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Kerri Edelman



any musicians undervalue the concept of self-promotion and how much artists can do on their own to get their name out there and their music heard by others. With labels not having large budgets to financially support musicians, A&R reps not scouting venues as they once did and the internet becoming the new medium to take artists in a new direction, where does a musician start when you are all on your own and want to get your music out there for the world to hear? There are many basic yet time-consuming and energy driving tasks that musicians can do to market, advertise and promote themselves and their music. Please keep in mind that all musicians have their own way of promoting their music and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The use of the internet and social networking sites are one of the most efficient, easiest and cheapest ways to get your music not only heard by the locals in your town, but also across the globe. There will be mixed reviews from all artists about which sites are better than others, but one of the major sites, which have made a strong and significant impact, is the use of Facebook. Facebook can be a highly valuable and effective tool for promoting oneself as an artist along with one’s music. For instance, look at all of the major signed artists who regularly use this social media website.

An artist can create a personal page, musician page among other types of pages, depending how many areas they are involved in within the entertainment industry. They don’t only use their music page as a supplementary page to their formal website, but those who do not have a website, often use it as their primary means of getting their music out to the world and connecting with their fans by joining Reverbnation and attaching it to their musician page so that their music can be heard. An essential and valuable aspect about Facebook for musicians is it is a One-Stop Shop! This means fans can access pretty much anything they would want to know about the band, such as a biography, photos, tour dates, videos, blogs and most importantly music! And please keep in mind that it is crucial for musicians to keep information on their pages relevant, consistent and up-to-date to in order to maintain your fans interest. Although it seems simple enough to develop a Facebook page by registering with the site, to effectively construct one, it will take some dedication, time and effort on behalf of the artist. There are numerous tips and recommendations for creating a Facebook page(s) to promote yourself as an artist. The first place to start with is to create a personal Facebook page. The personal Facebook page will serve as the foreground for the development of other pages such as a musician’s page.

Develop Your Friends, Fans & Networks Once your page is professionally developed, start requesting and accepting ‘friends.’ As we all know, many of these ‘friends’ will be people we truly are friends with, some may be professional people in the industry we may be trying to connect with and others will be fans who are sending us requests. Please keep in mind that Facebook is different from other sites such as MySpace as you cannot request

numerous ‘friends’ at once. It is recommended that you request a few at a time as if you go all out sending tons of friend requests, Facebook will starting asking if you really know the people and put a cap on your ability to request ‘friends’ for a specific period of time. Thus, please use your discretion when you send out friend requests.

Interact with Friends & Fans

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It is imperative that everyone an artist interacts with is treated in a professional and respectful manner. Remember the world is very small and, well, so is Facebook, in some ways. We’ve all heard of the concept of ‘six degrees of separation’ and you never know who someone you are ‘friends’ with may know

that could be of assistance to you one day. For instance, there are so many things that artists post on their walls, which range from acceptable things such as promoting their song or an upcoming show to more sensitive topics such as politics and religion.


Juliet Simms

from Automatic Loveletter is one of many artists who use social networking to interact with fans; through the up and downs her hard work gained her an army of “snakes” that stand by her side.

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(continued) Politics and religion are being used as an example of a ‘sensitive topic’ as everyone has their own beliefs and is entitled to them, but Facebook is not the forum to be ranting and raving in comments, especially in a way that may be perceived as derogatory or demeaning if others don’t have the same view; as that may by all means negatively impact someone. And the last person you want to have a bad impression on is the person who may be the one which can provide support and assistance to your music or band.

The Value of Supporting Others The value of supporting others is paramount and cannot be stressed enough! This is probably one of the most important, if not most important concept. Artists need to be mindful that comments should not just be used in a self-serving manner such as only caring about one’s own music or band by solely posting and promoting their product. And please do not spam others pages by posting your product as a way to get you name out there unless you are also including something positive and meaningful about the person’s page you are posting it on. Facebook is described as a social networking site and should be used as such. For an artist to continue moving forward and establishing himself, it is so essential that the artist demonstrates support and assistance to others. This can range from promoting others music and upcoming events on their page, going to another

artist’s page and providing them with positive and encouraging feedback and establishing ways to develop relationships with other artists so that support and assistance can be given to each other (e.g., going out to another artist’s show). Artists should show support and provide assistance to other artists because they truly care and want to see their counterparts succeed. Remember, as artists, we are all in this together. It should not solely be used as a means to manipulate and exploit another artist in attempt to get something in return as this will be short-lived and eventually back fire not in your favor. When you establish yourself as a professional artist and give to others, it will build a reputation for the artist and portray the artist as a professional. It is through this professional reputation that will lead others to gravitate towards you and maybe even want to assist or work with you.

Social Perception, Statistics & Number of ‘Friends’ As the artist builds a professional reputation, it is important to keep in mind that statistically the number of ‘friends’ or ‘fans’ you have does impact the impression others will have about you. However, keep in mind that Facebook puts a cap on how many people you can request at a time. Requesting too many people at once, leads Facebook to question if you really know them and often results in the site putting a hold on your ability to request people for several days. Let’s get back to the original topic which started this

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paragraph. For examples, if an artist has 3,000 ‘friends’ or ‘fans’ it does relay a different message than an artist who has 500 ‘friends’ or ‘fans.’ As artists know, statistics do communicate information about your ‘likability’ to other people who may be fans, managers, agents, etc. For example, compare your number of ‘friends’ or ‘fans’ to your number of downloads, how many persons have listened to your song on YouTube, etc. If you have a lot of ‘friends’ or ‘fans,’ managers and agents will see this as how popular you possibly are

(or can be) and that is one piece of hard data for them to hold onto, of course, coupled with looking at your other statistics. And don’t forget to interact with your ‘friends’ or ‘fans!’ Make any of your fans become friends and show them that you care by sending personal messages and posting positive comments on their page to express your appreciation. There is nothing more meaningful to a fan, then to see an artist show that he is authentic and real as well as communicate his appreciation for their support.

Create an Artist / Musician Page Now that you have your personal page developed, it is recommended that the artist also creates a musician/band page. The great aspect of creating a musician/band page is that it can serve as a website where the artist has all of the necessary information available for their fans including a bio, upcoming show dates, photos of the band and music. This is not meant to deter the artist, but creating a musician page is time consuming as the artist will also be required to join Reverbnation. Reverbnation is another site


that is used for artists to promote their music and it has the option to be linked to one’s Facebook music page. It is recommended that an artist does this as it is important to keep in mind that social media sites are the primary way to go right now for an artist to get his name out there. Similar to the number of ‘friends’ and fans that you have, the more places that people can find out about you as an artist, the more likely you are to be remembered.



About The Author Kerri Edelman, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Magazine Writer, Singer-Songwriter and Radio Talk Show Host of The Kerri Edelman Show. For more information on Kerri Edelman and her music, please visit and to listen to her radio show or become considered as a guest, visit


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e have been introduced to many things “New Jersey” like: Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of NJ and Jersey Boys but nothing like a recording artist with a real “Jersey” attitude. Her style, passion and charisma resonates a Jersey personality. Her image mirrors her sexy yet stylish look and the cutting edge sound of her lyrics.

live in-store performances and at one show she managed to sell fifty four albums in an hour. It was a building block to what was to come. That certain album was laced with creative messages associated with political and social awareness. Candi’s intention was not to be political in the traditional sense but just to express what she felt at that moment.

Candi Lynn is slowly becoming a driving force in the music industry and has lived it and breathed it in her 21 years. She has been influenced by all the styles of music. Whether it is freestyle, house, rock or pop her music is an extension of all these genres. A “milkshake” of every style imaginable.

Currently, she has released a new single entitled LUNATICS along with a video. The video alone has 117 thousand views on You Tube since its release in August 2011. It also has received airplay from at least 40 to 45 key College Radio Stations nationally, within only a six week campaign. The single has some powerhouse re-mixers on it like: DJ Zilos, Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, DJ Yonny, BeatBangerzz, Klubjumpers, Mike Bordes and DJ Riddler. Also LUNATICS was used by Celebrity designer, Indashio, during NYC Fashion Week on his runway at The Audi Forum.

Her inspiration was derived from two different places. One is her knack of being a “dreamer” and the other is from her mother. Since Candi displayed a passion for music and performing in general, her mother took it upon herself to help her daughter reach another level. Being the case that her parents owned a nightclub just added to the desire to be a part of the entertainment world. Through the contacts her mother developed, she decided to pursue the music industry full force. Hence, when her mother discovered that her daughter had such raw talent they started their own record label. One of the first steps they took was when Candi performed for the first time at a Hip Hop event in Philadelphia. She was just sixteen years old and she was in front of a mostly urban audience. To say she was nervous was an understatement. Yet her knack for rhyming paid off and the crowd expressed a lot of love and support for her first time out. This was the first of many performances that were soon to flower into something bigger. The development of the label, ILL MissMusick, actually originated from the collaboration of her mother and her Uncle Hector. Her Uncle was a talented graffiti artist and he along with her mother thought of creating a clothing line ILL Miss with Carlton Laurey (owner of Y-Not Promotions). Carlton worked with Priority Records & promoted many major hip hop acts in the music industry, such as: Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, and Xzibit etc. Even though the clothing line did not take off, Candi began using ILL Miss as her alter ego in many of her lyrics. The addition of the word Musick then stuck and the label was born. “The abbreviation for our label is IM Musick, which is great because with my style & sound, I like to combine and dabble in all genres. So IM Musick perfectly describes me as an artist. In today’s digital music age sometimes I don’t even know the technical terms to define one music genre to the next; So many artists have cross blended genres. For me, I just hear and feel the music. If I like it, I like it... If I don’t, I don’t.” In 2009, Candi released her first production ILLMissBehavin which was a learning experience for her. It was sold in local retail stores like Mandee. It did very well and set the seed for a bigger buzz down the road. The success of the record yielded

Lunatics was also used for his Fashions night out “Runway Model Search” sponsored by Famous Footwear in NYC. In addition, the single has so far been rated the #1 most downloaded song on the world’s largest DJ download service “Serato” White label. It does not stop there it is also the Top 10 download on Radio Music’s download service “New Music Server”.



