on the stairs and in the basement, fresh paint, a split travertine fireplace surround, and LED lighting. Every bedroom offers an en-suite private bath and private balcony. Gated front patio is peaceful and provides a private oasis with flowering shrubs and an herb garden you’ll love to linger in!

Zachary Epps



24 | Boulder, Colorado

The RE/MAX Collection

Boulder, Colorado | 25

The RE/MAX Collection

2395 Vassar Drive AMAZING VIEWS OF THE FLATIRONS & BOULDER SKYLINE! This sleek new-construction (2016) architecturally-designed contemporary home features 10’ main floor ceilings and 18’ of NanaWall glass doors with expansive mountain and city views. True indoor/outdoor living and flow. Open floor plan main level features eatin kitchen island with white quartz countertops, Wedgwood custom cabinets, and gas living room fireplace. The oversized deck off the kitchen is perfect for entertaining and overlooks large flat backyard. The upper level Master bedroom suite is perched high above Boulder with a gas fireplace and a private deck that truly feels like an oasis retreat. The walk-out lower level has a spacious den/rec room and a one bedroom mother-in-law suite. Total of five bedrooms, five and a half baths, 3,967 total square feet on a 18,234 square foot lot. Trails and open space literally down the street for out-the-front door hikes, walks and runs. Live the Boulder dream. YES! Offered at $2,379,000

Dunbar Hardy

Broker Associate, M.S. EcoBroker, GREEN, GRI, ABR, CNE RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut

Cell 303.859.7922 Office 303.442.3180

Fine Homes and Luxury Properties

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Coronado, California | 27

The RE/MAX Collection

419 J Avenue Coronado lifestyle is where it begins! Brand new four bedroom, four and a half bath in the heart of it all! Perfect harmony with beautiful elevation, inspired floor plan, and designer details, all within easy walking/biking to bay and beach, and blue ribbon schools. Luxury features include front porch with Dutch double doors, built-ins, volume ceilings, quality finishes, Sonos wireless stereo, warm wood floors, designer light fixtures, and beautiful wainscoting. Open kitchen with island as focal point, Themador professional appliances – double oven, six-burner stove, dishwasher, family-sized refrigerator, and butler’s pantry. Formal dining room, private office with closet. Indulgent master suite, spa-like bath with luxurious free standing bath tub, and dual sinks. Guest bedroom with en-suite bath, Jack-and-Jill bedrooms and bath. Hawaiian-style doors open from great room to huge covered outside living loggia, built-in BBQ, completely fenced grassy yard, and private bistro patio. Detached two-car garage. Private casita with bath and kitchenette. Offered at $2,848,000

Brian Stewart

Broker, CRS RE/MAX Hometown, REALTORS

619.258.5500 CalBRE# 00520991

28 | Hidden Valley/Thousand Oaks, California

The RE/MAX Collection

1601 West Potrero - Claddaugh Farms Bob, Kathi & Cris REALTORÂŽ RE/MAX Olson

805.267.0455 CalBRE# 00645761

This gated Spanish Mediterranean estate sits on 60 acres of rolling pastoral terrain in Hidden Valley. Perfectly positioned to take full advantage of panoramic mountain, valley, and ocean views. The nearly 11,000 square foot estate, built in 2009, has seven en-suite bedrooms with the spacious master suite on the first level and separate guest quarters. The public rooms, from the great room to the living room and formal dining room with wine cellar, have French, or sliding doors, that open to the patios and grounds. The gourmet kitchen has center island, morning room, and fireplace. Huge bonus room is ideal for additional bedrooms or home theatre. Relish the serenity from the large beach entry pool and spa areas, the bocce ball court, or the pitch-and-putt golf course. This estate offers endless possibilities. Only 45 minutes from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, and minutes from Malibu, Westlake Village, and Sherwood Country Club. Website and virtual tour: Offered at $13,500,000

Martinez, California | 29

The RE/MAX Collection

305 Rancho de Maria You won’t want to leave home as you enjoy your own grand country estate, wrapped in the rolling hills of the Alhambra Valley, approximately 40 minutes from San Francisco. This architecturally sophisticated 5,137 square foot home with beautiful views everywhere is ideally situated on a premium 19.3 acres. Everyone will want to gather in the inviting eat-in kitchen with honed granite counters, custom cabinetry, and superb quality appliances. Bonus rooms include a library, an office, and an artist studio providing a choice of indoor amenities. Entertain on a grand scale as you relax on your secluded covered patio. A large pond for swimming or fishing, an expansive yard with mature landscaping, abundant room for horses and grapevines compose your personal outdoor paradise! Nearby public open space and trails extend your outdoor living. Enjoy the best of two worlds - the tranquil country life each morning when you wake and a 20 minute commute to BART to enter the fast paced city life. Offered at $2,600,000

The Pereira Team Dianne & John REALTORS ÂŽ RE/MAX Accord - Lafayette Office

925.297.0321 CalBRE# 01332827 | 00332986

30 | Newport Coast, California

The RE/MAX Collection

Entertainer's Delight! Janie Merkle REALTOR ® RE/MAX Select One

949.633.8380 CalBRE# 01260940

Single story, luxury, Tuscan-style estate with casita in the exclusive Ocean Heights guard gated community of Newport Coast. This three bedroom, three bath estate is 3,557 square feet and sits on a 15,055 square foot oversized lot, with spectacular panoramic ocean, Catalina Island, and city views, and the most amazing sunsets in Orange County. The large gourmet chef’s kitchen with dramatic vaulted ceilings, upgraded appliances, custom granite counters, cabinetry, and flooring is adjacent to the large family room and formal dining room. The cozy, formal front room has a fireplace and vaulted ceilings, master suite has huge walk-in closet, and a spacious bathroom with his-and-her sinks, large tub, and separate large shower. The third bedroom is in the “casita” and can be used as an office, in-law quarters or guest home. The custom Rogers Gardens landscape is low maintenance, with a putting course that overlooks the ocean. This estate has resort-like amenities, pools, spas, BBQ, playground, tennis, walking distance to fine restaurants, beach, shops, toll road, and The Pelican Hill Resort.

