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“Skatenstein” - Chris Dyer

Sean Basalyga - Editor Chris Dyer - Content Coordinator Jesse Berger - Title Atrist Jeff LaPrad - Writer Stevee Stubblefield - Marketing Andrew Look - Website Travis Knapp-Prasek - Photography 2013

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#skateboardingselfie - Sedona, AZ The nice thing about making a zine is that it doesnt “subscribe” to the rules of a magazine... Monthly subscription? Nah... Issues! Profits or Prophets? Typos? Prolly. Propaganda for advertisers? Nope, just a group of dedicated people trying to better the world and have a good time! As the editor, its hard not to be biased and have the content reflect my current mental environment, and it’s a hard balance: experiencing life, and finding the time to express it through art. But it must be done: because, what are you rather than what you choose to create with your time in this life?! Should trying to make money and act professional take precedent over traveling, learning, and freely expressing yourself? Nope, its just a zine, and life was meant to be enjoyed FREELY! And thats the best part about making ZINE, its not just ME! Its a reflection of our OUTER environment and the shiny mosaic of illuminate souls collaborating to form the collective vision of a positive future! Well, at least as documentation of a moment in time: Summer through Winter 2013 -RealEyes

Current research indicates that skateboarders have been significantly contributing to the most littered object in the world… CIGARETTE BUTTS!! “Whatev,” you might think as you casually sip your PBR, but did you know up to 5 TRILLION stinky cig butts are littered every year?! The filters are made from cellulose acetate, NOT cotton, and breakdown but never disappear, leaving our oceans looking and smelling like a soggy ashtray. Its, easy, everywhere you go you’re bound to find one, so pick it up and make sure dat ass makes it to the trashcan! *This message brought to you by the things that cant afford to advertise for themselves yet are so obviously beautiful that they need no advertising

Backside Tailtrashslide - Wells Shaw

Photo by Luke McKaye

How to interpret this zine? What’s so visionary about skateboarding? I dont know if my brain is supposed to perceive skateboarding as expressive art or defiant destruction? What is this? Effortless balance, or some sort of gnarly risk? Whats the point, skate to destroy or cruise and enjoy? What’s to be found trailblazin’ through the urban jungle or surfing concrete waves? Does skating lead to some metaphysical answer? Can the universe be explained in an ollie, or happiness found in a red curb? Dont ask me, I’m just a zine, its up to YOU to decide, either that or these are questions with no answers.

Wells Shaw - Photo by Travis Knapp-Prasek

Words - Realeyes

By Jeff LaPrade It set in fast, only a few weeks in, it had to be. I started skating around that age of 13, it was everywhere around me, and I could not stand up on roller blades, or jump on a bike at all. After a few short summer weeks with a duct taped Muska Kamikazi deck, the whole world transformed. My eyes darted around on every car ride, building a fantasy skatepark out of anything that entered my view. Now everyday ordinary places became tools for unlimited fun. Look at the classic and ever loved example, the red curb. Slappies are a whole genera of skateboarding maneuvers spawned from the immense creativity in skateboarding, all build off of red curb. Fast forward twelve years and the part of my brain that wants to turn everything around me into a skatepark just will not stop. Though I may not hold my hand out the window and pretend to be grinding the passing cars as I relax in the passenger seat of a car, I still cannot help but gaze in wonder at the giant skatepark around me. Imagining all of the things I possibly could, completely unbounded by my actual ability, and left up to my creative mind. That is what makes those skateboarding video games so fun, they try so hard to capture that intense creative feeling of skateboarding. I call this thing that took over me, that transformed my world, “the love”. And for me as a skateboarder it is anything you could possibly grind, jump over, ride under, or interact with using a skateboard in any way imaginable. This mindset is intriguing to me, it brings me into such a blissful state. In the recent years I begun to see “the love” in a different way. I saw it not through skateboarding but through my other creative friends. The artists I knew gazed at giant walls, mesmerized by the thoughts of what they may paint on it, it was “the love”. Musicians getting lost in a jam, just trying to express their feelings through the tips of their fingers. I began to see “the love” in everyone around me that was doing what they loved to do. To me everything is an art, skating, music, health, love, mathematics, and life in general all take an immense amount of creative energy. When humans find out what they productively enjoy doing, what they love to do, they seem to maximize their own potential in what they can do to help the world. Be respectful, be kind, but most of all, strive to do what you love. Find “the love”

