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More cutbacks at Connolly Hospital

The budget for Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown faces further cuts in 2010, with increased patient waiting times and a reduction in essential services expected to follow. Despite its central location in a By Cathy Geagan rapidly expanding urban area, where it serves a population of over 290,000 people, Connolly has been beset with financial troubles in recent years. Previous cuts led to a break-even plan that intended to pull hospital services back to 2006 levels, with bed closures, the cancellation of surgery and employment freezes for care facilities, outpatient, diagnostic and support services. student nurses. Figures recently seen by Fine Hospital management warned Gael TD for Dublin West, Dr Leo that the measures would have consequences for patient services, Varadkar, show that the budget and indeed waiting lists for the will be cut from e103m to e90m hospital increased by a massive in 2010 – representing a cut of 12.6%. The total proposed cuts 165 per cent in 2009 alone. The teaching hospital provides will require another e7.5m in acute medical, surgical and psy- savings on top of the e5.5m chiatric services in its west Dublin, reflecting the pay cuts in the Meath and Kildare catchment budget. For Dr Varadkar “these area, as well as long-stay and day- cuts are savage and will impact on

hospital services and patient care. It is too much, too quickly". Many are fearful that the hospital will try to maximise private patient care at the expense of public patients to address the financial shortfall. The previous money-making scheme of pay-and-display parking has caused controversy, as combined with unpredictable waiting times, patients can lose their place in line as they need to go top up the running meter. The hospital is currently in merger strategy consultation with Beaumont, which local residents fear could result in the loss of vital services such as the 24 hour emergency department. Figures from the HSE early this year showed that 8.3% of patients are waiting longer than 28 days for a colonoscopy in Ireland, with Connolly Hospital having the longest waiting time of all.

Head shops

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Singing Steinman & Webber

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Win tickets to Whistle Down The Wind at the Grand Canal Theatre Read our exclusive interview with lead signer Jonathan Ansell of G4 and enter our email competition to win tickets to the hit musical from Jim Steinman and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


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Q The month in Quotes

The Informer

The Drift

He is a Garret FitzGerald. He has trebled the national debt and effectively destroyed the country. He should enjoy writing boring articles in The Irish Times in a few years. Fine Gael's Leo Varadkar accuses Brian Cowan of behaving like a Fine Gael leader The Dan Quayle of Fine Gael. Brian on Leo I also apologise to all those who feel I have let them down. Looking back I am ashamed that I have not always upheld the values that I profess and believe in. Cardinal Sean Brady He did not express any feelings of regret about what happened in 1975, that anything had been done in error. I do not get the impression he is thinking of stepping down. Marie Collins of Irish Survivors of Child Abuse (SOCA)

Unfortunately, what I’ve done over the past years has been just terrible to my family. It is the pain and the damage that I’ve caused. Winning golf tournaments through all of this is irrelevant compared to the damage I’ve caused. Tiger Woods, as he prepares for another golf tournament

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Barometer Who's Under Pressure? H

GORDON BROWN: Gordon was always the brains in the Tony/Gordon relationship while poster-boy Tony got the votes. Now Gordon's got to do it on his own.

LIMERICK PUBS: When the Good Friday ban met the Limerick publicans, it was a turnover ball, swung out wide, with the pace of the winger leaving it under the posts - for a gimme.


SEAN Quinn: The man who came from nowhere to lead Irish industry managed to escape the recession (Anglo included) until now. Will test the strength of the Quinn empire.

Barack Obama: Yes he could. US right wingers have a canary as Euro style health care forces them to kill their grannies, eat their dogs and pull compulsory moonies. Or something.




The UNIONS: The new pay deal began to unravel almost as soon as it was made. The union leadership is now much more moderate than its membership.


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Campaign Dublin Dublin Rape Crisis Centre Supporting the victims of sexual crime The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) was set up 30 years ago to respond to the needs of victims of childhood sexual abuse and victims of recent rape and sexual assault. The founders of the organisation set up a Helpline 1800 77 88 88. In its first year the helpline received 79 calls. In the DRCC’s 2008 Annual Report, the National 24 Hour Helpline 1800 77 88 88 received over 10,000 genuine counselling calls. After the publication of the Ryan Report in May 2009 and the Murphy Report in November 2009, the numbers calling the Helpline soared. Justice

The crime of rape is the second most serious crime on our statute books. It is a very serious crime to be accused of and it is imperative that we have fair and just laws and a justice system that delivers for both the accused and the complainant. However the system is not victim friendly enough. A lot has been done to address some of the imbalances that developed in this particular area of law, a lot more needs

Dublin by Numbers

to be done to encourage the victims of these heinous crimes to stay the course from reporting to getting a verdict. We encourage victims to report the crime but it is not a requirement for victims to receive the support and help that is available for them at the DRCC. In denial

In 1979 Irish society on the whole would have denied the fact that children were the victims of rape and sexual abuse. If a woman was a victim of rape in some way she was ‘asking for it’ and there was no such thing as male rape. The horrendous stories that everyone in Ireland has heard over the past year since the publication of the Ryan and the Murphy reports, are the stories that are very familiar to those working in the DRCC. The increase in the volumes of people availing of the services of the centre over 30 years from 79 to 10,000 is indicative of the extent of this problem in our Irish Society. Over the 30 years, the victims, both women and men, have been coming to the


Centre, calling the 24 hour National Helpline in the knowledge that they will be believed. They are availing of the counselling services and over time are able to get on with their lives without having to spend enormous energy on ‘keeping the secret’, and with a new and strengthened awareness and knowing, that they did nothing wrong. The DRCC as well as offering counselling and support, also has an Education and Training Department and a Volunteer Services Department which supports the running of the 24 hour helpline, accompanies people to court and to the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit in the Rotunda. It also has a free legal information clinic. Support welcome

The Centre is part funded by the HSE but it needs to fundraise to bridge the huge gap between what it gets from the HSE and what it takes to continue to run the services. All support is welcome. For all information call 1 800 77 88 88. Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop, CEO, DRCC This is the decrease in the number of cars sold in Dublin in the first three months of the year between 2008 and 2010. In 2008 there were 29,296 Passenger Vehicle Registrations in Dublin and this year it was down to 13,989. This was actually an increase on 2009 when just 10,501 cars sold in the first three months.

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Dialogue & Debate

Head shops

Regulate or close?


The use of mind altering substances is not recommended but that does not mean that since time immemorial, humans have been intoxicating themselves for pleasure. It has long been obvious that the 'War on Drugs' is lost worldwide and the consequences have encouraged a world wide explosion of organised violent criminality to exploit the drugs black market. In response many countries have legalised the possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use, the last one being Mexico last autumn. I agree with this attitude and have said so in public for more than 20 years. But of course 'drugs' are a great vote getter for the most vociferous politicians who talk up the biggest scare stories. I prefer the more thought out response of people like Tony Geoghegan of the Merchants Quay project. The drugs task forces in local areas should be a priority for funding even in this recession because heroin abuse is, in the main, a low-