San Jose, California | 31

The RE/MAX Collection

3291 Chemin De Riviere Executive home offers five bedrooms, four baths, and over 3,900 square feet of living space on an oversized 6,000 square foot lot. With over $200,000 in lavish upgrades, owners can enjoy views of mountains and city lights. Only a short walk to the award-winning Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School and Evergreen Valley High School. Open floor plan with vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light is complemented by a stunning double door entry with an elegant stairway and newly designed carpet and custom draperies throughout. Spacious family room with marble fireplace and library, living room with fireplace, and upgraded carpet and tile throughout main floor. Kitchen features breakfast nook, center island, walk-in pantry, and garden window. Master suite offers his-and-her walk-in closets and a gorgeous master suite with an oval Jacuzzi tub. Upstairs find a second and third bedroom with Jack-and-Jill bathroom, and spacious loft with new hardwood flooring. Central AC and heating. Professionally landscaped front and back yard with gazebo and fruit trees. Offered at $1,750,000

Frank Liu


408.313.2688 CalBRE# 00991680

32 | Westlake Village, California

The RE/MAX Collection

4224 Woodlane Court Bob, Kathi & Cris REALTORÂŽ RE/MAX Olson

805.267.0455 CalBRE# 00645761

Wonderfully private and serene setting on small cul-de-sac in the heart of North Ranch in Westlake Village. This traditional family home of nearly 4,700 square feet has five bedrooms and four baths with the large master suite located on the first floor. Priceless lot with rare full-size north/south tennis court. Homey, open, and inviting home throughout with large family and living rooms for superb living and entertaining. Remodeled kitchen with stainless appliances, center island, breakfast bar, floor-to-ceiling windows, and in-house terrarium. Excellent schools, cultural events, sports, shopping, dining, and beauty of nature make Westlake Village a wonderful choice. Offered at $1,795,000

Bonita Springs, Florida | 33

The RE/MAX Collection

104 Bonaire Lane Custom-built three-level home with elevator, built in 2014 in Collier County’s premier gated waterfront community. Stunning, elegant, beach house with views of the Gulf of Mexico, five bedroom plus den, and six baths, solid concrete construction. Impact-resistant doors and windows, electric shutters, and state-of-the-art electronics and security system. Gourmet kitchen with large butler’s pantry and beautiful, oversized, granite island - perfect for entertaining. Stunning master bedroom with Gulf views. Glamorous master closet and master bath with soaking tub, walk-in shower, and gorgeous etched glass, four-plus car garage and direct Gulf access.

Jim Murdoch REALTOR ® RE/MAX Affinity Plus


34 | Atlanta, Georgia

The RE/MAX Collection

920 Glengate P lace

Wendy Bunch Broker RE/MAX Pure


Simply Stunning describes this custom-built executive home with full attention to detail and exquisite taste! Located in a cul-de-sac in a private and gated community. Offering five bedrooms each with its own en-suite and walk-in closest, and an additional half bath on the main level. Premium details in this open floor plan include hardwoods throughout, crown molding, arched doorways, vaulted ceilings, and much more. Chef’s kitchen boasts granite counters, center island with six-burner gas range, stainless steel appliances, plenty of counter and storage space. The lavish master suite has a fireplace, spa bath, and a huge oversized custom appointed closet. The main level offers a junior master suite with private bath, fireplace, and private entrance. Enjoy a full basement with media room and kitchen. Enjoy the outdoors in the screened porch, pool and attached Jacuzzi. Three-car attached garage. Offered at $999,500

Buford, Georgia | 35

The RE/MAX Collection

2775 Drayton Hall Drive Magnificent North Atlanta home in the prestigious Drayton Hall Subdivision, peppered with Old World charm and European details! Enjoy safety and security in the gated community with estate lots. Enter on the circular driveway to the front entrance, with a two-car side-entry garage and a separate one-car carriage garage. Gourmet kitchen offers a huge island, commercial-grade stainless steel appliances, and a vaulted keeping room with fireplace located directly off of the kitchen. Inviting master suite with fireplace, deluxe spa bath, private office with fireplace, plus an additional bedroom and bath all on the main floor. Upstairs offers three bedrooms and three baths with balcony porches on the rear of the home. Full daylight basement ready to finish with your personal touches! Also includes an alarm system, central vacuum, sprinkler system, and many other custom features! Offered at $1,150,000

Connie R. Lawson


Direct 770.318.0458 Office 770.963.5181

36 | Edwardsville, Illinois

Kathy Malawy



The RE/MAX Collection

A World You Never Thought Existed

Architecture, scenery, and landscaping have merged gracefully to create this alluring lodge-like, contemporary home. Featuring unique finishes along with picture perfect views from every room. Quality custom-built from the balcony bedrooms to the 24-seat theater room to the geo-thermal HVAC – this one has it all! The grounds, consisting of 64 acres include: a backyard oasis with gazebo, walking paths, fountains, stone outdoor chapel, and Randy Malawy a restroom facility - for any venue. The grounds feature 35 wooded acres with wildlife: a 2.5 acre stocked lake, REALTOR ®, Broker outbuildings, a party barn hosting a commercial kitchen, and a large outdoor pavilion. Have thoroughbreds, RE/MAX Alliance livestock or domestic/exotic pets? Outbuildings, horse stalls, paddocks, tack rooms, pastures, and training track 618.334.4255 are all here. All this and within minutes to downtown Edwardsville, SIUE and 30 minute commute to St. Louis. Call for Price!

Bedford, Massachusetts | 37

The RE/MAX Collection

47 Page Road

Imagine greeting your guests in the gorgeous two story foyer with open staircase. Elegant and classic, describes our brand-new custom colonial style home. The open floor plan lends itself to all those great parties you’ve been planning! Delight in engaging conversation with friends around the fireplace. A happy chef is sure to delight your special guests with lots of deliciousness from a gorgeous custom kitchen. When the party’s over retreat to your master suite and enjoy the soaking tub, then, through the French doors relax in the sitting room, your bed is just steps away. Traditional interior appointments include beautiful crown mouldings, coffered and cathedral ceilings, wainscoting, dramatic columns, and an archway. Overlooking the yard from the deck is a private pathway to the river, if you like to kayak or canoe.

