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Six figure payout for northside abuse claim

Off to the Mousical...

The face of the festival

Mother of three detailed how her youth was consumed by a sense of emptiness

A woman who sued her father following his conviction for abusing and assaulting her during a 10 year period in the 1970’s and 80’s has been awarded €375,000 in damages by the High Court this week. Gerard Smith of Magenta Hall, By Ed Diggins Santry was convicted in 2006 of abusing his daughter Ailish Smith, 38, of Templeview Lawn, Clarehall. in the house and that it has had a Mr. Smith had pleaded guilty to the devastating impact on her life ever charges and received a six year since. sentence, with two suspended. The The mother of three then detailed court heard how he served three how her youth was consumed by a years of that four year sentence. sense of emptiness and how she was “just existing” and that she had Contested no life left to live. In 2008, Ailish begun a civil "When he came home, we would action against her father however be terrified because we knew he the case was being contested by the defence on the grounds that her claim was out of time, a notion that was dismissed by Mr Justice Eamon de Velera at the hearing. The abuse took place over a sustained period starting in 1976 which lasted well into the 1980’s until the victim was twelve years old. Ailish Smith outlined how it occurred when her mother was not

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Win 2 Tickets to see Angelina Ballerina

Arts Council launches the Northside Music Festival

Children’s book and TV favourite, Angelina Ballerina is performing LIVE ON STAGE in her brand new ‘Mousical’, an all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre show, suitable for all ages at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in September!

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Additional 18 months sentence for Barrister death threat

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During the hearing, her mother strenuously denied that she had tried to silence her daughter and prevent her from making the assaults public knowledge. Ailish had given up her right to anonymity so that her father could be named in the media.

LUAS link up to provide jobs boost for North Dublin

New angling column!

Amanda Byram Interview


Bed closures a cause for concern in Beaumont

Angler's Angles Page 6

would start hitting us. “His way was the way, and everything was about what my dad wanted, whether it was what we watched on TV, or going down to the kitchen to get a drink," she said.

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Hands off the European Social Model Social Justice Ireland - Page 3

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Q The month in Quotes From the minute I started boxing as a 10-year-old I dreamed of being an Olympic champion. From then on, Dad pushed me at home. It was step by step. Katie Taylor on her Olympic dream come true

Katie Taylor has lifted the spirit of the nation. I want to offer my sincere congratulations to Katie, who has represented this country with such courage, skill and pride over many years. This is a wonderful day for Katie and her family and friends, who have supported her over the years and all Irish people, wherever they are, will enjoy and share in this heart-warming occasion. President Michael D Higgions speaks for the nation When northern governments and southern governments wouldn't give us a penny, when not a single one of them provided a job, it was Sean Quinn and his family who took up the battle Fr Brian Darcy at a march to support the Quinn family Our Maeve has gone. Ireland regrets the loss of Maeve Binchy, a national treasure, and whether it be writing about love or hope or personality, she gave enormous comfort and enormous delight and satisfaction to millions of readers all over the world. Enda Kenny on the passing of Maeve Binchy My dad was a mad Olympics fan. He was seriously lunatic, sitting up all night watching grainy footage from Mexico. He introduced me to the Olympics. Danny Boyle, Olympic opening ceremony designer, credits his dad for the inspiration.

Winner of Chicago Competition Yvonne McGovern, Swords, Co Dublin.

Winner of Portlaoise Heritage Hotel Competition

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This is the number of new cars registered in Dublin City and County in July 2012. Is this significant? Well, it signifies signs of recovery. In 2009 the number was 2,187. By 2010 it had increased to 2,964. Last year the recovery had stalled as the number registered in July 2011 was 2976. So a 20 per cent annual increase does represent a recovery in consumer sentiment and the real reason why this matters is because the domestic economy needs to provide more jobs.

