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With Earth on the brink of war, Ada must face the truths her guardian, Nell, kept from her all her life, while Kay faces the ramifications of his father’s last, terrible act as a council member and fights to restore Earth’s shattered trust in the Alliance. If the Alliance falls, so does the Multiverse. And this time, there’s no going back…

Till Dawn Do Us Part (New Reign, Book 1)

by May Sage Three hundred years has passed since the Last War. That's how the Elites called the third worldwide conflict, swearing that their rule would ensure that humanity would stay at peace forever. They lied. After the war, two thirds of women were born barren, so the fertile ones have a duty to society they must fulfill by either giving birth to a child by their twenty-fifth year, or go through the Auctions. Xander spends most of his time in his lab, but once a year, he has no choice: every unattached, childless male in the City is bidden to attend the Auctions, even the very first genetically engineered soldier they now call Elite. He never had any intentions to bid on a woman; children weren’t on his radar, and if they had been, he wouldn’t have needed the ridiculous farce his party intended to abolish as soon as they were elected. Then, he sees her. Ruby Ruth Sterling. The woman for whom he would destroy the world. Till Dawn Do Us Part is a novella, part of a series. Expect a cliffhanger.

Souljacker (A Lily Bound Novel)

By Yasmine Galenorn

“Yasmine Galenorn is a powerhouse author; a master of the craft who is taking the industry by storm, and for good reason!” —Maggie Shayne, New York Times bestselling author Lily O’Connell, a succubus, owns Lily Bound, an elite sex salon in the Blood Night District of Seattle. When a client is murdered in her house, a patch of skin missing from his chest, she knows there’s something evil afoot. Then comes the news that the Souljacker—a tattoo-artistturned-vampire—has escaped from an institution for criminally deranged Supernaturals. And he’s hunting and killing everyone he has ever inked. With one of the Souljacker’s tattoos on her thigh and nowhere else to turn, Lily hires Archer Desmond, a chaos demon and PI, to help her track down the vampire before he finds her and her friends. But Lily didn’t plan to fall for Archer. And as the old tales say—a succubus who falls in love will destroy the heart of the one she seeks to claim.

Garden of Snakes (House of Royals, Book 7)

by Keary Taylor Elle has survived twenty-three years as a human surrounded by vampires, but her mortality has never been a disadvantage until now. Trapped in a basement, she’s waited to make her escape and get home to Boston. There will be no forgiveness for what Charles Allaway has done, this is the end of his House, and Ian and the House of Martials won’t rest until he’s dead. With a well-practiced poker face, Elle just wants to pretend nothing has happened, but Lexington sees the truth: she’s not okay and she’s still in danger. There is a Hunter from Court in town, and he’s taking out the Bitten and anyone tied to them…especially whoever has been curing them…

Chaos Unleashed (Chaos Rises, Book 2)

By Pippa DaCosta

From the ashes of the fallen demon court, a new threat rises… Raised in a lab and trained to kill, I might not know much about being human, but I do know demons, and they don’t come more dangerous than the Prince of Pride—the devil. My brother is trapped at the heart of Fairhaven—a demon stronghold. To get him back, I need Pride’s help. Trained to kill princes, I know I can’t trust this one. He’ll lie, cheat, and manipulate to get what he wants: a new Dark Court so that he can rise again as its leader. His pretty words and burned wings don’t fool me. I’ll use him and any means necessary to save my brother. I don’t have a choice. If I fail, if I can’t control the elemental forces gathering inside Fairhaven, chaos will be unleashed, creating a new Hell on Earth. My makers tell me I’m too demon to love, too demon to care. But they made me this way. Now it’s time to show them all how demon I can be.

Bound by Water (Pisces: Zodiac Shifters)

By Monica La Porta

Sometimes, water ignites fiery passions… The only merman shifter alive, Atreides is a famous painter, rich, and sophisticated. In his spare time, he helps the police recover stolen art. A mere human—although exceedingly strong-willed—Ariel is an accomplished art thief who has sworn never to steal again. Until she’s forced to repay her father’s substantial debts, and the only way out is robbing an Etruscan artifact. One night, they meet. He isn’t looking for a soulmate, and she doesn’t have time for a relationship. Yet, it only takes one passionate kiss under the full moon to intertwine their fates. Unfortunately, there’s a werewolf biker gang on their heels, and they won’t leave Atreides and Ariel alone. Will love triumph over a bunch of enraged shifters?