Carol A. Woods

Broker/Owner/Notary/REALTOR ® CLHMS, MRP, SRES RE/MAX Real Estate Group


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Chesterfield, Missouri | 39

The RE/MAX Collection

1022 Savonne Court Executive home ideally located and situated on a 1.02 acre lot. From the moment you enter, you are welcomed by dramatic views and amenities – great room with fireplace, wet bar, and a wall-of-windows. An office adjacent to the formal dining room with coffered ceilings and French doors to private patio. The heart of this home is the kitchen and hearth room, with a center island, butler’s pantry, GE Profile stainless appliances, and the hearth room with a gas fireplace. The main floor master has an en-suite with double walk-in closets, separate jetted tub, and dual head shower including his-and-her vanities. Upstairs find four bedrooms, all with custom walk-in closets, three en-suites, and a second floor study. Amazing heated/salt-water Gunite pool with waterfalls, foundations, and Baja ledge. Resort exterior includes two stone fireplaces, one off of the kitchen in a huge screened porch, the second is poolside with covered Under Deck System. Sprinkled lawn, security, three-car garage, 4,926 finished square feet, stereo system, front/back staircases. Excellent Blue Ribbon schools, private neighborhood cul-de-sac. Offered at $1,299,000

Mandy Nickens



40 | Belmar, New Jersey

The RE/MAX Collection

200 7 th Avenue Patrick Butera

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Paradigm Realty Group


This fabulous custom home embodies the best of shore living in every way. Absolutely gorgeous custom home sits high and proud just one block from the beach with stunning views of Silver Lake and the Atlantic Ocean. If you can pry yourself off one of the sun drenched, breeze swept porches you will be greeted by one of the most thoughtfully designed floor plans on the Jersey Shore. Gourmet kitchen sits adjacent to dining area and one of two living rooms both with elevated porch access and incredible views. Four bedrooms, plus and additional flex room, including a stunning master suite. Even the bright finished basement with natural light is exceptional and welcoming. Outdoor area includes an outdoor shower, small jet pool, built-in grilling station and a semi enclosed outdoor kitchen/refrigerator/sink/bar with TV visible from the bar and pool. Miles of sandy beaches, boardwalks, and thriving town boasting casual and fine dining, shopping, marina and train station. Offered at $1,950,000

The RE/MAX Collection

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey | 41

1612 Beacon Lane - Bayhead Point Welcome to 1612 Beacon Lane in the Bayhead Point section of Point Pleasant Beach! This beautifully constructed home sits soundly upon the beaches of the Jersey Shore with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy elevator access to three stories of this grand home, which includes a stunning open floor plan for the living/ dining/kitchen area with custom built-ins, and a gas fireplace leading to an expansive outdoor deck. Other amazing features include direct beach access, hot tub, three outdoor balconies, two-car garage and so much more. A truly fabulous master suite with an entire wall-of-windows and sliders, balcony, full custom bathroom, and a walk-in closet complete with its own washer and dryer. Gorgeous fourth floor space with warm, wood beams, full bath and endless sunsets. Offered at $3,800,000

Dana Nicole Mauro

Broker of Record/Owner RE/MAX Real Estate, LTD. 284 Mantoloking Road Brick, NJ 08723

Cell 732.597.4151 Office 732.920.1900 x 327 dananicolemauro dananicolemauro

42 | Rumson, New Jersey

The RE/MAX Collection

10 BelknapLane Patrick Butera

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Paradigm Realty Group


As you enter the lush grounds of Longue Vue Estate it becomes quite apparent you are about to experience something extraordinary. With over 11,000 square feet, not including the lower level with media room, this estate offers nine bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms, eight full and four half. Interior by the highly regarded Sally Bacarella Design Studio. From the stately foyer enjoy three living areas, large fireplace, and French doors lead out to the rear terrace and salt water swimming pool. Clive Christian kitchen with Viking appliances, three ovens, wood cabinetry and a tin ceiling. Elevator access to all four floors. The simply perfect master suite offers a deep fireplace, balcony, and en-suite with mother of pearl inlay, domed ceiling, soaking tub, and his-and-her water closets, sinks, and showers. The lower level offers a 10-seat, professionally sound dampened movie and entertainment room as well as bar/lounge area. This isn’t just Rumson; this is Rumson at its finest. Offered at $4,399,000

Rumson, New Jersey | 43

The RE/MAX Collection

21 Bellevue Avenue One of Rumson’s truly magnificent homes. This estate sits on more than eight beautifully landscaped acres with pool, 2,000 square foot pool house equipped with full kitchen, and tennis court. Offering seven well-appointed bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a two bedroom, two bath guest wing. The master suite features an elegant living area with fireplace, his-and-her separate bathroom and dressing areas. Radiant superior heating properties provide a level of comfort forced hot air systems simply do not. The long list of features include but are not limited to an open gourmet kitchen, three large first floor living areas, a large sunroom, first floor office and library with private bathroom and fireplace, and elevator to second and lower level. The fabulous lower level includes a full bar, wine cellar, workout room, and plush theater. The outside patio sits above the meticulously manicured lawn and paver walkway to the gazebo and pool house, and a four-car garage complete the package. This is Rumson at its finest. Offered at $8,999,000

Patrick Butera

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Paradigm Realty Group


Fine Homes and Luxury Properties

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Spring Lake, New Jersey | 45

The RE/MAX Collection

23 Pitney Avenue

Luxury living personified. Built in 2011 and improved with a spectacular salt water heated pool and spa. Offering six bedrooms, five full baths, three half baths, and fabulous floor plan of 6,125 square feet of tastefully designed and decorated living. Chef’s kitchen boasts a Wolf double oven with 48-inch gas cooking area, two dishwashers in large island on either side of farm sink. Grand master suite with beautiful sitting area, fireplace and walk-in closet. Upper balcony bedroom offers terraces with ocean views. Heated bathroom flooring. Covered porches front and back with extensive landscaping, evening gas torch illumination. Wolf outdoor grilling station and patio. Outdoor shower and a huge partially finished walk-out basement and entertainment area with climate controlled wine cellar. Paneled three-stop elevator from lower level basement. Cedar siding and cedar roof. Offered at $5,925,000

Patrick Butera

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Paradigm Realty Group


46 | Pittsford, New York

The RE/MAX Collection

Old World Charm Meets Modern Day Elegance Inspired by French chateaus, Tuscan villas, and the wine cellars of Spain and Portugal, this estate features Old World European design and detailing. Despite its substantial scale and its solid strength, this home exudes an inviting warmth and a majestic elegance. Special attention was paid to every detail, and the home was built to the highest standards, with its interior and exterior stone masonry, copper gutters and trim, cobblestone driveway and patios, wrought iron balconies and gates, rustic hand-scraped broad-plank wood floors and travertine stone floors, reclaimed timber and hand painted ceilings, stone fireplaces, dramatic handcrafted curved staircases and much more. Equipped with two professional custom kitchens, a butlers’ pantry, a large formal dining and living area, an authentic European wine cellar and tasting room, a heated salt water pool and an expansive stone patio, 16 Bromsgrove Hill is an entertainer’s dream.