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Comment & Debate

Hands off the European Social Model The European Social Model is being undermined by unelected European bureaucrats in institutions such as the European Central Bank and the European Commission. It is unjust, unfair and indefensible that a core element of the EU should be undermined in this manner by people and institutions with no mandate to do so. It is clear that the European Social Model must be adjusted to make it more appropriate for the twenty first century. But there is no justification for it to be undermined. These were some of the observations at Social Justice Ireland’s annual Policy Conference at Croke Park in July.The conference, attended by more than 100 people from all over Ireland, addressed the topic, ‘Does the European Social Model have a future? European Central Bank and European Commission

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Mario Draghi, President of the ECB and former Goldman Sachs banker said that austerity measures "will involve giving up the European Social Model". All those committed to a fair and just EU should reject this claim and the policies that are causing it. While austerity may be necessary it is possible, indeed essential, to protect the vulnerable in all the decisions being made. The recent European Commission Staff Review of Ireland’s bailout programme also makes proposals that are not consistent with maintaining the European Social Model.

Call for National Debate

In a paper presented to the conference Seán Healy, Brigid Reynolds and Michelle Murphy of Social Justice Ireland argued that the primacy given to the market by so many politicians, analysts, policy makers and commentators has led to the present hugely unbalanced development which undermines the European Social Model by paying €billions to unsecured unguaranteed bondholders while essential services are eroded and infrastructure is being run down. They argued that Ireland urgently needs a national debate on the level of services and infrastructure Irish people want, on how such development is to be financed and how it is to be delivered. This debate should involve all stakeholders. They also outlined proposals to ensure the European Social Model should develop in a manner fit for purpose in the twenty first century. These proposals covered areas such as income, work, participation, sustainability, education, health, accommodation, culture and social capital. In setting out their proposals they argued that the core of the European Social Model was that economic progress and social progress were inseperable. This should be recognised by all involved and policy developed on this basis. Challenges

Speaking at the conference Professor Ide Kearney of the ESRI analysed two key challenges that must be addressed if Ireland is to have any positive outcome to its present difficulties: the very high levels of debt and

It is unjust and indefensible that the European Social Model is being undermined by the European Central Bank and the European Commission says Social Justice Ireland

very high levels of unemployment. She concluded that: “Ireland is being forced to implement pro-cyclical policies which serve to deepen the recession. If growth were to prove less than assumed by the Department of Finance, it would not be sufficient to stabilise the Debt to GDP ratio before 2015. Ireland is in danger of a lost decade.” Opportunities

Professor Tony Fahey, Head of Social Policy at UCD, pointed to the fact that the Beveridge Report had first been published in Britain in 1942, in the middle of a war. ”Yet Beveridge was convinced that what was needed at that time was radical change. What he presented was a noble but attainable vision of how peace-time society should be organised. Today we are at a very difficult moment but perhaps it is the opportune time to re-imagine the European Social Model” Professor Fahey added.

Policies to promote common good

Professor Philippe Van Parijis of the University of Louvain, argued that if Europe, especially the Eurozone, was to reject a race to the bottom then it would have to introduce a Guaranteed Basic Income for all its citizens (set at appropriate levels in different countries). This would eliminate dependency traps and ensure that work always paid. He emphasised the need for all groups in society to develop a common ethos of contribution to the common good. Anna Coote from the New Economics Foundation (London) argued that we should seize the moment to promote radical change for the common good. She outlined the need for a major transition to an economy that serves the interests of people and the planet, rather than the other way around. She identified three key areas in which Europe needs major change: (i); growing the ‘core’ economy – the human resources that comprise and sustain people’s everyday lives but which for the most part are unpaid and undervalued; (ii) in the organisation and distribution of paid and unpaid work; and (iii) in moving from cure to prevention in order to ensure the development of a just and sustainable world. This would enable services to be delivered in a much more sustainable manner which would involve all service ‘providers’ and ‘users’ in securing their development together.

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Green Scene Habitat - what's food got to do with it?

I have always wondered whether Irish governments, past and present, think about long term impacts when they design strategies. Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney recently confirmed my worst fears when he said that the agricultural plan Food Harvest 2020 is a ‘strategic policy document’ and so does not need formal assessment under the Habitats Directive. Under the plan, milk and pig-meat production will increase by 50 per cent, beef and sheep output by 20 per cent, poultry production by 10 per cent and fish farming production by 78 per cent (since revised to 300%). Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the authors of the report disagree with the Minister. Readers may remember that the European Commission has already listed many cases against Ireland for violations of the directive and that fines for transgression are likely to add enormously to our debts. It certainly sounds to me as though it will have major environmental impacts