Close It is safe to say that up until 12 months ago many parents did not know what a Head Shop was, let alone the type of products they were selling. It was only until a number of high profile cases involving teenagers (as young as 13) being admitted to hospitals across Ireland, that they suddenly realised the impact that these shops were having. This is despite claims by Head Shops that under 18’s are not permitted to buy products. Since 2008, there has been a 40% rise in the number of Head Shops opening across Ireland. I am aware of an area in Dún Laoghaire where there has been a 100% increase in anti-social behaviour and where Gardaí have had to deploy a specific 24 hour, 7 day a week patrol to curb these problems. In the last two months, seven teenagers have been issued with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) to try and combat the on-going problems. Many of these teenagers are using products bought in Head Shops which are the root cause of the problem. Having listened to the debate from some quarters of the Dáil who are calling for these products to be “regulated” in the interest of public good, I am not convinced. These shops, by their very nature skirt the law at every given chance; the proof is what they are doing across Europe. If these shops were “regulated / legalised” not only would the State would be complicit in quality assuring these products but these shops would invariably concoct another product line in order to push the envelope of “legal highs”. It is true to say that since Head Shops have opened on main streets of our towns and villages, the temptation and possibility of experimenting with these products has become easier for teenagers. Wording on some of the packages on sale here reads as follows; “We make no health claims and take no responsibility for the consequences of their use” or “Not for human consumption. Sold for botanical or horticultural or herbarium specimen only”. How could one regulate this? If they are not fit for human consumption, they should not be sold to people. Mephedrone (AKA “Meow-Meow”) which was on sale here in Ireland up until January 2009 has since been “removed” as it was responsible for 27 reported deaths in England. The global problem of Head Shops was recognised at a European level on the 10th May, 2005 at the Council of Ministers when they agreed on the “exchange of information, risk-assessment and control of new psychoactive substances” being sold across the continent. Since then several countries around the world including Australia, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and the United Kingdom have brought in legislation banning the sale (not regulating) certain products. I believe Ireland needs to adopt this course of action. Health Minister, Mary Harney TD has stated that it will take the Government three months to ban certain substances due to EU legislation. However I am informed that there might be a quicker, more efficient method. In light of this new information, I have written to An Taoiseach Brian Cowen and other relevant Government Ministers asking them to investigate it with a view to banning these shops and their products from the Irish market altogether. Cormac Devlin is a Fianna Fail councillor on Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

income area addiction funded by the proceeds of crime. My view is that drug use is a balance between adult autonomy and societal risk. The state does not always know best. Medicine is about harm reduction. I am not certain what is the chemistry and pharmacology of the various compounds sold in 100 plus head shops in Ireland right now. Nobody is. When BZP is banned, it is simply going to appear in the black market and be mixed with whatever. It appears to be a relatively safe compound with 26 milllion BZP pills sold in New Zealand without fatality. When the government there banned the drug, it was classified as Class D, a low risk. Head Shops should be regulated by planning laws, by consumer legislation, health and safety regulations and by the Irish Medicines Board under the laws of the state. An obvious issue is the claim that many of the products advertised by head shops are not for human consumption. That get-out is farcical. The Misuse of Drugs Act in Ireland allows the banning of generic chemical derivatives of drugs which is the way to deal with the synthetic chemical industry.

Chief Superintendent Pat Leahy reportedly has informed head shops that they could be charged with reckless endangerment "if there is any fatality or serious injury arising from their business". Where does this begin and end? Logically, all off-licences and corner shops selling alcohol and cigarettes are a similar risk. Alcohol can result in panic, paranoia, delirium and psychosis. Scaremongering, I would say. My conclusion is that is that head shops should not be banned. They should be subjected to the normal planning laws to restrict opening hours and to make sure that home deliveries are made illegal. Consumers must be presented with package information on the contents of any substances sold with likely effects listed including toxic reactions. Possession of small amounts or recreational drugs should be decriminalised as in Mexico. It is clear that a large cohort of the younger generation are only a urine screen away from being criminalised. Dr Bill Tormey is a Fine Gael City Councillor and a specialist in Chemical Pathology


Green Scene

Do you know this seal? A young grey seal has been found in Skerries and brought to the Irish Seal Sanctuary suffering from starvation. The strange thing about this animal is the tag on its flipper which asks the finder to call London Zoo. When contacted London Zoo knew nothing about it. This is hardly surprising since the style of tag is not suited to a seal and has caused difficult to the animal in swimming which may have resulted in its present starved condition. It had to be removed at the ISS to allow the flipper to heal. The volunteers at the Irish Seal Sanctuary have send out a call to all the rehab facilities in the UK and Europe to try to find out where the seal, which they have named Mighty, originally came from.

Nature Box Don’t stop feeding the birds! Nature Box has its origins in As the first swallows stagger back to their nest sites and chide us for not keeping them in better order (ever been spoken to by a swallow whose nest has fallen down over winter?) we need to remember just how serious an impact the winter that is, we hope, finally passing has had on our bird life. Many small birds are down in numbers by 20% or more according to Birdwatch Ireland, and insect numbers are likely to have been similarly hard hit so there won’t be as many as usual waiting for immigrants like the swallows and the various warblers. If you’ve been feeding birds over the winter don’t stop now – keep those feeders full and you will be rewarded as the blue tits go after the aphids on your newly planted lettuces. Just remember to keep feeders clean – there are already babies in some of the nests and dirty food can be as bad for them as it would be for a human child.

the collections of shells that Dr Catherine O’Connell used to make on childhood holidays in Connemara. Her book looks at at several Irish Habitats including bogs, woods, meadows, rivers and sea shores and makes suggestions for projects children can take part in. It has 200 beautiful photographs of Irish scenery, plants and animals, making a great gift in 2010, the Year of Biodiversity.

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Good money being thrown after bad

By Kathy Marsh, Sonairte We are tired of hearing that although everyone else public awareness of environmental matters in is having to manage on less money and our children Member States and ensure increased transparency. will be up to their eyes in debt paying off NAMA the The measures have been transposed into Irish legisbankers are still getting their bonuses. Another lation, but the current financial obstacles have led group that don’t seem to losing out in recession the Commission to conclude that the laws covering stricken Ireland, unless they are in conveyancing, this area of the Directive have not been fully transare the lawyers. Particularly the environmental law- posed and are not being properly applied in practice. yers. Ireland is also still holding off from signing up to the Last month the European Commssion issued yet Aarhus Treaty which has similar requirements – we another warning to the Irish government about a are the last western European nation not to have breach of environmental legislation. This time it was signed about the unfair cost of challenging decisions. The The consequences new Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik of This is only one of a whole raft of European enviRomania said: "When important decisions affecting ronmental legislation where Ireland is in breach, and the environment are taken, the public must be allowed to challenge them. This important principle all of them can lead to expensive fines if we don’t is established in European law. But the law also get our act together. Attempts to find out just how much the governrequires that these challenges must be affordable.” ment is spending on lawyers to slow down the Under European law, citizens have a right to know about the impact of industrial pollution, and about implementation process have failed because they the potential impact projects may have on the envi- don’t add up the price of using in house lawyers and ronment, and a right to challenge decisions. The law even spending on hired guns is not itemized in a way explicitly states that such challenges must not be that allows us to tease out just where the money is prohibitively expensive but the Commission says going. So first they spend money avoiding fines and that in Ireland the potential financial consequences then they pay the fines anyway. Does this sound of losing a case is preventing NGOs and individuals familiar? When the rest of us are working out how to spend from taking public bodies to court. Several pieces of environmental legislation, our reduced incomes I think we know when to patch including the Environmental Impact Assessment the leaky roof and when putting a new roof on is the (EIA) Directive and the integrated pollution preven- best long term investment – time the government tion and control (IPPC) Directive, aim to boost learned the same thing.


Personal Finance

The Informer By Andrew Russell

Starting to plan your savings Different needs for the short, medium and long terms The ability to save money is one of the cornerstones of building wealth. In order to save we must of course be spending less than we earn, which can in itself be a challenge for many families at the moment. However if you are in a position to save then ideally you should have in mind plans for the short, medium and long term. Short term rainy day fund

This is probably the most important savings goal as it is an emergency fund to dip into in unforeseen circumstances. You should aim to have between three and six months net salary in an instant access savings account such as Irish Nationwide which pays 3.25% before DIRT tax. You should review rates on these types of accounts on a regular basis as they can change at any time. Medium term savings account

This should be a minimum five year plan and reasons for having such a plan vary from saving for your children or grandchildren’s education, to buying a new car or a dream holiday. Options for this type of plan could be An Post's 5.5 year account which pays 3.53% DIRT free, or you may consider a unit-linked account which invests in stocks, bonds etc. There are numerous funds on offer with varying degrees of risk and more recently with guarantees in place. For example, Aviva have recently introduced the Regular Saver plan with a range of over 30 funds that allows you to withdraw part or all of your savings at any stage after the first year. Everyone who starts a Regular Saver before 31 May 2010 will receive a family ticket admitting four people to the special ‘Opening Day’ at the new Aviva Stadium in June 2010. For more information on this plan and offer please contact Squaremile on 087 287 5256. Planning for retirement