Pittsford, New York | 47

The RE/MAX Collection

16 Bromsgrove Hill Not only is it perfect for entertaining, but it is ideal for family life with a family room, large rec room, four bedroom suites, mud room, abundant closet and storage space, and a large laundry room. Families will also enjoy all of today’s safety and high-tech modern conveniences including a Geothermal HVAC system and radiant floor heating. The master suite offers an attached sitting area with fireplace, private porch and balcony, his-and-her walkin closets and sink areas, Jacuzzi tub, and a double walk-in rain shower. Additionally included are an elegant study/ home office, fully equipped gym, and two separate 3.5 heated garages with plenty of space for the car enthusiast. This masterpiece sits on 2.2 heavily landscaped and fully irrigated acres, at the highest elevation in Monroe county, with beautiful vistas. The Malvern Hills development is widely known as one of the most exclusive developments in the Rochester area, and is highly sought-after given its location in the nationally acclaimed Pittsford Central School District. Call Alan today for pricing!



48 | Oregon City, Oregon

The RE/MAX Collection

15163 South LakeridgeWay Terrie Cox Broker, REALTOR®, ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO

RE/MAX Equity Group

Text/Call 360.607.4100 Office 360.699.5100

Nestled among the trees at the end of a private driveway this 2004 Street of Dreams home sits on more than an acre of quiet woods and exudes modern zen. The entry’s custom stonework, harmonious landscaping, and koi pond set a serene tone for this property in Oregon City, Oregon. Inside, towering windows and ceilings make nature a focal point of each room. Natural elements – including exotic woods, gleaming Black Limba cabinetry and Santos Rosewood doors – offer warmth alongside cool slate tile, glass and metallic accents throughout. The gourmet kitchen contains Viking appliances, a custom island and overlooks the great room, where 12-foot ceilings allow natural light to stream into the main floor. A 700 square foot covered patio features a second kitchen, outdoor dining, and living areas making it the perfect place to unwind. The master-suite is a true sanctuary, with a two-way fireplace, private deck, soaking tub and walk-in closet. Offered at $1,349,000

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 49

The RE/MAX Collection

1153 Lauralynn Drive This Hampton-style luxury home offers breathtaking views of a 20+ acre nature preserve from the expansive Mahogany deck. Enjoy five large bedrooms including two master suites, three and a half baths, 4,300 square feet with a family room exposed to 30’ cathedral ceilings, and a second floor cat walk, stone woodburning fireplace. The chef’s kitchen has handmade custom cabinetry, stainless steel commercial grade appliances, recessed lights, and built-ins. Top-of-the-line finishes include Emtek hardware, HabartonForge fixtures limestone, slate and honed granite counters. More info: –

Brian Teyssier REALTOR®, GRI, CRS, e-PRO, SRES, ABR


Office 412.200.5763 Mobile 412.901.7522

50 | Bella Vernon, Pennsylvania

The RE/MAX Collection

The RE/MAX Collection

Bella Vernon, Pennsylvania | 51

420 1 st Street - Speers Mansion

When you purchase this incredible home you are getting more than a home, you are getting a piece of American history. Built in the 1930s during the Great Depression, this five bedroom, four bath home has only had four owners. Tudor styling with a slate roof from Italy and Maryland flagstone walk-ways. Luxury finishes abound with cherry panel covering the majority of the first floor and wide oak-plank flooring covering the rest of the home. Other finishes that cannot be duplicated include rounded interior mahogany doors, four stone fireplaces, beamed ceilings, and much more. Kitchen is graced by cherry cabinets, high-end appliances, granite counters with a waterfall edge, and chiseled-edge marble flooring. The 200 year old “barn stone” pool is kept at a comfortable 88 degrees with LED lit sprays at night, and an automatic custom cover. While relaxing in the outdoors, enjoy endless views of the Monongahela River. All mechanics, plumbing, and electrical have been updated during the seller’s ownership, including dual zone (first and second floor) HVAC system., www.speersmansionvideosinfo, https;//

Brian Teyssier REALTOR®, GRI, CRS, e-PRO, SRES, ABR



52 | Belton, Texas

The RE/MAX Collection

Stunning Lake Access Estate Wake up to stunning views in this waterfront estate on 0.93 acres sitting atop the bluffs of Lake Belton, with private access to the best fishing lake in Texas. The open concept living space is flooded with natural light thanks to the 12’ ceilings, while the split floor plan makes it easy to enjoy guests. A second kitchen, high-tech theater, and outdoor space make entertaining exciting. The main kitchen has two islands, modern stainless appliances, lots of storage, and quartz counters. An oversized master suite includes a fireplace, morning kitchen, extra storage and access to the pool and hot tub. The master bath boasts a dual shower, large jetted tub, and dual sinks with granite counters. Two bedrooms share a Jack-and-Jill bath, along with walls of custom built-ins, storage, and seating.