(The Half Demon Warlock, book 3)

By J.A. Cipriano & Conner Kressley

So I saved the girl and what did I get for it? A one way trip to Hell. And that’s not even the worst thing because, turns out, Hell doesn’t want me. Story of my life, right? So what’d those demonic bastards do? Sent me back to earth. Only while it’s been just a few weeks for me, seven years has passed on earth. Seven. Years. Now there’s a coven of warlocks living in my house, my girl has turned into a Greek goddess, and my best friend has found a new best friend. Oh, and a nightmare creature hewn from the depths of Hell is trying to kill them all. And you know what the kicker is? The thing that really pisses me off? If I kill the nightmare creature and save my friends, I’ll unleash the apocalypse. My name’s Roy Morgan. Welcome to my life.

Valen (Guardians of Hades, Book 2)

by Felicity Heaton Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Lightning, Valen was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai. Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence. Cursed by Zeus to never know love again, Valen has brought up barriers around his heart to protect it, but with each new barrier he creates, the dark hold his power has over him grows, becoming all he needs. Until the night he finally crosses paths with the assassin who has been watching him from the shadows, a bewitching mortal possessing the name of an angel and the skills of a devil—a woman who awakens his passionate heart and stirs dangerous desires. Eva has built a fearsome reputation for herself in Italy’s underworld, but her latest job in her beloved city of Rome has left her feeling that she has stepped into a dangerous world and this mission might end in her death—either at the hands of her mysteriously seductive client or by the blade of the wickedly alluring warrior who is her target. As the threat from the daemons escalates and more than just the Rome gate becomes their target, will Valen be strong enough to face the fears in his heart and the ghosts of his past to claim everything he desires or will they lure him deeper under their spell and into the darkness?

Smoke and Magic (Touched by Magic: Dragon Book 2)

by Ashley Meira Sophia's life is about to take a hard left off a high cliff. Again. After spending a lifetime hiding her magic, Sophia is now practicing her arts with the most dangerous person she could possibly be involved with. Adam Pierce is a man with pretty eyes and heartwarming words... who just happens to be closely associated with the very people who cry for Fireborns like Sophia to be executed. Adam doesn't know the truth about Sophia's past. Come to think of it, neither does she. Being public enemy number one used to be her biggest problem. Now, the monster who took her as a child is back in play, and hiding in plain sight is the least of her worries.

When two women are murdered, both connected to someone important to her, Sophia learns that the upheaval of her world is just beginning. And if she continues to keep everyone she cares for at arm's length, her friends may not be the only ones paying the price...

(Quentin Black Msystery (5.5))

By J.C. Andrijeski

Is a vampire more or less dangerous when he's victim to a broken heart? After Black spent weeks imprisoned and tortured by the evil vampire, "Brick," Miriam is still dealing with the fallout of her husband's nightmares and strange silences. When Black asks her to accompany him to New York for an extended business trip, Miri quickly agrees, but before they can leave, Brick ambushes them yet again. This time, it's Miri he wants. Kidnapped and blindfolded, she's positive he's using her as bait to lure her husband. But it turns out Brick wants her for an entirely different purpose, to act as psychic psychologist to his vampire girlfriend, Lila, who is suffering from trauma of her own. Forced to work for a creature she despises, Miri finds herself drawn into his personal life in a way she never could have imagined or wanted, even as she fights to stay alive. BLACK BLOOD is story in the Quentin Black Mystery world. It takes place between books five and six in the paranormal mystery romance series starring psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner, forensic psychologist Miri Fox.