Going in the wrong fracking direction

There seems to be the same lack of long term thinking around fracking – the practise of shattering rock deep underground in order to extract gas. Despite known problems, which range from poisoned water supplies to localized earthquakes, the government is thinking of giving the go-ahead to some preliminary exploration. In a new policy document on the practise the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership, a coalition of 29 environmental organizations, says the environment and long-term development of rural Ireland are at risk from the secrecy surrounding the polluting processes

By Kathy Marsh, Sonairte

involved – the damage done to communities, water supplies and wildlife. They call on the Government and EU to focus their attention on increasing energy efficiency and accelerating the move to renewable energy rather than allowing the development of high-risk, inefficient and polluting gas extraction processes that just add to the problem of climate change and say that fracking “will be at the expense of cheaper and safer policies”. Fracking involves pumping vast amounts of freshwater underground and much of this irretrievable lost and/ or contaminated. The Pillar points out that this will create significant social and environmental pressures at a local and regional level, and particularly in regions suffering from water scarcity. The Pillar also says that there needs to be a comprehensive and detailed analysis of fracking by an independent Irish or EU regulatory agency. This would examine fracking-related air pollution and the long-term health impact, fracking-related water contamination and a full cost-benefit analysis of the socioeconomic and environmental impacts – possibly through a European Commission green paper with full public participation of stakeholders. They call on the Government and the European Commission to suspend all ongoing activities, to cancel permits and to put a ban on any new projects until the community are properly informed and involved. Membership of the Environmental Pillar, which was set up in 2009, includes An Taisce, Birdwatch Ireland, Feasta, Friends of the Earth Ireland, the Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association, the Irish Peatland Conservation Council, the Irish Wildlife Trust, the Organic Centre, Sonairte and Voice.

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Time to get 'upcycling'...

The old reduce, reuse, recycle seems to have been replaced of late. If you put the last two ideas together you get upcycle, and that’s the trendy way to go, turning trash into ultra-desirable. Of course, ideally you do your own upcycling, whether its making a play house from old cardboard boxes, or making a glamorous new handbag from an old tshirt (I tried that one - it didn’t look glamorous). But there are some really beautiful ideas out there, made by skilled craftspeople, that are well worth investigating. I saw magically beautiful lanterns made of old food cans at my local farmers market – I wouldn’t have the skill or patience to try it myself – and Sonairte has been selling upcycled goods from school supplies to bags and jewelry for many years ( I’m not so convinced by three old buttons on a new chain or old furniture given a new coat of paint and artfully battered. If you want that sort of thing you can pick up the furniture for half nothing at your local St Vincent de Paul shop and paint it yourself. I’ll hire out the grandchildren if you want the artful battering. upcycle your old jumpers

Tired of giving huge amounts of money to airlines to carry your suitcase? Fed up with being cluttered when you go with only carefully packed hand baggage? Traveller and upcycled garment maker extraordinaire Kat O’Sullivan ( says all you need is one layered outfit, including a jacket with big pockets to take your passport, secret money, toothbrush, light sweater and a spare pair of pants. I suspect she also takes her smart phone to record her extraordinary journeys to strange places.

Turf wars not about the little guys

Sorry if I confused people into thinking I believed the PR that turf wars are about a tiny handful of cottagers. Christopher Sands from Whitehall points out that massive money and machinery is involved. Exactly Christopher – the cottagers are, I suspect, being used as a weapon by commercial peat extractors. I don’t know whether Ming realizes this or is simply an innocent caught up in it all – and I certainly wouldn’t want to bring his wrath down on my head by giving an opinion.

It's the Totally Terrific Tomato Show!!

Finally I’ve got a date for your diary. On September 2nd the Totally Terrific Tomato Show takes place in Rolestown Garden Centre, between Swords and Ashbourne, under the aegis of Fingal Gardeners Group and GIY. Organic gardener Nicky Kyle has been researching which varieties of tomatoes yield, and more importantly taste, best grown in Irish home gardens and polytunnels for many years and the show is her idea. Not only will it showcase more than thirty varieties she’s grown herself this year, but there will be competitions for best flavour, best looks, best recipes, chutneys etc. This photo shows just a few of what she’s grown and she’ll be speaking herself on growing heirloom plants. But it isn’t just Nicky’s show – bring your own tomatoes and tomato dishes and join in the fun. (You can always buy some tomatoes to make your chutney or chilli). I’ll be there myself judging the recipes so come and impress me. Full details and show schedule at http:// and Admission is free.