Belton, Texas | 53

The RE/MAX Collection

650 Benchmark Trail Two other bedrooms are located on the west side of the house and share another full bath for next generation living (includes the second kitchen). Enjoy an outdoor kitchen grill, outdoor glass rock fireplace, a Trex deck ensures years of low maintenance, and also complements the outdoor shower, white brick, and limestone. A beautiful custom infinity pool, oversized hot tub, waterfall, and slide provide hours of relaxation and play. Other features include wine refrigerator, security and sprinkler systems, fenced backyard, detached four-car garage, covered RV parking, shop, toy pad, apple, pear, olive, pecan, oak and other trees. A natural spring under a terraced rock ledge provides a tranquil sitting area with lake views and lots of privacy. Located only 11 miles from Temple and 6 from Belton in the great neighborhood of Woodland Trails 2. Offered at $825,000

Kim Fowler

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Temple Belton Waco Luxury Home Division


Fine Homes and Luxury Properties

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Tomball, Texas | 55

The RE/MAX Collection

300 Saddlebrook Lane Experience the ultimate in tranquility! Located in an exclusive gated community on over twelve breathtaking acres, this palatial estate boasts an unbelievable nine-bedroom design, as well as gorgeous, serene grounds featuring a private stocked pond, stunning pool, spa, and rock waterfall, a four-car garage and motor court, workshop, barn with quarters, and circular drive with portecochere. The mesmerizing interior features an island kitchen with commercial grade appliances and a full prep kitchen, dual game rooms, an unbelievable media room, home gym, two utility areas, a full guest suite complete with two bedrooms and a private living area, and a first floor master suite fit for royalty! Custom features abound! Fabulous location, just minutes to The Woodlands! Offered at $5,000,000




The RE/MAX Collection

An array of fine homes and luxury properties awaits you at

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A converging metropolis like the rivers that etch its place in history, nothing can compare to the wonder of this city.

The RE/MAX Collection


et dramatically between prairies and peaks, Calgary is a chic Canadian metropolis buzzing with innovative energy while still embracing its rich western heritage. Located in the Canadian province of Alberta, Calgary is situated at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the south of the province, and about 80 kilometers east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies where you can experience some of the best winter activities Canada has to offer. Calgary’s inception began in 1902, when oil was first discovered in Alberta. However, it did not emerge as a significant industry until 1947 when reserves were found in Calgary, and it quickly found itself at the centre of the oil boom. The city’s economy grew rapidly when oil prices increased with the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. The population increased by 272,000 in the 18 years between 1971 and 1989, and another 345,000 in the next 18 years. During the height of the population explosion, the relatively low-rise downtown seemingly grew overnight with skyscrapers that soared to the sky. To this day the oil and energy sector employs a large number of Calgarians, but when the recession hit in the 1980s the fallout from the economic slump was significant and the unemployment rate soared. Calgary quickly realized it could not put so much emphasis on the oil and gas industries and the city became much more diverse, both economically and culturally. During this transition Calgary went from a mid-sized prairie city to the major metropolitan it is today. The economic fiber of Calgary includes activity in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors. Growth culminated in the city after hosting Canada’s first Winter Olympic Games in 1988, the success of these games essentially put the city on the world stage.

Calgary Tower

Even with its booming metropolis, Calgary is still rich in western culture and earned the nickname “Cowtown,” evidently from the Calgary Stampede, a 10-day massive rodeo embraced by the whole city in July. Surrounded by

The RE/MAX Collection

incomparable natural beauty, this is a place where you can explore the magic of the Canadian Rockies or the mystery of the badlands by day and be back in time for fine dining in the city at night. Calgary’s cultural scene sizzles with a spectrum of arts and performing arts centres and the city’s ever-evolving culinary scene is breaking down walls across the country.

ARTS AND CULTURE Calgary was designated as one of the cultural capitals of Canada in 2012 and continues to live up to that honour by offering a number of multicultural areas throughout the city. Home to several performing arts centres, musical halls, theatres, art galleries, and art festivals, you can be sure your senses will be heightened as you experience the city and all of its wonders. With many Calgarians living in the city’s suburbs, more central districts such as 17 Avenue, Kensington, Inglewood, Forest Lawn, Marda Loop, and the Mission District have become more popular and dense for cultural festivities. Forest Lawn, the area around 17 Avenue SE is also known as International Avenue, is among the most diverse areas in the city.

Calgary | 5 There are a number of art galleries in downtown along Stephen Avenue; the SoDo (South of Downtown) Design District; the 17 Avenue corridor; and the neighbourhood of Inglewood, including the Esker Foundation, which is also home to the Alberta College of Art and Design. The Glenbow Museum is the largest museum in western Canada. Its collection represents western Canadian art and culture, not only as a representation of important cultural history, but also a living record of contemporary life in this part of the world. Other major museums include the Chinese Cultural Centre, the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum, The Military Museums, the Cantos Music Museum, and the Aero Space Museum. With its rich history, Calgary also hosts a number of annual festivals and events. These include the Calgary International Film Festival, the Calgary Folk Music Festival, FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, Sled Island Music Festival, Beakerhead Arts, Science and Engineering Festival, the Folk Music Festival, the Greek festival, Carifest, Wordfest: Banff Calgary International Writers Festival, the Lilac Festival, GlobalFest, Otafest, FallCon, the Calgary Fringe Festival, Summerstock, Expo Latino, Calgary Pride, Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, and many others.

Downtown Calgary

6 | Calgary Olympic Plaza

The RE/MAX Collection Calgary Olympic Park

As you may have guessed numerous films have been shot on location in Calgary and its surrounding areas, mainly due to its vast terrain and scenic backdrop. Films of note include: The Assassination of Jesse James, Brokeback Mountain, Dances with Wolves, Doctor Zhivago, Inception, Legends of the Fall, Unforgiven, and most recently the award-winning The Revenant. The Calgary Public Library is the city’s public library network, with 17 branches loaning books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, audio books, and more. Based on borrowing, the library is the second largest in Canada, and sixth largest municipal library system in North America. The 22,000-squaremetre Calgary Central Library is currently under construction in Calgary East Village, and is expected to be completed in 2018.

C Train


facilities in the province, the other being located in Edmonton and each being known as the “Jube”. The 2,538-seat auditorium was opened in 1957 and has hosted several Broadway musicals and theatrical, stage and local productions. The Calgary Jube is home to the Alberta Ballet Company, the Calgary Opera, the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the annual civic Remembrance Day ceremonies. Both auditoriums operate 365 days per year. The city is also home to a number of theatre companies; among them are One Yellow Rabbit, which shares the Arts Commons building with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Theatre Calgary, Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Junction Grand. Calgary was also the birthplace of the improvisational theatre games known as Theatresports. The Calgary

Calgary is the also site of the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium performing arts, culture, and community facility. The auditorium is one of two “twin”

International Film Festival is also held in the city annually, as well as the International Festival of Animated Objects.