Thomas Campbell slashin the wooden wave

was founded in 2002 by Michael Kershnar and Todd Larson. Since it’s inception, they have been working with at risk youth to open their eyes to the natural world to promote confidence, personal growth and life skills. They currently run programs globally including skate camping trips, scholarships to skate camp, and community events and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon! At the YMCA Skate Camp nestled in the Sierra mountains on Sequoia Lake, Elemental Awareness teaches kids that we are a part of nature and that it is much more effective to work with nature than against it. The camp effectively mixes the empowering aspects of skateboarding with the purity of nature.


Cody Hager - Frontside Forest Flip

s Apse jammin with the tall trees

“Our mission is to educate and inspire young people to develop self-esteem, social and environmental awareness and the tools to lead successful lives.�

“A person can positive through an active involve

ely impact their world ement in their passions.�

By Sean & Jeff Sean: You have been skating in the bay area your whole life, what have you found here that you haven’t found anywhere else? San Francisco has always been a vast mix of all different types of people. So growing up there helped me look at the world as a whole. The one major aspect of the bay that I haven’t found anywhere else is the beauty and uniqueness of its geography. One of the most amazing places on earth. Jeff: Growing up in the East Bay, Organika has been a staple in my skate life, what was your vision with Organika, and how has it developed in its decade plus lifetime? What have you learned from bringing consciousness, nature, and sacred geometry to the skate scene, are skaters open to it?

My vision with Organika has always been to make people feel good. Whether its though a skate edit, graphics or simply showing up to a skatepark and hooking some kids up. Not all skaters are into a conscious graphic or positive message but their parents are. When a mom goes into a shop to buy her child his or her first board, there’s a high percentage that she will pick a deck with a positive message rather that a board that say, Deathwish, on it, for example. But a lot of dudes that are aware tend to gravitate towards Organika eventually.

Jeff: You’ve always been about giving back to the skate community, what motivates you to do this, what projects have you been involved in lately? My motivation behind giving back is the fact that I like making people happy. If I have it and someone else doesn’t’ I find is very hard to not provide what that person needs. Recently my buddy and I have taken over, Central Valley Am Jam, and changed the name to, Cali Am Jam. This year we’ll host 4 contest in and around the bay area. These contest will be free to enter and there will be a lot of free product. Keep an eye out for us folks. Sean: Your kids skate right? What’s it like watching them learn how to skate?

My oldest son, Elan, was into it for a while. He got to the point of doing all of the basic kick flip variations. Recently he’s more focused on his academics, which I’m not mad at : ) My other two sons, Jaiya and Jonas, have boards and roll around but they’re into so many other things too. Most definitely feels good to watch them skate!

Jeff: I found a quote from you online saying “Skateboarding has also enabled me to see the multiple perceptional nature of all things.” Can you expand on that? Skateboarding has been a part of my life for 27 years and has brought only good into it. For me the act of riding my skateboard has been the tool, the foundation, of mind expansion. By using different parts and our brain to manipulate our boards under our feet, we tend to vibrate at a higher frequency that most other member of our society. I’ve always viewed skaters as very unique; we’re not known to conform and we ofter develop a more artistic approach to life. Good question. Sean: What are you currently excited about for the future of skateboarding?

Im excited about seeing more youngsters skating. Also, watching and being a part of its progression, which is inevitable.

Benjamin Pa Benjamin Pau Jonathan Perez BART Hop

Garret Daly


aulsrud ulsrud Treehouse Wallride

Most photos by or of Travis Knapp-Prasek

Benjamin Paulsrud - Photo: Travis Knapp-Prasek

Kenny Reed Photo Magdeyev

Meanwhile, In Norway... with Geir Myrvang

Photo: Alex Holm

photo Ă˜ystein Kvanneid

“Flyaway One” Photo: SeaBass

Jamie Evans FS Air

I Love It When It Ends Full Circle! Kensho

With no transitions, a sick soundtrack, and the smooth and stylish of the Satori skate family, this video flows around the world to whereever the organic roots culture frows. This video is a fresh alternative to megainternet parts by keeping it raw street style and even the dvd looks like a wheel!


