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T2 opens for business and creates 500 new jobs

The new Terminal 2 (T2) at Dublin Airport was opened officially by Taoiseach Brian Cowen to much fanfare in November, and is set to open for operations on a phased basis. On Friday 26th November, By Paul Cantwell Etihad Airways moved its Dublin operation to T2, starting its sched- was to ensure the terminal operauled services at the €600 million tions transfer went as smoothly as terminal. The carrier will run 10 possible. services a week between Dublin When fully operational, T2 will and Abu Dhabi. house Aer Lingus, American Beatrice Cosgrove, Etihad Airlines, Continental Airlines, Airways area general manager for Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways Northern Europe, said: "Today is a and US Airways. milestone in Etihad Airways’ Irish The new building will also house operation - being the first airline to a new US preclearance facility that operate scheduled flights into and will run customs, immigration, and out of the one of the most remark- security checks for US-bound pasable terminals in the world." sengers. The preclearance facility Aer Lingus has operated a will open in the New Year, and US number of selected flights through carriers will transfer into Terminal T2, and the carrier plans to operate 2 to coincide with this time frame. a range of services through the new The new terminal is expected to terminal over the coming weeks, as create 500 jobs, including positions it prepares for the full transfer of its in security, cleaning, customer scheduled flights from January service and passenger processing. from Terminal One. The airport authority said about According to a DAA spokesman, 400 new jobs would be created in the staggered rollout of operations the retail and catering elements of

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T2, “but given the nature of airport operations the total employed will be well over 1,000 as the jobs will be a mixture of full and part-time positions”. The new terminal has been controversial due to the high cost of its construction and whether the terminal is actually needed considering the declining figures using the country’s main gateway. Ryanair, one of the chief critics of the project, will not be moving to the new terminal, however, with the airline’s boss, Michael O’Leary branding the terminal "a €1.2 billion palace".

l Not everyone was happy

Christmas Fairytale!

Bachelor Boy no more

Simon Delaney Interview

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Nadine Tiepner and Jennifer Donovan, from Kilbarrack, Co. Dublin joined the Kristmas Karaoke wannabe’s who turned out on Grafton St. to sing 'Fairytale of New York' and help ZozzyTV launch the annual ‘Sing for Simon” Christmas campaign. To find out more about 'Sing for Simon' or to make a donation visit Or log onto www. to grab some of the limelight. Pic Robbie Reynolds / CPR

Why the bailout won't work Opinion Page 3


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The Drift

Q The month in Quotes "This country is not in a situation or position where it is required in any way to apply for assistance. It doesn’t seem to me to make any sense. It would send a signal to the markets that we are not in a position to manage our affairs ourselves.” Brian Lenihan says Ireland doesn't need a bailout "I think it is important that people know that from a funding point of view for the State, we have adequate funding right up until July. There are other mechanisms available to us domestically and nationally after that. Brian Cowan says Ireland doesn't need a bailout "Ireland faces an economic crisis without parallel in its recent history. The problems of low growth, doubts about fiscal sustainability, and a fragile banking sector are now feeding on each other, undermining confidence. Letter from Brian Lenihan and Patrick Honohan formally applying for support from EU and IMF "I was hoping that I might see a World Cup in my lifetime in England. I wasn't born in '66. If we haven't got it this time, when are we ever going to get it? Alan Shearer, Newcastle legend and former England captain, is gutted by England's failure in its bid to host the 2018 World Cup "In light of reduced demand for tickets across matches in the upcoming Guinness Series, the Irish Rugby Football Union acknowledges that it made an error in its ticketing strategy and is giving a commitment that it will review its policy at the conclusion of the November Test matches. The IRFU's contrition after acres of empty seats appeared during the autumn internationals at Lansdowne Road "There is nothing more English than bad sex, so on behalf of the entire nation, I thank you. Rowan Somerville, Irish novelist, who won the Bad Sex in Fiction Prize, for a scene in his book The Shape of Her "RIP, Leslie Nielsen. Shirley, he will be missed. Russell Brand pays tribute to the late Airplane! and Naked Gun actor.

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This is the number of Irish patients who have to receive remedial work after having dental treatment abroad, according to The Irish Dental Association. They say that three out of four dentists have carried out these type of treatments and warn Irish patients of the dangers of being treated abroad. They didn't mention that people seek treatment abroad to avoid the sky-high charges of dentists here.

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Why the bailout won't work Equality think-tank TASC issued its response to the €85 billion EU-IMF agreement with Ireland. Here is an edited version of their views: TASC Director Paula Clancy said: “This is not a good deal for Ireland and it is not a bailout for Ireland. It is a bailout for the European banking system by the Irish taxpayer. Responsibility for the crisis does not lie at the door of ordinary Irish people, but at the door of Irish and European policymakers, particularly the ECB, which created the conditions that have created the current problem. “Private institutions – both those in Ireland, and those lending to Irish financial institutions - fuelled the boom through their reckless lending and it is entirely appropriate that they take responsibility. “The deal is inequitable, won’t work and will either lead to a sovereign default or will condemn the Irish people to a prolonged period of economic stagnation. It is in the interests of the Irish people that the deal be re-negotiated on more favourable terms, including a write-down of at least 50 per cent of the banking debt. This is crucial to economic recovery. “The burden of the current crisis is bigger than Ireland can manage and can only be solved at European level. There are currently proposals at the EU level for creditors on loans issued after 2013 to absorb some of the losses on severe bank debts. “The solution to the current crisis has to involve the banking debts being spread between Ireland, the ECB and the European banks themselves. One option would be a debt for equity swap. This would mean that the creditors would take on the banking debts in exchange for ownership of the banks. An alternative solution would be for the ECB to take over the banking debts itself, with Ireland then recompensing the ECB for part of the total amount at a fixed value per annum over a long time period. A third option is to simply insist that the creditors (the bondholders) absorb a portion of the bank


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debts. This would be appropriate as the creditors must take responsibility for their reckless lending. “TASC is particularly concerned at the decision to include NPRF funds in the deal. By removing the possibility of using the NPRF to fund strategic investments, the agreement concluded between the Government and the IMF-EU effectively shuts the door to economic recovery in the next few years”. TASC’s analysis of the implications of the EU-IMF deal is summarised below.

Shutting the door to recovery 1. The EU-IMF agreement is a bailout for the banks and other institutions that lent to the Irish banking system, so as to prevent those banks taking losses on their loans 2. The decision to use the National Pension Reserve Fund to run down part of the debt will preclude the State from engaging in targeted growth enhancing stimulus measures and increases the likelihood of a period of economic stagnation. 3. TASC notes that, by extending the deficit reduction target to 2015, the EU-IMF have implicitly accepted that the proposed austerity measures will dampen the economic growth. 4. The EU has already downgraded our growth prospects for 2011 to 0.9 per cent, implying that the 2014 targets are almost certain not to be met. 5. The bank recapitalisation is a strong signal that a debt-for-equity swap will not be forthcoming, because all of the recapitalisation money would subsequently be lost under a debt for equity swap. 6. The decision not to require the senior bondholders to pay some of the price for their reckless lending has created a moral hazard.