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Angler's Angles

The Informer

The sky over Dublin with Conor Farrell, Astronomy Ireland

with Keith McDonnell

Catching the fishing bug Different showers over Ireland I am often asked why I fish and the answer is simple: Fishing gives me a good excuse to be near moving water in some of the most wild and beautiful places. We are very fortunate in Ireland to have truly world class fly fishing for trout and salmon. The anticipation of going fishing is almost as much fun as actually getting out on the river. Hours are spent tying new flies, preparing tackle and then finally the joy of driving in the opposite direction of the thousands of commuters early in the morning towards my favourite stream.

n The author about to release a wild Irish Salmon.The fish was caught in June on a river less than 30 minutes drive from Dublin!

Many anglers choose to travel to the west of Ireland where the famous western loughs of Corrib, Mask and Conn provide endless opportunities for the fly fisher, but for me there is nothing like the rivers and streams on the east coast of Ireland. From the small peaty mountain streams of Wicklow to the rich limestone rivers of Meath and Kildare. The variety of scenery and wildlife available close to Dublin is simply stunning. I am often standing quietly in the river only to witness an otter swimming past completely unaware of my presence or a brightly coloured Kingfisher hovering above the river bank. This fishing season for me has been one of the best I can remember. While most people are cursing the heavy rain this summer, I don’t mind at all! All of the extra water gives the mighty Atlantic Salmon free passage into our rivers to spawn and this will help to insure the survival of the next generation of fish. The high water levels will also keep most anglers at home but these conditions can send fish into a frenzy and make the “catching” part of fishing a little bit easier!. Keith McDonnell is an APGAI advanced game angling instructor and guide based in Dublin. Contact Keith through his website:

As I write this, the Mars Science Laboratory has been on the surface of the Red Planet for just over ten hours, after what was a nailbiting descent using new and ambitious technology. The car-sized laboratory, known as Curiosity, reached the surface at 6:31am Irish time on Monday, August 6th. Being so large, the craft was too heavy to be slowed down enough by Mars's thin atmosphere. So, during entry, the craft deployed a huge parachute to slow it down. But even that wasn't enough. In a technological first, the craft was slowed down further and lowered to the surface using the rocket powered Skycrane, which then lowered Curiosity on cables. When the robot successfully landed on the surface, the staff in the control room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory erupted in cheers and celebration, before receiving the first images of the Martian surface only moments later Out of 39 attempted missions to Mars, this was the 15th successful mission. Curiosity will now travel around the Gale Crater to examine to rocks and soils in its vicinity. Its primary mission is to determine whether microbial life ever existed on what was once a water-rich world, full of oceans, rain, and rivers. As well as hunting for evidence of past life, Curiosity will examine the climate and geology of Mars, and help in planning the first manned mission to Mars in the future.

Mars is too close to the Sun to observe at the moment, but Venus and Jupiter are located close to the well-known constellation of Orion, recognisable by its three stars in Orion's Belt. If you go outside in the early morning (around 4am) you will spot Jupiter above Orion, with Venus to the left. Binoulars will reveal moons around Jupiter, while even a small telescope will show the phase of Venus, much like our Moon's phases. Be sure to let Astronomy Ireland know what you see by emailing!

n An artist's impression of the Skycrane lowering Curiosity to the surface of Mars. (from NASA/JPL)