The dudes down at Spitfire were cool enough to send over a set of their new Formula Fours. First off, I have not had a new set of Spits in years, and I have barely been on a skateboard at all due to some chronic knee injuries and laziness distracting me from taking care of my body, the Formula Fours were motivation in the mail. I came home from work to a package wrapped in that oh so familiar DLX packing tape. Within minutes there was bearing grease all over my hands. It seemed almost instantaneous, there I was mobbing through Oakwood towards the Venice Boardwalk. Despite the playa dust destroying my bearings, Spitfire’s new Formula 4’s rolled as if everywhere I skated was downhill. A simple and powerful reminder of the massive amounts of fun it is to skate around on these goofy wooden planks and how far we have come from the rocky clay wheels of yesteryear. Of course I had to mob, sliding all over the roads until that super slick new wheel feeling wore off; so I could get the real feel for Spitfire’s tasty new recipe. Over to Ocean Park, a nice little hill with painted bicycle lanes and a straight shot for the beach. I was indeed skeptical that these beauties would surpass the infamous Spitfire nickname, Spitflats. Well after a few “skrrrrrts” here and there I skated back home without an over the top foot massage. Formula Fours must be Spitfire’s growing up, progress burning its way into the future, the people of Spitfire keeping their spot at the forefront of skateboarding innovation.

Interview by Chris Dyer Photography by Arnel Dumalig Hi Justin, how are you doing these days? I’m doing good! Recently hurt my ankle on a Portland trip so it’s a slow but healing process. Other than that, life’s pretty mellow.

“I can express myself however I want on the board”

What is your favorite thing about skateboarding? My favorite thing about skateboarding would probably have to be the fact that I can express myself however I want on the board. I don’t rely on a team or any of that, I just do me, and my progression is just all for the better

Photo: TPK

What do you like to do off the board? I like to watch movies. Ahaha I’m kind of a movie fanatic now. Now not so much since my ankle is starting to feel a little better but when I was in recovery mode, I would watch movies on end on my laptop. That and I go on vine. That stuff is so funny You are from Sacramento, but recently moved to San Francisco for school. How are you finding the contrast between cities? Oh my god.. The difference for the two I can’t even explain. Sacramento is awesome and it’ll always be love but San Francisco is just so vast. So much exploration around every corner. It’s so gnarly

Any goals or dreams, skate related or not? I basically just want to be successful but with a skateboard by my side. Even if I don’t make it with skateboarding, I can still skate. It’s not about the money really, it’s just about the individual and the board. unbreakable bond right there haha

You have any last words, or shout outs? I would like to thank basically everyone that has supported me or stuck with me. Family, friends, and sponsors (Creation skateboards, Satori Movement wheels, InI clothing and Arcade belts). Shout out the proalicious crew back in Sac. They hold it down over there. All love.

Watch Justin’s Part From Volonte

Element threw their 2013 global finals for the “Make It Count” contest series

this year in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains at the YMCA Skate Camp. The contest series is aimed to promote Element’s message of social awareness, environmental stewardship, and positivity by having the entry fee be one canned food item to be donated to the local food bank and the grand prize is the experience of traveling in LA to skate at the Berrics, rather than cash. Jon Cosentino of Toronto, Canada took home the winning handcarved trophy for the second year in a row. Check the video on our webzine, these kids have more talent than youd expect! View the video at

global representation!

judged by pros!

winners get handcarved trophies!

Interview By Chris Dyer Hi Barry, please tell us where you’re from and how long you’ve been doing the skateboard thing. I am from Montreal Canada and have been skating for 31 years as of January 2014!

Photo: Danny Stevenson

What are your observations on the art industry of skateboarding after a lifetime of it? For me, skating was a clear outlet to my personal freedom! so I always respect the movement and art first before the general gumball hype of the industry. At this point the corporate side of skateboarding should give back to the culture because at the end of the day everything goes full can not forget to respect the pioneers that suffered the chaos of those crucial early years of raw skateboarding development that made it what it is today.

“Live your life with compassion for all living kind�

Photgraphy by Anne Emanuelle Romanelli Any last words of wisdom and/or shout outs? Live your life with Compassion for all living kind and always remember to be grateful for the big and little things in life because life is a gift and a dream at the same time with no guarantees and you only have 1 chance to make it count so I say dream hard and live free with respect to others...Love conquers all. Any goals or dreams for the future? My goals are to live a healthy and conscious life with love and awareness. I trust the universe so I never know where it shall take me so I live in the moment for the most part, I’m pretty much an inner city Bohemian.