Mirror (Fairy Tale Bad Boys, Bk 4)

by Erin Bedford Blanche She moved from Nowhere, Pennsylvania to Hollywood with dreams to make her way to the big screen. What she found were dead-end jobs and her chances at stardom slipping through her fingers each day that passed. That's until she finds herself house sitting her idol's five thousand square foot home. She never realized how many secrets her idol had, including a devastatingly handsome man living in her bedroom mirror. Bane If he had learned one thing in all his four hundred years of life was never piss off the bosses. Trapped in a mirror prison for the last twenty years, Bane's only thoughts were getting out and finding the daughter he had left behind. That all changes when he gets caught peeking on Blanche, assistant to movie idol Paulette Declare. Dangerously naive and a body that would make a eunuch pause, Bane doesn't know what he wants more, to help her see the world for what it was or protect her from it all. Either way, he would have to find a way out and fast.

Exodus of Magic (The Mysterium Chronicles, Bk 1)

by Simone Pond

Magic is illegal in the city of Mysterium, so Jordan must keep her secret buried deep. If anyone discovers the truth about her powerful and extraordinary magic, it would destroy everyone she cares about. When Jordan uses illegal magic to protect others from a terrorist attack, she becomes a person of interest for the diabolical Counselor Magnus. He’ll keep her secret as long as she does his dirty work. She soon discovers the disturbing truth about Magnus, Mysterium, and her supernatural past. Forced to leave the city, she learns about her true ancestors and an ancient prophecy she’s supposed to fulfill. But with Magnus, a vengeful werewolf, and a bloodthirsty vampire hunting her down, Jordan doubts she’ll ever be able to save this ancient race of people. Follow Jordan's epic adventure in the Mysterium Chronicles as she fights against evil to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Buy Exodus of Magic today to start your journey!

(Darkness Calls, Bk 1)

By RL Weeks & KL Roth Emeline was among the first to be cursed with vampirism in the late 1600's after an unfortunate incident. After her lover dies, Emeline gives into the darkness; following her sadistic instincts, and leaving her in a constant blood lust. Matt's sister has gone missing and somehow witches and nymphs are tied into the disappearances. He meets Emeline and falls in lust, but soon realises that she's not as innocent as she looks. One warlock will do anything to get what he wants. Matt will fight to the death to get his sister back, and Emeline will not lose her mortality without a fight. Follow them on a journey of sinister rituals, deadly plots, and dark desires.

Brukr (Dragons of Preor, Bk 8)

By Celia Kyle writing as Erin Tate He’s willing to lose his honor to claim her, but first he must save her. The Preor emperor bestowed honors on warrior Brukr sen Zak’lu centuries ago—honors he does not deserve. Since then, he has fought to prove himself worthy of the emperor’s support. He works to protect and care for the females within Preor Tower no matter how difficult they make his task. One female constantly disregards orders and makes his duty nearly impossible. Hannah—with her flowing hair, teasing smiles, and generous curves—torments him with what he cannot have. He aches for her like no other, his dragon rages when he leaves her side, but without the Knowing stretching between them he cannot claim her. Or can he? Genetic modifications have changed Hannah’s appearance, but they can’t change her past. To atone, she steps into the spotlight as a spokesperson for Cole-Daven and moves into Preor Tower. Every day she struggles to convince other humans to accept Cole-Daven’s treatment for Pol Mutation. She also fights her attraction to one specific alien Preor. They’re not mates, but everything in her craves the large, muscular, deliciously tempting dragon shifting warrior.

With her exposure to the public, Hannah now has humans after her. Some want to possess her, others want to torture her, and many want to kill her. That is unacceptable to Brukr and he will tell them so… with his war blades.

Flames (The Slayer Chronicles, Book 4)

By Val St. Crowe

Clarke Gannon and Naelen Spencer prepare for the final showdown with Ronan Cunningham, the vampire intent on assembling nine powerful objects to harness their malevolent power. But first they’ve got to find the bastard. Which would be easier if Naelen’s presence wasn’t making Clarke physically ill. After finding out Naelen is mated to another dragon, Clarke is destroyed and jealous. Naelen claims he can fight the mating bond and only wants Clarke. That’s all well and good, except for the fact that no one fights the bond. But hunting Cunningham is as good a distraction as any. They track him to the mysterious Order of Rasmossen and Wolffe, only to get themselves locked in a dungeon. Up side? They’ve found Cunningham. He’s a prisoner too, and he wants to team up. He says that if they work together, they can get free of the Order, and he’ll help them use the magical objects to break the mating bond. Clarke knows they can’t trust Cunningham. The mating bond can’t be broken. But how can she and Naelen resist trying?