Low income and vulnerable groups will pay the highest price 7. The agreement concluded between Ireland and the EU-IMF does not reflect European Union plans to eliminate inequality or social exclusion 8. The cut in the Minimum Wage will exacerbate poverty levels. TASC notes the findings of the most recent SILC report which shows that consistent poverty levels increased by 25 per cent in 2009. 9. From an equity point of view, the EU/IMF plan limits spending on social protection and services, effecting vulnerable groups and the economy. 10. The absence of a debt restructuring and the high interest rates imposed will lead to higher interest rates in the real economy.

Piling debt upon debt won’t work 11. Beyond a certain threshold, the rate of interest charged simply becomes unsustainable and there is a strong probability that the announced 5.83 per cent rate falls within the category of unsustainable. 12. The scale of the Irish banking debt crisis is so large it can only be resolved at the European level. 13. The four-year plan, and the inability to source funds for targeted investment due to the loss of the NPRF, ensures that Ireland will stagnate. 14. The interest rate charged, and the refusal by

Scrooge Competition Winner The winner of two tickets to see Scrooge at the Grand Canal Theatre was Mary Crawte, Woodlawn Drive, Santry, Dublin 9

It is a bailout for the European banking system by the Irish taxpayer

the ECB to countenance a debt write-down, will lead to an annual level of debt interest repayments between €8 billion and €10 billion. This is unsustainable given the projected low growth rates. 15. Losses in the banking system will grow as the personal debt/mortgage crisis worsens in 2011 and beyond. Increased losses may lead to more funding needs for banks and will lead to higher interest payments, choking off investment even further. 16. In the absence of a different approach, a banking default and eventually a sovereign default must be considered probable.

There is a way out

17. Further lending will not by itself solve Ireland’s problem: There needs to be a renegotiation of the agreement. 18. It is essential that the bank liabilities and the sovereign liabilities be separated.

19. A bank resolution scheme should be enacted as soon as possible. 20. Instead of proceeding with an agreement which will fail, the debt should be split three ways between Ireland, the ECB and the creditor institutions: part of the debt should be written down and part of the debt should be taken over by the ECB. 21. The key difficulty associated with forcing senior bondholders to share the burden is that the potential risk of contagion throughout the eurozone associated with such a shock is genuine. But even if the ECB is correct in this, the onus must be on the ECB itself to effect a genuine ‘bailout’ of Ireland, by taking on a portion of the banking debt. 22. The ECB can fund this strategy by placing a tax on European banks. 23. An alternative option would be to pursue a debt for equity swap mechanism. If such a mechanism is pursued the Government must take care to ensure a functioning credit system is retained. This may imply that a good bank be set up to take over an existing branch network and keep the payment systems functioning. This could be done with a portion of the money in the NPRF. 24. The remaining portion of the NPRF should be used to support an investment strategy. There are routes out of this crisis. But they are all premised on renegotiating the EU-IMF package in the interests of the Irish people.


Green Scene

Wind power generation hits 1200 MW Irish record

Power generation data from EirGrid confirmed that Ireland’s wind farms hit a new power output record in October of 1196MW at 7.45pm, which accounted for 30.87 percent of total generation at that time. Commenting on the achievement of this significant milestone in the growth of power generation from Irish wind farms, IWEA Chief Executive, Michael Walsh, said:

will need to harness renewable energy sources. This delivers major economic and energy security benefits, including much greater autonomy in setting our energy policies, moderating energy costs as fossil fuels become more expensive, meeting our climate change commitments and maximising sustainable jobs and exports to support Ireland’s economic renewal.”

Successfully incorporated

Ireland currently has 1,459MW of installed wind generation capacity across the Republic, with over 1,100MW of contracted genera-

"Ireland is leading the way in demonstrating that high levels of power generation from wind are achievable, which can then be successfully incorporated into our overall power supply mix. Already this year, wind power generation has, on a number of occasions, delivered over half of the electricity in Ireland.” Dr. Walsh added: “As the Irish wind sector grows, we are also developing the knowledge base and skills that the rest of the world

Pipeline of wind farm projects

tion and a further 3,900MW to receive grid connections in the next phase of the grid connection process known as “Gate 3”. Outside of the current connection process, a significant pipeline of wind farm projects exists with more than 11GW of wind energy projects awaiting grid connection. Michael Walsh said that the scale and depth of the wind resource available in Ireland meant that if we harness this resource, Ireland would become one of the world’s leading exporters of renewable power. He said: “In the simplest terms, the opportunity we face is that we should be exporting as much renewable energy in 2020 as we currently consume today. If planned generation capacity is met, we could export up to 5,000 MW of renewable power in ten years, equivalent to our total consumption in 2010. "This will create a €20 billion wind power sector with massive export potential.”

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Green shoots...

An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way launched

Industry, academic institutions and local authorities have joined forces to develop Ireland’s first Green Economic Zone, An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way. An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way - which already has a number of enterprises and projects established - has been initiated by a powerful alliance of businesses, academic institutions and local authorities including Ballymun Regeneration, Dublin Airport Authority, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council and North Dublin Chamber. The goal of An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way is to position Ireland as a centre of Cleantech innovation and enterprise which will link business to investors and develop trade partnerships with other major international green corridors such as the US East Bay Green Corridor Partnership and Lahti Cleantech Science Park in Finland. An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way was conceived in response to the 2009 Report of the Government’s High-Level Action Group on Green Enterprise which stated

that “Ireland needs to develop one or more green zones in order to create an environment that can support the development of green enterprise and be used to market Ireland overseas”. Tony Boyle, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the An tSlí Ghlas - The Green Way said: “We wish to create an internationally recognised green economic zone and position Ireland as a leader in the world’s most exciting and rapidly growing sector. "The potential of this project, which builds on our existing assets and infrastructure, is that it can assist in the transformation of our economy.” Boyle added: “Many projects are already underway. Designated Wetlab space for Cleantech industries are at advanced planning stage, the DIT Dublin Energy Lab with Ballymun Regeneration Ltd is providing training and re-skilling of building trade workers for the clean tech industries. "DAA are regenerating the airport central area as a hub for Cleantech FDI. DAA have also just launched T2 which will obviously assist in connecting An tSlí Ghlas -The Green Way to emerging Cleantech centres in Europe, China, India and the U.S.


All About Dublin (1)

On the barracks of Dublin

There were a lot of barracks in Dublin, but a surprisingly small number of permanent soldiers, as this listing from 1835 shows (taken from 'The picture of Dublin: or, Stranger's guide to the Irish metropolis'). "There are within the city of Dublin, or its immediate precincts, seven barracks or military stations, which are capable of affording accommodation to a garrison of 5500 men. 1. The largest is the Royal Barracks, which is constructed for one regiment of cavalry, and two of infantry; or 2,000 men, exclusive of accommodation for one general, and numerous staff officers. Attached to this barrack is also an extensive general hospital, capable of receiving more than 200 patients. [now part of the National Museum of Ireland] 2. Richmond Barracks, which are built for two regiments of infantry, or 1,600 men. [Renamed Keogh Barracks after Independence, closed in 1927, the last remaining part is now used by St. Michael's C.B.S., Inchicore.] 3. Portobello Barracks, for one regiment of cavalry, and a detachment of infantry, or about 530 men. [Now Cathal Brugha Barracks.] 4. Island-bridge Barracks, which are appropriated to the Royal Artillery, with accommodation for upwards of 500 men. [Renamed Clancy Barracks in 1942, sold for development in 2001.] 5. The New Depot, situated at Beggar's Bush,