Calgary | 7

The RE/MAX Collection Stephen Avenue

National Historic District

Wonderland Sculpture in front of Bow Tower

Centre Bridge

Every three years, Calgary hosts the Honens International Piano Competition. The finalists of the competition perform piano concerto with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra; the laureate is awarded a cash prize and a threeyear career development program. Throughout Calgary the spirit of the past is reflected in the culture, people, and its landscape, which is evident in every corner and at every turn.

scene is something that has truly only emerged over the last five to ten years.


There has also been a recent explosion of independent restaurants, each

Calgary’s culinary scene is on high heat and rapidly developing an international reputation. Ambitious, creative chefs and restaurateurs are launching exciting new projects as many established eateries are hitting their stride. Hungry patrons demand excellence and innovation, while chefs and restaurateurs have much to give. Calgary has long had only a handful of good restaurants - there are standbys that have become keystones as well as countless old favourites who have closed their doors - so the concept of a vibrant restaurant

The emergence of food trucks in Calgary has also revolutionized not only Calgary but North America as well. Patrons can order elevated food from upand-coming chefs at a convenience restaurants cannot match.

serving its own brand of deliciously creative food, more often than not in a stylish, dynamic room. Moreover, Calgary has grown its own gang of celebrated chefs — local stars that food enthusiasts hope to catch a glimpse of preparing their food in modern open kitchens. The creation of a cohesive culinary scene is the result of clever chefs working together to promote the idea of a community of restaurants for Calgarians to get excited about and out-of-towners to go out of their way to visit.

8 | Calgary

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Calgarians have a long-running appreciation for good-quality chocolate, with an appetite for well-crafted decadence. One of the most famous chocolatiers, Choklat, was recently voted the #1 Chocolate Maker in Canada. Choklat imports raw cacao beans from around the world, which are used to produce bars of 48%, 70% and 80% chocolate. Guests can enjoy made-to-order truffles with chocolate filling and coating and a thousand combinations of ingredients like fresh fruit, liqueurs, nuts, spices and mint. If you are more into candy then Olivier’s is the place to go. Operating since 1909, Olivier’s is Calgary’s version of Willy Wonka. The Inglewood shop makes their own chocolate hedgehogs, truffles, barks, caramels, and beavertails – thick salted pretzels dipped in caramel and chocolate. Many are made using the original recipes created over a century ago. Whatever tempts your palate, you can be sure your appetite will be satisfied with Calgary’s culinary wonders.

OUTDOOR FUN - WINTER OR SUMMER Calgary Stampede Park - July

After indulging in all the culinary delights, it’s good to know that there are plenty of ways to enjoy fun in the sun during the summer or winter months. Calgarians spend a good part of the year in snow and they embrace it to the fullest with exhilarating outdoor activities and events. Slice through fresh powder as you float down the Canadian Rockies. Canada Olympic Park offers exceptional training ground for athletes as well as fun for the entire family. The park also has a Super Pipe so skiers can test their freestyle and snowboarding skills all within Calgary city limits. Banff National Park is about a two hour drive away and is home to three top-rated ski resorts: Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Mount Norquay. Visitors can snowshoe through a sun-dappled forest, take a walk in a canyon illuminated by frozen waterfalls, have a drink at an ice bar surrounded by marvelous ice sculptures, mush a dogsled team across a frozen lake, enjoy some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the planet, or just relax and watch the snow fall from your cozy cabin. Calgarians know winter in Calgary is top-notch.


After a day on the prime powder, Calgarians like to relax and enjoy the good life in the luxury neighbourhoods that span Calgary. Because it is so vast and spread-out, it is divided into four sections: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest,

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Calgary | 9

and Southeast. Luxury neighbourhoods are abundant here and can be found in pockets throughout the sections, and not in just one location. If location is a priority, you can be sure your requirements will be met with Calgary’s luxury real estate market. From quiet sustained luxury homes in the outskirts, to highclass suburban living, or the fast-paced modern city indulgence, there is a place for everyone.

ROXBORO, CALGARY | AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD NET WORTH: $6.38 MILLION | AVERAGE ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $845,038 | AVERAGE HOME PRICE: $1.39 MILLION For one of Calgary’s high net worth neighbourhoods follow the course of the Elbow River to a tidy set of tree-lined streets. Bordered by the river on its north and St. Mary’s Cemetery on the east, Roxboro is often mentioned in the same breath as Rideau Park, a similarly affluent riverside neighbourhood to the west. Among Alberta’s richest neighbourhoods, Roxboro is a small inner-city suburb surrounded by natural amenities and within close proximity to downtown and major transportation routes such as 4th Street, Macleod Trail, and the pathway system.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

MOUNT ROYAL, CALGARY | AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD NET WORTH: $6.54 MILLION | AVERAGE ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $617,128 | AVERAGE HOME PRICE: $1.29 MILLION Mount Royal is home to the neighbourhoods of Upper Mount Royal (to the south) and Lower Mount Royal (to the north), which are separated by an escarpment that runs along Cameron and Royal Avenues in an east-west direction. Upper Mount Royal (along with Elbow Park) is one of Calgary’s wealthiest neighbourhoods and is home to some of the city’s most expensive estates ranging in age from nearly 100 years old to brand new. Originally an enclave of the city’s American born business elite, the neighbourhood was initially known as ‘American Hill’. Today Mount Royal retains its prosperous character and posh real estate choices.

EAGLE RIDGE, CALGARY | AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD NET WORK: $6.55 MILLION | AVERAGE ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $660,328 | AVERAGE HOME PRICE: $1.13 MILLION The mainly conservative community of Eagle Ridge is well connected to Calgary’s major roadways, including Glenmore Trail, Crowchild Trail, and 14th Street. The

Heritage Park & Glenmore Reservoir

View from park overlooking Calgary skyline LRT is also nearby. Glenmore Reservoir offers several options for recreational opportunities like boat docks, bike paths, the Weaselhead Flats hiking trails, and Glenmore Park. The area’s community centre hosts a variety of programs, including yoga, karate, highland dancing, wood carving, hockey, soccer and tennis. The centre’s adjacent ice rinks are popular, and are paved so they can be enjoyed by in-line skaters in the summer. There are a number of special community events held in the area each year, including the annual Halloween party, a skating party, an evening dinner and dance and an annual wingding to end the soccer season.