With the contributory state pension providing just e230.30 per week you may want to start a long term savings plan to provide you with an additional income when you retire. The major benefit of pension planning is that contributions are eligible for tax relief at your highest rate of tax and also PRSI relief. A contribution of €100 to a pension plan could cost a higher rate tax payer as little as €51, saving €49 in tax and PRSI. The retirement fund that you build is designed to provide you with a tax free lump sum and regular income in retirement. There are many issues to take into account when pension planning so it is crucial that you consult with a qualified financial adviser such as Squaremile to go through your options and to help you make the right decision. Saving doesn’t sound very exciting and can be tough to start, but always keep in mind the pleasure you will get when you reach your goal and have peace of mind or the freedom to spend your hard earned cash. Andrew Russell is a Qualified Financial Adviser and Managing Director of Squaremile Financial Consultants Ltd. He provides financial advice to private sector employees and the self employed. In addition to this he specialises in assisting public sector employees improve their retirement benefits. Contact: Andrew Russell, Managing Director, Squaremile Financial Consultants. T: 087 287 5256 • E: • W:

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Garden Growing

Back to the growing season The dreaded slugs and snails are on the march and multiplying as you read this so keep using whatever method you use to get rid of them. There is nothing as disappointing as losing something to a slug that has taken a long time to germinate and grow.

Easter has always been the traditional time of year when most folks decide to do something with their gardens and consequently now is the busiest time for garden centres and nurseries. As the growth becomes more abundant the amount of work to be done also increases. The longer evenings are great now that the clocks have gone forward!

Lawns again

The window box

If you planted window boxes and containers last autumn with spring bulbs, now is the time to replace the old bulbs with summer bedding plants. The old bulbs can be taken from the containers or window boxes with a little compost on the roots and placed in a dark, dry shed or garage until next autumn. Remember to label the old bulbs so that come next October you will know what they are. Don’t forget to renew the compost as it’s not recommended to use compost twice. Always clean out the containers and it’s a must to use some drainage. Most people use pebble or broken clay pots which makes the containers or window boxes quite heavy. The best material to use for drainage is small bits of

l Vegetable beds are starting to take shape but watch for April frosts broken up polystyrene which weigh nothing. Mind your veg

My small vegetable bed is finally starting to take shape. I managed to plant my early potatoes 'Orla’s' on the 4th of April, much later than last year owing to the awful cold weather. The lettuces are still germinating indoors as I’m wary to put them in the ground for a few more weeks as April can have a sting in its tail with late frosts, so be careful. The peas and runner beans will stay in

the opened cold frame for the next few weeks. All the herbs are doing really well as most of them tend to be hardy. There are exceptions like coriander and basil which really need a greenhouse but they will survive under cloches if well looked after. Beware the weeds

Weeds are starting to appear everywhere, so get to it folks, before they start to grow and become a problem. As I said before, a few minutes every week will keep them at bay.

Your lawn needs a good feed and you will already have started to mow the grass. Use the highest setting on the mower to start with. If you haven’t sharpened the blades do it now as you will do damage to the grass if the blades are blunt. Finally, when you are mooching about discovering what’s happening in the garden, go gently as it’s easy to damage small shoots that have appeared which you have yet to see. I managed to knock the tops off some asparagus as they were covered by some leaf mould. Here’s to a long hot summer with abundant growth. Tip of the Month: Seaweed extract, cheap and available from all garden centres is excellent for root formation.


Gerry Norton Finally folks, if you need any information on gardening or if you have any tips or suggestions which I can pass on, please send them to me at I would be delighted to quote for any/ all of your garden requirements from set-up organic vegetable plots to restoration of neglected gardens, design, planting and maintenance. No charge for initial visit and I will travel within reason.

Gerry Norton, Living Landescapes, 97 Church Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 Tel: 087-2462724 or email


Family Focus

How to save your sleep!

Most new parents expect to experience broken sleep for the first few weeks or months of their new babies’ lives, and can vouch for the fact that not getting a decent night’s sleep can make them irritable, not able to function properly and unable to be a relaxed parent. After all, sleep deprivation has been used as torture! If sleep, or the lack of it, because of your little angel’s night-time activities has become a problem for you, then we’d recommend Tizzie Hall’s new book Save Our Sleep. Tizzie, who was born and bred in Ireland, gained quite a reputation as a child when she was able to interpret the cries of babies, and became popular with neighbours who would call her when

The Informer

they couldn’t comfort their crying babies. Despite moving to England and now living in Australia, Tizzie has never lost the knack and found that wherever she lives there are parents who need her expertise. Save Our Sleep, Helping your baby sleep through the night, from birth to two years is full of fascinating case histories of babies and parents she was able to help, and advice on sleep routines and how to overcome problems that can affect a baby’s sleep such as reflux, constipation and teething. Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall is published by Vermilion at £9.99stg.

Pocket money rules Starting the pocket money habit when your child is young, even if it’s not very much, will help them to take responsibility for how they spend it, and you can give them gentle guidance on the choices available to them such as buying something small now, or saving up for a toy they really want. It might be wise to discourage them from buying too many sweets, but if you give your child pocket money and then tell them exactly what they should spend it on, you are actually defeating the object of giving it in the first place. Irish financial expert John Lowe, author of The Money Doctor Finance Annual 2010 (Gill & Macmillan), says that even young children are aware of money issues in the home, and it’s best to openly discuss money issues with them from when you think they can understand. “Kids will pick up on the spending habits of their parents, and your emotions around money will colour their relationship with it as they grow up,” he says. Starting age

So at what age should you introduce the pocket money habit? Roni Jay author of The 10 Most Important Things You Can Do For Your Children (Prentice Hall Life) says “Personally I’d suggest as late as you can get away with it, which is probably around three to five, depending on other children around them.” Deciding on how much pocket money to give your child will depend on your circumstances and what you think is reasonable. It’s important to tell your child that they will receive x amount on a particular day and stick to that. Supplementing pocket money on a regular basis doesn’t help them to learn that once they have spent it they won’t get any more until the same day next week. Money for nothing?

So should you ask your child to perform chores around the house in return for money? “Once they reach school age it’s fair to make part of it in return for chores,” says Roni Jay, “however some of it should be automatic.” John Lowe says that saving is an important money skill. “I would suggest that if you give a primary school child 5 euro, you can introduce the idea of saving say two euro and putting it in a jar, a post office or credit union account. Then the child can see that the money adds up and something bigger can be bought for a birthday or Christmas.”

Don't tell them they're great! According to award-winning journalists and parents Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman our habit of telling our children they are smart is in fact undermining their confidence. After three years of investigation they found that a hodgepodge of wishful thinking, moralistic biases, contagious fads and old (disproven) psychology has created a bedrock of parenting strategies that can no longer be relied upon, and that modern parents have mistaken good intentions for good ideas – which means that our current methods for nurturing our children and adolescents are in fact wrong. The result of their work can be read in Nurtureshock, why everything we think about raising our children is wrong, a combination of behavioural psychology and neuroscience that forces us to rethink many sacred cows, including the idea that children are naturally blind to racial constructs, the notion that television is making children fat, the presumption that it’s necessarily a good sign if a child can say “no” to peer pressure and the idea that being an only child deprives kids of good social skills. With chapters devoted to subjects including confidence, intelligence, sibling conflict and teen rebellion, Nurtureshock is an anti-advice book which provides an entirely fresh perspective to how we bring up our young. Nurtureshock is published by Ebury Press at £12.99st.

Many people having paid for a private hearing aid find that although their lives have improved for the better they are not happy with the overall performance of the instruments and their expectations have not been realised. There could be several explanations for this. Alan Mantell, managing director of Digital Hearing Direct says: “Quality digital hearing aids are incredibly good and can change to suit the patients needs and lifestyle. “Often an inexpensive instrument correctly fitted will do the job. Because we are totally independent of any manufacturer our staff are trained to program most makes of hearing aids. “We are equipped with some of the world's latest technology which allows us to be very accurate on the fitting and fine tuning on the necessary follow up home visits. “It is time consuming but makes for a very high satisfaction rate and an extremely happy client. Also if we do not get it right we refund all money in full.” As Rosalind Squires RHAD, FISHAA, FISHAA, our senior hearing aid audiologist often says: “Where you buy your hearing aid is as important as the price you pay. We get it right”.