Even with her new found success with LUNATICS Candi is not stopping there. She is now working hard in the studio on a new album. Yet she is not sure if she will be releasing the whole album or singles with remixes. Based on today’s music industry, it is better to release singles than albums. Most recording artists go that route since it is easier to market. According to Candi Lynn her long time goal is possibly to reach the level of a Lady Gaga or Brittney Spears. But her main focus is to live true, create beyond her expectations and always try to encourage and inspire.

You can learn more about Candi Lynn and stay in the loop by visiting her website CANDILYNN.COM

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JUNE DIVIDED By Heather Archambault

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here is a constant divide amongst people who want to stand out, and those who beg to blend in. Within the world of music, standing out is not a choice; a band either makes their sound known on along their journey, or is drowned out in a sea of similar noise. The noise circulating around Philadelphia has shifted over the years, from rock that made it into every household, to a significant uprising of Indie bands. Locals, June Divided, are making sure they are heard by breathing a healthy dose of rock back into the city. Melissa Manago (vocals & guitar) and Chris Kissel (guitar) began writing music together in college; and when graduation in the month June seemed to create a divide in their lives, the band and name

came about. In order to complete the current line-up, the two oddly enough reached out to Craigslist, where they found drummer Keith Gill. The adventure began, and continues to be, an organic process of writing music for the love of it. There are no egos filling up the room when sitting down with the band or when they take the stage. Each member is able to joke around with the other, and make anyone they are around feel a part of the group themselves. The sense of community that June Divided offers, along with a lot of hard work and refreshing sound, has garnered the attention of Philly locals and is now drawing in fans from a variety of places on the map. Within the past year the group has released their debut EP, The

Other Side Of You, and had the opportunity to play South By South West, Warped Tour, and a slew of other events that so many bands still dream of appearing at. They closed out 2011 strong by playing to a sold out, hometown crowd at The Trocadero. No time is being wasted in 2012, as the close-knit trio is writing new tunes and preparing to enter the studio to record a new album. With new music, will come more shows; with more shows, will come a continued revival of rock music. June Divided should have no fear of being lost in a sea of sounds - as their female-fronted rock has already perked the ears of their local community, and will only continue to reach more music fans looking for a fresh take on an ever-lasting genre of music.

Check Out June Divided at

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By Giselle Campos


riginally from Orlando, Florida, the boys from “There for Tomorrow” are not your ordinary boy band. TFT is there is something behind their soulful lyrics, that brings out the hopeless romantic inside everyone that listens. RGM had a chance to sit down with Maika who described There For Tomorrow’s sound as “melodic rock”, and explained to us that, they indeed want to be there for their fans tomorrow, they want to have lasting value in the industry, and according to the lead singer, they aspire to be “somewhat legendary”,

and with accomplishments such as beating “All time low” and “We the kings” for “MTVU’s breakout artists of the year” already under their belt, the boys from TFT are definitely on the right path. What has been your biggest struggle so far? Maika: Definitely, always trying to find some sort of refreshing energy and having new inspirations, but our fans make it easy for us, to always evolving, they are so supportive in every step we take, they trust that we

won’t compromise our integrity, so they always back us up, and where we are right now, that is the most important thing. Biggest Warped Tour crush? Maika: Vincent from The Acacia Strain (laughs) The boys are currently touring the United States on the “Lucky Street” tour with Go Radio, so make sure to experience them live, and check out their music video for “Hunt, Hunt, Hunt” on

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by A. Bronwyn Sheehan

ith a name as sharp as RAZAH - And an intention to “make timeless music and songs that uplift people” - This artist has something to offer and excite everyone that crosses his path! When RAZAH was four years old, his mother packed up the family and moved from St. Andrews, Jamaica to Brooklyn, NY. He learned a lot about fulfilling your dreams by watching his mother fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Perseverance runs in his blood and if he ever forgets that, he just has to remember his mother’s words “Keep on going; God put you here for this.” And that is what he has done - Kept on going. He has worked with many well known producers; He teamed up with Houston veteran MC Bun B on the song We Ridin; One of his songs: Where Do We Go From Here, caught the attention of Rihanna, who contacted RAZAH to add her own verse to the remix; And currently he is in the studio daily and also shopping around for a new record label. It is not all flash and rubbing elbows with the big dogs for this artist though. This soulful vocalist did a remake of Teddy Pendergrass’ When Somebody Loves You back. His song writing style is very deep also, “I sing emotional songs, but my name is Razah” - as he puts it – “It’s like a balance.” And he is very proud to say:” We made a song called Hold On for charity; it was No.1 on iTunes R&B chart this year. All profits from the song were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Worker’s Union and have generated more than 10,000 US dollars.” There is certainly so much substance to this diverse and talented artist. I felt really lucky to get a chance to pick his brain a bit.

So, your name is RAZAH. (Pronounced razor) However, your voice is soulful & beautiful. It seems like you are very diverse musically. Thank you very much! In everything I do I try to be diverse. There are a lot of singers out there and I feel like the only way to differentiate myself from the pack is to be different. I write all my own songs so all my lyrics are very personal. They’re either things I went through or things I’ve seen people go through. I try to make songs that everyone can relate to, mixed with a little bit of R&B / pop / hip hop and soul. I recently released 2 albums in Japan (2010 “I AM RAZAH” and 2011 “THE RAZAHLUTION”) which both went to #1 on the charts and had a combined 5 #1 singles. You seem very inspired by your mother’s accomplishments as a single mom. Do you think you have parlayed that admiration into your own work ethic in the music industry? RGM © 14

Yes, I admire my mom so much because even when things got rough she still never gave up, she just kept on pushing. I get my work ethic and life lessons from my mom. All the things I’ve been through: being signed to major labels twice and never having an album released in the states and yet still I manage to get through it. One thing I’ve learned in life is that if you really believe in something never give up on it, and I get that from my mom. I’m such a momma’s boy (laughs)… Can you tell the fans what they can expect next from RAZAH? To all my fans reading this who’ve been supporting me for the past couple of years and to all my new fans: THANK YOU GUYS! … I will continue making music and staying true to who I am. I don’t like to say what’s coming up next or any of that, but all I will say is: STAY TUNED... I am in the studio every single day working on new music. You can follow me on twitter to stay tuned in to what’s

going on with me @iamrazah or check out my website at:

Fun Fact ~ You get the chance to perform a duet with one person living or deceased… Who is it? Why is it them? And is it one of your songs or one of theirs? The one person I would absolutely love to do a song with is Jay Z… It doesn’t matter if it’s his song or mine… Just the chance to be on the same song with him in itself is good enough for me… I think he is the best rapper to ever do it and is the greatest rapper of all time (dead or alive)… Quote me on that... LOL!!! Not only do I idolize him, but he also gave me an opportunity to make something of myself by signing me to DEF JAM in 2008…The situation got complicated and things did not work out as planned but that was neither his or my fault… So for that, I will always be thankful to HOV.


BREAKING BARRIERS By Nick Christophers


hris “The Greek” Panaghi has broken many barriers of the music industry to make a name for himself. It began as a mere hobby but developed into a career of unexpected proportions. Chris “The Greek” has propelled his talent of producing, mixing and remixing music into many avenues. He has worked with such major artists; Michael Jackson, Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Yoko Ono and countless others. His most prized production was on the Michael Jackson Ghosts CD box set, the single “Is It Scary?” What Chris essentially does when remixing is to reproduce a song with a new flavor to appeal to a different market. He is mainly given the acapella vocals of the song and then adds new production with his innovative cutting edge sound. “Many artists today want to have their songs remixed so that they can work for the dance-floor. An artist can reach new territories with the right sounding remixes along with having key remixers attached to a project,” said Chris Panaghi. Chris has worked with many top record companies worldwide such as; Sony Music, Epic, Universal, MCA, Univision, MTV/Nickelodeon and many others. Chris Panaghi was also a Billboard Dance Music Reporter for the last 13 years, which is one of the most prestigious honors ever offered to an American Club DJ. With his keen DJ skills Chris has developed from a Club DJ into an in demand producer and songwriter always hard at work in the studio. Chris “The Greek” Panaghi has emerged as a recording artist in his own right, releasing a string of successful dance singles under his own name and scoring two Top 5 Billboard

Dance Hits with “The Feeling” and “The Time”, and a Top 10 Billboard Dance Hit with “Movin’ On”. Several other releases, including “My House Is Your House”, “My Life” and “As Good As Sin” reached Billboard Top 20 status. His floor thumping releases, “You Just Don’t Get It”, “Time Will Never (Fade Me Away)” and “I Wanna Feel The Music” quickly climbed into the Billboard Dance Top 30, while “If This Ain’t Love” also took the charts by storm peaking at an impressive #22. Currently he has just unleashed his new single “You Are Here” which is already gaining major support from key DJ’s.