Uprising (The Incorruptibles, Book 3)

By S.D. Wasley

Seduction. Temptation. Corruption. An unthinkable betrayal ... Frankie's father is back in town, on a mission to salvage his career - and his credibility. No matter how hard Cain tries to protect her, Frankie is not safe from Don Carver's ruthless pursuit of glory. An unavoidable rescue puts Frankie at risk of exposure and triggers a chain of events that neither she nor Cain could have predicted. A secret community ... a centuries old prophecy ... a leadership role she's not sure she wants. Frankie is trapped in a web of conflict and corruption, and her time is running out.

Magic Wild (Dragon’s Gift: The Seeker, Bk 4)

By Linsey Hall With the Shadows from her past hot on her tail, Del Bellator is committed to growing her magic. That means hunting demons and stealing their powers, a job that’s as risky as dancing with the devil. But she’ll need all the power she can get if she wants to defeat the Shadows, so she’s willing to take the risk. While out on a demon hunt, she spots her boyfriend Roarke’s long-lost brother. He’s the only person who could tell her what the Shadows are up to. But only if only she can catch him. As she and Roarke set off to track his brother, things get darker and deeper than they’d ever expected. The Shadows have hatched a world-ending plot with Del at the center. Worse, they’re smarter and stronger than she and her whole team combined. It’ll take everything they have—and more—to find a way out of the Shadow’s web, particularly when Del learns that she’s been prophesied to fail.

The House Next Door (A Ghost Story)

By Darcy Coates I live next to a haunted house. I began to suspect something was wrong with the gothic building when its family fled in the middle of the night, the children screaming, the mother crying. They never came back to pack up their furniture.

No family stays long. Animals avoid the place. Once, I thought I saw a woman’s silhouette pacing through the upstairs room… but that seems impossible; no one was living there at the time. A new occupant, Anna, has just moved in. I paid her a visit to warn her about the building. I didn’t expect us to become friends, but we did. And now that Marwick House is waking up, she’s asked me to stay with her. I never intended to become involved with the building or its vengeful, dead inhabitant. But now I have to save Anna… before it’s too late for the both of us.

Midnight Unbound (Midnight Breed)

By Lara Adrian As a former Hunter bred to be a killing machine in the hell of a madman's lab, Breed vampire Scythe is a dangerous loner whose heart has been steeled by decades of torment and violence. He has no room in his world for love or desire--especially when it comes in the form of a vulnerable, yet courageous, Breedmate in need of protection. Scythe has loved--and lost--once before, and paid a hefty price for the weakness of his emotions. He's not about to put himself in those chains again, no matter how deeply he hungers for lovely Chiara. For Chiara Genova, a widow and mother with a young Breed son, the last thing she needs is to put her fate and that of her child in the hands of a lethal male like Scythe. But when she's targeted by a hidden enemy, the obsidianeyed assassin is her best hope for survival . . . even at the risk of her heart.

Mark of Cain (Immortal Mercenary, Bk 1)

By Conner Kressley My name isn't Callum Coldwell but, for your own sake, you should probably call me that They say someone is murdered every minute...and I’m the reason why. When I killed my brother, the Big Guy burned a mark into my skin and set me to wandering until the end of time. That was a while ago, and I think I’ve used my forever pretty well. Bagged a few women, saved a few lives, and gotten myself into and out of more trouble than I care to remember. But something’s happening now. Evil forces are circling the wagons, and something sinister is getting ready to make a play for the big time. And, of course, it has me in its crosshairs. When I said I wasn’t my brother’s keeper, I had no idea how wrong I was. By now you've probably figured out my name. But don’t say it. Bad things happen when people say my name.

