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Welcome to Issue 6 of Realize! Its been a while since our last issue, but we’ve grown a little bit older and a little bit wiser. We present to you the Realized Culture of OUR generation. When the media fails to entertain or inform you, then YOU become the media. You have a voice, so use it! In a warming world full of billion dollar bailouts,we tell you the other side of the story, that its gonna be all good! So long as we stay inspired and creative, positive and accepting. Stop consuming culture and start creating it.

What can you create, what can you REALIZE?

*This Trick May Or May Not Have Been Landed

by Sean Basalyga

Is this real? Was it photoshopped? Does it matter? Isn’t the fact that he even tried still gnarly? The evolution of skateboarding forces you to walk the fine line between believing whether a trick was landed cleanly or assuring yourself it is humanly impossible, refusing to believe it until you see the footage. Isn’t THAT the best part about skateboarding?! That it is perpetually blowing your mind and pushing the boundaries of what you believe is possible?! The progression of skateboarding causes you to ask yourself what is really possible and what is not. Because what seems impossible today is accomplished tomorrow only by those… who are crazy enough to explore between the two.

A Note From The Editor: Sean Basalyga

Photography by Sean Basalyga

Austin Condon: eillO

Justin Martinez: Ollie

Jeff LaPrade: FS Nose - SF

Jesse Berger: BS Noseblunt - SF

Skate Photography by Jon Knox Brendan Greene: FS Smtih - SLO

Derek Lockyer: FS Tailslide - SF

Blake Bishop: FS Grab - Pleasanton!

Although these art shows may be old, they will not be forgotten! SLO Art Supply’s Collaborative Art Truck

Box City 2/25/11 Lurking in the back alleys of SLO, Meathead Movers provided trucks to be decorated and transformed by different groups from around SLO, each with a different theme and world within it’s own.

Pascal’s Peeps 10/22/10 Animal Themed Art Show @ The Claasen Gallery

Japanese Tea Zen Box

Rockin in the KCPR Dance Party Van!

Change Required 4/1/11 Russell Pope @ SLO Art Center

Realize Records is an diy online record label that features independent local music from all around California. Listen to other bands on the label and tune in to Realize Radio!

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to tune in to Realize Records!!

The North Pacific String Band plays a new generation of bluegrass inspired by the breeze where the sun sinks into the sea to meet the redwood trees of Santa Cruz, CA.

The Willows bring that San Luis Obispo sound to tap into the divine spirit of the universe and connect people on a level unable to be reached by a conversation. Listen to more at

The NPSB is also a part of the North Pacific Company, a coalition of artists from Santa Cruz. To see all the full work form each of their artists, vistit Check out the rest of Realize Records music at

By Sean Basalyga

Lord of the Board Pose: Strengthens legs and ankles for ledge grinding balance and stretches your chest and thighs to help you get that girl at that coffee shop you’ve always wanted to talk to.

Are you sick ot that crusty, stiff, why does it feel like i’ve been skating for 50 years feeling? We here at Realize feel your pain and will help guide you through these streches to make you kickflip higher, skate faster and ollie 20 stairs first try!

Grom’s Pose: A relaxing pose that relieves back and neck pain from constantly falling on your face and stretches the hips, thighs, and ankles to improve sick air hang time. (don’t do if you have diarrhea)

Tree Pose : Gets you higher, strengthens legs to boost high ollie potential and improves frontside airs Yoga Mastress: Maya Lord Yogi: Chris Coittle Words and Photos: Sean B

Austin Condon - Boardslide to Feeble

So as I sit down to write this my head is pounding, my stomach hurts, my hands are shaking like I am 80 years old, yet I have the stupidest grin on my face because of the all the awesome decisions I made last night. Being hung over is a very vulnerable state. Having to deal with poor decisions you made the previous night, new enemies, and a never ending messy house can really put a strain on your day. I am not always proud of the things that I do while inebriated, but what’s done is done, and I cant say that I wouldn’t do it all again.

So , this is what I see, how I feel, and the friends that were along for the ride. Photograpghy and Words by: Andy Hatch

By Alyssa Duhe

By Jeff LaPrade

Here is the place where the clouds move so slow where the bugs glow and uncountable trees grow pulled in by a relaxing undertow pulling me into a well of potential bringing up questions of the type existential due to the drastic differential from which I came though that’s not the only thing to blame every little piece of the universe built the puzzle that is life This beach preaches pure nature the ocean behind it an infamous creator two thirds the earth it’s vast theater as the moon and winds conduct the waves and the tides play with whatever is around when things pick up and the ocean starts to pound quickly an all encompassing sound covering now what we thought was supposed to be ground but don’t look for the end look for the beginning coming back around Did you know that your have control did you know there is no one only a whole actually its all just a big black hole but it all seems so meaningful and at the same time I feel numb and null as soon as we breach the hull to pay the toll to once again return home from the infinite journey going on inside your own dome

Faking equilibrium has forced us to come undone pretending there is one spot that’s still and everything else is not these ideas have begun to rot our foundation creating impending sensations of collapse and still we plow on despite the facts why truly recognize we will not last? When denial kicks in so fast it clashes with the truth who the fuck needs proof as long as the feelings envelope you reality through and through Feel free because freedom is fact all these laws pretending to be in tact don’t make me laugh commodifying life into dollars is whack and as we can see true harmony is under attack by constraints on our movements and brains culture insist we be vain we intake all of this info targeted to drain us of ourselves So obviously a downward spiral the human experience is fractally viral our rate of consumption is shrouded in denial I would think these plastic people would melt in the sun at what point did being yourself be so not fun when did you become so overcome and distraught that your body was not what you wanted it was a gift so be grateful live your life loving not hateful or you will be a slave to eternity negativity is out there to consume you and me Only through death and rebirth Shall we know what Life is truely worth for our short time here on this Earth born, dead, Alive, then turned back into dirt.

Dave is a really rad guy and one of my favorite photographers that I’ve had the pleasure too meet. I’m not really too sure what to say in only a little paragraph, but I guess I could say that this photo is a self timed, a self portrait that took him 8 times to time perfectly right, floating gracefully and composed perfectly through the air. Yeah, I guess that sums him up pretty well, and the photos, well, they speak for themselves...

Джорджио Мироновски

San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, New York, and now Kyiv. We opened the Realize Submission inbox a while back to see a message titled “PUBLISH ME!” I found all of this art work from someone named Miron out in the Ukraine. Connected with him online to search out his story. Luckily Miron was a step ahead of me and volunteered to interview himself. So...

MIRON - What’s your name, where are you writing to us from? MIRON - My name is Yuriy Mironoff. Friends call me Miron. I live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine What inspires you to create? Fire and light What’s the art scene like in Ukraine? There are many young talented kids, who from childhood had access to the Internet. There, they watched what was happening in contemporary art and now these kids are making their own art, that ‘s not inferior to the rest of the world’s. What’s your creative process like? Most of all, I do not know what will happen as a result of my drawing. I just sit down and start drawing. Then manifest the character and composition of the picture.

What kind of training did you have which helped you achieve your current level of artistry? I used to draw with long intervals of time, which didn’t give me great results. Then I painted for three hours every day throughout the last year. What inspires you to keep going when the work gets frustrating or tough? I enjoy the process of drawing. I don’t get tired of drawing like most people do. What is your best piece of advice for those who would like to rise in their level of artistry? Listen to your heart and go for your dream yuriy_mironoff/

Realize Zine #6  
Realize Zine #6  

Featuring… Epic Photography by David Meyers (Cover!) Yoga For Skaters I Don’t Even Drink That Much (Hungover Photography) by Andy Hatch Skat...