• • • •

Free Special 2 for 1 offers now available for April Home Visits Allowance on your old aids (any condition) Extended manufacturer's warranty free of charge Ongoing service and routine maintenance

Phone us today 01-235 1636 Alan Mantell RHAD, FISHAA, FISHAA and Rosalind Squires RHAD, FISHAA, FISHAA


The Informer Interview

The Informer

Courts and controversy Full name? Dr. Gerald Ronan Kean.

good enough, for unions to argue that people should not be made redundant when the ultimate cost is the patient. We have lost sight of our principles in this area and fundamental changes are required.

What got you interested in law? I became interested in law because of my uncles. My mother, Patricia Hamilton Kean (RIP) had three brothers in the legal profession. Her eldest brother Judge Liam Hamilton (RIP) was the President of the High Court and ultimately the Chief Justice of Ireland. The next brother was David Hamilton and he practised as a Senior Counsel in Dublin and finally Donal Hamilton (RIP) was a well known solicitor in Dublin. First case you worked on as qualified solicitor? I remember one of my early cases involved an appearance in the District Family Law Court where I was acting for an elderly gentleman (in his late seventies) and whose wife had left him after forty five years of marriage. His wife was claiming maintenance. The Judge, at the end of the case, asked my client, who didn’t seem to understand what was happening, how much he earned a week. My client responded: “sixty pounds”. The Judge retorted: “well I am going to give your wife thirty pounds a week – what have you got to say about that?” My client responded: “That’s very decent of you and I will try and give her a few pounds myself!!!” What made you decide to concentrate on your solicitor practice opposed to remaining as a practising barrister? I never practiced as a barrister. I like meeting people and in particular new clients. For this reason, I always wanted to practice as a Solicitor. Do you think we have too many laws in this country? No, I think the difficulty in this country is trying to ensure the proper enforcement of the laws in existence. What is the stupidest law you think we have in this country? Any laws which we don’t enforce! I have had the pleasure of walking on Sandymount Beach for many years. There are signs explaining the possibility of fines been imposed on dog owners who do not clean up should their dogs use the beaches or surrounding areas as a 'toilet facility'. I have never seen anybody fined despite breaches of the law/regulation every time I go for a walk. If you were not a solicitor what would you think you would be working at now? Radio or TV presenter. Do you think the Government are doing a good job? No, I think that some individuals in the Government are doing better than others. However, I am not confident the Government, nor in fact the opposition parties, have necessarily got the resolve, strength of character, creativity, innovation and/or determination to deal with the problems that we face. What are your pet hates? Insincerity Do you think Ireland is turning into a police state? No Did you ever consider a career in politics, explain? No, despite the fact that I have been approached by a number of parties.

Your biggest regret in life? Having spent many great years with my parents, I am sorry that I lost them so young! Best achievement in life The relationship I enjoyed and the time I spent with my parents Gerald and Patricia, the relationship I am presently enjoying and the time I am spending with my beautiful daughter Kirsten and my gorgeous girlfriend Lisa. Funniest thing that ever happened to you in court In the District Court, many years ago, the Judge in question always insisted that people in the court bowed as he entered. On one occasion everybody did so except one young gentleman standing in the middle of the court, chewing gum loudly with his hands in his pocket. This young man refused to bow and the Judge turned to the sergeant and said: “tell that young man to stop masticating in my Court”. The sergeant went down and hit the young fellow on the side of his shoulder and said: “Take your bloody hands out of your pocket!!”. I certainly found this hilarious at the time and still enjoy telling the story. If you were taoiseach, what three things would you change to try and get the Country back on its feet again, explain? (a) I would hand control of the health service back to the Department of Health. I believe we are spending over forty cent in every euro in administration in this country. The equivalent in the United Kingdom is seven cent in every euro and in Florida is six cent in every euro. It is totally unacceptable, in this day and age, to have a woman of over seventy years of age waiting thirty hours for treatment in a public ward of an A & E department in a Dublin hospital. Delays are not acceptable. It is not good enough to continue to employ people, who are bureaucrats and pen pushers in a health system at the expense of financing frontline workers and properly dealing with patients. We are spending fifteen billion yes billion euros a year in health in this Country. The wastage is criminal. It is just not

Kevin O'Brien talked to Gerald Kean about his life in the law business, his personal life and his views on the country and the economy

"It is not good enough to continue to employ people, who are bureaucrats and pen pushers in a health system at the expense of financing frontline workers

(b) We need a national recovery bank. I am at a loss to understand why we are spending billions on saving the Anglo Irish Bank. A national recovery bank would fund small to medium term businesses around the country. Basically, the bank would employ no more then eight people and can be set up within six months. All small businesses, would go to their normal bank, looking for funding. I have no doubt they would be refused and thereafter they would request an application be made to a National Recovery Bank. Small loans between €5,000 and €50,000 would greatly enhance and help small and medium businesses. They in turn will be given a chance to thrive. Seven years ago, I was asked by a bank for advice in relation to a seventy five million euro loan to two property developers. The loan was being lent on a site without planning permission and no development finance was even in place at the time. I suggested that instead of lending this sum of money to two individuals, would it not be better to spread the risk out amongst many small to medium businesses around the country? The answer was that 'from an administration point of view it would not be as profitable'. This is just not acceptable. We need to 'kick start' the economy. This will not be done by supporting a bank like Anglo Irish. I do not accept, that the collapse of Anglo Irish would bring down the Irish economy. These arguments were used with similar banks in the United States of America and in Britain (and subsequently proved incorrect). (c) In order to help people who are unemployed I would certainly like to see a scheme introduced whereby the government paid the social welfare to employers who took these people off the unemployment register. The employers would then be obliged, only to make up the difference, between the social welfare and the minimum wage. Obviously conditions have to be attached. There is nothing more disheartening than unemployment. Payment of social welfare to potential employers is an idea that I have always favoured. If you were to give any words of advice to small to medium sized businesses out there who are struggling in the current economic climate what would they be? Don’t ever forget the importance of human relationships. I have built up a very large accident claims practice in this Country by communication with people. This means shaking hands properly, greeting them properly and looking them in their eyes. Communication is vital. I believe, that during the Celtic Tiger, and with the advent of technology, the art of interpersonal relationship has suffered. Many of my friends are often shocked and surprised when I tell them that I cannot 'google' or do an internet search. There is nothing better than 'word of mouth'. We are taking in up to 100 new clients a week into the office and this is all by word of mouth. Businesses can thrive in a recession. Rents are lower, hiring staff is easier, cost of production is cheaper etc. Never be disheartened. Always look creatively and differently than others to the problem. Never underestimate interpersonal relationships and skills. I would start with family and close friends.


Informer Competition

Win Tickets

Where were you born? In Carahalton, Surrey

to the Irish Premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Jim Steinman’s Whistle Down The Wind Starring Jonathan Ansell of G4 The Informer Newspaper Group have teamed up with our friends in Dublin’s newest entertainment theatre Grand Canal Theatre to give one of our lucky readers the chance to attend the opening night of Bill Kenwright’s production of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Jim Steinman’s Whistle Down The Wind when it premieres here in Ireland on 11th May and runs until 22nd May 2010. Lead cast member Jonathon Ansell who won the heart of the British nation as lead vocalist in X-Factor runners-up G4, has been cast in his musical debut, starring in Bill Kenwright’s production of Jim Steinman and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND. The hit musical plays the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin from 11th to 22nd May 2010. An extraordinary and uplifting tale, Whistle Down the Wind is based on the beloved sixties film starring Hayley Mills and Alan Bates, and features numerous multi-award-winning songs, including Boyzone’s international smash hit No Matter What (which topped the UK charts for 6 weeks). The musical shows how powerful love can be when the inno-

The Informer

Fondest childhood memory? Eurocamp Holidays in France with my family. But also playing lead in primary school production of Joseph. What got you interested in music? My mums limited collection of CDs. Including, Pavarotti, three tenors, Micheal Ball, Andrew Lloyd Webber compilations and John Denver

Whistle Down The Wind star Jonathan Ansell chats to Kevin O'Brien

Can you remember the first song you ever performed in front of an audience? Vividly, it was Panis Angelicus. With the West Sussex Boys Choir. In Arundel cathedral. I was 10 I think. The audience would not stop applauding at the end. That definitely affirmed my love of singing.

cence of childhood collides with the cynicism of the adult world. In a stunning combination of multi-award-winning songs, Whistle Down the Wind is a record breaking theatrical sensation that is both mesmerising and moving.