Chris now serves as President of the top indie record label Amathus Music ( where he is working with and developing artists such as the Sophia Cruz, PK Project, DJ Zilos, Rev-Players, Laylah and many others which have already started making noise worldwide. The record label has had success with its widely popular compilation series entitled 50 Techno Club Tracks and most recently Dance Sessions that can be found on iTunes, Amazon and wherever music is sold. “I AM ALWAYS VERY EXCITED TO


Chris “The Greek” Panaghi has also launched the widely popular Amathus Mix which is the new syndicated radio show to a worldwide audience. Chris Panaghi is extremely grateful for the accomplishments he has achieved. He is always searching to tackle new ideas and fresh business ventures that benefit and help promote his talents!

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<< Emily Vargas RGM © 16

Karyn Karabec photo by J.Nati MM# 1287526

Tiffany Rumsey!/MissRumseyModel

Marisa Stout


Photography Marie Sacca and Michael Stothard Stout


irst off, what is a Model? The very word is derived from the French modèle and encompasses everyone from those who promote commercial products (like fashion, most notably) to subjects who pose for art works. The consensus of who is considered the first fashion model is a Parisian, Marie Vernet Worth, the wife of Charles Frederick Worth, the “Father of Haute Couture.” For those not familiar with the term, it too is French; meaning exclusive custom-fitted clothing-now known best as the fine garments created for the stars as they walk the Red Carpet. Not all the designs that are worn on the Red Carpet are; in fact in France there are a strict set of rules that a designer must meet to be considered for the label of haute couture. For the most part they are designs that are generally not for sale and of the highest standards. Okay, so fast forward to the twentieth century and a name that to this day continues to shape the notion of the supermodel we still think of to this day; Vogue. Though there is some controversy as to who first coined the phrase, “Supermodel,” it was used in an interview for The Strand Magazine in 1891 with artist Henry Stacy

Marks then in an article in the Chicago Tribune by writer Judith Cass titled, “Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show” in 1942. A year later a book written by an agent named Clyde Matthew Dessner entitled, “So You Want to Be a Model!” was published. (If it seems like you’ve just read that title…well you did! RGM chose that title before our research began.) A few years later Cosmopolitan referred to Anita Colby, as a “Supermodel” and in 1979, model Janice Dickinson said she coined the term “Supermodel” as a compound of Superman and model. Dickinson claims her agent Monique Pilar of Elite Model Management asked her, “Janice, who do you think you are, Superman?” She replied, “No... I’m a supermodel, honey, and you will refer to me as a supermodel and you will start a supermodel division.” Since then and the 40s as well as many 60s & 70s articles have used the term (supermodel) as you decide who said it first. Nevertheless, supermodel, print or modeling in a trade show, the business of modeling is as diverse as the people who choose to pursue it. RGM © 17

Karyn Karabec MM# 1336613

First off, knowing your type is a must! Fashion Models are comprised of all body types and the ranking order in the fashion field is: print (part time), print (full time), runway, and then at the top of the genre, the supermodel. The bulk of fashion modeling is in catalogues but again there are no hard and fast rules in a business that changes as media and its target audience dictate where the money and work is. Naturally models are expected to have clear skin, healthy hair, and attractive facial features. The general requirements in height for female

models is at least 5ft. 8 in. and male from 5ft. 11in. to 6 ft. 2in. and be slender, unless you are a plus size model. Sizes 00-4 are “regular” model sizes. And size 6-10 and above are plus size for women and usually taller. Male models with a waist above 35 inches and a chest bigger than 40” would be consider big and tall but usually fit into a character model genre. Sorry guys but usually it’s the ex-football player used for this part of fashion and not the pudgy bald guy. But that does not mean you can’t book a heart meds shoot!

Lizeth Navarrete

Leticia Bencosme

RGM © 18

Alyce Antoinette David Frei Photography

So if you want to model you’ll first need some photos. For modeling, a “Comp” card is essential. Unlike the classic headshot a Composite consists of color photos (at least two) in various styles and poses and includes all of your stats, height, weight etc. as well as your contact information. Depending on the area and market you are going after a Comp card can be issued by an agency once you have representation. Until then most models go to sites like Model Mayhem and look for photographers that are seeking to build their resume as well and exchange their time for shots which is called a TFP (trade for print). Be wary of going alone or waiting for your photos and bring someone with you for safety unless you know the photographer and it is also wise to request the raw files on a disc or flash drive immediately following the photo shoot to avoid never getting copies for yourself. Of course that is if the photographer is using a digital camera, which many do nowadays especially new photographers looking for the same thing you are; exposure!

Alyce Antoinette MM #2415049

Okay, so if you want to be a model go for it! Whether you are young, old, thin or thick be aware of the market you fit into and look at the images you see all around you. On the cover of Vogue or in an AARP brochure there is a place for your image other than on grandma’s refrigerator.


Philip Banks Photography

RGM © 19


Here at RGM, we’ve followed your modeling career, since trying to become playboy miss social, to obtaining it, shooting with playboy, becoming Miss Cintron 2012, and most recently Hemi Girl of the year, how did you do it? I honestly just trust in my support base. I couldn’t do it without everyone behind me. I work hard and try to deliver content that everyone will enjoy and make us strive for more. We know one of your dreams is to become a playboy bunny, why playboy? I’ve switched it up a bit. I’m now focused on becoming featured in Playboy. I want to become well known enough for Playboy to come to me. I am a part of the Playboy family with being Miss Social February but now I like to take things to the highest of heights. I want to be looked at as a role model. What has been your craziest experience so far, in this industry rollercoaster? The craziest thing that STILL happens is being home one day with no set plans and BOOM! you’re booked on a flight across the country 12 hours later and doing something work related. It’s still taking some getting used to. lol I love it though.

RGM © 20

How do you deal with cyberbulling, and how would you advice girls that are trying to follow in your footsteps to deal with bullying? I’ve dealt with bullying my ENTIRE life. This topic is very near and dear to my heart. It’s really so sad that it’s gotten so out of hand and I hope one day I’m able to have the courage to tell my whole story to those who deal with it still. Unfortunately, we can’t control what people say and if they can do it anonymously behind a computer, what honestly is going to stop them? I look at it as they’re saddened by their own life and they’re only helping me thicken my skin and branch out my name. Nobody wants to have negative things spoken about them but it is a part of life. We just need to know who we are as individuals and be true to that. What others say is simply a motivational boost to prove them wrong. You appear to be a hopeless romantic, what do you look for in a guy? I am to the fullest. I believe in true love and that whole fairy-tale. I look for someone who can keep me on my toes. I don’t want someone to kiss my tush, I like for a guy to be playful and call me ugly from time to time and give me a little something to bark at him for lol Don’t get me wrong, waking up to a “goodmorning beautiful” text is always the best, but sometimes people can be too over flattering. I’m a complicated one, I need someone to figure me out and know what I want when I want it. I’m a woman,

what do you expect? Ha-ha Biggest Celebrity Crush? Justin Timberlake.. Going on 13 years ha-ha Who are your biggest inspirations? My Mom. Plain and simple. She’s raised me as a single Mom my entire life and managed to get me through all my highs and lows and yet still support me through everything. She’s my hero :) I’m sure she’ll cry reading this too lol Love you Mom 1.4.3(7) Your thoughts on being labeled as the next Marilyn Monroe? Of course I love being compared to the biggest role model/sex symbol/most looked up woman of all time but I also want to be my own person too. It’ll all come in due time. For now, I’m happy to be respected as a curvy and confident woman such as Ms.Monroe. Fun Facts: I love penguins. That’s about all you need to know. lol

For more on Ashley, make sure to visit: @ashalexiss

Ashley was recently named Miss Cintron 2012 by Cintron Energy Drinks (@cintronenergy)!