Mike Kershnar’s 2 month artist-in-residency in Paris, France Interview by Sean Basalyga Photos from Mike’s iPhone and Luigdi Gaydu

What are you hoping to accomplish with your four-month artist residencies? I am interested in observing and participating in the art culture of Paris and Vienna. I am inspired by the artist pilgrimages to Paris made by Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Calder, and that whole 20’s and 30’s era. For Vienna my inspirations are Mozart and Freud and that kind of ethereal creativity. Both cities are full of hundreds of years of public sculpture, and visual history. I just want to mix it up and be inspired in two amazing historical places I have never been. I feel like 2 months is a nice amount to observe a place. I would like to do this in places all over the world from cities to natural environments.

Have you been skating much out there, what is the skate scene like? Whenever I get to a new city the skate shop becomes like a spiritual homebase. In the case of Paris it is the Element Store and Nozbone, in Barcelona it is FTC. They can point you towards plazas, spots, and parks, and generally provide a hub for culture. A huge inspiration for me to come to Paris are the famed skate culture residencies made here by The Gonz, and Scott Bourne. My first contacts here in Paris were Alexi and Luidgi, OG Parisian skaters and I am thankful to global skate culture and the generous people who really live and breathe it. This Paris stay has been off to an auspicious start with Colin Provost, Grant Taylor, David Gonzales, and Jake Phelps all in town my first few days of this journey, so I feel this trip has been blessed by the Skate Spirits. I like how skateboarding is so efficent, like a fast rolling thunder on the narrow Parisian streets.

Your art seems to be influenced by your local environment whether it be in the city or nature. Has the European architecture, cathedrals, or landscapes had an influence on your art? Most of my life I felt influenced solely by the natural world, I was captivated by animals and their mysterious beauty. I could see wild animals as the loving artistry of the Creator. So paying tribute and honoring these living, breathing, feeding creatures doubled as a kind of spiritual work. I felt as if being inspired by works of man, was somehow an affront to Spirit, seeing the damage we have done to Earth as a species. It was through observing the way Mike Giant was inspired by San Francisco that I learned to see inspiration as an energy around you available anywhere. It made the most sense to me to not have to retreat into nature or books of pictures of animals to want to create spiritually dedicated works.

There is a bit of conscious separation that occurred. Ten years ago I would have been much more resistant to European church art. I would think of the colonization of the Western Hemisphere, and feel like I was in a business zone of a flawed history and desire the purity of Nature. Now I go into a different Cathedral daily and feel as if I can see the best in the artistry and elevated teachings in it. The compositions of the paintings are perfect, the colors of the stained glass, the patience in the mosaics. The reoccurring characters of Joan of Arc, St. Denis, John The Baptist, and Daniel in the Lions Den, are like the new homies lurking in the cuts, along

side thousands of beautiful renditions of Jesus, The Father, and Mary. I leave feeling humbled by the strength of the art, and inspired to cast my lot alongside these artisans in a historical sense. I also feel a strong affection to the gargoyles, so creepy, howling in stone for an eternity.

What are two things you already miss about California? Two things you are hyped to leave behind? Burritos and surfing! Driving and getting snaked.

What style of art shows, presentation, or street presence have you been going for? I am interested in participating in all levels of artistic presence on the landscape from gallery shows to graffiti, as well as the integration of them. I have been going on long walks and bringing home objects to create on such as mirrors for full blown scribe pieces, street signs, records, pieces of wood, things like that. It’s like being a miner and the Streets of Paris, like San Francisco are filled with gold.