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Garden Growing

With Gerry Norton

A summer season of exceptional growth I will do my very best not to mention the weather too much, which will be difficult as we Irish are obsessed with what happens around us and why we no longer have what we think we deserve to have at this time of the year. It’s as if we have a right to a sunny summer. So let’s just get used to the idea that we no longer have ‘normal’ weather, i.e. winter, spring, summer, and finally autumn. Maybe global warming is to blame, the gulf stream, for example, no longer caresses the west coast of Ireland and instead deflects to a more northerly direction therefore melting Arctic ice caps. In addition we now have to deal with the ‘Jet Stream’ which by all accounts has a mind of it’s own and doesn’t follow any conventional paths. So finally, keep the wellies and wet gear to hand and get used to the idea that even in summer wet gear will be used more than sandals, shorts and tee shirts. As a result of the warmth and constant rain the growth this summer is exceptional. Lawns for example are still growing at an incredible rate and need a mow every week or minimum every second week. Weeds this year are happy out, growing by the new time despite constant attention. Even though it’s a laborious task, keep hand weeding especially in the vegetable beds. I have finally harvested the first of this years' early potatoes which regular readers will know is a variety called ‘Orla’. The seed potatoes were chitted and planted much later this year due to poor conditions in March and we are now finally getting some reward for our earlier labours. This year’s crop is much better than recent years in size and firmness possible due to the new weather that we have. The salads are much the same. Fantastic growth, and assuming that you spent some time evicting snails, slugs and other pests the salad garden will continue to produce for a few months to come.

Elsewhere in the garden most of the tall perennials will need support using wire and canes. The heavy rain has battered most of the sturdy tall plants and everything is looking a wee bit sorry for itself. Don’t get too alarmed if some plants in your perennial borders appear to be too far gone. Whatever about this year these plants will rejuvenate and shine again next year. August tasks to think about should include the following. • Constant watering of plants in containers even if we have rain as the leaves will not allow the rain to get to the soil. • Get a neighbour or friend to do some watering if you are away. • Trim hedges now that the birds have reared their young and nests are empty. • Keep feeding tomatoe plants and nip side shoots and dead yellow leaves. • Lightly prune new shoots from early clematis and wisteria. • Keep your bird feeders clean and full as our feathered friend will prosper if fed in the summer. Peanuts and sun flower seeds should only be used as the multi seed mixes are full of seed that the birds will not eat and these seeds will germinate in your garden and become a pest.. Finally folks, if you need any information on gardening or if you have any tips or suggestions which I can pass on, please send them to me at I would be delighted to quote for any/all of your garden requirements from set-up organic vegetable plots to restoration of neglected gardens, design, planting and maintenance. No charge for initial visit and I will travel within reason. Gerry Norton, Living Landescapes, 97 Church Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Tel: 087-2462724 or email



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Arts Angle

The Informer

With LA Speedwing

Relentless Melt collection Collective group show ‘Relentless Melt‘ showcased a photo exhibition at the Motor House Gallery, Farmleigh House. ‘Melt Collective’ comprises of a group of lens based visual artists who met while completing a BA in Photographic Media in Griffith College Dublin. ‘Relentless melt’ was the collective’s first group show since graduating. The work on display was visually and thematically diverse touching on issues of identity, environmental concerns, science, voyeurism, and memory. Bobby Barbour was inspired by how society and the Western world are striving for better, cost-effective and ultimately more efficient modes of production. As a result he created a series of digital pictures asking whether 'engineering' food can feed a world population of 9 billion by 2050.

Alan Bennett created a compelling set of portraits about how others perceived us through a personal project called Shout! (see pic top right) Jose Carlos wanted to explore the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts. Indeed there is an inherent fascination emanated from his pictures as we are seeing the unseen. Ray Hegarty put together a fine art project on the splendour of old age through a personal and intimate portrait of his father. Jurga Raka created a “Plastic Soup”. The series of pictures was made with particular reference to the plastic pollution of the Oceans. Other artists included Karen Tierney, Sonja Kroll, Cindy Morrissey and David Nugent. Relentless Melt ran at the Motor House, Farmleigh House in July and August. Other art events and exhibitions in Dublin from LA Speedwing can be read on

Women’s fiction and children’ s stories available for 0.99 cts on Smashwords from L.A. Speedwing

McGrath welcomes new cystic fibrosis unit DEPUTY Finian McGrath T.D. has warmly welcomed the major progress on the completion of the Cystic Fibrosis Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital. “This week could be a great time for the patients and families after a long battle” said McGrath. He commended the families and patients for their dedication and commitment on this project for many years. “Tomorrow some of the C.F. patients will be moving into their new ensuite private rooms. I am delighted for all the patients. I want to thank and commend Charlie Gallagher and all of the team at St Vincent’s Hospital” said the

Dublin Bay North Independent TD. McGrath has this project included in his deal with two successive Taoisigh and finally it is now delivered. He urged the current Minister for Health and Children to stick to the deal and ensure that 34 beds are retained for C.F. patients. This is in line with best international practice. Justice at last for Cystic Fibrosis patients. This also shows that Independents can make a difference. Deputy McGrath also paid tribute to all of the Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families for their courage and dignity.