From its vast landscape to the scenic backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary truly is an undiscovered wonder with plenty to explore and experience. Compared to its big brothers of Vancouver and Toronto, it hold its own. If you have not had the opportunity to discover Calgary, there is no time like the present; you may even find yourself falling in love and wanting to stay longer. Take a peek at some of the fine homes Calgary has to offer and contact a RE/MAX Collection Agent today, and let them find the perfect home for you!

Nestled between the Glenmore Reservoir and the Calgary Golf & Country Club, the citizens of Bel-Aire and Mayfair enjoy the finer things in life. Compared to their affluent peers on this list, they drink more fine wines and craft beers; they go to museums, art galleries and the ballet more often; they are the most likely to have recently travelled to Europe or the Caribbean and, of course, the most avid skiers!

ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $1,452,094 | AVERAGE HOME PRICE: $2.28 MILLION Calgary’s richest neighbourhood hugs the east bank of the Elbow River, with gently rolling hills offering million-dollar views of the river valley and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. The neighbourhood of Britannia was designed from the very beginning to be an upscale community: in 1952, when the average Calgary lot was going for $250, building lots in Britannia were sold for up to $5,000. Today it remains a landmark collection of some of the best examples of mid-century modern architecture in the city.

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Calgary, Alberta | 11

114 AspenVista P lace SW

This Homes by Us custom build is two years young with mountain views on a spectacular pie-shaped 1,279 meter cul-de-sac lot. Steps to Aspen Landing and close to Calgary’s finest private schools, this is an exceptional location on the west side. This 3,362 square foot estate home offers four beds upstairs, one downstairs and four and a half baths (two en-suites). Ideally placed on the lot to follow the sun, this home is bathed in natural light throughout the day with its towering windows and cathedral ceilings. The main level offers an open floor plan while providing quiet spaces to reflect or gather. The gourmet kitchen features a double wide fridge/freezer, double wall oven, and a five-burner gas cook top that opens to the great room and a quiet family dining space. Upstairs the master is a charm with its vaulted ceilings, covered balcony, five-piece en-suite including an oversized soaker tub. The additional three bedrooms upstairs are well-sized. The lower level has been fully developed offering a fifth bedroom, full bath, and 1672 square feet of additional living space!

David Pellettier

REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)


12 | Calgary, Alberta

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191 Tremblant Way SW Ben Knopp REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX First


Welcome to your stunning new two-storey in the coveted community of Montreux. This beautifully finished home has over 3,000 square feet of living space and is loaded with high-end upgrades. New paint, air conditioning, underground sprinklers, custom window tinting, and built-in speakers throughout leave nothing unfinished. Just move in and enjoy! The main floor boasts a beautiful kitchen with granite counter tops, a large eating bar, walk-in pantry, and stainless steel appliances. The main floor has a gas fireplace, two-piece bath and large windows for lots of natural light. The upper level showcases a spacious master bedroom with a spa-like five-piece en-suite and huge walk-in closet. In addition, there are two more good sized bedrooms and a four-piece bath. Completing the upstairs is a bonus room with huge vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of the gorgeous mountain views. In the boundaries of the brand new K-9 Griffith Woods Public School set to open next year!

Calgary, Alberta | 13

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2210 First Ave NW Welcome to inner city luxury at its finest. Located in the highly desirable community of West Hillhurst, this beautiful two-storey home is minutes from downtown, schools, shopping, bike paths, river walks, and all that the trendy streets of Kensington have to offer. Custom in every way. The 10’ and 11.5’ ceilings give the living space a very grand essence. Floor-to-ceiling windows give the space an abundance of natural light. Luxury finishing at every corner. Imported marble and hardwood floors, huge accent wall with two-sided gas fireplace, built-in custom wall unit, chef’s kitchen with custom cabinetry, KitchenAid stainless steel appliances, quartz counter tops, Samsung washer and dryer, full indoor/outdoor entertainment sound system, heated floors, and automated custom window coverings. The master bedroom features a spacious walk-in closet, a huge five-piece en-suite and your very own private balcony. 10’ ceilings in the fully finished basement are something you don’t see every day!

Ben Knopp



Calgary, Alberta | 15

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7 Coulee Ridge A truly private home perched on one of Elbow Valley’s most desirable streets. This beautifully appointed “Granville” walk-out bungalow rests on a two acre estate with 5,725 square feet of living space. With spectacular timber frame craftsmanship, the grand entrance welcomes the most discerning buyer. Beautiful windows frame panoramic views and allow for abundant natural light to flow throughout the main floor plan. No detail is overlooked in the gourmet kitchen which features custom cabinetry, the finest appliances, ample prep and serving space, as well as a nook with 270 degree views. Also on the main floor is a sophisticated office and luxurious master retreat with spa-like en-suite, dressing room, and sitting area. The walk-out level features an incredible theatre room, recreation area, two additional bedrooms as well as a wine cellar. Additionally, there is a 28’ climbing wall, all without compromising storage and utility space. Truly a must see! Watch the video for more, and book your private tour today. Offered at $1,980,000

Jonathan Popowich

REALTOR ® RE/MAX iRealty Innovations


16 | Vancouver, British Columbia

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719 Eyremount Drive This magnificent, new, European inspired, luxury residence is situated on a prime south-facing 0.64 acre gated estate in West Vancouver’s most prestigious British Properties. Offering unobstructed city and water views of the downtown skyline, the Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, and the Burrard Inlet. The architectural detailing with bold Italian limestone and copper dormers create an impressive presence, featuring over 11,300 square feet of formal and informal living on three expansive levels. Extensive millwork, handcrafted coffered ceilings, and wainscoting bring a warmth and sophistication to this exceptional residence. The quality and finishes are evident throughout the entire home, featuring a palatial marble mosaic grand foyer, entertainment-sized formal living and dining rooms, a rich oak-paneled library and study, large gourmet kitchen