Three years ago, I biked across America with some friends exploring “Sustainable Living”. We called ourselves the Cultural Recyclists and visited various eco-villages and urban farms. The 5 of us (2 female, 3 males) cycled 4,500 miles from Delaware to California, and met a tremendous amount of “Solutionaries”. We set out from Woodland Beach Delaware in early June of 2010. Following the C and O “Rails to Trails” path, we started to get in the groove of bike touring. We were excited when we made it to our first big city: Pittsburgh. There, we visited several urban Permaculture gardens, and helped to shovel soil, and remove rocks from abandoned lots. Next, we continued westward, across roadways sandwiched between endless corn fields. Many kind folks let us camp in their backyards, our treated us to a milkshake. As we toured the Mid and Northwest, we began visiting some awesome “Eco-villages.” Some were powered largely by hydro and solar power and surrounded with fruit trees. Many homes were built from local materials, by the residents of the communities. We realized that many of the Permaculture Solutions are already in motion and working in places all over the world. The technologies for humans to live in a harmonious balance with Natural Law already exist. There are many cutting edge facilitation, conflict mediation, and community organizing techniques that are tried and true. Also, First Nation representatives from tribes all over the world are coming to the forefront and sharing wisdom and traditions teaching how to be in “Right Relation”. It boggles my mind how much of collective human consciousness is put towards analyzing problems, diseases, sickness, when many of the cures are already available. In my Freshman year at Penn State, a class on Earth Science delved deep into the catastrophic consequences of Climate Change, yet failed to give us any practical, hands-on knowledge whatsoever towards helping the situation. This is why I firmly believe that the CURE is CURATION!!!!

Curation, meaning to gather and highlight pieces of artwork. The artwork we must gather and share are: The healers, philosophers, writers, activists, teachers, artists, musicians, Permaculture experts, builders, organizers, and visionaries who have so much to offer. If we all highlight all of the beauty that already exists, then we will see a large consciousness shift. Imagine an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The inner most chamber is deep below the outer surface. A small opening in the outer wall has a mirror which catches a beam of light from the sun, which then ricochets to another mirror, and light consecutively ping pongs its way to yet another mirror, until finally SHAZAAM! the entire inner chamber is illuminated! This is the work I feel called to do, and I invite you to do the same. Be a Curator, and help cure the widespread drought of inspiration and hope! Most of my posts and videos share links to other artists and Solutionaries of all sorts. Just a few off hand include Evolutionary Biologist and Visionary Artist Michael Garfield, Voice of Love and Upliftment Preston Smiles, Heart Opening- Mind Expanding Music of The LuvAmp project, Holy-Shift Inducing Links from Paradigm Shift Central, and Inconceivable Spoken Word from Climbing Poetree. Thanks for reading, and I encourage you to be a Curator of your favorite solutions! Sincerely, Phil Osophical For more paradigm shifting projects that co-create a more beautiful, fair, and creative world, visit www.

Bags to Bikinis Sarah Bellum

is the badass eco warrior goddess behind “Bag to Bikinis.” She collects plastic bags and old sweaters that may otherwise end up in the ocean or landfill, turns them into “plarn” – plastic yarn, and crochets them into beautiful re-purposed, reusable plastic creations! Not only does it clean up the local environment and repurpose resources that we have in such abundance, but also points us towards a very basic question :

“what is garbage?”

Photos by Alex Silva

Hayley Marie Photography

Sarah Bellums inspires society to step in the direction of conscious

action, putting more time and effort into understanding how our choices shape the future. Bags to Bikinis is an original fashion statement of repurposing the overbearing culture of waste that has sadly taken over as the cultural norm. We are the next generation, we are the change, these are our choices, lets make this world a little more beautiful everyday. Although never too cold for a bikini, she is currently taking custom orders and has more awesome repurposed bags, jewelry, and crafts available on her website

Real Eyes Book Report

Rak Razam’s book, Aya Awakenings, is a detailed narrative about his journeys to South America seeking the Ayahuasca experience. He seems to fall down the rabbit hole, documenting his trials with a camera, and voice recordings. Somewhere along the trip his descriptions turn to poetry with vivid detail and metaphor. A great read for anyone interested or considering Ayahusca.

‘We who solve the mystery, become the mystery.’

“Aya Awakenings” was published in Berkeley, CA by North Atlantic Publishing who publishes books that affect planetary consciousness, nurture ecological disciplines, disseminate ancient wisdom, and put forth ways to transmute cultural dissonance into service.