The Informer Edited by Zoz

Lesser known Dubs Garnet Wolseley A Dub who was immortalised in a song from 1879 which is still performed today ... is completely unknown in his native city. The song was Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Major-General's Song' in the 'Pirates of Penzance' - "I am the very model of a modern Major-General, I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral, etc., etc.", and the Dub who inspired it was a larger-than-life character, Field Marshal The Rt. Hon. Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley, KP, GCB, OM, GCMG, VD, PC. The first son of a British General, Wolseley was born in 1833 at Golden Bridge. At age 19 he joined the British Army, a year later he was fighting in Burma, got injured and mentioned in dispatches, and was promoted to lieutenant. Sent back to Dublin he joined the 90th Infantry, and in 1854 found himself in the Crimea - he was attached to the Royal Engineers during the during the Siege of Sevastopol and was wounded twice - losing an eye in August 1855. Promoted to Captain, he was one of the last British

which is constructed for about 320 infantry. [Closed down in the 1920s, now housing and various government institutions.] 6. South Great George's-street Barrack, which is calculated for 300 infantry, and is the head quarters of the Recruiting Establishment. [One of several temporary barracks built during the risings of 1798 and 1803.] 7. Pigeon-house Fort, which accommodates a

detachment of the Royal Artillery and another of infantry, amounting together to 250 men. Here is also an armoury, and the principal depot for ordnance stores in this country. Considerable additions have been lately made to the defences of the Fort, and it is now considered perfect." [Closed in 1897 - little remains, part of the gateway and a section of sea wall complete with gun loops.]

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All About Dublin (2)

The Informer Edited by Zoz

A Place in the City

Lesser known Dubs Garnet Wolseley

Heuston Station

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soldiers to leave the Crimea (taking home several mentions in dispatches, and medals from the French and the Turks). Next stop China - he was shipwrecked on the way - and on reaching Singapore was promptly sent to Calcutta to put down the Indian Mutiny. Again he found himself in the thick of it - at Bari, Sarsi, Nawabganj, the capture of Faizabad, the passage of the Gumti and the action of Sultanpur (etc., simply put, wherever there was fighting, there you would find him). At the end of the rebellion he was promoted to a lieutenant-colonel (and again received a brace of medals). Back to China - the capture of Tang-ku, the storming of the Taku Forts, the Occupation of Tientsin, and the entry into Peking - another two medals were in the bag. Next stop was Canada where life proved uneventful for a while - luckily for him the American Civil War broke and he took time off to hang around the major players on the Confederate Side (Generals Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and Stonewall Jackson among others.) Back in Canada he was actively involved in

putting down the Fenian raids from the U.S., and commanded an expedition to establish Canadian authority over the Northwest Territories and Manitoba. In 1873 he was in command of an expedition to Ashanti in West Africa - he completed his mission after several battles in two months. He got promoted to major general, again got a medal or two, and received the Freedom of London. Further campaigns followed - he ended up with yet more medals and was created Viscount Wolseley, of Wolseley in the County of Stafford, and a Knight of St Patrick. In 1890 he was given command in Ireland and was promoted to be a field marshal in 1894. A year later he was appointed "commander-in-chief of the forces." Lord Wolseley was appointed colonel-in-chief of the Royal Irish Regiment in 1898, and, in 1901, was made Gold Stick in Waiting to King Edward VII. He died on March 26, 1913, at Menton on the French Riviera and was buried in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, London.

Heuston Station was built in the 1840s as the terminus and headquarters of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company. The reason, of course, that Dublin doesn't have a Grand Central Station but instead has several unconnected ones in various parts of the city is that they were built by competing private railway companies in the nineteenth century. The station was originally called Kingsbridge. Sean Heuston, who was shot at dawn on May 8th 1916 by the British authorities for his part in the Easter Rising, worked at the station as a minor employee of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company. The building was designed by Sir John MacNeill, who was engineer to the company. He came up with an early and rather fine example of a large Victorian iron and glass railway station in the form of a Renaissance palace. It has recently been extensively refurbished and had a Luas tram station added on to the eastern side. Beside the station is Dr Steevens' Hospital, an even finer building and much older. It dates from the early

eighteenth century. Dr Richard Steevens was Regius Professor of Physics in Trinity College. When he died, in 1710, he left his estate to his sister Grizel with the stipulation that on her death the remaining money would be used to found a general hospital in the city. But Grizel didn't wait. She kept just ÂŁ 150 a year for her own upkeep and used the rest to start on the hospital immediately. It opened in 1733 and the architect was Thomas Burgh. He was rather a good architect who also designed the Long Library in Trinity College and Collins Barracks. The hospital is basically in the form of a courtyard surrounded by Italianate piazzas - the clock tower was added in 1736. It functioned as a hospital until 1987. It now houses Health Service Executive administrators. The change from philanthropic health care to administration may say something about the evolution of medicine in modern Ireland. An excerpt from "The Liffey - Portrait of a River", with text by Dick Warner, and paintings by Rosemary Burns. Published by Cottage Publications.

The Lost World: Irish Household Finances Routine! The great and silent killer of Ireland’s household financial woes. “Ah sure I got a great quote off them five years ago so I never bother looking at it”... “Well it goes out by direct debit every month so I don’t need to worry about it”... “Well they usually give the best prices don’t they?”… Like the film itself many Irish people are just as comfortable managing their bills as they would be in a cage with a T-Rex. Only difference being that a T-Rex would probably take the mind off pay cuts and levies and grab the attention more than any financial adviser. 99% of Irish households have the same filing system – an armoured box full of re-

ceipts, statements and bills and only for use in the event of emergencies! It never fails to amaze me that nearly every household we deal with produces one these famous boxes and admits sheepishly that whilst they don’t look at their finances very often “everything you need is in here. If you are one of these people, then breathe a sigh of relief because there is contagion (new buzz word) to this madness. Thankfully help is at hand because at we pride ourselves on being able to digest all of your finances and give you a straightforward path to financial freedom and regain control of your New World.

New driver cpc – 20,000 drivers trained Read your local Informer edition online at our revamped website

CPC.IE, Ireland’s CPC specialists have now trained over 20,000 drivers in their “nationally acclaimed” Driver and Transport Management CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Courses. CPC. IE has been delivering Transport Training Courses for 25 years at 30 venues throughout the country. All professional Truck and Bus drivers must now attend a one day training course per year and according to Tony Hynes of CPC.IE, whilst a lot of drivers were hesitant and sceptical about the course initially, the feedback has been brilliant. The drivers who have attended the Driver CPC modules with CPC.IE are extremely enthusiastic about the course and have praised the practicality of the content. In the current economic environment operators have been very impressed with the cost savings which can be applied to the bottom line. Others, because of the relevance of the subject matter, have even attended the course even though they are not obliged to. For example Orla Canton, who did a Transport Manager CPC course with CPC.IE,

attended the Driver CPC Module 1 training recently, even though she is not obliged to do this training. Orla enthused that “this course is brilliant and, even though I didn’t have to do it, I found it very useful, money saving, great value and totally practical”. Tony has been inundated with enquiries from the haulage and passenger industry for the Driver CPC course and this should be seen an excellent reflection on the industry and on how positively the training is being received. “This training is a win/win situation for everyone concerned and most importantly will promote excellence in road safety and accident prevention” according to Tony Hynes of CPC.IE. CPC.IE are offering a Special Christmas Offer of €49 for the Driver CPC Course for all Informer readers. You can also view their DVD (as seen on TV) on CPC. IE or you can contact 0667185556; 087-6363003; or at

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The Informer

Informer Interview

A bachelor boy no more Kevin O'Brien talks to actor Simon Delaney about his career and future plans

Simon Delaney Where were you born and where did you grow up? Born and reared in Raheny, on the Sunny Northside of Dublin. Fondest childhood memory? Walking home from school at the age of four, I’d had enough at that stage. Mind you, the look on my mothers face as I walked up the drive, now that was priceless! Are you married, children? Married to Lisa, and we have two boys, Cameron is four and Elliot is two.