Finian McGrath TD (Ind) The Independent Voice for Dublin Bay North Dail Office: 6183031

Constituency Office: Le Chéile Community Centre, Donnycarney.

Phone 6183031 for appointment

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The F

The face of the Festival of Fashion You’re one of Ireland’s most successful TV Presenters, having established yourself as a household name not just here in Ireland but also in the UK and America. How did you get started in your career? I was working as a model when I got an audition for Ireland AM. I got the job and it was a simple as that. Over the space of a weekend I had quit modeling and I was in rehearsals for Ireland’s first ever morning show - it all happened really, really quickly. Your latest venture ‘The Angel’ has just debuted on Sky – what has the reaction been like to it? Amazing - apparently people really loved it! I was actually on a flight when it aired so I missed it but it takes me a few weeks to watch my own shows anyway. I’m not a big fan of watching myself on TV but I have it recorded so I will watch it eventually! How did you get involved in the ‘Dublin Festival of Fashion’? When I was asked to be the face of the ‘Dublin Festival of Fashion’ I jumped on it immediately. I used to model in Dublin many years ago so having been in the fashion industry and with so many brilliant memories of Dublin, I loved the idea. The footfall in Dublin city centre has dropped drastically and while it’s on the up again, people tend to shop in the suburbs these days – they don’t shop in the city centre anymore. I’m really proud that I’m hopefully going to be part of the catalyst that helps to turn that around. I think it’s so important for us to embrace Dublin city as kind of a “hub” because we’ve really neglected that in the past and that’s what the Dublin Festival of Fashion is all about. Living in London, will you make it back to Dublin for the event itself from September 6th – 9th? I am back for the event; I’m compering one of the shows and you never know, I might even model in one of them – back to the old days again!

The Informer Interview Judy Gilroy from Ireland’s leading on-line fashion website chats to Amanda Byram who has been chosen as the face of this year’s ‘Dublin Festival of Fashion’.

Is there anything in particular on the programme of events that you are looking forward to? There’s a fashion show taking place on the steps of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and I’m really looking forward to that. Not to mention the creative quarter over on Clarendon Street and St Georges Street. There’s a big creative element over there with such beautiful architecture, gorgeous shops and designers that people just seem to forget about. This morning I looked out the window and I saw Georges Street Arcade. It’ so amazing but you just forget about it. It’s when you don’t live here, that you appreciate these things. You could live in Rome and not see the Spanish steps – you just pass them every day but they’re just a set of steps. When I lived here, I forgot and I neglected everything as well but now it’s easy for me to come back and actually notice things again - it’s really lovely.

Do you miss living in Dublin? I do but I get the best of both worlds. I love Dublin city centre and I miss it. I miss Grafton street in the run up to Christmas and I miss the elements of being in Dublin like the Phoenix Park, where I’m from – just out by Castleknock – things like walks in the park just out by the popes cross. Now let’s talk about your own style because you seem to be one of the very few people out there who never gets it wrong! Have you ever had a fashion faux pas? Awwwh, bless! (I think it’s fair to say Amanda is chuffed at this particular juncture!) I’ve had a few faux pas in my time! In my later life, actually not as much but in my earlier life, definitely! Stone wash denim minis and leg warmers spring to mind. I don’t really go out to many things but when I do, I’m lucky because I have a little bit of time to focus on what I wear. And I really do love fashion... That’s really obvious – you always tweet what you wear! Fashion is obviously a massive part of your life? Fashion is a big part of my life; I love to dress up like any woman does. It’s a really girly thing to get dressed up and go out and enjoy yourself. I’m lucky because I get to dress up for my job but I also love to be very comfortable too. How would you describe your style? Because I dress up so much for work, my personal style is very comfortable and laid back. In my spare time I like to be a little bit boho, a little bit eclectic. I truly believe that style is a sense of attitude and that if you’ve got the right attitude you feel confident in yourself then you can wear anything. Who would be your style crush? Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Gisele – the list goes on! Monica Bellucci is another one – I love the way she really embraces her curves and her femininity.