(The Watchers, 2)

by Christine Pope What do you do after the worst has happened? Psychic Serena Quinn is in for the fight of her life. Held captive by a centuries-old vampire master, she’s forced to battle him at every turn, matching him wit for wit. It’s up to Serena to do all she can to survive until Silas Drake, her lover, can save her from the vicious vampire's clutches. But Serena’s new and terrifying visions are telling her something she can't quite comprehend. The series of visions suggest she is more entwined with her vile captor than she ever imagined. Will Serena’s future be forever connected to the ancient vampire, or will Silas find her before it’s too late?

(Found Magic, 3)

by J.A. Cipriano

Coming to grips with the fact you’ve inherited magical powers isn’t easy, but for Abby Banks, it’s become a death sentence. Or at least it had been until she made a deal with the agency that had been hunting her. Work for them, and her father gets to live. Sounds easy, right? Well, it was until a couple masked maniacs cripple the agency and kidnap the director. Now, if she can’t rescue him from Flash and Bang, the life support systems keeping her father alive will shut off for good. Which, okay, yeah, her father’s a super villain and maybe the world would be better off without him, but he’s still family, and when it comes to family, you have to save them, even if it means wading through a supernatural army, right?

Bradi (Interstellar Alphas, 2)

by Mandy M. Roth

When the heart sets its course, even home is no escape... Alpha male shifter, Lieutenant Commander Bradi Janelle isn't looking for a mate. Hell, he goes out of his way to avoid the prospect altogether-until the sexy little number in the infirmary makes a mockery of his ladies' man faรงade. Now, trapped with her in an escape pod, she's way too close for comfort. Too close to deny himself the pleasure of her body.

Retribution (The After Life Saga, 5)

by Cameo Renae

War is coming between humans and Arvies, leaving me trapped between two enemies. This time, I don’t think I’ll survive. The government will stop at nothing to get me back in their clutches. They want what’s inside me—a power I call Venge—and will use my greatest weakness to bring me to my knees. The Arvies know of my gift, and use my telepathy and their numbers, in an effort to take me out. My name is Abigail Park, and I promise retribution against those who’ve wronged me, even if it’s the last thing I do.

Surrender to the Desire… Embrace your Destiny… Soar with the Dragons… Stoke the flames that 13 of your favorite NY Times, USA Today and International Bestselling authors have ignited with their ALL NEW, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED fiery tales of the scorching passion that erupts when a dragon is united with their soul-mate. Soul Fire by Kelly Abell Sometimes breaking a curse leads to an unforeseen destiny Desired Revenge by Solease M. Barner A throne lost.. Centuries of debt.. A new threat arises that not only jeopardizes her lost kingdom but also her heart. Sometimes vengeance isn't vengeance once the heart is involved. Will Carmen have her Desired Revenge?

Devon by Kathi S. Barton Kelly was finally taking the vacation she had been promising herself for years... and escaping her crazy family. But as fate would have it somethings are worse than insane relatives. On Wings of Time by Linda Boulanger One man with a dragon’s soul. One woman with the key to unlock his powers. With six hundred years separating them, Fate’s carefully woven web is about to be tested with a kiss and the flip of a coin. Dragonslayer, Dragon Heart by Isobelle Cate Heart of a Dragon by L.J. Garland When an unimaginable evil rains down from the sky, fate demands action from the most unlikely place-a terminally ill woman. But even with a fierce warrior at her side, does a single dragon stand a chance at saving the world? Promised to A Dragon by Darlene Kuncytes When you're promised in marriage to a dragon shifter like a piece of chattel... what will it be - fight or flight? The Dragon's Sacrifice by Andi Lawrencovna

Sadie’s Shadow by Julia Mills Long forgotten secrets, ancient curses and a prophecy she's been running from for over a century. Fate and Destiny battle for Sadie’s soul but only her Shadow knows the truth... I Dream of Dragons by Tricia Owens When a genie in a bottle seduces her inner dragon, a sorceress must decide if the attraction is real or if she is being tricked. Fire and Ice by Kate Richards The battle for Crossroads rests in the hands of an ice dragon who has yet to shift and isn’t sure she can. Is his fire enough to set her desire ablaze and free the dragon within? Curse of the Dragon's Eye by Kali Willows When reality is just an ancient curse in disguise, an Egyptian Pharaoh fights for her soul & her flight of dragons Scorched Hearts by Victoria Zak One lost heart and another ready for love collide with burning desire. One of them is bound to get SCORCHED.