"I think more and more people are going into the business for the wrong reasons, namely in search of fame"

First paid job? Selling portraits (yes, portraits!) door to door. I made £4 in my first week.

"Broadway is still left on my ‘to-do’ list"

What acting role would you really like to try? I would love to perform on Broadway, in a musical. I was lucky enough to make my West End debut in 2006, with ‘Stones in his pockets’, so Broadway is still left on my ‘to-do’ list!

How did you start your acting career, was it tough, explain? I started doing shows with my local musical society, Cameron musical and dramatic society in Edenmore. From there, I went on to guest with other groups, and went on doing plays, panto’s and musicals for ten years. Great training for what was to come! Do you think it’s hard for people looking to get into acting now? I don't think it’s any more difficult than it was ten years ago, however, I think more and more people are going into the business for the wrong reasons, namely in search of fame. If that's your motivation for becoming an actor, you made the wrong choice of career I’m afraid!

Do prefer theatre or TV acting? I prefer the stage, but my bank manager prefers the screen!

"I’ve just landed my first job stateside, a movie called ‘Living Impaired’,"

n Simon in his appearance in RTE's 'Who Do You Think You Are'?

"I’m always optimistic with regard to the Irish people, and their spirit, but alas I have no faith in the people who are driving the bus"

Do you think that you have been pigeon-holed as a comedy actor now with the public? I don't think so. There’s no doubt I tend to get offered more comedic roles, and I suppose that’s because the majority of my screen work to date has been comedy dramas. Having said that, my latest part was in Sean Penn’s new movie ‘This must be the place’, which is most definitely not a comedy! Who are your acting heroes? My favourite actor is Jack Lemmon. His variety of roles, from comedy (Some Like It Hot) to drama (Glengarry Glenross) made him one of the most versatile and talented actors of all time. What project have you been working on at the moment? Directing panto at the moment, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, at the Tivoli theatre, just finished directing the German premiere of ‘stones in his pockets’, and then after Christmas, we start filming the 2nd series of ‘Roy’ for BBC/ RTE. Plans for the future, do you have the bright lights of Hollywood in range? I’ve just landed my first job stateside, a movie called ‘Living Impaired’, which shoots next April in North Carolina, alongside Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall). Are you optimist or pessimistic on Ireland’s future? I’m always optimistic with regard to the Irish people, and their spirit, but alas I have no faith in the people who are driving the bus. I think they have wronged the people of this country, and in particular my generation, who for the second time in their lives, are being faced with the prospect of having to emigrate, in order to survive.



The Informer

Garden Growing

Dealing with the snow and ice As I write this month's article on the last day of November, the weather outside couldn’t be worse and it’s not even December yet! I really hope that we don’t get a repeat of last winter's prolonged snow and freezing temperatures. However, there is nothing we can do except be ready for whatever we get. Protect those plants

Last winter taught us a lot of hard lessons about protecting plants. We all lost supposedly ‘hardy’ plants and in order for this not to happen again an efficient and cheap way to protect shrubs etc., is to cover them with horticultural fleece. It is widely available in garden centres and DIY shops and it is still not too late to do this, but hurry! In addition, if bigger shrubs and small trees get covered in snow and ice, it is vital that you use a brush or stick to shake it off as snow and ice will do huge damage if left on branches. Last

winter a vast amount of Cordylines died throughout the country as a result of ice and snow resting on their branches.


Feeding the birds

Due to the cold weather my garden is full of birds. All the usual suspects are there except the ‘Blackcap’ who hasn’t shown up just yet. I’m doing my utmost to keep the magpies and pigeons away as they will eat more in five minutes than the smaller birds would in a day. Speaking of feeding the birds, a regular reader of my column in the Informer has a problem with vermin, i.e. 'Rattus Norvegicus’, that’s rats to you and me. They are feasting on the crumbs which fall to the ground under the bird feeders. I’ve suggested putting trays under the feeders and some other ideas. Has any reader a better solution? Email me please with any creative/innovative ways to get rid of these unwanted visitors

Gerry Norton

and I’ll gladly pass them on. Keep off the lawn!

During this cold weather it is absolutely vital that you do not damage your lawn by walking on it or pushing a wheelbarrow over it. As the grass is frozen you will do serious damage. If there is a break soon in the weather during December, you could give the lawn a last quick haircut but only if it needs it and only if we get reasonable, dry weather. Otherwise put the

mower away, or better still make a plan to have it serviced during January or February so it’s ready for next year. Next year's veg

Once the frost has gone, think seriously about growing your own vegetables next year. Apart from the wonderful taste and freshness of your own vegetables, you can save a small fortune when it comes to shopping and now that the ‘IMF’ (Institute of Miserable Feckers) have come

here to tell us how to live, the more we grow, the more we save. Keep an eye out

Finally, my tip of the month for December is to please make sure to call into your elderly neighbours to check if they need milk or bread or whatever. They are infinitely more important than the birds we love so much. Have a very happy and stress free Xmas.

Finally folks, if you need any information on gardening or if you have any tips or suggestions which I can pass on, please send them to me at I would be delighted to quote for any/all of your garden requirements from set-up organic vegetable plots to restoration of neglected gardens, design, planting and maintenance. No charge for initial visit and I will travel within reason.

Gerry Norton, Living Landescapes, 97 Church Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 Tel: 087-2462724 or email


Family Focus

The Informer

Cut down the cost of Christmas With only a few weeks left until Christmas, the sense of excitement in most family homes will be building as children can’t wait for Santa’s visit and are oblivious to their parents’ household budgets. But there are ways to keep that festive cheer without breaking the bank.