RGM © 21

By Lewis Sarofsky

Understanding Hypnosis


ypnosis is a form of psychological and physical behavior modification. Even though there is a hypnotist-client relationship, all hypnosis is self hypnosis and the full consent and cooperation of the client is an absolute must for the hypnosis to be successful. The other steps needed for hypnosis to be successful are induction, analyzing the quality of the trance, providing suggestion, and emerging from the trance. The hypnotist begins by explaining the procedure to the client. The client must consent before the procedure begins. This is important because in order for the hypnosis to be effective, the client must be a willing participant. Hypnosis cannot make a client do something he or she does not want to do. Hypnosis will never work against the client’s will. Even when the client is in a hypnotic state, he is still in control of himself or herself to the point of not doing something he or she has no real desire to do. Induction of the trance state is the next step. Having the client relax his or her entire body is usually the first part of the induction. The client will then be told to close his or her eyes. The hypnotist will tell the client to take a deep breath in and slowly exhale to achieve a more relaxed state. The hypnotist will instruct the client to imagine he or she is in a very pleasant place. The hypnotist then explains he or she will slowly count backwards from the number ten to the

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number one and when he or she reaches the number one, the client will be in a trance. The hypnotist next evaluates the quality of the trance. He or she does this by providing tests to determine the effectiveness of the hypnotic state. An example is the balloon and weight test. The hypnotist tells the client to close his or her eyes and to imagine he or she has a balloon in one hand and a ten pound weight in the other hand. The hypnotist then tells the client that the hand with the balloon is getting lighter and lighter and that the hand with the ten pound weight is getting heavier and heavier. The hypnotist observes the location of the client’s hands to judge the quality of the hypnosis. The hand with the imaginary balloon will be raised high above the client’s head and the hand with imaginary ten pound weight will be sloped down by the client’s knee or by the client’s waist. If the client is not in a susceptible hypnotic state, then the hypnosis session should be ended immediately. When a client is in a hypnotic trance, brain scans, such as PET scans, will actually show a difference between the normal and the hypnotic state. It is also noted that a hypnotized client’s pattern of brainwaves has changed. Once the client passes the tests, suggestion is the next phase of hypnosis. Suggestion takes place when the hypnotist makes suggestions to treat what the client is seeking assistance in. An example of

suggestions for a client who seeks hypnosis for losing weight might be: telling the client he or she is fat and it makes him or her look very unattractive. The hypnotist might also mention how unhealthy it is to be fat. The hypnotist will then give positive suggestions to the client, such as to eat only healthy foods such as delicious fruits and vegetables. Then the hypnotist might tell the client that doing exercise is enjoyable and good for the body. It can cause weight loss by burning off all those pounds and calories. The hypnotist then tells the client to remember and carry out all the suggestions for many weeks, months, and years ahead. The last step is to have the client emerge from the trance. This is done by doing the reverse of induction. The hypnotist will count backwards from ten to one, and while doing so, will remind the client that the suggestions made in the trance were accepted and will remain effective for as long as the client wishes for the desired effect. Then the hypnotist states when the number one is reached in the countdown that the client will awaken. When clients awaken from the subconscious, they may feel a little dizzy as a side effect. The process remains a very effective therapy tool for most of the population. Hypnosis will be effective provided that all steps are taken and that the client passes all the tests from induction, assessment, and suggestion.


Art for Healing NYC supports artists of all backgrounds that share the healing power of their art to the public. They give free and low cost consultation to artists on many subjects including marketing, writing an artist statement and portfolio presentation. The Art for Healing gallery is available at no cost to visual and performing artists to utilize for presentations to clients or curators. They believe when one is healed spiritually, they are healed physically and mentally as well. Pictured here are some recent works from their show at Art Lab’s ninth annual open exhibition located at : The Art School of Snug Harbor, 1000 Richmond Terrace, Bldg H in Staten Island, New York Phone: 718 447-8667 Please visit the website or call for a catalogue of ongoing classes and exhibitions and Visit to learn more about their mission. Please visit the website or call for a catalogue of ongoing classes and exhibitions

Loren Ellis Snug Harbor Butterfly © Photographic painting, fiber paper, mixed media non digital 20” x 16”

V irginia Ross “Eternity” © Medium: Digital Print Size: 16” x 20”

Malissa Priebe “My Deliverance”© Paper collage 10” x13” Loren Ellis Memories of a Southern Gazebo III © Photographic painting, fiber paper, mixed media – non digital 33” x 40”

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meet By Giselle Campos

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Why NIN3?

We named our line NIN3 after the number 9, of which we draw endless inspiration from. 9 holds many special properties and is the center of many coincidences and special events in our lives. We believe the number 8 represents infinity, and 9 being the last 1 digit number represents the impossible that exists past that. 9’s multiples mirror each other and if you add the digits of any number multiplied by 9, they will equal 9. We’d like our clothes to take the magic and mystery of 9 and transfer that to the wearer.

Where does your inspiration come from? Besides numbers, we’ve drawn inspiration from a wide variety of things, from gothic architecture to the film ‘The Craft.’ We’re also inspired by itgirl vibes, stars like Deborah Harry. Through all of our different inspirations we keep a consistent aesthetic through questioning ourselves if we would wear it, as a lot of NIN3 is drawn from our personal style.

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Fashion or Fame?

We would never chose fame over fashion! Much like the number 9, fame is all-powerful and great, yet extremely destructive. Fashion on the other hand is a way to express yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s an easy decision for us.

Starbucks Order:

We’d get a double order of a white chocolate mocha with soy, then sit down together and discuss what needs to be done next to further our line.

What would you change about the world? Of course world hunger and war come to mind, but in terms of things we believe are in our reach, we would love to help change people’s images of themselves. We find so many people are in a vicious cycle of self-hate. We want everyone to feel beautiful and happy with themselves, confident to do what they want individually and not follow the crowd. That’s the message we hope to spread with our brand.

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Charles s e m i t e m o S

He’ll let you love him, even though you are not the one he is dreaming of

Charles Sometimes By Giselle Campos

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he hair, the eyes, tattoos, the rock n roll flair and poise, at first glance Charles Jirkovsky has everything that can drive a girl wild, but there’s more than meets the eye. Charles is composer, musician, writer, and performer, on a highway to stardom. Charles Jirkovsky was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989 and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and then San Diego, California after his parents divorce. Coming from a musical family, Charles was exposed to the guitar, drums, and trumpet at a young age. Eventually settling on guitar, he played with various bands in high school--everything from a Blink 182 cover band to Swing Big Bands. At age 17 he began writing and recording original music with Kelsey Martinez and Victor Lopez, with whom he would later continue to collaborate with in the following years. He moved to New York when he turned eighteen and while living there, retained his love for rock music but also gained a love for Broadway. That fusion of styles culminated in his writing of Sheila, a rock-musical. After returning to San Diego he continued to edit his musical which lead to work-shops and read-throughs while also recording and performing with his band, All in Favor. Around that time he also began playing guitar, piano, and trumpet in the orchestra pit for musicals such as Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, Aida, Anything Goes, and many more. In mid-2011, San Diego director Geoffrey Cox took an interest in Sheila and a 2012 production is in the works accompanied by a full-length musical soundtrack which will be released February 2012.


ast February we got the opportunity to sit down with Charles and ask him about his music driven lifestyle, and even got a chance to be part of Sheila! Here are some of the highlights...

What you hope people get from your art?

I try to use music to offer an escape. Many art forms try to either show or explain the world; others try to give us a chance to get away from its troubles. My goal has always been the latter. I’ve always wanted people to have a happy or funny reaction to my music.

“In the spirit of GREASE & HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, yet in the rock style of RENT comes an original and hilarious take on the ‘high school’ musical.” — Geoffrey Cox

Available Now! For updates and to listen to the soundtrack, please visit out page at

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THEATER THEATHER &FILM What you hope people get from your art?

I try to use music to offer an escape. Many art forms try to either show or explain the world; others try to give us a chance to get away from its troubles. My goal has always been the latter. I’ve always wanted people to have a happy or funny reaction to my music. What exactly you feel you give to the world?

I would like to think that I’m giving the world a chance to know that boundaries, limitations, norms, and labels are all relative. I think that mixing different styles together in “unorthodox” ways gives people a new and refreshing perspective. That concept can carry to other parts of our lives. What your ultimate goal is?

At this point in my life, my ultimate goal is to have my music published by an established publisher such as Hal Leonard, BMI, or MTI. Having your music published and distributed allows it to better live on its own and continue to be shared with new ears that I alone could not reach. What advice you would give to upcoming artists? Don’t get discouraged, no matter how many “no’s” you hear. As an artist, you’re not done until you give up. As long as you keep trying and take rejection in stride you’ll eventually find that one person that can take you to the next level. The life of an artist isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. We need to enjoy every moment we get to spend performing, writing, or whatever it is that you’re passionate about. 1. What do you feel has affected your career the most? The one aspect that has affected my career the most is undoubtedly my parents. Not only were they providing me with the tools I needed to be successful, but they were also the best support RGM © 36

system one could hope for. Having someone who believes in you and is willing to invest in you is an amazing feeling. 2. What is your deepest darkest secret? I have NO idea. 3. Describe to me your biggest struggle? There’s a bit of a paradox to “not giving up.” If you give up whenever something gets hard, you’ll never make it. However, if you put out less than amazing work for the sake of “not giving up”, then people won’t be impressed and won’t take you seriously. Trying to continuously produce music that I am 100% happy with can get tiring over time, especially when you have little to show for it, but you have to keep going and never half-ass anything. It pays off.

How many sexual incidences from centuries ago can most people recall? Art. 8. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Moving to New York for a year with no specific reason. 9. Would you ever dress as a woman to meet Eddie Van Halen? I would do a hell of a lot more than dress up as a woman. Dressing as a woman is getting off easy compared to some of the things I would do. 10. If you could tell something to the entire world what would it be? Get a good sense of humor. Nothing can fix all of the world’s problems, but being able to laugh things off makes it a little easier to deal with it all.

