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• Architecture Visualisation

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Reality Premedia Services Pvt Ltd Reality Premedia Services Pvt Ltd is a reliable media outsourcing partner for clients from across the globe. Backed by robust business expansion plans, we are moving towards newer horizons in business. Our industry experience of over two decades, commitment to quality and an experienced team of 170+ members give us the power to achieve desired results within time schedules and with assured quality. We offer a gamut of services to clients belonging to varied domains like media houses, news agencies, newspapers, publishers, marketing solutions companies and retail brands. Headquartered in Pune, India, our core focus has been in Print and Web Premedia Services, eBooks, Design and Digitization Services. Along with our core competencies in premedia and graphic production, we are also committing ourselves in four major domains:- Enhanced eBooks, ePublishing Apps, Augmented Reality and Beacon Applications.

History l 1997-Large Scale exporter of CD ROM titles for Indian cultural content. Earliest to create magic with multimedia. l 2001- First foray into eBooks, web-to-print enterprise solutions and XML based workflow systems. . l 2002-2005 -Cemented our place in the outsourced ad production and design outsourcing business. l 2006 -Added eNewspapers and Reverse publishing to our services portfolio. l 2007- Launched the second production centre in Mumbai to cater to the growing clientele. l 2008 - Digital Image processing to our portfolio. l 2009 -2011 Digital Strategy consultants to publishers across the globe. l 2013 - Doubled our Grade A capacity to cater to continuously increasing team size. l 2012-2013 - Publishing apps for iOS and Android, Technology solutions for ebook publishing and distribution l 2014-2015 - Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android. l 2016 - Forayed into Beacon Application (Proximity based messaging)

Accomplishments l 5 Million pages digitized l 10000 eBooks conversions l 5000 book covers for international book publishers. l 50000 high resolution photographs. l 1 Million images processed. l 140 newspapers and 4000 pages converted daily. l 100+ Web design and development projects l 30+ CD ROM titles l 9 Publishing Apps, 1 Self-publishing app portal, 2 eBook rental portals serving 50,000 students l 7 Augmented Reality cross-platform Apps for different pulishers


Client Testimonials

Reality has been extremely trusted partner with our company and has, with very limited supervision, adhered to quality, consistency and productivity in their deliverables during our association. Our trust in reality has helped us to increase our volume of output by a significant amount over past five years. -Philip Alexander President & CEO Brand Muscle Inc. We have found the Reality team to be extraordinarily professional, disciplined, and capable. They respond quickly to whatever requests are made, and they pay careful attention to detail, which, with eBooks, is critical.  And they have done a marvelous job managing our Web site. This team frequently takes the initiative to help us solve problems or find new ways to add additional features to our books.  They are current with the latest technologies and have worked well with all our retail partners – Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Sony, and, most recently, Kobo. -Donna Sammons Carpenter Founder and CEO New Word City

Reality has working with Warner Bros. Global Publishing in converting their archive of over 5,000 titles (comic books, sound books, storybook, coloring books etc..) from QuarkExpress to Indesign files. In addition, they have been quality checking the files making sure that all fonts, images and linked files are present and in good working order. With full confidence in Reality’s abilities, I strongly recommend Reality Premedia Services as a reliable and efficient Digital Production Partner.   -Kevin Bricklin Director, Global Publishing Operations Warner Bros. Global Publishing

SERVICES EBOOKS PREMEDIA PRODUCTION SERVICES PRINT AND WEB DESIGN SERVICES DIGITIZATION SERVICES TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS • Augmented Reality Apps • Mobile Application Development • Publishing Apps • Architecture Visualisation • Beacon Applications • Game Development

E Books Outsourced eBook Production Our dedicated team of eBook experts has more than 10 years of experience in eBook domain. We have experienced the eBook revolution from its initial days of inception. Reality works with publishers across different genres to create eBooks for all formats (Apple, Mobi, ePub 3 and the entire gamut of formats available) and all eReading devices and media. We are up to date with the latest trends and developments in the eBook world. Reality is very well represented in all major digital publishing forums across the globe. Book Cover & Interior Design Our book design team along with a company wide experience in print, web and rich media graphic designing, typesetting and typography allows us to give your books the cover and layout they deserve. We have designed more numerous book covers and recently we were privileged to design covers for 3 books that made it to top 100 bestsellers lists. Print on Demand Reality Premedia Services is a comprehensive and reliable Print on Demand partner for many publishers, first time authors and organizations that are looking for smart, high quality and cost-effective fulfillment of their books in a rapid turnaround time.