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Vancouver, British Columbia | 17

with all top-grade appliances, serving island, additional Chinese kitchen, walk-in pantry, and an adjoining eating area and family room. All providing level and direct walk-out access to the expansive heated terraces, professionally manicured gardens, and heated swimming pool and spa. The large sensational lower level includes a walk-in, temperature-controlled wine room, additional wine storage, billiard room, sensational wet bar, game area, gym, and state-of-the-art home theatre. The home offers seven full bedroom suites, including a lavish master suite with intimate sitting area, large walk-in dressing room, and private, walk-out view side terrace. A privately situated guest suite on the main level and nanny suite on the lower level complete this incredible family estate home. Additional features include air conditioning, control four integrated systems, private elevator, radiant heating, two laundry rooms, and a new home warranty. Offered at $24,800,000

Kevin Frank

Personal Real Estate Corporation RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside


Peter Raab

Personal Real Estate Corporation RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside


18 | Victoria, British Columbia

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Victoria, British Columbia | 19

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3275 Campion Road Eagle’s Landing: a world-class estate just minutes to downtown Victoria, the capitol of British Columbia, and one of Canada’s most sought-after destinations. Nestled on over eight acres of manicured gardens, water features and highbank waterfront, this private, gated property impresses on every level. Host family and friends in the 9,500 square foot west coast-style home, featuring high-beamed ceilings, exquisite finishing, and a multitude of entertainment areas to suit any social occasion. Guest suites, tennis court, fountains, greenhouses, workshops, two fire pits, and expansive patios with unobstructed ocean and mountain vistas add to this irreplaceable environment. Close proximity to ferries and the airport mean an easy commute to this pastoral paradise.

Tony Joe

Sales Representative RE/MAX Camosun


20 | Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Darren Balaberda REALTORÂŽ RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty


Stacy Neufeld REALTOR ÂŽ RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty


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9 SureWay Estates Outdoor enthusiasts this is your place! Enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, sledding, cross country skiing, golfing, the beach, entertaining, and more! Located on the 17th hole of the Good Spirit Golf Resort at Good Spirit Lake, this outdoor space is second to none. Natural edge granite counters and rock structure contain your Napoleon Gas BBQ, flat surface grill, drawers, sink, pizza oven, and icebox. The Nuvo sound system inside and out is perfect while relaxing in the hot tub or sitting around the custom fire pit. Stamped tiered concrete patio offers plenty of space for any arrangement of furniture. The attention to detail is seen in the pergolas and the outdoor themed, powder coated, metal art that you will find throughout the yard. The home offers two floor-to-ceiling wall-of-windows that overlook the fairway, creek and the back yard. Custom design and finishing at its finest with heated slate floors, loft space above garage, powder-coated bar stools, railing with outdoor themes, gas fireplace, and custom cabinetry. MLS# 587447 Offered at $844,000

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Haliburton, Ontario | 21

Spruce Lake Retreat in Haliburton Highlands This custom-built waterfront home has it all! Located on a level lot and landscaped to perfection with beautiful gardens, stone borders, pathways, boardwalks, and 25 acres to enjoy. Relax in the bright sun room, gorgeous gazebo, or stone patio with fire pit – all with amazing views of the lake and hills. Spacious rooms throughout this three bedroom, three full bath sprawling bungalow. Open concept living area with stone fireplace to enjoy family and entertaining. Guests can retreat to their own two bedroom cottage nearby with kitchen, living area, and all the conveniences with a three-piece shower, water, heat, A/C, and propane fireplace. Other features include double garage, central air and vacuum, alarm system, irrigation system, backup propane generator, walk-in closets, tons of storage space, and wheelchair accessible. All of this conveniently located within 10 minutes of the beautiful village of Haliburton – the centre of the Haliburton Highlands and one of the most scenic destinations in Ontario. Offered at $ 1,140,000

Linda Baumgartner

Broker/Team Leader The Haliburton Real Estate Team RE/MAX North Country Realty Inc.,


22 | Honey Harbour, Ontario

Honey Harbour, Ontario

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Muskoka Mills, Georgian Bay

Arthur Island, Georgian Bay

Rare opportunity to relax on expansive point of granite, part of the Unesco Biosphere. Old-world finishes with all modern amenities. Large family is easily accommodated here. Sitting on top of the world, Muskoka Mills on Georgian Bay with 2,283 feet of shoreline, and 25 acres of awesome views and privacy. This 2,320 square foot post and beam cottage, plus 600 square feet of incredibly comfy two bedroom dovetail log guest cottage, workshop and bunkhouse. Deep water and excellent swimming all around. Property has severance and development potential. Many deep water locations to choose from. Offered at $2,900,000

Outstanding views, privacy, and creature comforts in this amazing Georgian Bay cottage, located just 15 minutes north of Honey Harbour. Offering 404 feet of prime northwest facing waterfront with 3.24 acres of mixed forest featuring white and red pine, maple, and white and red oak. Large open concept cottage with three bedrooms and a sleeping loft with additional built-in beds, two baths, elegant custom open concept kitchen and living area with granite fireplace. Oversized screen porch off master bedroom and covered porch on waterside. New high-tech floating dock system with deep water access. Offered at $1,150,000

Armin & Annemarie Grigaitis Broker of Record, Sales Representative RE/MAX Baywatch, Ltd., Brokerage


Honey Harbour, Ontario | 23

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Cognashene, Georgian Bay Don’t miss your opportunity to own one of the most unique cottages in Cognashene. Recently constructed, this modern architectural treasure harmonizes wood, steel, and water without jeopardizing the comforts of the cottage. Featured in House & Home magazine, this three bedroom escape features expansive views of the surrounding islands, with retracting doors across the living room and master suite that allow you to step right into nature. Designer finishes such as reclaimed wood, a hammered metal sink and porthole windows bring a taste of nautical life into your living space. Extensive landscaping allows for easy access between your sheltered dockage, private 600 square foot sleeping cabin/studio and outdoor dining table. It’s clear no detail was overlooked in this inspiring space! Offered at $1,899,000

Armin & Annemarie Grigaitis

Broker of Record, Sales Representative RE/MAX Baywatch, Ltd., Brokerage


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