4. What would you do if you were president for a day? I get pretty into politics so I think I’d go crazy signing executive orders. The average president has to keep in mind his public approval rating and, if he’s in his first term, re-election. I wouldn’t! 5. Biggest turnoff? Stupid people. We’ve all had to interact with people that just seem to have no common sense and no understanding of up or down. I lose brain cells every time I have to talk with these people. A stupid girl is never sexy. 6. If you suddenly became a millionaire would you continue school? I would not only keep going, but I’d use the resource of money to go all the way. I used to think that college was about getting your degree so you can get a good job, but I’ve learned that it’s so much more than that. In college you’re getting an education. You’re learning how to open your mind to everything around you. 7. Do you prefer sex or art? Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, The Sistine Chapel, La Boheme…

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By A. Bronwyn Sheehan

RGM recently had the opportunity to chat with Atlantic City Cinefest 2011 winner for Best Actor In A Feature Film, Rick Borgia. The win was probably made all the more sweet because Borgia’s company, Dream X~Treme Productions, produced the movie Twists Of Fate that won Borgia the award. Having been born in Italy and moving to the United States at the age of eleven allowed Rick to have many memories of his place of birth. It also makes him a triple threat when it comes to languages. “Italian is my first language thus English is my second and Sicilian dialect my third…” Borgia chuckles when he speaks about his triple threat status in linguistics, but his film Gunner’s Rift, which is set to be released in late 2012, will be subtitled in Italian. What an awesome viewing experience that will be for film buffs of all types. I asked Rick, who now resides in Staten Island, New York, if becoming an actor later in life was difficult - I was curious if it would have been easier if he started in childhood or even his teen years - I was trying to find out if his life would have been different if acting was all he ever knew. “Absolutely, time is of the essence! You have to speed things up, hence the producing and screenplay writing. Time waits for no one…” I have to say that last line got me. I love it and I must agree!

As Greg Scarpa

So, you recently won Best Actor for Twists Of Fate. Congrats! How did that feel? Incredible... as if time stood still, everything became in slow motion and then all of a sudden, back to real time. It was the best moment in my career. What can we look forward to from you? What do you have coming up? Actually I’m working on a new film, Gunner’s Rift, directed by Danny Provenzano; I think it’s going to win many awards. I’m surrounded with great professionals: Robert Funaro, Danny Provenzano, John Bianco, Angel Salazar, Louis Vanaria, Steve Dash, Al Linea, Seregon

O’Dassey - and more to come as the film evolves: The great director of photography Tom Agnello, the great editor Jimmy Ienner Jr., the great composer James Guymon. We’re shooting in 35MM. It’s a suspense action packed film. I also have an upcoming venture in early 2012 with Danny Provenzano. It is for a TV pilot called Manhattan Kansas. It is a dark comedy about a “wise guy” from New York that moves his family to Manhattan, Kansas after an unsuccessful attempt on his life! You are also the proprietor of your own company. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Rick Borgia has managed to fit so much amazing work into his career because of his “Time waits for no one” attitude. He has appeared in commercials, feature films, had reoccurring roles on cable TV shows (I Married A Mobster), producing, writing, acting… I could go on and on… But I would rather ask him about it!

I am the sole proprietor of Dream X~Treme Productions. I produced Twists Of Fate, and now Gunner’s Rift. (Basically a one man show with a lot of support from friends and persons that believe in my vision.)

FUN FACT: The Oscar is being awarded to you for Best Actor in a lead role. Which film in history do you choose it to be for & why? It would have to be Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. My all time favorite love story! For more on Rick go to: RGM © 37



n the fall of 2010, an eclectic indie-movie about a modern day Renaissance Faire debuted at Regal Cinemas nationwide. In All’s Faire in Love, which filmed on location at a real Renaissance Faire in Michigan, Shakespeare-loving Kate—played by TV, Broadway and movie actress Christina Ricci (Pan Am, Monster, The Addams Family) ditches a career in finance to work at the “All’s Faire in Love…” Renaissance Faire with her cousin, Jo, played by British actress Louise Griffiths. Kate meets Will, played by comedian-actor Owen Benjamin, at the Renaissance Faire. RGM © 38

Will’s forced to work at the Faire as an “errand boy” performer, or he’ll fail his college courses. Legendary actress Ann Margret plays Mrs. Banks, Queen of the Faire, who takes pleasure in bossing Will around. As Kate and Will get to know each other romantically, joking about how short she is and how tall he is, they meet a plethora of eccentric characters who have a flare for the dramatic… and that’s an understatement. (Some trivia: Ricci and Benjamin were a real-life couple during and after the filming of this movie.) The film gently pokes fun at Renaissance

Fairs, but in an endearing way—enhanced by Benjamin’s deadpan one-liners about the kooky people he encounters. Will often rolls his eyes at his co-workers, wondering how they can stay so “in character” at the Faire without going mad. Will’s a college football player, and a complete fish-out-of-water in a world of sword fighting, jousting, jokers, and tights. The movie’s premiere was held in Manhattan at Union Square’s Regal Cinemas. Director Scott Marshall, son of writer/director/producer Garry Marshall, was at the premiere and answered some exclusive questions for RG magazine.

I love everything about New York— the atmosphere, the people. I like that they have TVs in the cabs now! Cabs used to be so boring, you had to listen to the guy talk on the phone,” laughed Marshall, who posed for pictures as he walked the red carpet before the press screening. “I love theatre! I’ve got to get my kids to the theatre,” says the father of two sons. “My eight year old, Sam, is ready for it. I’ve got to take him to see Spider-Man or Rock of Ages.

Marshall loves talking about his kids. “I love playing music with my kids, sports with them, they’ve acted in my movies…” he says, when asked what he loved the most about fatherhood. “Even when they’re causing trouble and wrestling, I love being a father more than anything.”

movie at a huge 15-acre Faire in Flint, Michigan. It was open on weekends, so we shot during the week. Many of the extras wore their own costumes.” I wrapped up by asking Marshall if anything funny happened on the set— how could it not, right? “Matt Lillard, who plays Crocket [A friend of Will’s] had to hold a goat and get it to pee on Owen and it was a rig. But I think the goat really did pee on him…” he trails off, laughing. When Marshall spots actor Chris Wylde on the red carpet he says, “He’s really funny, especially after a few drinks. They

According to Marshall, in All’s Faire in Love…, the movie’s extras were played by real Renaissance Faire employees. “We filmed the

Wylde also took the time to chat with RG magazine. “I am originally from New Jersey— don’t hold it against me,” he jokes. “I went to school in Manhattan from 5th to 8th grade. It’s such a crazy city. The energy is crazy. I miss it. Los Angeles doesn’t have the energy New York does. I’m so happy to be here,” he said.

“Owen and I became BFF even though in the film, I’m the bad guy and he’s the good guy. We’re thick as thieves. I call him ‘The Big Guy; he calls me ‘The Kid.’ He’s got a new pilot that will hopefully be picked up,” he said, continuing with his hilarious rambling. “My hair was outrageous in this movie. I had a moustache when I read for the role, then I came back without it. They asked me, where is it? The crew challenged my masculinity and so I willed this amazing ‘stache for Rank. People may also not know that Owen and Christina had a showmance, but [Matthew] Lillard and I also had a showmance when filming,” he laughs. “We adopted a whole bunch of babies together—but Scott [Marshall] won’t mention that.”

Marshall wanted to set a movie at a Renaissance Faire because he attended a few as a kid. “I’d been to a lot when I was little; there was one near my house in California that closed down. I was fascinated that the people were so in character, like a mascot or a character at Disneyland. They never broke character at the Renaissance Faire.”

“I’d be a knight in armor—I don’t know how they walked around in it all day! No, I’d love to be a jouster—they were bad ass guys with the real armor and swords and sticks.”

In one stand-out scene in the movie Rank answers his cell phone using “street talk,”—a subtle reminder that outside the Renaissance Faire fantasy world, he has (something) of a life.

When asked about his experiences filming the movie, Wylde immediately launches in a bunch of Rank-caliber stories.

Marshall’s sons are already carving out niches for themselves. He tells me that the older son is, “going to be Angus Young for Halloween—he was Ace Frehley last year. He loves all rock! The six-year-old, Ethan, is a scientist, he likes science kits. He’s very about math.”

If he had to pick what type of personality he’d be at a Faire, Marshall’s mixed.

with her.

serve real beer at Renaissance Fairs, you know!” Chris Wylde, a leading actor in the movie, is just as quirky as the character he plays—a devious, always in costume “Royal” named Rank, who is jealous of Will and Kate’s budding romance and determined to humiliate Will. Kate cringes anytime Rank tries to unsuccessfully flirt

On a serious note, Wylde explains what’s next for him, career-wise. “I’ve got a new show on Facebook called Aim High. It’s awesome and interactive.”