Set up a kriskindle or Secret Santa – put a spending limit on adults’ presents in your extended family and pick names out of a hat. That way you only have to buy one adult present and everybody gets one present. Alternatively, don’t buy presents for adults and concentrate on gifts for chil-

dren instead. Talk to other parents and see if you can swap toys to make the most of what you already have. A toy that doesn’t appeal to one child may be a dream come true for another one. Check out ebay, charity shops and school Christmas fairs in your area – often

A Pregnancy Companion If you’re looking for a gift for a pregnant friend, check out Pregnancy Companion from Murdoch Books. Written by no less than seven doctors, this is a factual ringbound book giving you some great information. What we like is the format – you can fill in your own notes on what it was like to be pregnant and what you did when, and then the book will become a diary of your experience. Unfortunately the information inside is not written with an Irish experience in mind, but much of what’s included will be relevant. £12.99stg from bookshops.

people decide to declutter as Christmas gets nearer and you can pick up classic board games with all the pieces and the original box, a bag of bricks or construction toys or a big toy someone no longer has space for at home. Re-gifting can be a winwin situation for everyone – if someone gave you something that you didn’t like last Christmas but you think someone else might like, why not pass it on – but not back to the same person obviously! Write a list of everyone you have to buy for and allocate a set amount of money to each one, and then stick to it. Going out with a vague idea of what you want and a credit card allows shops to encourage you to impulse buy and spend more than you can afford. Write a food and alcohol

budget too – some items could be bought in the weeks coming up to Christmas, spreading the cost. The shops are only closed for two days over Christmas, so there’s no need to go too crazy. Use cash if you can – that way you won’t get a nasty surprise in January. Look back at last year’s January bills and try to leave that amount of money available for January 2011 so that can afford to pay your bills. If you are on low income and are under pressure to borrow for Christmas contact your local Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) office to see what options for affordable credit are available to you. Helpline number 1890 283 438. MABS have 62 drop-in offices throughout the country staffed by professional money advisors. Check out

n Babies are cute: And especially when decked out in cute Christmas outfits, like this reindeer faux fur pramsuit, approx 20 euro from Mamas and Papas (phone 1890 882 363 for stockists). We reckon your baby could wear this practical item all winter long.


Personal Finance Working on the Four-Year Plan The Government has revealed its National Recover Plan and it is clear that no one will escape unscathed by the announcements. Reductions in tax bands and credits will bring more people into the tax system and the introduction of other cuts and charges will leave everyone worse off. What can you do immediately to ease the pain? Well here are four steps that you can take immediately to put more money in your pocket. Set up your tax credit certificate correctly

It amazes me how many mistakes I find on these certificates. Your net pay is determined by the information on this document. Within limits tax bands can be shared between spouses in order to pay less tax at the higher rate. If your salary has decreased recently or if you or your partner has become unemployed then your certificate may need to be amended to reflect this in order to reduce your tax liability. Where relevant you should claim credits for your union subs, rent relief, service charges, dependent relative allowance, flat rate expenses, medical expenses and so on. You could be wasting money year after year by not setting this certificate up properly.

PRSI and Health Levy relief will disappear altogether in 2011 so if you wait until next year to make a single premium contribution to your pension you will miss out on this additional relief. Therefore, if you can afford to, it is prudent to make a single premium payment before 31st of December 2010 to avail of this relief before it disappears. In addition to this, tax relief on pension planning will be decreased from a maximum of 41% to 20% by 2014. The first drop will not occur until 2012 so the sooner you make contributions to your pension the better in order to avail of the higher relief. Review your life cover arrangements

Companies have reduced their premiums significantly as they chase new business. You are free to change your policy at any time by replacing it with a new policy. You can get a quote to compare cover in matter of minutes so it’s easy to find out if you can substantial amounts here. For further information on the health insurance offers mentioned above, a life cover quote or if you would like a free initial review of you tax credit certificate please contact me on 087 287 5256 or by email at

Review your health cover and get your children covered for free

Thousands of customers will be renewing their insurance in January. Therefore insurance companies will be competing like never before to attract new customers and keep hold of existing customers. At least two companies will be offering free cover for children on certain plans in December. This could save a family with two children €380 per year. You are free to change your insurance anytime so take advantage of these offers immediately. Make your single premium pension contribution early

Andrew Russell is a Qualified Financial Adviser and Managing Director of Squaremile Financial Consultants Ltd. He provides financial advice to private sector employees and the self employed. In addition to this he specialises in assisting public sector employees improve their retirement benefits. Contact: Andrew Russell, Managing Director, Squaremile Financial Consultants. T: 087 287 5256 • E: • W:

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10 ways to save money in a recession With all the recent reports in the media relating to tax increases and spending cuts it is worth knowing that there are still a number of ways you can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings with very little effort. 4 Switch your Gas and Electricity to Airtricty or Bord Gais Energy and save on average between 10% - 14% on your energy costs 4 Review your Mortgage Protection with Big savings on your monthly premium as well as 70% off for the first twelve months. Go online to or call 01 6853813 4 Switch from NTL/ Sky to Freesat and have no monthly TV cable bill 4 Switch to a monitored alarm from Knight Security and save up to 20% every year on your Home Insurance. Go to 4 Review the re-build cost of your Home for Home Insurance. You may be over-insured. Go to for further details 4 Ring your Health Insurance provider and ask to switch to the equivalent Corporate Plan. This applies to VHI, Quinn and Aviva and can save up to 20% by making one phone call! 4 Claim all your tax credits and get a refund of any overpaid tax. Go to for further details 4 Switch to e-mobile pay as you go and get unlimited calls from €10 per week. This may help you to also get rid of your home phone 4 No more late fees on DVD’s/Games. Join and get 12 months for the price of 10 by entering the code SMART 4 Buy a card, help your chosen charity and save money on a range of local and national services

DublinInformer Special Offer for business 10,000 leaflets designed, printed and delivered plus 1/4 page advert in all 10 Informer editions ALL FOR


pLus VAT

Your 10,000 leaflets delivered alongside the Informer newspapers Your 1/4 page advert to appear in all 10 editions of the Informer newspapers

Tel: 01-8138786

The Informer newspapers are delivered directly to 175,000 homes across Dublin each month. Email: • Web:


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Health & Beauty

The new non invasive lift and sculpt facial It is billed as the quickest way to a 'non-surgical facelift', so it's no wonder beauty experts are waxing lyrical about it! The paraffin wax facial, a thermal mask painted on to the skin and then kept warm under infra-red light, is the latest A-list craze in the quest for more youthful skin. Sophie Dahl, Denise Van Outen and Angelica Houston are big fans of the paraffin wax mask treatment which is said to keep the skin looking youthful. The treatment begins with a half hour of intensive facial massage.

Beauty this Winter NEW Lift & Sculpt Facial see article above re details of this fabulous anti ageing facial

€75 Normally e125

Microdermabrasion €50 (normally €99)

Fake Bake Spray Tan €25

01 4976434 4-6 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6

During the massage, which is known as the Lift & Sculpt Facial, moisturising oils are used to massage and stimulate the skin cells and a 'deep-tissue' kneading technique is used to give softer, plumper skin. A specially formulated peach and lavender thermal paraffin wax mask is painted on to the skin while warm and left on for half an hour. This helps the skin absorb the moisturising oils which soothes and relaxes the facial muscles to help release tension and leave the skin bright and glowing. The wax is kept warm under an infra-red light so that it doesn't solidify before it is peeled off. This facial is a wonderful treat for a cold, winter's evenings. The warm wax helps you feel like you're in the tropics! The massage and wax helps boost circulation in the skin and relax the facial muscles. The warmth of the mask helps penetrate the active ingredients used during the facial deep into the skin, leaving it ‘soft and smooth.'. Paraffin Wax is very softening and is very good as a skin treatment. There is an instant and noticeable result after one session! For maximum benefits it advisable to have two to three treatments close together and then monthly. However, this treatment is not suitable if your skin is sensitive to heat or wax. Those with dermatitis, burns, skin rashes, open wounds and any such skin condition should also avoid paraffin wax treatment Linda, Senior Therapist Rathgar Laser & Beauty Clinic 01-4976434