The Siren’s Promise (Pisces: Zodiac Shifters Series)

by Jami Brumfield

Arabella: Judge, jury, and now executioner. I was sacrificed to be a handmaiden to Persephone because of a birthmark that I share with my twin sister. Our psychic abilities moved us into the position of Sirens. Forced to measure the weight of a person’s soul and place them in the correct realm of the underworld. I grow tired of my duties. When a phoenix shifter washes ashore and I am asked to kill him I have a choice to make. Logan: Exiled from my pack, hunted, and living on the streets. Fate lands me in a position to be aided by the gods. The offer to take a job on a single’s cruise as an entertainer is just what I need to escape and perhaps find peace from the mess my life has become. Unfortunately, my pursuers continue to track me. Death for a phoenix is difficult. We rise from the ashes, but like a cat, we only have a limited number of lives and the new clan leader is determined to eliminate me before I take my rightful place back as clan leader. While the Gods of love work to bring these star-crossed lovers together, the gods of the underworld and the dream realms focus on breaking them apart. Which side will win? Good, bad, or love? Can a phoenix born under Pisces water sign tame a fiery Gemini siren?

Beautiful Nightmares Women of Horror Anthology

Demons, Vampires, Dark Readers of the Mind, Unspeakable Horrors and Ghosts that lurk in the night. When the sun fades behind the horizon and darkness falls, these are the things that chill your bones. Every bump, every whistle of the wind, every distant cry a nightmare waiting to unfold. Frightening. Terrible. Beautiful. Beneath this cover you will find twisted tales of the macabre from some of the best in modern Horror, including: Skye Knizley Sarah Davis Brandon A. Giacomi Lily Luchesi Laurencia Hoffman October Weeks Kindra Sowder Faith Marlow Petronela Ungureanu P. Mattern T.M. Scott Nicolajayne Taylor Cover design from Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media Read them, if you so dare, but leave the lights on. You never know who, or what, is lurking at the edge of darkness. Beautiful Nightmares, a Horror Anthology from Vamptasy Publishing, the leader in Indie Horror. All proceeds to be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Marked (Apocalypse Assassins, 1)

by D. Laine For trained assassin Dylan Romero, business is good. As the agency’s top warriors, he and partner Jake Walker are the last two people evil wants to see on the other side of a gun. When a mission takes them to the college town of Bozeman, Montana, they discover that there is more than just another mark in another town to keep them there. With a heavy concentration of vessels doing their demon masters’ dirty work and flesh-craving monsters lurking around every corner, the secluded Midwest town is set to become the first battleground of the apocalypse. The last thing Dylan needs is a distraction. With the fate of the world at stake, the life of one girl shouldn’t matter – until the day she changes everything. For mature audiences 18 and over due to violence, language, and graphic sexual situations.

Fire Planet Warrior’s Passion (Fire Planet Warriors, 2)

by Calista Skye Being carried caveman-style by a huge warrior is probably not the most dignified way to arrive as Earth ambassador to the secretive Ytter tribe on the planet Acerex. But Lily Jones doesn't mind it too much, because the warrior carrying her through the snow and ice is easiest the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on: dark, muscular, mysterious and with a fiery passion in his green eyes. She knows his name is Ravex'ton, she knows he's a Fire Planet warrior and she knows he has no reason to love aliens like her. Even so, he has saved her life several times already, and she can't help but notice that he seems just as taken with her as she is with him. But before she can explore his outrageous alien body and check if she might be his Fated Mate, they have to survive attacks by bloodthirsty predators. And then they have to handle the terrible Freeze that will probably kill at least one of them. But that's nothing against the deadly traitor who is desperate to tear them apart...