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By A. Bronwyn Sheehan


hether you’re a Yankee fan and you had the pleasure of watching Marlee sing the National Anthem or love the Adult Swim Network, it is clear this small town New Jersey girl is an amazing and diverse talent. Since she was 4 years old, Marlee’s winning smile and witty charm has won over audiences in national T.V. commercials, The David Letterman Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America and even One Life to Live. Collectors and girls alike know her as Felicity, Kirsten or Kit from The American Girl Review. The above was the opening paragraph of an article on Marlee Roberts, written by our own, Robert Guida, that appeared in RGM a little over a year ago. We caught back up with her to see what has happened since then – What she is doing now – And what’s coming up next!

First on the docket is her acting career. Earlier this year, she worked on a film titled Losertown and was also in a music video for rapper, Saladin, titled Nickname. Marlee has just been cast in two feature films that will be released this year, where she had the chance to work with “some really talented actors and filmmakers.” The films are titled Spaz and The English Teacher. It is not just in front of the camera where Marlee shines though, she does just as well behind it. “I just wrapped producing a SAG short film titled Still.” The film will be running the film festival circuit and is her first big dip into the filmmaking waters. Marlee will also be directing another short film this Spring called Free. We can’t forget about Marlee Roberts the musician. She is currently working on a new EP titled Exposed. It contains a set of three songs that will be released in March 2012. The titles you can look for are: Exposed, Uh Oh, and Alive. A music video for Uh Oh will be released, first in February, to promote the upcoming album, and then the EP will

be out in March. When asked about this new music, Marlee tells RGM “This album has a bit of a different vibe than my previous songs. It’s more dance-pop and it’s all about regeneration, rebirth, and re-growth. That’s why it’s going to be released on the first day of spring! “ We ended our conversation on a topic that is all too common these days, Bullying. It is great to see that Marlee is doing what she can to make a difference. “As far as my philanthropy goes, I’ve been working closely with my little sister, Karlee Roberts, and her first single, Call Me Whatever, to promote anti-bullying awareness.” I personally give kudos to both of them for their efforts! Whether it is acting, film making, music or philanthropy, Marlee Roberts is most definitely on the move and going in the right direction. For more information on Marlee Roberts go to RGM © 41


ija Terauda was born in Riga, Latvia in the former Soviet Union and began her modeling career at the age of 16, which gave her the opportunity to travel the world and to live in Milan, Italy. After residing in Europe she moved to New York City to study acting at HB and MTB studios. In New York she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and International Studies at CCNY. She also studied at Columbia University at SIPA. Aija landed her first film and SAG card playing a model in SPIDERMAN 3, working with director Sam Raimi. Aija appears in Martin Scorsese’s TV show BOARDWALK EMPIRE, where she played Deuce’s girl in Chicago’s brothel with the Al Capone team. She worked in Riga, Latvia with Hallmark Productions in the TV film The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, starring Anna Paquin and directed by John Kent Harrison. Aija attributes her health and well being to Tantra Yoga, plays tennis and studies Martial Arts, Wushu style, at Liuhu Ziranmen Wushu Training Center. She is also dedicated to helping her home country of Latvia by using her education and growing fame to help promote Latvian business and spreading the word about her unique culture. Aija Terauda is working with

RGM © 42

charity organizations at the International Academy of Kindness, and she is also involved with Go Blonde charity organization in Riga, Latvia. So, Aija where are you from? I am from Riga, Latvia former Soviet Union. It is a very small country with very unique culture and is located between Russia and Scandinavia. How did you get into acting? I was modeling in New York and my manager asked me if I would be interested in auditioning for a small role in Spider Man 3. Being a very huge fan of director Sam Raimi and his TV series Xena: Warrior Princess I was very exited when I got the part. What is your favorite photographer in NYC that you worked with and why? Peter Beard, because he knows how to find my inner animal (laughs).

stridge and be a part of big budget Sci- Fi film. Maybe a remake of Species or sequel of Avatar. What is your next film project? I have two feature films coming this year. In one - Molton House - I have a lead part as a vampire from Eastern Europe. Another feature film is Architect of Chaos where I am playing a KGB agent from Russia. I do have one TV Pilot where I am playing a prostitute from Eastern Europe. It seems like Eastern European types are working very well for me. Do you like watching TV shows and what are your favorites? Yes, I really like Nikita and would love to work on this show. I also like many TV Shows on the SYFY channel and would love to play an alien coming from the future, and a vampire on True Blood, Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

Being a model and an actress do you have any Latvian beauty tips that you want to share? Yes, I enjoy going to Russian saunas and I go to do facials.

What is the best compliment that you have ever received? The best compliment was that I look like Nicole Kidman :) I really love this actress and her work.

What is your workout routine in NY? I like running in the park, doing yoga, playing tennis and doing martial arts (wushu).

What is your favorite city in the world to live? Definitely, New York!

What would be your dream part for you as an actress? I would like to follow Natasha Hen-

Aija Terauda New York, NY 347 517 3231



orn in Russia, Sage immigrated to NYC and became an American citizen while fulfilling her dream to become an actress. Sage began to audition only 1 year ago and casting directors were immediately attracted by her beauty, athleticism, improvisational comedy and ability to cry on cue. She played an angelic lady in the pilot for Nightmare Decode on the BioChannel, which will be airing soon. She had a supporting role in, Down with David, a “dramedy” about a male stripper, written by Derek Nelson. Most recently, she played a lead role in Celebrity Close Calls, as the country pop star, Jewel, at age 18 with Bobby Brown, Morgan Fairchild, and Elliott Yamin. Sage is also very busy doing voiceover work and is close to speaking with an American accent with a hint of “Valley Girl.” She plays a Russian crow and a very sweet bunny rabbit in two new Little Critter Apps entitled Jack and the Beanstalk and Where’s Kitty, produced by JR Sansevere for Sterling Publishing / Barnes & Noble to be released this holiday season. Sage and Sansevere are also working on a new animated series in development called Too Much(TM) which is about a beautiful young Russian woman, Zannet, who comes to NYC to make her mark in the luxury hotel business and meets her nemesis, SuLyn, a young beautiful Chinese woman, who happens to have the exact same goal. She was also a

world class professional ice-skater and had a successful skating career before moving to the U.S. With the drive and ambition that has served her so well, Sage attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied under Mary Boyer at MTB studios. She is training in Kung Fu under Sifu Chen Ying who worked with Zoe Saldana for Avatar. Sifu Chen teaches foundational Kung Fu skills, as well as weapons styles, and can develop choreography for specific fight sequences. Her experience as a professional skater has given her a unique gracefulness and strong focus to succeed. So, where are you from? I am from Moscow, Russia. What did you want to be when you were 5 years old? I always wanted to be an actress, so as soon as I got a chance I went to audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It was an amazing experience to study in the same halls as Grace Kelly, Robert Redford and Lauren Bacall. You are in such an amazing shape, what are your secrets? Coming from a model it’s a huge compliment thanks! I am a former Pro Ice Skater and I love to be physically active. I enjoy working out at Equinox and I take Yoga, Pilates and Dance. I am also training with a Kung Fu teacher, Sifu Chen

Ying, who trained Zoe Saldana for Avatar. What type of TV shows would you like to work on? I am a big fan of CW and USA networks. I would love to work on shows like Nikita, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, White Collar, Covert Affairs and 666 Park. Which actresses are working on the roles that you want to play? I would say Kristen Bell and Leighton Meester. What was your experience working on Celebrity Close Calls? I had so much fun playing Jewel! It’s not every day you get to be a country rock star. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I would love to be on a hit TV series and work with a group of people that I can call family, as well as dabble a bit into directing. I would love to tell stories from a female point of view.


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NARX, starring rapper/ actor Fat Joe and Alex Mazze, is an Acajams Production, in association with Edgewater Pictures. FAT JOE is a New York City drug kingpin who has the entire NYPD after him and his organization. ALEX MAZZE (a real NYPD undercover detective-retired) plays Mazze. Mazze goes undercover for the elite NYPD “NARX” Unit in an effort to infiltrate and ultimately take down Big Ed’s drug operation. What Mazze doesn’t know is how far Big Ed’s money and influence reaches and how members of his very own unit may be compromised and paid off. Follow the fast paced plot twists while trying to figure out who is a good guy and who is a bad guy in this high stakes game of power, influence, money and drugs. Go inside with members of the NARX team, who are all portrayed by former members of the NYPD. The buy and bust scenes are as real as it gets as they are drawn from more than two hundred and fifty years of collaborative NYPD experience. Sometimes the lines get blurry, sometimes they are crossed intentionally. For more information: Johnny Tsang, Creative Director, Edgewater Pictures, (under construction) or NARX Facebook fan page.