Booking Information for the Grand Canal Theatre or call 0818 719 377 • Callers from Northern Ireland UK & 0844 847 2455 Dates: Monday 11th – 22nd May 2010 • Group Bookings/ Gift Vouchers: +353 (1) 677 7770 Ticketmaster dedicated line: 0818 719 377 • The Circle Club and Hospitality Bookings: + 353 (1) 674 2407 Check out their website:

How To Enter All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning these amazing tickets is answer this simple question:

What band was Jonathon Ansell part of on the X-Factor? (A) Boyzone (B) Blue (C) G4 E-mail the correct answer along with your name and contact telephone number to: One entry per person and all entrance MUST be over 16 years and available to attend the opening night on the 11th May 2010. Smart dress required. Tickets are not transferable. Closing date for entry is 5th May 2010. The judge’s decision is final.

How did G4 come about? We were all at Guildhall school doing music and drama. We wanted the chance to do more gigs through college agent. So set up a barbershop quartet. The group soon evolved beyond the standard repertoire. 6 months later we were on X factor. How did you get on with Simon Cowell during your time on X-Factor? Honestly ... Honestly he was so lovely to us. On TV he was not the nicest, he wasn't very warm to us. But off stage he was so supportive. Even sending us a magnum of champagne each when we got our first No.1 album. In your opinion how could they improve X-Factor? They need to stop focusing on the background of contestants and more on their talents. I think loads of potential contestants are missed due to a lack of interesting back stories. Also retain focus more on the contestants than the panel. How did you get the part in Whistle Down the Wind? I spoke to my manager and said I would love to be in a musical. He came back to me the next day and said that Whistle Down The Wind was about to tour the UK. Bill Kenwright was interested in meeting me to potentially play the lead. I went for a meeting with him and he offered me the role straight away. Most embarrassing moment in your life? I would have to say that it was when I realised my fly was undone onstage with G4, during a performance of Jerusalem. I have repeated this a few more times since to similar embarrassment. What type of music do you listen to on your iPod? Every style of music is on my iPod. From R&B, soul, pop, rock and classical. If you were not in the entertainment business what career path would you have taken? I would have tried to become a chef. I love cooking and would love to run a restaurant. Who is the most famous person you have met to date? The most famous would have to be Brian May. But obviously Simon Cowell! Have you been to Ireland before? Yes and I love it. Dublin is such a vibrant place. There is always a buzz there and the loveliest people. I can't wait to spend two weeks there in May as I normally fly in and out after a day. Name three things you would take with you if you were to spend a month alone on a desert island. Lighter, knife. Picture of Debbie, my wife. If you could choose to have lunch with any three people (past or present) who would they be, and why? Elton John, The Queen and Freddie Mercury.


Health & Beauty

Your skin does not have the same age as you! Skin aging results from a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic aging is a natural process determined by chronological and genetic factors. Extrinsic skin aging on the other hand results from influences of the external environment. Exposure to sunlight, pollution, stress, insomnia to name but a few. The rapidity and intensity of skin aging largely depends on factors in the external environment and behavioral habits.

Excessive exposure to sunlight is a major aggressor to the skin. It is the number one factor in accelerated skin aging. UVA penetrates the skin deeply right down to the dermis causing damage to collagen and elastin fibers resulting in dryness, lines and wrinkles. Smoking is another important factor. It causes the formation of free radicals in the skin, which make the skin look dull, blotchy and grey. Smokers should consume more anti oxidants (a diet rich in fruit and

Who says Informer advertising works?

ahenyInformer delivered monthly to 15,000


.ie • Web: www.informer • Email: info@informe 12 • Tel 01-4601670 Park, Ballymount, Dublin 5 Western Parkway Business

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ing up to ustice failing wak ian dempsey s tim vic e nc ole med at offenders being released unrefor

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even in the case of predetermined sentences. is only to hold life sentences, the practice By Niall Gormley ses have highlighted the years. The problem people for a number of defend people from seriliberty to to carry out further offences. is that people are given of previous con- with this The cases raise fundaGerald Barry had a litany in the killing offend again. ut the justice system and he served victions including involvement In the case of Simon McGinley, he was in 1996, the blindseriously disturbed, lifeof Colm Phelan in Galway for the 'C' case rape and a robbery and a seven years s. treatment for sex ing of a pensioner during supposed to have received rs, Gerald Barry, Simon his his original offence sexual assault on his ex-partner. in of the offending in prison. The l Cawley have recently a drink and drugs binge. Simon McGinley was convicted case and occurred during 'C' the in some of the most serious girl drink and drugs rape of a 13-year-old latest offence occurred during of the cent times. jail. sentenced to 12 years in it not make sense that one convictions for binge. Would never erving three life sentences Noel Cawley had previous his freedom is that he can for rape conditions the and and damage anuela reido Wouldn't such theft, burglary, larceny, malicious take drink and drugs again? dent in Galway. Simon say, a blood test attempted rape. violent monitoring be legitimate, tenced to 21 years for the the debate in Ireland about of Much week? -old woman in July. Noel has been characterised every reform reform Trust, of crime and sentencing According to the Irish Prison in jail are 'hard' or 'soft' on cted of the manslaughter as between those who e100,000 e100,000 to keep a prisoner imprisimpris ty hanley and was sen- crime. Tony Blair's famous formula 'hard on it costs were people 276 In 2008, of crime' was an each year. also in July. of a civil crime and hard on the causes in relation to the non-payment mes involved horrific vio- attempt to bridge the gap between those who oned violent offenders are in debt. Meanwhile, serial inade ictims and were outrages completely inadecrime as a form of irredeemable that see violent released from prison, with what marks them out is of release, who see crime as the outcome of evil and those quate supervision and conditions ad already been convicted of personal and social factors. to rape and kill. system asks 'did free to decide nt offences. these men won't At the moment our justice There is no guarantee that eleased manifestly without you do it?' It doesn't ask 'why did you do it?'. are given offend again. atterns of offending having As a consequence the convicted all were at liberty to decide

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vegetables) and where possible use skin creams containing antioxidants to combat the effects of free radicals. Actively dealing with these aggravating factors is essential to slow the visible signs of skin aging. Based on this Sothys Paris have brought together the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries to create a Cosmeceutical anti-ageing treatment called [C] Collagene Hyaluronique™ IT which will reduce the visible signs of ageing immediately and for an extended period of time. An exclusive concept relying on a professional diagnosis made by Sothys beauty therapists to determine the real age of the customer’s skin. (You may be 40 but could have the skin of a 45 year old or you could be lucky enough to have the skin of a 35 year old. The facial is then customized to the age of your skin not yourself. This professional treatment takes around 75 minutes with proven and long-lasting results (one month and more for 66% of the people tested) thanks to a new technology cosmeceutical patent coupled with a flax complex developed by the research team at Sothys. Beneficial effects are intensified with a made-to-measure home care cream and serum to maintain your skin’s youthfulness day after day. Linda. Senior Therapist, Rathgar Laser & Beauty Clinic Tel: 01-4976434 •

The Informer


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of Oceana Health & Beauty Phone: 01-8283901