Say hello to Shellac from Creative Academy CND (Creative Nail Design), the leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty, is delighted to introduce the first hybrid nail colour ever. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Hybrid Nail Colour! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes. Shellac is applied directly to the natural nail, no filing or buffing of any kind is needed. It paints on like polish – base coat, colour, top coat – and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. The application time is approximately 25 minutes so you can be in & out of the salon in half your lunchbreak! Shellac colours are hypo-allergenic, and “3-Free” – no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping, even during the most rigorous activities. As amazing as Shellac is on, removal is just as satisfying! No soaking, drilling or filing is necessary. Nails are wrapped in individual Shellac Remover Wraps – integrated cotton pads that limit finger and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. 3 - 5 minutes of time in exchange for two weeks of perfect colour is all it takes. Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction. CND will unveil 12 new Shellac shades in February 2011, with colours ranging from beige to black. This exciting addition expands the Shellac line to 24 chic shades plus countless layering options. Shellac addicts will now have more choices for the convenience of a 14-day manicure. Shellac Salons nationwide can be viewed on our website or alternatively call us at 01 4295122 ext 2 to find a salon in your area.

Learn to massage baby Drivers Urgently Required

Lots of Account and Cash Work! Call 087 628 6901

My name is Lisa Keogh and I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) with Baby Massage Ireland, the Irish chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Baby massage has been used for thousands of years, as a way to bond with and care for babies. It enables the person massaging the baby to recognise what baby likes and dislikes. By learning your babies cues it makes it easier for your baby to communicate his / her feelings, and for you to meet those needs. Benefits of baby massage: • Baby massage has many benefits for both the baby and the care giver. • Benefits for babies: • Supports the bonding process • Improves the blood circulation, digestion, and balance • The baby learns how to relax and become calmer • The baby feels respected that his/her needs are cared for and respected • Can improve sleep patterns • May provide relief for colicky symptoms and digestive problems Benefits for parents: • Supports bonding and relaxation • Increased parental competence in relating to and handling the baby • Increases prolactin / oxytocin (the hormone which furthers "motherly instincts" and wellbeing) • Baby massage class offers parents and care givers the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, and also to meet new people

Classes are run for approx 1 hour, over 4 weeks, and are best suited for babies aged 6 weeks to precrawlers. Classes are designed to be small, with a maximum of 8 parents / caregivers. It is important that both parents / care givers, and babies are relaxed, and are having an enjoyable experience. You are free to tend to your baby in any way throughout the class i.e. feed, change, or comfort your baby. You know your baby best. I am currently running classes in Slievemore Clinic, Stillorgan. Baby massage is also a reclaimable maternity expense from most health care providers, as they recognise the health benefits of baby massage. VHI, Quinn, and Aviva refund €100 towards baby massage under most policies - please check with your health care provider. For more details on my classes, please see www.massagesbymummy. com, or you can contact me on 087-9903801.

A Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all our Readers and Advertisers from everybody here at the Informer


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Dublin Advice

Learning to cope with workplace stress A common theme that is emerging in my counselling practice is an increase in workplace stress. Salary cuts, redundancies and threats of closure have radically changed the work environment for managers and staff in the last couple of years. Many people are under pressure to work longer hours, meet tighter deadlines, carry a greater workload and manage with fewer resources and less support than ever. The knock-on effect for individuals means increased occupational stress, which is more strongly associated with health complaints than

CARERS REQUIREDININTHIS THISAREA AREA CARERS REQUIRED • Are you reliableperson personwho who • Are youcaring, caring,honest honest and and reliable is is looking career? lookingfor foraarewarding rewarding career? • No Experiencerequired required as as full full training • No Experience trainingprovided. provided. Wehave havethe thefollowing following positionsavailable. available. We positions


(7 day on and 7 day off roster) you can claim all your benefits week (7 day on and 7 day on off your roster) youoff can claim all your benefits on your week off


(You tell us the hours you can work)


If you are interested in these positions, then contact Louise on tellout usmore the hours you can 01 8178617 (You to find or send your CVwork) to us at Comfort Keepers, Deverell Place, Lower Gardiner Street,then Dublin 1. If you are interested in these positions, contact Louise 01 8178617 to find out more Or via email to: on or send your CV to us at Comfort Keepers, Deverell Place, Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.

Or via email to

any other life stressor - more so than even financial or family problems. Typical symptoms of workplace stress can include insomnia, constant fatigue, loss of interest in work, irritability, increased alcohol intake, unexplained illnesses like recurrent headaches or digestive problems, and inability to “switch off” outside work hours. If the stress continues, longer term problems can include heart problems, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and even suicide. Though many of the causes of stress are outside the individual's control, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that stress is defused, rather than being allowed to build up into a health crisis. People differ in what they find stressful and, equally, in what they find relaxing, so a certain amount of experimentation may be necessary to find out what works best for each person. Do you contribute to your own stress levels?

Most of us do. By taking on too much, not confronting difficult people and trying to please everybody, we can end up making impossible demands on ourselves. Begin to recognise your own unhelpful habits – especially those that haven't changed over time. They might be procrastination, feeling over-responsible, perfectionism, lateness, or an inability to say “no”. These stress factors are within our “sphere of influence”, i.e. behaviours over which we have control. They are related to individual personality, not to the job. Taking small steps to respond in new ways to everyday situations, like staying calm if you typically get angry, can greatly reduce stress levels and restore a feeling of empowerment. Taking care of the basics

“Self-care” is a term that covers all the nourishing, strengthening and supportive things we need to do regularly to maintain a healthy

body, mind and nervous system. It includes eating healthily, taking exercise, getting enough sleep, having quality time with family and friends, and having fun. Taking the opportunity to offload problems and discuss possible solutions, with a trusted colleague, friend or partner, can be invaluable. Try to make time for a daily relaxation habit: the deeply calming effects of practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation are now well documented by the medical profession. Building in non-negotiable “me” time into your week will help ensure a good life/work balance and keep work problems in perspective. When counselling can help

Talking through issues can provide a great sense of relief when we are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Many people not want to burden those close to them with their problems, or they may feel they need an outside opinion. This is when counselling can be useful. The counsellor provides a confidential, non-judgemental space to discuss difficulties and consider options. Unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be recognised and changed. New methods of responding to stressful situations can be identified. Often just a few sessions are enough to gain some new insight into how to deal with difficulties, or to relieve the burden of negative feelings. Developing new skills to respond to and alleviate stress can give you the skills and self-knowledge that can become a lifelong resource for healthy living and peace of mind. Maeve Halpin is a Registered Counselling Psychologist. Appletree Health and Wellness, No 122. Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6. Contact: 087-2877837 Email:

Ask the Overcoming 'White Coat Syndrome' Pharmacist

Q: My doctor has suggested that I may have “white coat syndrome”. She says that it makes it difficult to get an accurate blood pressure reading but has put me on blood pressure medication anyway. I don't like taking these tablets as they make my ankles swell. I know it's important to take them if my blood pressure is high but I'm concerned that I may not really need them. Is there any way to overcome this white coat syndrome?