Philadelphia’s New Public Access Station “DOUBLE OR NUTIN’,” with Celebrity Impersonater (HOWARD STERN) STEWART BRODIAN “DOUBLE OR NUTIN’” is a new serio-comedy created by independent actor, radio announcer, musician and celebrity impersonator (Howard Stern) Stewart Brodian. The show is based around the life of a Pennsylvania actor and celebrity impersonator who tries to start his own local cable TV variety show using other celebrity impersonators - and the troubles and strifes that he goes through, not only in his work as an actor, but in his daily life as well. The show has been attaining airplay on both cable and commercial broadcast stations in assorted markets across the USA and is starting to get noticed by the industry. Currently, it airs four consecutive Saturdays in Philadelphia at 9:00pm on Phillycam - - Philadelphia’s new public access station! For more information on the show and Brodian go to:, or via e- mail at:

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By Tracey Paleo


fter more than a decade of being a “pretty” funny-girl, Wilhelmina model and stage, TV, film actress, Janet Arneau had an accident of fate. Janet had already appeared in more than 40 theatrical productions and 16 films, with additional stints on hit TV programs such as FX Channel’s, Rescue Me, also booking coveted principal roles in tons of national commercials for clients like Ford, Burger King, Pier One, Payless Shoes and Mohegan Sun Casinos. In addition, industrial productions as a spokeswoman for Fortune 500 Companies such as AT&T, Coca Cola and Phillip Morris packed her resume with experience in front of the camera. When the 90’s happened, everything shifted into a furious, steam rolling transition. The Internet Age had arrived. Money was flowing. The stock market was thriving. Financial gains were climbing into high numbers. And in entertainment, everyone was bounding into a new world, the world of takings risks. At that moment Janet’s success in film, TV and theatre, was not just a testimony to her own risk-taking tenacity versus her beauty versus her comedy, but of all three. And it became the spring board which has since driven her to become a seriously talented and outspoken, producer, executive producer, content creator and writer of currently eight slated combined web series and network reality TV shows, providing valuable content for National Lampoon’s closed circuit, and over 600 strong, college network, Time Warner Cable and currently the new 150 million subscribers and growing, celebrity, social network, But back up for a moment. How does all of that add up to an accident of fate or a new career? Well, “Skills my dear Watson”, is what separates, Arneau from the pack. Before launching an entertainment career, she owned and operated a successful, retail, dress business in Atlanta, Georgia. With the driving goal of meeting numbers every month, it could only be natural that budgeting, client service, and fulfilling expectations by producing solid results in satisfied customers and a steady revenue stream, would prepare her for the kind of goal setting and delivery necessary to actually do the job of an entertainment executive. In

other words, she earned experience in the trenches and crossed over to the other side with some hard earned knowledge, dirty fingernails aside. Becoming a producer wasn’t even a conscious decision. It was more accidental. She was at the right place at the right time doing what she normally did as a commercial model and spokeswoman. And then the offer came. She was asked to create her own show by getting behind the camera and for an ongoing series. “I had been modeling all of my life practically working on one commercial after another, one print project after the next. Then the acting and comedy crept in sort of. I realized I was good at it. I had fun with it. But when I was asked to actually organize the work, pull all of the elements together and produce, I thought, yeah, this is what I am gonna do.” That’s when, the stage to film comedy act, What’s Your Problem?, was born. Shot on location in New York, Paris, Cannes, Hollywood, Miami Beach and other exotic locals, and originally broadcast live throughout the U.S., What’s Your Problem?, has become the brand, continuing a life of its own as On Demand content for the National Lampoon entertainment web site and the inspiration for two tarty, tasty, mouthwatering, spinoffs. It all comes down to beer. What’s Your Beer Problem?, A virtual game played every Friday evening at Happy Hour from 4-6pm on Facebook and Twitter, where beer lovers can have their beer problems solved from some of the most stylish restaurants and brew pubs, free, foamy, brew included for the winner; and Beer Chaser, the web series to follow. As it stands, according to 2011 ratings, viewers are in love with food and everything cooking. And the networks keep adding new shows hoping we’ll continue to eat our little hearts out over them. Beer Chaser hopes to fulfill the “thirst” quench as an entertaining look at how America enjoys beer but with modern posh style, intellect and plain old fun. Arneau is betting that audiences will also love the added panache of guest chefs cooking up their favorite beer recipes as well. Chug. RGM © 45


arlene Craviotto’s award-winning play, PIZZA MAN, a darkly comic play about the intent to rape would not be director Joan Kane’s first choice to direct. However, the lessons learned and empathy gained from her years as a NYC teacher made Kane quick to see layers of conflict beyond the main theme; layers which might not be as immediately recognizable to a director without such a gritty, real-world life experience. The end result is a play beyond sheer expectations. The story takes place in the present as two twenty-something women (Jillian Severin and Danielle Beckmann), furious and disillusioned with men, feel it might be cathartic to take out their aggression the way some men choose to - by sexual assault. They decide on a random male victim, in this case, a delivery man (Richard Zekaria) who shows up at their door. Joan Kane directs masterfully, making sure the performances display nuances which keep the

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story rich in depth and meaning, yet not sinister. “Each character is purging and confessing their deepest fears, dreams and desires,” according to Kane. “They are breaking the rules - because they have been following the rules - and these rules have not worked for them.” Kane has a MFA in Directing and an MS in Museum Education and is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. She was named one of the 2011 People of the Year in Indie Theater by nytheatre. com. Her favorite part of this production of PIZZA MAN was working with the design team, lead by set talented designer, Stephanie Fallone. Says Kane, “Stephaine is brilliant and amazing to work with. She understood my vision of wanting the audience to feel as though they were in the apartment of these two young women. For me,” Kane continues, “creating theatre written by women is a major focus of my com-

(A review by Elisa Giordano) January, 2012 performance at The Bridge Theater

pany, Ego Actus. Since 2009, we have produced 10 plays - and 9 were written by women. My goal is to produce, direct, and create opportunities for women theater artists. I am trying to create in an atmosphere of equality; trying to do what major theater organizations in our country are not making sure that woman playwrights are produced fully. I guess I’m trying to balance out the biased behavior of major theatre institutions in the USA today.” Ego Actus’ January 2010 production of PIZZA MAN is very funny with captivating performances that take the audience through the full spectrum of emotions. Once you are sure of your resentment toward one of the characters, they stumble upon a truth about themselves that enlightens us all.


he were still alive today, legendary photographer Richard Avedon would’ve likely attended the exclusive West Coast exhibition of Portraits of Power, at the San Diego Museum of Art, where more than 150 of his visual treasures were displayed. Some of the world’s most iconic entertainers, political leaders, social activists and high-fashion models have graced the crosshairs of Avedon’s camera lens. A photographer for more than 50 years, Avedon’s remarkable affinity for capturing the court-and-spark of his subjects established his reputation as one of the finest lens men of the 20th century. During World War ll, Avedon was employed as a photographer in the merchant marines. After he left this post, Harper’s Bazaar art director, Alexey Brodovitch, to parlay his artistic sensibilities into commercial gold for the magazine’s fashion editorial layouts, recruited him. While working for the New York-based publication, Avedon shot its April, 1965 cover of a fresh-faced, doe-eyed 22-year-old, named Jean Shrimpton, who was, at that time, “the world’s most desired model.” Eventually, Avedon became Madison Avenue’s highest paid, most sought-after photographer, with the likes of Cartier, Helena Rubinstein, Chanel and Calvin Klein in haute-pursuit of his services.

While consecrated in variegated shades of black and white, Portraits of Power revealed the dynamic force behind the Rolleiflex. It was there Avedon cast brilliant light and oblique shadows on those who availed themselves to the master. Playwright Clifford Odets, Singer-Poet Patti Smith; Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev, Activist Tom Hayden, President Ronald Reagan and a host of freakish outcasts, seemingly excavated from the grave of Diane Arbus’ tormented psyche, had unwittingly turned over the keys of their souls to Avedon. One of Avedon’s purest gifts, as a portraiture artist, lay in his ability to expose the naked truths of society’s undercarriage. He could go beneath the skin of his subjects (figuratively speaking) and ultimately bare their vulnerabilities to the world. These recipients explicitly entrusted Avedon with their emotional armor, and in return, Avedon made them beneficiaries of even greater rewards. Such exchanges of command and acquisition could be seen throughout the exhibition: Marilyn Monroe transfixed in the exact moment Madam

look his way. The bittersweet taste of victory overshadowed honorable intentions in The Most Decorated Soldier in Vietnam. A very jovial Lieutenant Joe Hooper leered obscenely close to the misfortunes of “Napalm Victim #1”, whose silent testimony screamed out in retaliation for the atrocities inflicted upon him during an all-out aerial assault. Although Avedon frequently documented life’s bleaker passages, it was his unconditional surrender to beauty that danced magnificently in the arcs and divinities of his various muses. One in particular, the very regal Dovima took center stage in “Dovima With Elephants.” While positioned between two, bulky pachyderms shackled in chains, the siren reigned supreme over her animal kingdom. It was this kind of calculated, albeit radical juxtaposition of grace and servility, which catapulted Avedon’s legacy into the stratosphere.