More dry skin fixes 5 - Baby Your Hands & Feet Hands and feet can suffer terribly in winter. Put on moisturizer and gloves BEFORE you head outdoors, and consider lathering up your feet in thick moisturizer and sleeping in cotton socks at night. Vaseline on really cracked heels works a treat used daily. Extra tip: Cover feet in a thick moisturizer, wrap feet in cling film, then pull on a pair of socks for a couple hours. The same treatment can be done on hands, except try plastic bags and keep hands in a pair of socks. A half-hour should do you. 6- Stay Hydrated But Don't Go Overboard Many people believe if they drink more water, they'll hydrate skin. But I've read time and time again that this is a myth and you simply cannot moisturize skin from the inside out. That said, a small study recently published by the University of Hamburg (and reported in Allure magazine), suggests people who drink relatively little water could see a significant benefit in skin hydration if they started drinking nine eight-ounce glasses of water per day. What does this mean? Probably that dehydration does affect skin, but a normally hydrated person isn't going to see major benefits by

drinking even more water. My advice: don't expect bottled water to save you from winter itch. 7- Don't Forget Your Lips Licking your lips will not moisturize them and instead will help dry them out. Lips retain less moisture than other parts of the body, so they tend to dry out more quickly. A simple lip balm helps, as does my all-time favorite lip trick: moisturize your lips with Vaseline. Take a toothbrush and "brush" your lips in a circular motion. This will remove dead flakes and leave your lips soft and supple. My favorite – Dermalogica new Lip Balm – has a lip exfloitator built in that you use when you apply. 8 - Your Face Needs Extra Care in Winter Cold, winter wind can wreak havoc on skin. To keep your face supple in winter, apply moisturizer to your face before going out into the cold and cover your face with a scarf in harsh wind. If you have super, duper sensitive skin, consider avoiding rinsing your face with tap water, which can contain harsh minerals that are especially drying to the skin. Ireland has a high level of lime which dries out the kettle let alone your face! Instead, do like the French and cleanse skin in winter with a cleaner that does not require rinsing, like Pond's Cold Cream. You can also rinse with special water that contains selenium and chamomile. Extra tip: Its ultra-imporatant to get a facial during this time of

year – facial massage will increase the sebum level and give the face that ultimate healthy soft glow. Microdermabrasion is my favorite!!! Try it – on special at Oceans for €85 for the winter season or a Spa Facial for €65!!! 9 - Consider Fish Oil Pills New studies show omega-3 fish oil pills may soothe super dry skin. Patients who took fish oils pills in a study saw significant results within a few weeks. You can see, within six weeks, the skin, hair and nails improve. Ever since I started taking fish oil pills in March, 2007, I have received numerous compliments on how amazing my skin looks. So there you have it. 10 - Vitamin E Capsules In times of extensively dry skin - why not try a vitamin E capsule as part of your night time treatment. Simply pierce the capsule, apply the gel like substance on your face and let it soak in overnight. Vitamin E repairs the skins – that’s it job! This should be done over a period of two to three weeks, every other night. It's cheap as it has no fancy packaging and it works!! For any beauty and product info email me and I will get back to you on what to do and where to buy!!! No problem too big or too small!! For any beauty and product info email and I will get back to you with what to do and where to buy!!! No problem too big or too small!!

"Paint-on Insulation Cuts Heat Loss, Condensation and Mould problems"


Here’s the best part.

revolutionary new paint, a spin off from NASA research, helps cut costly heat loss out through your walls and ceilings by up to 25%, as well as cutting condensation/damp and mould problems.

“I would just like to leave my comments about an amazing product that does exactly as promised. INSULATES! Thermalite, really does work. I live in an old stone cottage on top of a hill (very, very windy and stormy). Over the years my husband and I have dry-lined our cottage but there was a north facing wall in the kitchen which we never got around to doing so we decided to try Thermalite instead. The difference in the heat that is retained in my kitchen now is very noticeable. Even on a mild day the kitchen used to feel quite cool. Not any more. It just feels so cosy. We are so impressed by this product that we are ordering more! I can't recommend it enough and it certainly deserves a five star." Trudy Cowx. Co Clare

Thermilate does not require any specialist fitting or modifications to your home. All you do is roll it on like any regular paint. For best effect apply two coats and do the ceiling as well as heat travels up. Saves Money

Because your room retains it's heat longer and Warmcoat cuts heat loss, you will find the room will be warmer with shorter burner times which means you get welcome savings on your heating bill also. Paint that pays for itself!

n Mould patches - a common problem on cold walls

But does it work?

Thermilate works by reflecting the heat back off walls, ceiling, etc. Developed as part of the NASA Technology Programme Thermilate has been independently tested and scienticifally proven to reduce heat loss out through walls and ceilings when it is applied. All you do is paint it on. Thermilate Warmcoat like an undercoat. The special tiny vacuum spheres in this special paint act as insulators to reflect back heat into room where it came from.

Completely safe to use

Inert & non-toxic. Eco friendly.

“I have a bedroom that can be quite cold and condensation is a problem on the walls. I repainted the walls with emulsion that had Thermilate in it last March and no mould or mildew has reappeared since. I also found that the room was a lot more cosy. Thermilate works, no doubt about it” Maura C Cavan (name withheld as requested) “I used Thermilate in an extension and the effect of the extra heat was very noticeable. I had to reduce the thermostat from its previous level and yet the room stayed warmer. I would certainly recommend it” Kevin Flynn D13

Use Warmcoat as your undercoats on any interior paint job. Cuts heat loss and saves money on heating bills

Money back guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll find your home warmer and cosier you can order at our risk, not yours. Try Thermilate in your home or business for 90 days, a full three months. If for any reason, or for no reason at all, you are not delighted with the results, return the empty can with proof of purchase receipt, & we’ll send you a prompt & courteous refund. n Thermilate works by reflecting the heat back off walls, ceiling etc Unlike any other insulation anywhere.

Thermilate Warmcoat is rolled on as part of a normal painting job. Usually for best effect it is applied in two coats. It is especially powerful when applied to poorly insulated walls or ceilings etc. Thermilate also has proven to be a great help where you have condensation problems which cause mould. The 'warmer' wall lessens or eliminates the creation of moisture thereby reducing an environment for unsightly mould growth.

To order now, call 01 830 22 50 or order on-line at Thermilate Warmcoat is available at only €70 per 5 litre can, enough to cover a typical box bedroom twice inc ceiling. Warmcoat is distributed in Ireland by Igoe International Ltd, 135 Slaney Road, Dublin Ind Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Estd 1978. Website © Copyright 2010 Igoe International


All About Dublin

A moment in time

Fisheries Of Howth

Herring Fishing in Howth Office of Public Works, 8th July, 1855. Sir, With a view to obtaining information on the subject of the channel herring fishery for our Annual Report, I proceeded yesterday to the harbour of Howth, but finding that the fishing fleet had nearly all departed for the fishing ground, and that the market was completely over, I resolved upon remaining for the night; and at four o'clock this morning the boats began to approach the harbour, but were prevented till near eight from coming in in large numbers by a very dense sea fog. About nine o'clock nearly the whole fleet of Scotch and English boats had reached the quay, and it was rather remarkable that the first boats which arrived were those that had been the least successful, many of them having little more than a single maize [500] of fish; the report was, therefore, that the fishing of the preceding night had been unsuccessful, and the price accordingly opened high, from 23s. to 28s. per maize of 500; but as the boats arrived, some of them having from five to eight maize,

The Informer

the prices fell to 20s. and 18s.; these fluctuations were also caused by telegraphic communications from Liverpool, announcing the state of the market. The number of boats now at Howth may be set down at 140 Cornish boats, chiefly from St. Ives, and twenty Scotch boats, chiefly from Campbeltown. There were, up to a few days since, about 100 Manx boats, but nearly the whole of them have returned to their own shores, where there is an abundant herring fishery at present. The Arklow boats are also fishing either at home or at the Isle of Man. No serious outrage of any kind has

been attempted since the destruction of nets in 1852; and the strangers are most grateful for the efforts made by the Board to obtain redress for them on that occasion, and most confident of security and protection. The fishers and buyers complain greatly of the absence of some regulations for the preservation of order among the multitude of boats and people that are often assembled; and still more of the absence of any summary jurisdiction for enforcing regulations and settling disputes between the boatmen themselves, and between them and the purchasers; and have agreed upon a memorial to the Lord Lieutenant upon the subject, which,

doubtless, will come before the Board in due time. Never in my life did I enjoy a higher gratification in connexion with our duties than the scene of this morning afforded to me. The take was above an average, the quantity having exceeded 800 maize. Before I left Howth, by the 12.30 train, nearly every boat was cleared, and most of them were taking their departure for the fishing ground. The smacks were loaded for the Liverpool market; the trucks of the train were nearly all full, and numerous spring-carts and other vehicles were on their way for Dublin; not less than 2,000 people could have been assembled, and there was but one trifling dispute, which 1 readily settled.