A: “White coat syndrome” is a phenomenon where blood pressure increases in a clinical setting, such as when a doctor is measuring blood pressure in the surgery. It is thought that this temporary increase in blood pressure is primarily due to anxiety although other factors may be involved. It can lead to difficulties in correctly diagnosing high blood pressure and can lead to people with otherwise normal blood pressure being needlessly treated. Although less common, the opposite can also occur. This is called “masked hypertension” where blood pressure is elevated during daily living, but not in a clinical setting. A very useful alternative to blood pressure measurement in the surgery is

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM). This is a method whereby blood pressure is measured at regular intervals, usually over a 24 hour period. It has a number of advantages over traditional blood pressure checks. It can show how blood pressure varies over the course of the day and continue to measure blood pressure at night. If someone is taking blood pressure medication, it can show if the effect of the medicine wears off in the hours before the next dose is due. It can also eliminate white coat syndrome and can “unmask” masked hypertension. McCabe's Pharmacy are now offering a 24 ABPM service. We offer this service using the dabl® ABPM Pharmacy System which is the product of evidence based medical research with the most up-to-date standards and knowledge available. A small monitor is attached to the waist, which is connected to cuff on the arm. This device will record blood pressure over a 24 hour period. The data is then uploaded into a system which will instantly generate a report which you are then advised to take to your GP. This service is available for a modest charge at our branches in Pavillions, Clarehall and Dundrum Shopping Centres.

Q: I have been prescribed Dona Sachets to treat arthritis in my hip. I have been taking them for about 3 weeks but have not noticed any benefit. Is there any point continuing to take them? I still suffer from stiffness for about 30 minutes after getting up in the morning and my right hip joint goes stiff if I've been sitting down for a while.

A: Dona Sachets contain a medicine called glucosamine. Although Dona Sachets are only available on prescription, other glucosamine formulations are available without a prescription. Glucosamine is a substance found naturally in cartilage and joint fluid and is used to treat osteoarthritis. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage (a sort of smooth covering of bones where they meet to form a joint) becomes worn and rough, leading to bones rubbing together at the joints, causing pain and stiffness. Glucosamine helps in the production of smooth cartilage and healthy synovial (joint) fluid. It also has some

anti-inflammatory action. Glucosamine has been shown to be effective in treating osteoarthritis, although its effect is quite a gradual one. Therefore 3 weeks is probably too early to notice much benefit from taking it. Unless your doctor has advised you otherwise, I would suggest that you continue to take it, and just bear in mind that any effect will be quite slow to take effect. There are also other things you can do that may help with your arthritis. Heat can be effective for relieving stiff joints. Applying a heat pack to your hip in the morning or after sitting down for a while may be effective. Paracetamol is generally regarded as the most effective painkiller for osteoarthritis. This should be taken at the maximum recommended dose, but remember to get your doctor's advice before starting any long term treatment. Omega-3 oils are also beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, but check with your doctor first if you are diabetic or taking aspirin or any other blood thinner.

With Eoin Meany

Eoin Meany works as a pharmacist in McCabe's Pharmacy, Ridgewood Avenue, Swords. If you have a question you would like answered for next issue, please send it by email to or by post to McCabe's Pharmacy, Ridgewood, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Disclaimer: The advice you have been given by the pharmacist should not be regarded as a clinically accurate diagnosis of any disease or a guarantee that a particular medicine is safe for you to take. The advice given is based solely on the limited amount of information provided and so should not be regarded as a substitute for a face to face consultation with a pharmacist, doctor or other health professional who is personally familiar with your medical history.

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Oxfam Ireland Dublin shops asks people to give presents that really mean something this Christmas This November and December, Oxfam Ireland is urging locals to choose their Christmas presents from its alternative gifts catalogue Unwrapped. The Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped catalogue is chock full of inspiring gift ideas so you can avoid the mistake of buying someone a dull or uninspiring Christmas present. Instead you can choose meaningful life-changing gifts like clean Drinking water, School books and animals for people living in developing countries throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. The Oxfam Unwrapped gift goes to a family

or a community in the countries that Oxfam Ireland works and who need it most. So when you choose an Oxfam Unwrapped gift you make a real difference to people’s lives. According to Oxfam's Peter Anderson, “Last year, between city and county, Dublin raised a staggering €138,000. If that figure can be matched again it would help hundreds of families in Africa.  It’s not every day your shopping list includes an entire fruit and vegetable garden or teacher training, it might well feature a turkey but not one whose job is to be a life changer.”   This year the Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped

range of gifts has increased again, with eight fantastic new gifts including: 3 bags of seeds (€7), Turkey (€20), Feed a family (€23), Mum and baby (€36), Teach a teacher (€45), Pair of rabbits (€25), Emergency kit for a family (€39) and, new and exclusive to the Unwrapped range of gifts in 2010, the Unwrapped Gift voucher. You can purchase an Unwrapped gift online at, over the phone by calling1850 30 40 55, or in Oxfam Ireland shops, to find your nearest Oxfam shop in Dublin visit http://www. n TV Presenter Lucy Kennedy and Alex Furey (10) Malahide, pictured with some skipping ropes from a Oxfam shop


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Dublin GAA

Future bright on the Dublin GAA scene

Outside of the boot with Mick Hanley GAA Sportsdesk on


Dublin City fm Wednesdays @ 7pm

All in all 2010 wasn’t a bad year for Dublin inter-county teams. The Dublin senior ladies footballers finally reached the ‘holy grail’ in winning the Brendan Martin Cup while the Dublin Under-21 footballers also brought home the All-Ireland trophy after their victory over Donegal in Breffni Park, Cavan. The Dublin senior footballers despite not reaching or winning the All-Ireland title had a successful year. They endured a dreadful championship start where they just narrowly beat Wexford after extra time in the Leinster quarter final and then bowed out of Leinster after a heavy defeat to Meath. However, manager Pat Gilroy lifted the players through the qualifiers beating Tipperary, Armagh, Louth and Tyrone to reach the All-Ireland semi-final where they eventually bowed out to eventual champions Cork. Many positives came out of the championship run. Bernard Brogan showed what a true marksman he is. His all-round game improved immensely over

the last twelve months and it was no surprise that he was named footballer of the year. The performances of the newer players like Michael Darragh McAuley, Rory O’Carroll and Philip McMahon gave hope for the future. Along with the talent coming through from the under 21’s, Dublin should be in a stronger position going into 2011. On the hurling front the disappointment of losing out to Antrim in the All-Ireland qualifiers was felt by all. In a game that Dublin were completely controlling they somehow allowed Antrim to score seven unanswered points to pip them at the finish. Was it a case of 'second season syndrome'? Well, that could be debated long into the night. Drawn against Kilkenny in the Leinster semi-final, life was going to be difficult. The ‘Cats’ were in no mood to be generous and ran out easy winners. Beating Clare was a good scalp in the qualifiers but the Antrim loss cancelled this out.

n Dublin ladies footballers Mary Nevin and Sinead Aherne alongside Mick Hanley and David O’Grady on their recent visit to Dublin City fm for an interview with the Brendan Martin cup

Positives for Anthony Daly and his management team was the performances of the under 21’s who defeated Kilkenny and Wexford on their way to a Leinster title before succumbing to Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final. In camogie, Dublin are going through a building process again following their good years in winning the All-Ireland junior title. But junior and senior are too different kettles of fish and the transition to the senior ranks has proved difficult. The year

wasn’t helped with the number of injuries the team sustained but the future looks bright with Denis Murphy now installed as manager for the coming year along with former All-Ireland winning captain Ann Colgan and coach David Needham. On the juvenile front the under 16’s reached the Leinster final and Ballyboden St. Endas did the county proud in contesting the Leinster club final. The Dublin plaudits of the year, though, go to the Dublin senior ladies footballers. Defeated in

Dublin Distractions...