By Sean Basalyga There is no doubt that homelessness is a problem in Santa Cruz. In 2009, the primary reason for homelessness in Santa Cruz was job loss. However, often times the surest path to a home is simply hope and a positive, stable work environment. The Homeless Garden Project addresses these issues while providing valuable services to the local community. Homelessness and joblessness usually go hand in hand, but by providing transitional employment and job training; the Homeless Garden Project puts hope for the future back into the hands of its employees. They also provide support services such as housing resources, drug rehabilitation, long-term counseling, mental health services, and most importantly, a sense of value and the feeling of contributing back to society. The farm also regularly interacts with the local community in many ways. They offer classes about environmental issues and agricultural techniques to regular volunteers, internships for students at UCSC, and farm tours for schools and other organizations. Kalefest is an annual event that brings the community out to the farm for live music, cooking demos, farm tours, kids activities, gardening workshops, and more. The poor often lack proper access to healthy food; by not only learning how to grow the food themselves, employees and volunteers contribute to the farm’s organic CSA program available to the local community. The farm also provides community meals with the other staff, trainees, and volunteers four days a week. The Homeless Garden Project exemplifies that seemingly complex societal problems can be addressed through simple, yet comprehensive solutions. All it takes is some collaboration in the local community, and a willingness to get a little dirty! If you would like to become more involved with the farm, please consider volunteering or donating. However, the best way to support the farm and yourself, is to buy a healthy, organic CSA! For more information, visit The Homeless Garden Project online at

What has gone wrong with Mainstream society? Most people are drunk with anxiety How many steps ... til we find sobriety? Can we do it like AA? False scarcity - always worried bout payday Planes going down, pilots sayin Mayday But wait wait...

With Phil Osophical

Stay calm, stay cool Its just a ride, dont be a fool Theres turbulence on the Earth plane a lot It can make you lose track of your train of thought Yes, theres turbulence on the Earth plane a lot It can make you lose track of your train of thought Chuggin along staring out the window Comparin yourself with all of the kinfolk And when you speak, Enter deep into the moment But what if you were to look within Realize, there is no opponent Maybe everyone is your twin? YOU ARE Divine Love Yes Everything is Everything, Lauryn Hill said it We are all one - so don’t take credit We are all one, fakeskin gotta shed it ! See we are each diverse and unique So be a freak, a weirdo, a geek

When ya gonna own it?

See it all depends on the lens How reality bends

To change society, we gotta change our perception To catapult the world in a fresh direction We can’t just hope for the next election Transform your self, the outer is reflection And the self is a vibrating energy field Attractive like a flower and repelling like a shield Your belief system is the power that you wield Like attracts like, so your status is revealed If our status is sweatshops and factory farms Then look within to stop the harms Internal shifts plus outer transformation Nature and civilization integration Equals Permaculture paradise across the nation! I choose to believe that the future is bright Let our torches unite And now our dreams take flight!

“Being Human”

I wonder if the sun debates dawn If smoke was born knowing how to rise some mornings If rainbows get shy back stage not wanting to rise not sure if their colors match right out of bed from under the down-feather horizon I wonder if lightning sets an alarm clock to know when to crack If the sky grows tired If rivers ever stop of being everywhere at once and think of turning back adapting to the mood swings of the weather If the clouds drift off trying to hold themselves together make deals with gravity to loiter a little longer I wonder if rain is scared of falling if it has trouble letting go

If streams meet the wrong sea and their whole lives run off-track I wonder if the snow wants to be black If the soil thinks she’s too dark If butterflies want to cover up their marks If rocks are self-conscious of their weight If mountains are insecure of their strength

If snow flakes get sick of being perfect all the time each one trying to be one-of-a-kind

I wonder if waves get discouraged crawling up the sand only to be pulled back again to where they began

I wonder if stars wish I wonder if land feels stepped upon upon themselves before the die If sand feels insignificant if they need to teach their young to shine If trees need to question their lovers to know where they stand I wonder if shadows long to once feel the sun If branches waver in the crossroads if they get lost in the shuffle unsure of which way to grow not knowing where they’re from If the leaves understand they’re replaceable and still dance when the wind blows I wonder if sunrise and sunset respect each other I wonder where the moon goes even though they’ve never met when she is hiding I want to find her there If volcanoes get stressed and watch the ocean If storms have regrets spin from a distance If compost believes in life after death Listen to her stir in her sleep I wonder if breath ever thinks about suicide effort give way to existence I wonder if the wind just wants to sit still sometimes and watch the world pass by

Paintings by Michelle Mackey

“The practice of yoga not only mirrors the mystical experiences, states of mind, and physical sensations one undergoes when ingesting sacred plant medicines, such as Ayahuasca or Peyote, but can be an essential tool for integrating into ones daily life such phenomenon.“ “These paintings reflect the state of Yoga, translated as “union with the divine,” when body and breath become the vehicle for transcendence, and the individual self dissolves into the fabric of creation. If only for a brief moment, one is never quite the same again.”