Can you give an elevator pitch of your series to any readers who haven’t heard of you? In March, I’m closing out my TWIN MOON series with “Desert Roots,” Book 6. The elevator pitch? Twin Moon Ranch - home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love. And in April, I’m excited to introduce a whole new series of suspenseful paranormal romances: ALOHA SHIFTERS - JEWELS OF THE HEART with Book 1, “Lure of the Dragon.” Think of Magnum, P.I. with a shifter twist! In a nutshell... What do dragon, wolf, bear, and tiger shifters do after a decade of honorable service in an elite Special Forces unit? Transitioning back to civilian life isn't as easy as it sounds - not even in sunny Hawaii, where they land a sweet gig as caretakers of a luxurious seaside estate. But fate still has a host of challenges in store for this band of brothers, including the temptation of lasting love, the constant threat of enemy shifters, and the mysterious powers of a long-lost horde of jewels.

What was one of your favorite books as a kid? I absolutely adored fantasy books like Robin McKinley’s “The Hero and the Crown” for the capable heroine, the fascinating new world with some paranormal elements, and of course for Corlath, the king. I also loved the Dragonriders of Pern and Elfstones of Shannara books. Oh, and “The Black Stallion,” too! I always pictured myself as the characters, living their adventures like flying around on dragonback or having an island to myself with a horse to ride. No fences, no school, no obligations!

Are you inspired by a particular person from history? Who/why? There are many, but since I recently watched the movie “Hidden Figures,” I will take that as an example. I’m inspired by civil rights activists who held their heads high and persevered in the face of injustice, taking the long view and knowing that small actions can add up over time.

What is a typical day for you? I wake up extra early to be able to write for an hour before I go to my day job. In the evenings, I take care of the business side of writing - communicating with my editor, cover designer, audio narrator, etc. In fact, two weeks ago I had a crazy week with all three of those busy with different books! On weekends, I write for several hours and make sure I get some time outside with my kids. We do a lot of swimming, biking, ball games, etc. In the later part of each evening, I wind down with some fun reading, a bite of dark chocolate, and a glass of milk. To me, that’s heaven!

Do you have a favourite quote? “Goals are dreams with a deadline.” I’m not sure who said it but it’s so true. If you want to go from wishing to accomplishing, you need to knuckle down and discipline yourself. Another quote I love is from tennis pro Arthur Ashe, who said: “If I were to say, “God, why me?” about the bad things, then I should have said, “God, why me?” about the good things that happened in my life.” I remind myself of that all the time - to be thankful for all the things that are easy to take for granted.

Where is the weirdest place you have had to spent the night? There have quite a few, actually. I’ve been stuck in airports around the world and camped out on beaches on planned and unplanned occasions. But the spookiest night might have been the time I stayed in a huge youth hostel in Scotland. It had just opened for the season, and I was the only guest for the night, surrounded by empty beds and ghostly halls. I barely slept a wink!

What was the event which put you on the path to becoming an author? One summer, I had enough down time to actually write and enough gorgeous sunsets to inspire me with ideas, so I finally started putting the stories I have always “written” in my head into words. Once I started, it was addicting!

As an author, or reader, what inspires you to pick up a book? I look for heroines who deserve the “hero” part of the term, as well as memorable settings - and of course strong heroes and a good cause to fight for.

If you were stuck on an island with no means of communication, what are the three things you would need with you?

Boy, that sounds nice! I would bring something to write and sketch with, a solar cooker, and my family. We’d have a Robinson Crusoe treehouse built in no time!

USA Today and Amazon best-selling author Anna Lowe loves putting the "hero" back into heroine and letting location ignite a passionate romance. She likes a heroine who is independent, intelligent, and imperfect — a woman who's doing just fine on her own. But give the heroine a good man (not to mention a chance to overcome her own inhibitions) and she'll never turn down the chance for adventure, nor shy away from danger. On any given weekend, you might find her hiking in the mountains or hunched over her laptop, working on her latest story. Either way, the day will end with a chunk of dark chocolate and a good read.

A high school crush shouldn’t destroy your life. For Clay Jacobs, his desire for Evie Meyers almost did. As a member of a secret organization intent on neutralizing the threat nonhumans pose, he should have recognized the truth of Evie’s heritage earlier and destroyed her before she could flee. Two years later, the memory of her haunts him. It holds him captive and assaults him nightly. To bring an end to his torment, Clay must find her.