I am, Sir, your very obedient servant, Edward Hornsby, Esq. J. Hedmond Barrt.

Picture: "The Fishing Fleet, Howth." A Valentine's Series postcard dating from around 1905.

This page was researched with the help of

The Bad Old Days

Shanghaied in Dublin

Mr. C---, of Beresford-street, cabinet maker: About four weeks earlier he had spent an evening in St. Mark's parish, at a house where he had been kept to a late hour, he thinks between one and two in the morning: as he passed along one of the lanes leading from Fleet-street to Aston's-quay, he was accosted first by one, and afterwards for four other men, in sailor's clothes, whose words and manners were, in the first instance, tolerably courteous, but on a sudden they seized him, put a handkerchief on his face, and threatened murder in case of noise or resistance, and dragged him to the water side, to a boat they seemed to have ready for the purpose, into which they forced him, having previously emptied his pockets of their contents, being eight guineas and a half. They then rowed down the river, and boarded a small vessel, in the hold of which they put him, after securing his arms and legs with ropes. In this dismal place he found eight or nine men in the same plight, who had been kidnapped in the same manner. Some days after this the vessel, whose description or destination Mr. C--- was never permitted to learn, set sail; the next day, he thinks March 21st or 22nd, there was a furious storm that drove the vessel onto rocks that made her destruction inevitable. The captives were freed by the crew as the vessel began to fall apart. Mr. C--- and three others made it to the shore on a piece of wreckage. He found himself in Cardigan Bay, and from there made his way home. (Anthologia Hibernica, April 4, 1793.)

The Informer


All About Dublin

First hand History

The Rev. Thomas Campbell, author of 'A Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland' (published in Dublin in 1778), found much to criticise while travelling through the city. He also found beauty in a surprising area ... "Upon the whole, Dublin is no contemptible city ... it must, however, be acknowledged, that except the new streets, which are paved and flagged like those of London, it is abominably dirty. "I, cannot describe to you how much I was hurt by the nastiness of these streets, and by the squalid appearance of the canaille (the riff-raff). The vast inferiority of the lower ranks in Dublin, compared even with those of the country towns in England, is very striking. Seldom do they shave, and when they do, it is but to unmask the traces of meagreness and penury. "In a morning, before the higher classes are up, you would imagine that half the prisons in Europe had been opened, and their contents emptied into this place. What must it have been then, even within three years, when near 2,000 wretches, much worse, of course, than any now to be seen, exercised the unrestrained trade of begging? I am told that the nuisance was risen to such a pitch, that you could scarcely get clear of any shop you entered, without the contamination of either ulcers or vermin, from the crowd of mendicants, who beset the door.

"Here, to be sure, you meet some splendid equipages, and a large suite of lackeys after a sedan chair; you see a fair range, or two, of houses, and some rich shops; but all these scarcely compensate for the painful sensations produced by the general mass. "Yesterday I went down the North Strand, catching the sea-breezes as I rode along. Summerhill, the suburb leading to it affords one of the most charming prospects in the world. Before you, is the sea, covered with ships; on the left of the bay, is a country beautifully varied; to the right, the conical mountains of Wicklow terminate your view. The river Liffey, and part of the, city compose the fore-ground of this exquisite piece. , . . "Summerhill, as well for the beauty of the situation, as purity of the air, is become the residence of several persons of fortune. I was led to it a few days since, to see one of the most pleasing collections of pictures, I have almost any where observed; and you will be the more surprised when I tell you, that they are all copies, but they are copies of a very peculiar sort. "One of them taken from the Galatea of Raphael, they now consider as an original; the original being almost defaced. They were the property of a Mr. Moore, who, during a long residence at Rome, had them painted by Albano, and others, the best artists in that imperial city.

Advertising Feature

Why choose a roof in copper, zinc or aluminium? Non-Ferrous metals such as copper, zinc or aluminium are starting to become very popular in Ireland now because they have been proven to be highly durable, lasting up to 100 years with little or no maintainance. This type of roofing is used in the Nordic and colder regions of Europe where it has been long proven to be excellent for holding out against the most extreme weather conditions. The city of Paris has a zinc roofing coverage of almost 85%. Key Advantages: • Lasts up to four times longer than typical roofing in bitumen felt, slates or PVC membrane • A traditional handcrafted roof enhances the appearance of your property • Copper zinc or aluminium is 100% recyclable and eco friendly A lot of homeowners are now getting their existing flat roofs converted to aluminium or zinc roofs. The roof conversion will normally not require planning permission and can take 2-3 days to complete with very little

inconvenace to the homeowner. You can also take advantage of having the converted roof brought up to full ber rated insulation standards or you can also have new roof lights built into the metal roof. Metal roof conversions would not be the cheapest option compared to the typical felt or slate roof but when you factor in the longevity of the roof and peace of mind with never having to worry about leaks or a damaged roof again, it is good value for money in the long run.

You will need the roofing contractor to do a thorough roof inspection and the contractor should be a fully qualified 'roofing plumber or coppersmith' with full insurance and be able to give your roof a guarantee for at least 10 years. Boyle Copper roofing specialists provide a complete start to finish service in metal roofing. More information is available at The company can be contacted at 086-8565302 and emailed at

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SpRiNg Special


Dublin GAA

Dublin retain Leinster U21 football title

Easter Sunday was a good day for the Dublin Under 21 footballers’ as they retained their Leinster crown against Westmeath in Parnell Park. Westmeath arrived in Dublin headquarters having impressed in the lead up to the final beating Kildare, Meat and Laois on the way. Dublin on the other hand needed extra time in both their games against Louth and Carlow to progress. On a sunny but windy day, Dublin played with the wind in the first half and immediately set down a marker. Dean Rock was clinical with any Westmeath indiscretions knocking over four frees. Dublin took a six point lead into the break 0-9 to 0-3. Much had been talked about Westmeath’s midfielder, the 17 year old John Heslin before the game but the young Mullingar man was well marshalled in the first period however with Westmeath needing all his skills he began to dominate second half proceedings. The midlanders quickly ate into Dublin’s six point lead and with a minute of normal time left there was only a point between the sides, Dublin leading 0-10 to 0-9. Dublin counter attacked as Westmeath went to level matters, moving the ball swiftly forward to Ciaran Dorney who shot to the Westmeath net from close range. Dublin tagged

on two more points in added time to win back to back titles on a scoreline of 1-12 to 0-9. The six point win probably flatters Dublin but the work will have commenced already towards defeating Roscommon in the All-Ireland semi –final on April 18th.

l Nicky Devereux, Dublin, is presented with the award for Cadbury Hero of the Match, by Cadbury representative Ken Hanamy. Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE

The Informer

Outside of the boot with Mick Hanley

Camogie Association honours Dublin’s Kathleen Mills

The Camogie Association have honoured former Dublin player Kathleen Mills by naming the All-Ireland Junior Championship trophy after her. Kathleen was arguably the greatest player to play camogie. In a twenty year plus inter-county career she won fifteen All-Ireland senior medals. She won her first medal in 1942 and her last in 1961. She had the honour of captaining Dublin for their 1958 success. A supreme athlete, she perfected the art of the long range goal. She had incredible fast wrists and could take scores from almost any angle. Her skills were so good that she was talked of in similar ways to hurling greats Christy Ring and Mick Mackey.