This month in History

Ya Havin' A Laff? Material Man One day, there was this lawyer who had just bought a new car, and he was eager to show it off to his colleagues, when all of a sudden an eighteen wheeler came out of nowhere and took of the driver's side door with him standing right there. "NOOO!" he screamed, because he knew that no matter how good a mechanic tried to fix it, it never would be the same car again. Finally, a cop came by, and the lawyer ran up to him yelling. "MY JAGUAR DOOR WAS JUST RUINED BY SOME FOOLISH DRIVER!!!" he exclaimed. "You're a lawyer aren't you?" asked the policeman. "Yes, I am, but what does this have to do with my car?!?!" the lawyer asked. "HA! You lawyers are always so materialistic. All you care about is your possessions. I bet you didn't even notice that your left arm is missing did you?" the cop said. The lawyer looked down at his side and exclaimed "MY ROLEX!" Shhhhhh A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. The next week the man realized that he would need his wife to wake him at 5.00

am for an early morning business flight to London. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence, he finally wrote a message down on a piece of paper, "Please wake me at 5.00am." The next morning the man woke up, only to discover it was 9.00am, and that he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't woken him when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed ... it said... "It is 5.00am; wake up."

The man replied, "This is a special dog. Turn on the Kildare game and you'll see." The bartender, anxious to see what would happen, turned on the game. The man said, "Watch. Whenever Kildare score a point, my dog does flips." Kildare keep scoring points and the dog keeps flipping and jumping. "Wow! That's one hell of a dog you got there. What happens when Kildare score a goal?" asked the barman. The man replied, "I don't know. I've only had him for seven years."

Not to blame An old farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversary. "Let's have a party, Seamus," she suggested. "Let's kill a pig." The farmer scratched his grizzled head. "Jaysus, Mary," he finally answered, "I don't see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago."

The Faith Healer Two women were sitting in the doctor's waiting room comparing notes on their various disorders. "I want a baby more than anything in the world," said the first, "But I guess it is impossible." "I used to feel just the same way," said the second. "But then everything changed. That's why I'm here. I'm going to have a baby in three months." "You must tell me what you did." "I went to a faith healer." "But I've tried that. My husband and I went to one for nearly a year and it didn't help a bit." The other woman smiled and whispered, "Try going alone, next time, dearie."

Goal famine One Sunday afternoon, a man walks into a pub with his pet dog. The barman said, "Sorry, pal. No pets allowed."

last year’s final, to go along with final defeats in 2003 and 2004, the team garnished a new resolve to eventually bring the Brendan Martin Cup to the capital. They did it in style in the final playing excellent football to defeat Tyrone easily. However it was in matches in the lead up to the final that they showed their mettle especially in the quarter-final and semi-final games against Clare and Laois respectively, where they had to dig deep for victory. Their success added to that of the All-Ireland winning under-16 and senior ‘B’ teams made it a special year for Dublin ladies football. 2010 is nearly gone but the action will begin again on December 27th as the ladies football and camogie Dubs Stars games take place in Kilmacud Crokes ground in Stillorgan and then on New Years day the men’s football and hurling Dub Stars will take place in St. Brigid's ground in Blanchardstown. Here’s looking forward to 2011.

1882 John Curran, Dublin magistrate, opens a special inquiry into the Phoenix Park murders, in which Parnell is falsely implicated.

1889 Michael Hayes, politician and professor of Irish is born in Dublin.

1890 Six days of Irish Parliamentary Party debates begin, only to end in a split, with the majority opposing Parnell.

1901 Fenian Thomas Clarke Luby dies in New York. Luby was born in Dublin in 1821. He was the son of a Church of Ireland minister and graduate of Trinity College. His first political experience was in the Young Ireland movement.

1921 Representatives of the Irish government appointed by President Eamon de Valera, and those negotiating for the Crown sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty, ending the Irish War of Independence against England. Michael Collins declares: "I have signed my own death warrant" 1922 The six counties of Northern Ireland opt out of the Free State 1946 Singer Gilbert (Richard) O'Sullivan is born in Waterford.

1956 Limerick-born runner Ronnie Delaney wins Olympic Gold in Melbourne. 1972 "Special position" of the Catholic Church is removed by referendum from Irish constitution. 1990 Inauguration of Mary Robinson as President of Ireland.

1999 The Good Friday Agreement comes into operation . 1999 President Mary McAleese is invited to lunch by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.


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By Paul Cantwell

Local politicians take the political fight to the ring

Local politicians from the main parties stepped into the boxing ring last month to fight for charity at the Crowne Plaza in Santry. Hundreds of spectators paid as much as €75 each to watch the Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Green Party councillors fight it out and the assembled crowd were not disappointed by the evening of political brawling. In what might be a scene repeated in count centres in a matter of weeks, a Fianna Fail man, Eoghan O'Brien was knocked to the canvas by his Labour opponent Aodhan O Riordain. But perhaps worryingly for Enda Kenny, Fine Gael also suffered the same fate when one of their fighters Alan 'The Naas Express' O'Kelly came up against the Labour's Killian 'The Hurricane' Forde. The Green Party's Donna Cooney was drawn against Fianna Fail councillor Avril Power who both provided the crowd with much to cheer in guts and effort. Also in the ring at the Crowne Plaza were Fine Gael's Neale Richmond and Labour's Cian O'Callaghan. Fine Gael had taken out two full-page ads in the event programme for the evening, one of which featured a muscle-bound Mr Kenny landing a killer right-hook to the chin of a dazed Taoiseach Brian Cowen. "The gloves are off, the country is on the ropes, expect a knock out blow in the first round of Kenny V Cowen," the ad boasted.

Housing list in area remains stagnant

Figures released by Dublin City Council indicate that in Dublin North West alone there are 5,393 families and households on the Council's Housing lists. In Area E (which includes areas such as Santry, Whitehall, Finglas and Glasnevin) there are 4022 applicants on the housing and transfer list. This includes 2600 individuals and families with insufficient points who are waiting to be housed, 42 applicants with medical priority, 14 with welfare priority. In addition, there are 113 senior applicants and over 114 homeless individuals who are waiting to be made an offer of accommodation. The situation is similarly replicated in Area D (which includes areas such as Ballymun and Poppintree) where, despite the massive regeneration project, over 688 applicants remain on housing lists. Local Labour TD Róisín Shortall commented, "There was an opportunity to take homelessness and social housing seriously and tackle it over the past 10 years, during the Celtic Tiger. That chance was squandered. While Dublin City Council maintains that every effort is being made to refurbish and repair the 115 empty Council homes at present, clearly more needs to be done to assist those in need.’’

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