Destiny had unveiled the final chapter of her life’s story; Central Park witnessing a world-wearied Bob Dylan as he made his way through winter’s melancholy. Even the sly, devilish charms of Charlie Chaplin winked back at those who cared enough to

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ike many people the idea of going ‘on a date’ seems quite droll and antiquated. The word date by definition means a period of time or event or to note or fix the time of. Notice the term ‘a period of time’ alone suggests that Dating itself is doomed to end from the moment it begins. Born right at the end of the Baby Boomer period, I grew up in the mid 60’s and then in my adolescence was thrown into the 70’s like someone deemed unacceptable for entry into the famed ‘Studio 54’ nightclub. With that said, dating still never was an issue—we met—you liked me—I liked you, we stayed together—at least until one of us detested the other!. Still it was never called dating, there was no internet, no matchmakers, no dating services—just a girl you liked that liked you back or vice-versa. You hooked up and then stayed together. Three long term shack ups and an engagement ring lost later, I myself woke up in the new millennium and discovered what the rest of the free world called dating. I tried several different ways to put this new notion into action. First the newspa-

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pers and then the networking groups. I’ve met some wonderful friends in the process but more importantly found out that for this guy there is only one way to date. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO DATE. I went back to thinking the way I did when it all began, I see a gal I like, I say hello and if she likes me— we take it from there or vice-versa. A good way to meet others is a really great internet “dating” site. Oh, not the “D” word again! The only problem that I’ve observed is the viscous cycle we all created by turning the simple pursuit of making a new friend and perhaps a lover into a game. Most men think all the women are nuts and most women think that all men are dogs. This is true even for those in alternative lifestyles (reverse the terms to fit your appropriate sexual orientation). In any case after talking to many of these men/dogs, most are truly conditioned to believe that this is what women want (arguably dysfunctional, but never the less in some cases they are right). But who wants more dysfunction, there is more than enough of that to go around, so no thanks—keep it, enjoy! After asking many women I know

what they really want it appears most of them want the same things men want—love and recognition as well as basic respect for whom they are as a person. So how did the game get started and who made up the rules? Was it some cave men and women or Adam and Eve? Did all the fairytale Princes and Princesses we grew up believing contribute to the delusion? Questions we can debate for another ten thousand years and still find no definitive answers. The best answer is to refuse to play games at all. Instead many people now choose to just do what they did when first they fell in love—say hello and take it from there. The difference is that some of us are a little more seasoned and can add wisdom as well as honesty to the equation—that’s what the grown-ups call being mature—really if you don’t believe look it up. So please do us all a favor, if you still choose to believe dating is a game then at least will somebody make up one set of unbreakable rules so that we can all play on fair ground. More on “Dating” By Robert Guida

Cupid Hits NY Ok the holidays went by and Valentine’s Day past but you still find yourself alone. Did Cupid forget you? Perhaps it’s the belief that Love is some magical thing is why. A new site called that’s personal as well as affordable is the perfect mix of technology and face to face events not to mention guaranteed dates make the promise of love a realistic Reality. Founded by IT entrepreneur David Coello; CupidNY become a personal mission when at age 40 David faced starting over after his own marriage came to an end. David tried online dating, and the bar and club scene, options he found uncomfortable so he decided the ideal way to meet someone was to go back to basics by face to face meetings and activities. With interests like skydiving, white-water rafting paintball, after hour drinks, speed dating and other activities the challenge was to find others with the same interests. At Cupid NY they will make personal introductions for you to other successful NYC singles. You always have a choice about whether or not to meet someone in a comfortable safe setting, assured that CupidNY did the research before recommending someone to you. CupidNY offers one on one coaching as well as special events so that means you can choose the level of services on your terms. They offer events for singles ages 21-50, special events for 51-60 and over 60 events as well. CupidNY has Thrill seek-

ing adventures, Cougar and Sugar Daddy parties, Speed dating and drinking with Strangers among other inventive and fun soirees. They also offer VIP services with an exclusive and highly individualized approach to introductions provided by top experienced NY matchmaker. CupidNY’s professional matchmakers then select matches based on your desires, values and goals then utilize what they learn about you to select the best matches for you. This is all done confidently and only your first name is known to the potential dates but you receive a complete description of every details and qualities for every match. In short CupidNY offers different levels that suit your individual needs as well as budget weather you want VIP service or just to attend any number of events. No pushy sales, it’s all under your control and you get to choose what suits you best, So; why wait for that perfect person based on a mythical character when you can join the many happy members and event attendees and use’s trained arrow to find Love for you.

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By A. Brooks


n one of my many networking adventures, courtesy of nitelife impresario, Cass Almendral, I was introduced to Peter Agro, owner of the PETER LOUIS Salon/Gallery. After a brief conversation, I was extended a warm invitation by Peter to visit his salon, of which I excitedly accepted.


estled nicely on 57th and Lexington, the PETER LOUIS Salon is where you can reserve a cut, color, straightening or extensions, guaranteed for almost a lifetime. The heart of the salon, Peter, has shaped and styled some of the most fabulous and famous heads in the best of Manhattan locations ( Taking pride with experience in his artistic endeavor, he has resided securely in the east midtown location, offering an array of services for over 10 years, going beyond a cut and color.


he artists at PETER LOUIS have mastered the Japanese straightening technique. It’s a cost effective and healthier alternative to the Brazilian or Keratin method to taming unruly, thick locks. During my visit, client X boasts that her luxurious look will last everso-long (with the exception of constant growing roots) and will certainly blog about her fabulous experience. Hair extensions are offered for both female and male customers: there is a computerized machine on-site (it looks like a hair dryer that you sit under) that motivates hair growth. This, my reader, is the salvation for many. It’s quick, easy, painless and after a couple of months, guarantees one to two inches of hair growth. (They also offer eyelash extensions – who knew?)


he most interesting aspect of the salon is the art gallery,

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which hosts an array of diverse artists of immediate caliber. Peter has carefully laid-out plans for future salons that will extend this artistic addendum throughout the United States and Europe. From wall to wall and room to room are paintings that awaken and motivate your senses, intrinsically placed to frame his name brand hair products sold at the salon. A cool brick interior back drop, with energy efficient lighting relays a deep conscious thought from this indie entrepreneur with dreams and goals that make up a strong market plan.



y visit began and ended in just little over an hour...with highlights expertly finessed by long-time employee, Maria, and a stand-up hair cut from the talented scissors of Peter himself, who after blow drying my hair, measuring just a bit, taking a snip, snip and another snip, decides less is more. I am quite satisfied to not have to lose more than the necessary hair follicles on my head. Hurriedly excited, I say my thank-yous, and scurry off to Daffy’s next door for a new dress, as I am off to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday at Le Souk, where Peter would join me later and we would promote my new hair-do and his salon.


he Peter Louis Salon is located at 143 E. 57th Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues). Telephone: 212.319.0019


Being In a Relationship Doesn’t Mean You Should Lose Who You Are By Barbara Jeanne



o many people who go into relationships seem to forget they have a life outside of being a couple. You might find other couples to share your togetherness with. For the most part other than working and maybe an occasional night out with the friends it’s all about you and your honey. It’s great if the two of you want to spend every minute together but at some point you have to get back to reality and go out and do what you did when you weren’t a couple… be you. You might say you are being yourself not realizing that being in a couple you lose a part you. I am not saying that you can’t be together if you enjoy doing this every moment, but somewhere down the line you got to go back to the gym, go shopping alone. Have your time, for what? Anything, meditate, girls look in the mirror and do all you personal grooming. There’s got to be something that you did all the time or at least a lot that you are not doing now. Men, I’m sure you would like a day here and there to be messy, watch the game, or veg without someone saying a word. I have been in a serious relationship since I was 16. Went to college, married in college and have had my share of the person that we liked spending every moment together. The surfer that we lived together but gave space to be ourselves and the long distance relationship spending a couple days a week together. I do think it is very important to hold your grounds and not to have the feeling of losing your identity. I am not saying there is a time limit to how much time you should spend with your mate. I am saying you do need you time, it’s not only healthy, it should be a must

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Mohammed ’s Garden Cherilyn Fontaine

James Alfred and his parents moved to a new neighborhood that was a very diverse mix of people. Among the people in his new neighborhood were folks from everywhere it seemed. There were Spanish people, Asian people, white people, African Americans, and people from the middle east. Having a mother that was black and a father that was white, none of this seemed to matter to James who was very outgoing and doesn’t have a problem making friends with whoever he meets. One of these people is the man who lives next door, his name is Mohammed. Whenever James is playing in his backyard, he always talks to Mohammed whenever he is outside working in his garden. Mohammed spends lots of time digging and planting all sorts of different vegetables and James always inquires as to what he is planting. Mohammed kindly explains to James what everything is and James always paid close attention and would remember the next time he talked to Mohammed. Mohammed remarked to James’ parents about how smart he was getting and how he was growing so fast these past few years. And it was so true, James was growing up like one of the weeds that sometimes sprouted in Mohammed’s garden. As James got older he studied many subjects in school and had a special interest in Entomology. He loved to read and learn about different insects and even went to summer camp to learn more. James would spend time in his backyard exploring and studying the different insects he would find. While working in his garden, Mohammed would watch as James collected his insects and James would tell Mohammed about the differences in them. Mohammed would tell James about all the different plants he was growing and explained that not everything would be ready at the same time and even the tomatoes ripened at different intervals. Sometimes Mohammed would pick a few things and give them to James to share with his family but James knew that more than the taste of the vegetables and the fresh mint or whether the seasons have been kind to the soil that one thing was certain, no matter what was planted, the friendship that grows in Mohammed’s garden was bountiful.

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IN MEMORY: JOLENE (1962-2012)

G lory ’ Y ears . W






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