She played on the winning Leinster team as part of the inter provincial Camogie Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1954. In 2004, she was named on the Camogie team of the century alongside former team mates Eileen Duffy and Sophie Brack. Ironically, Dublin won the AllIreland Junior title in 2005 for the first time in 30 years and although we would love to see a senior title coming to the capital again, it would be a special occasion should a Dublin captain lift the Kathleen Mills Cup. For all the best in Dublin GAA action, tune into GAA Sportsdesk every Wednesday 7-8pm on 103.2 Dublin City fm.

The Informer

Dublin Distractions

Crossword 1


The solution to this crossword will appear in the next issue. 3











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19 20







Across 77 --Launch Launchwith withgreat greatforce force(5,3) (5,3) 8 - Not difficult (4) 98 --Not in favour (prefix) (4) Not difficult (4) 10 - Clover-like plant (8) 11 Darkinpigment in skin (4) (7) 9 -- Not favour (prefix) 12 - Many times (5) 10--Jumped Clover-like 15 intoplant water(8) (5) 17 - Devour (7) 11 Dark pigment in skin (7) 20 - Quick views (8) 22 - Bill of fare (4) 12--Sort Many 23 (4)times (5) 24 - Lacking a crew (8)

15 - Jumped into water (5)


B e n c h m a r k e d

Down 1 - Light-haired (6) 1 - Light-haired (6) 2 - Approximate (8) 3 - Early Spring flower (7) 2 - Approximate (8) 4 - Meat trimmings (5) 5 - Worry (4) 3 - Early Spring flower (7) 6 - Soul (6) 4 - Meat trimmings (5) 13 - Fine thread (8) 14 - Absolutely incredible (7) 5 - Worry (4) 16 - Fillings (6) 18 - 16 of these in a pound (6) 19 - Important question (5)6 - Soul (6) 21 - Encounter (4)

by neg 13 - Fine thread (8)

Should he stay or should he go?

Well, when you're the leader higher standards are expected.

He failed when he had the chance to play his part.

Some things are not easily forgotten.

Does he deserve another chance?

A lot of the faithful were let down by his actions

Are Ya Havin' A Laff? 17 - Devour (7)

14 - Absolutely incredible (7)

20 - Quick views (8)

16 - Fillings (6)

22 - Bill of fare (4)

18 - 16 of these in a pound (6)

23 - Sort (4)

19 - Important question (5)

24 - Lacking a crew (8)

21 - Encounter (4)

There it goes again

John and Barry landed themselves a job at a sawmill. Just before morning tea Barry yelled: "John! I lost me finger!" "Have you now?" says John. "And how did you do it?" "I just touched this big spinning thing here like this...Damn! There goes another one!"

Lost in Dublin

A Swiss man, on holiday in Dublin, needed directions. He was standing outside Brown Thomas on Grafton Street and he saw two local lads walking by so he stops them and asks: 'Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?' The two lads look at each other blankly and stare back at him. 'Excusez-moi, parlez vous Français ?' he tries. The two continue to stare. 'Parlare Italiano?' Still absolutely no response from the two lads. 'Hablan ustedes Espanol?' The local lads remain totally silent. The Swiss guy walks off extremely disappointed and downhearted that he had not been understood. One of the lads turns to the second and says, 'Jeasus Y'know, maybe we should learn a foreign language!' 'Why?' says the youth, 'That fella knew four languages, and it didn't do him any good!

Is he Catholic?

Padraic lived alone in the beautiful Kildare countryside with only a pet dog for company. One day the dog died, and Padraic went to the parish priest and asked: "Father,

me dog is dead. Could ya' be saying' a mass for the poor creature?" Father Patrick replied: "I'm afraid not; we cannot have services for an animal in the church. But there are some Baptists down the lane, and there's no tellin' what they believe. Maybe they'll do something for the creature." Padraic said: "I'll go right away Father. Do ya' think â‚Ź5,000 is enough to donate to them for the service?" Father Patrick exclaimed: "Sweet Mary and Joseph. Why didn't ya tell me the dog was Catholic?"

Bank Robbery

First thing one Monday morning, a robber broke into the bank, and pointed his guns at the cashier said, 'Give me all your money, or you'll be geography!' The cashier laughed and said, 'You mean to say 'history.' The robber answered, 'Don't change the subject.'

Best Pubs In Ireland

John, Jimmy and Pat are sitting in a pub full of people. Pat says, "The pubs in Cork are the best. You can buy one drink and get a second one free". Everyone in the pub agreed and gave a big cheer. Jimmy says,"..yeah. That's quite good but in Galway you can buy one drink and get another 2 for free." Again, the crowd in the pub gave a big cheer. Then Pat says "Your two pubs are good, but they are not as good as the ones in Mayo. In Ballina you can buy one pint, get another 3 for free and then get taken into the backroom


Irish Husband

A young lad from Santry came home from school and told his mother he had been given a part in the school play. 'Wonderful, 'replies his mother, 'what part is it?' The boy says, 'I play the part of the Irish husband.' The mother scowls and says, 'Go back and tell your teacher you want a speaking part.' Two middle aged ladies from Foxrock are browsing around Brown Thomas. One says: "You know, I'm having an affair." And the other responds: "Really? Who's doing the catering?

Yea. At least Ipswitch weren't relegated.

Solution next issue.

6 7 8 9 1 4 6 1 2 8 3 5 2 4

to be made love to". John and Jimmy gasp and says "WOW! Did that happen to you?" and the Pat replies "No, but it happened to my sister."

I'm Having an Affair

But that wasn't that a long time ago?

9 6 4 3 4 2 8 7 9 8 6 9 3 2

Scribble Box

Padraig to the Rescue

The Pope comes in one day and says to his cardinals: "It seems the Jews have challenged us to golf." The cardinals protest that they're no good at golf, and say: "Why don't we ask Padraig Harrington to become an honorary cardinal, then he can play for the Vatican?" So Padraig Harrington goes out and plays the game, and comes back with his head in his hands. "What's wrong?" the Pope asked. "Well, it was OK at the start," said Padraic. "But did you ever hear of Rabbi Tiger Woods?"

Solutions P




























For last Issue S





















2 7 8 6 3 9 4 5 1

5 6 1 8 4 2 7 9 3

9 4 3 1 5 7 8 2 6

3 1 6 5 2 8 9 7 4

4 5 2 7 9 6 3 1 8

7 8 9 3 1 4 2 6 5

6 2 5 4 7 3 1 8 9

1 9 4 2 8 5 6 3 7

8 3 7 9 6 1 5 4 2


The End

Dubliner aiming to wheelie clean up Ever wondered what to do about those wheelie bins taking away the fine vista of the front of your house? Castleknock man Robert Murphy just might have the solution for you. 'Bruscar' is the name he gave to his new business idea where he makes wooden panels or 'chests' to hide wheelie bins left outside the front of houses. The idea is particularly useful if there is no access to the back of your house to store the bins but would also suit small apartment blocks or shared access areas. It's sure to go down well with those who think wheelie bins a

unsightly addition to the urban clutter. Robert says that he got the idea from his own experience and after suffering a bout of unemployment in the great depression of 2009, he decided to go for it and start his own business to manufacture the panels. He also completed a back to work enterprise scheme which has helped him with the business side of getting started out on his own. Bruscar's website ( gives a comprehensive gallery of pictures of all the panels and chests available with pricing and delivery options.

l Those two wheelie bins look much nicer now!

The Informer

The Informer Poll



Should pubs and restaurants be allowed to serve alcohol on Good Friday?

If Pope Benedict XVI were to visit Ireland this year, would you turn out to see him?

Dublin Total

Dublin Total









95% Blanchardstown
















95% Dún Laoghaire



Dún Laoghaire



































Survey carried out on Wednesday 7th & 8th April 2010. This is a “door step” survey. Total number of people interviewed is 200 with 20 residents being interviewed in their homes in each of the areas shown by The NRBI on behalf of Informer Newspapers. Results published do not reflect the views or the opinions of the Informer Newspapers or any of its employees.

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