Premedia Production Image Processing We cover the entire gamut of image processing services like image retouching, picture editing, photo retouching, image cutouts, clipping path, background removal, color correction, image masking, clipping paths, back ground cleaning & cloning, sharpening & restoration of color etc. We have maintained lean processes and achieved 99.7% SLA agreements over the past 3 years and over 1 million images. Ad Adaptation The biggest challenge that marketers face in delivering a successful local, national or worldwide ad campaign is adapting their original artwork to different sizes and forms of media. Our years of expertise and knowledge of different media formats, allow our clients to offload all their ad adaptation requirements to us, so that they can focus completely on strategy and creativity. Reverse Publishing Many newspapers have internet editions specifically for real estate and auto. We take information that already exists online such as archived materials, database information, news advertisements and user-generated content and publish it in a more permanent form – print, for our clients

Design Production Website and Webshop Production When it comes to web design and development, there is a multitude of vendors to choose from. Everyone claims to do web development, but a surprisingly small number people get it right. We have highly skilled set of designers and developers who work with cutting edge technology and make sure that you are ready for the future. From cloud applications to simple websites to CMS systems to ERP’s, we do it all; we do it well. PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Entity Framework, AngularJS, SCSS are just a handful of technologies that we use to accomplish our goals.We offer services like Website design and development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, web maintenance and user interface design for enterprise applications. Marketing Collateral Our decade of experience in print production, business content writing, product marketing and brand communication allows us to be a trusted marketing collateral production partner for well-known brands across the world.


Digitization Back Volume Conversion We extract files from client’s legacy data and convert them into the required form without any loss of data. File Conversion We specialize in the conversion of Quark documents to Adobe InDesign. We also do conversions from electronic or hard copy format to the desired format, including SGML/XML/HTML and DTDs.

Technology Solutions Reality Premedia has a dedicated Technology & Innovation team using industry leading software and tools & working intensively to develop innovations that drive your business. Our innovation & Technology team has varied skills covering a huge array of services: • Augmented Reality Development (Full-Stack)

• Web Development • Architecture Visualization

• Web/Desktop Automation

• Cloud Apps

• ERP Development

• 3D Content Creation

• Game Development

• Beacon Applications

• Mobile Application

• Artificial Intelligence

Development • Web Services

• IOT Interfacing

Augmented Reality Apps We have an enthusiastic Augmented Reality team of 3D designers and developers working on all sorts of Augmented Reality engines and SDKs including Metaio, Junaio, Wikitude, Vuforia, Unity, Layar, Total Immersion, AR Labs etc. Our AR team offers innovative solutions to enhance the end user experience by not only developing a stunning UI but also developing fluid, robust and highly responsive apps. Solutions for Corporates Augmented Reality acts as an additional channel in the multi-channel environment of online corporate communication. Reality Premedia works with brands to create creative Augmented Reality campaigns. Augmenting flyers, brochures, newspaper ads for these brands. An Augmented Reality app allows brands to showcase their entire product catalog in their customer’s environment, anytime, anywhere. Furniture App Solutions for Publishers Apps to introduce publishers and readers to interactivity levels never witnessed before, Augmenting a new life to books! We take content and augment it to different mediums that make print reading more entertaining and knowledgeable. It’s about creating unique and exhilarating experiences for readers using interactive, 2D, 3D and audio-visual content. Coloring Book App

Mobile Application Development We have capabilities in mobile apps development with skills across all mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows UWP. The team has expertise in native app development using Xamarin, Java, Objective C and C#. Our apps have partnered growth of businesses across industries and geographies, the most coveted of them being an eBook Reader Solution for mobile & desktop for publishers. Publishing App Publishers are looking for new ways to monetize their content. ePublishing App Frameworks helps publishers to create a single framework for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms that can be used later to create multiple apps. A great economical way to maintain consistency in content delivery and fulfillment. Architecture Visualisation We have also developed apps with Architectural Visualisation capabilities providing full 360 degrees view of monuments / Buildings / Projects etc. for builders, architects and interior designers. We create high quality stunning Walkthroughs and interactive 3D models providing minute details about the structure. You can view such app developed by our team here: Sanchi Stupa Real Estate Visualization

Beacon Applications Beacon technology enables one to get connected to the target segment by means of proximity based messaging / custom notications. We entered the arena of Beacon technology this year for a major event of a large IT firm. Our technology team can execute simple to complex Beacon technology applications using C# and Xamarin. The technology can be best used to enable smooth navigation at events, malls, hospitals, etc. It also works as a brilliant tool for retail stores to get more footfalls though offer notifications. Game Development Our Innovation & Technology team have developed engaging and innovative 2D & 3D web and mobile games using technologies like Unity, C#, JavaScript, AngularJS and HTML5. We offer game development for Android, iOS and Windows platform. We partner with you not only for game development but also we have team of skilled game artists and designers providing remarkable game assets (game elements, Characters, background, animations) to leave a lasting impact on your target segment.

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