But when he does, will he kill the woman he can't forget or run with the woman he can't let go? **Due to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under the age of 18.**

Michelle Irwin has been many things in her life: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; a young girl willing to fight for the love of a vampire; and a time-travelling madman in a box. She achieved all of these feats and many more through her voracious reading habit. Eventually, so much reading had to have an effect and the cast of characters inside her mind took over and spilled out onto the page. Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under with her surprisingly patient husband and ever-intriguing daughter, carving out precious moments of writing and reading time around her accounts-based day job. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

Book 0: Patrick's Story Brothers of Darkness The prequel to Shades of Gray tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius' web, and their valiant fight to escape. "Not a love story...a dark spiral into blackness."

Book 1: Shades of Gray Katelina's "friend-with-benefits" is murdered for stealing something from a coven of vampires. Hunted as an accomplice, Katelina must rely on Jorick to survive. But what happens when her knight in shining armor turns out to be one of the monsters?

Book 2: Legacy of Ghosts For Katelina and Jorick, peace is hard to come by. Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick's fledgling, but a common enemy isn't enough to overcome previous betrayals. Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must overcome old regrets, or lose their future to the ghosts of their past.

Book 3: Ties of Blood

A trip to Katelina's home starts a chain reaction; she and Jorick meet Verchiel, a too friendly vampire, then the police arrest Jorick for kidnapping. Worse, The Guild wants to question them. Will Malick, the head of the vampires, punish them? Or will their mysterious stalker kill them first?

Book 4: Ashes of Deceit

Katelina and Jorick should be going to the tropics. Instead, they're rescuing a captured vampire. Who kidnapped him and why? The truth isn't easy to find. As Oren's attack on the Guild draws closer, Jorick and Katelina are led back to the Citadel where the ancient master Malick reigns. When the flames of war ignite, can they rise from the ashes, or will they be consumed?

Book 5: Heart of the Raven When Malick attacks the Citadel in Munich, a routine visit becomes a race across the continent. Can they beat the ancient master to a legendary artifact, or will he get his hands on what could be a powerful weapon?

Book 6: Children of Shadows An extinct cult resurfaces to wage war on the vampire guilds, leaving destruction in their path. Katelina and Jorick are trapped in Munich's stronghold, with Ume, a vampiress who claims to know Verchiel and offers the help of her secret organization. But, can they trust Ume and her friends? Why have the Children of Shadows reappeared? Is it really a former ally that leads them, or a look alike?

Book 7: Clash of Legends Katelina wakes in Samael's domain without Jorick. Her vampire lover gathers an army to save her, but Malick interferes. When he leaves Katelina broken and bleeding, it's the final straw. Jorick plans the ultimate taboo: to kill his master. Will he succeed or will he and Katelina be crushed in a greater war?

Book 8: Masque of the Vampire Katelina and Jorick head home at last, but it isn't the homecoming they expected. Between Katelina's family and the return of an old friend thought dead, it's almost a relief when Eileifr sends Jorick to Canada as extra security for Andrei's extravagant gala. Almost. But thanks to a mysterious stalker and a child murderer, things are about to get scary.

Book 9: Goddess of Night In the final story of the Amaranthine series the war that threatens is not one of Jorick's, but Katelina's. Will she step up to save her friend and help destroy and ancient

Joleene Naylor is the author of the glitter-less Amaranthine vampire series, a world where vampires aren't for children. As a compliment to the novel series, she has also written several short stories, including the Vampire Morsels collection. In her spare time, Joleene is a freelance book cover designer and for-fun photographer . She maintains several blogs full of odd ramblings, and occasionally updates her website at JoleeneNaylor.com. In what little time is left she watches anime and pins recipes and DIY, all from a crooked Victorian house in Villisca, Iowa. Between her husband and her pets, she is never lonely, and should she ever disappear one might look for her on a beach in Tahiti, sipping a tropical drink and wearing a disguise.



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This month's issue boasts a book feature for Michelle Irwin, series spotlight on the best selling Amaranthine series by Joleene Naylor, auth...


This month's issue boasts a book feature for Michelle Irwin, series spotlight on the best selling Amaranthine series by Joleene Naylor, auth...