Rootwire 2012

B. Hockinsmith Photography

Interview by: Sean Basalyga

For those who may not have heard of you, what do you do, and what has called your life to flowers? I teach, work, play, and dance with Flowers. I was called to the Flowers by following my maternal grandmother around in her garden as a young boy. She was a very bossy and kind of scary person. But when she was in her garden, she became this soft gentle Goddess when I noticed what she was doing with as Eckhart Tolle calls them, “The fragrant beings we call flowers.” I say I “work with Flowers” as opposed to saying “I use Flowers.” My “work” is also for me “play” because I feel so much JOY in my journey with the Flowers. I can hardly sleep when I am creating the next day! The Flowers and I Dance!

What do flowers symbolize, what lessons do they teach us? There are so many things to learn from Flowers. For me one of the beautiful things they remind us of is our own temporal nature. It is a beautiful reminder to appreciate this moment. Like beauty, Flowers help us rise in our humanity. To me each Flower is a masterpiece. Flowers disarm us. It is no mistake that Flowers are an integral part of many religious and spiritual rituals and that we want to send Flowers to grieving friends. They have been helping us heal for a long time. They remind us how very blessed we are to live on a beautiful blue planet that produces natural wonders – like Flowers! The Sanctuary at Omega Institute

COSM 2011 Susan Buck

You have worked with a wide range of musicians, humanitarians, spiritual leaders, and have been featured in galleries, how do they influence and alter what you do? I do all of my work with a deep awareness of the ancient connection between flowers and the Human Family. I always want to feel as though I am giving the Flowers a new home, a place of honor. When I create for an individual specifically; if they have a favorite Flower, I will often create with that Flower as the focal point. Coloration and size of the space often dictate what we create. Every time is a new adventure and I really feel like a child with a sense of wonder and openness when we create. 11/11/11 Celebration in Parmarth with Snatam Kaur

What are you currently working on or dreaming of doing? We are producing a documentary called “Dancing With The FLOWERS.” It really explores that deep and ancient connection that is at the core of my work. It features the way the Flowers and I teach, work, play and dance together. It also features appearances by Eckhart Tolle, Jane Goodall, Alice Walker, Jane Fonda, Eve Ensler, Julia Butterfly Hill, Alex and Allyson Grey, Iyanla Vanzant, and Sam Keen. It features work I created for His Holiness The Dalai Lama (I have created altars for him 11 times since 1996) and creations for Ram Dass, Thich Naht Hahn, Dr Maya Angelou, and work from The Omega Institute in upstate New York where I was an artist in residence for 12 Summers. It has segments from performances with Bobby McFerrin, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Zap Mama, STS9, Tipper, Deva Primal and Mitten. The soundtrack is amazing and it is all people I have created with! I just remain open to being given opportunities to share what the Flowers and I do whether it is a small wedding or a huge public event. I am celebrating almost 20 years creating with Flowers. I am eternally thankful for people who reach out and ask. I just trust that when I am given the request, I am ready to do my work with all my heart and soul. I have remained single most of my adult life because my work is my LOVE – The Flowers call and I answer with all I am.

For us, the most exciting artform at the moment is live collaborative muralism... and these dudes do the best! Murals featuring collabration between some of the best visionary painters adds a whole new dimension of creative expression that manifest the collective vision at music festivals. The Union came together when Seth McMahon and Derek Heinemann joined forces to produce large scale murals at art and music events in California in 2009. They permanently added Dela and Jonathan Solter in 2012 and Randal Roberts in 2013. Enchanted Forest in Mendocino California represents the first visionary event where all five artists collaborated resulting in the formation of the heart of THE UNION.

Burning Man 2013

Enchanted Forest 2012

Lucidity 2013

Enchanted Forest 2013

Realize Zine #9  
Realize Zine #9 for Free Digital Version with Musical Musical Accompaniment by Steep Ravine! "Elemental Awareness" Sierra Nevada Skat...