High street or designer? I really like to mix it up actually – I don’t really go for designer that much because I think that if you look hard enough you can dress yourself in a designer style for very cheap. I love high street shops like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara, and H&M. They’re all fantastic places where you can get anything you want from this season. If you spend a thousand pounds on a dress, it’s going to be last season in a few months. As long as you accessorize well you’re laughing! Just before Amanda is whisked away for her next interview, I ask her if she thinks she would still be here today had she missed that fateful TV3 audition all those years ago. She replies with absolute certainty; I think so. I’m a person who lives to chase my dreams.

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Let me intro paper reade to general de Churchtown to provide a mouths heal name. If you attended 'the cases, bad b disease. A speciali diagnosis of We frequent patients suff Often it is as many other o can take mo requisites be Halimeter (m best when th ring us on 29 Did you k cities) has th attend the de oral health. T unless they'r will be so po treatments w their teeth by We offer a comprehens have a hygi issues and a what 'fresh b fully recogni cleanings up seen as norm has good gu most people their mouths tend to need programmes given an ora every 2/3/4 m The world has recomm dentist twice encourage o we give the 6 months of


The Informer

The Fresh Breath Clinic Let me introduce our services to all of the informer paper readers. We are a dental practice limited to general dentistry and have been practicing in Churchtown for over the past ten years. Our aim is to provide a means for our patients of keeping their mouths healthy throughout their life time, hence our name. If you have fresh breath, chances are you've attended 'the fresh breath clinic' as in the majority of cases, bad breath is a cardinal sign of serious gum disease. A speciality of the surgery is detection and diagnosis of 'Bad Breath', also known as Halitosis. We frequently carry out thorough examinations for patients suffering from this wide spread problem. Often it is associated with gum disease but there are many other oral/dental sources too. This examination can take more than an hour and we have some prerequisites before attending the appointment as the Halimeter (machine that measures bad breath) works best when the odour is at it's worst. Please feel free to ring us on 2981801 if interested in this service. Did you know that Dublin (along with most capital cities) has the lowest percentage of population to attend the dentist? Most people avoid and ignore their oral health. They will never have attended a dentist unless they're in pain. The condition of their mouths will be so poor that very complex and expensive treatments will probably be needed in an effort to save their teeth by the time they do attend regularly. We offer a wide range of services from comprehensive white fillings to minor oral surgery. We have a hygienist who caters for all your gum health issues and along side the dentist, they will decide what 'fresh breath programme' will suit you best. It is fully recognized that professional cleanings up to twice a year is seen as normal for someone who has good gum health. However most people find it difficult to keep their mouths up to scratch and tend to need the 2/3/4 monthly programmes whereby they are given an oral cleaning treatment every 2/3/4 months. The world health oraganisation has recommended visiting your dentist twice a year and so as to encourage our patients to do so, we give the second exam within 6 months of last attending, free of

charge. We do our best to make sure you don't loose out. Your teeth are our top priority and once all the functional problems are dealt with and all preventive treatments are put in motion, we will also be happy to deal with any aesthetic or cosmetic concerns you may have. All our fillings are white and we use extra precautionary measures when removing amalgam (silver) fillings as both patient and dental team are at most risk of mercury exposure when placing or removing Amalgam fillings. Our team members include Dr. Danielle Colbert( general dental surgeon), Andrea Lambert (dental hygienist) and Siobhan Mulqueen (dental nurse). At the Fresh Breath Clinic you will automatically feel at ease as our team will provide you with the utmost care and are always happy to run through any dental questions you may have. We will find a treatment plan that will fit your needs both dentally and financially perfectly by custom tailoring it to your specific needs. Our main aim is to provide preventive treatment where possible and avoid any long term complications further down the line. Our surgery hours extend from 8am to 8pm but we are happy to accommodate our busier clients by rearranging our lunch hour to fit them in between 1-2pm. We also have 'the fresh breath clinic' car which is used to pick up or drop some of our Churchtown/Dundrum/Rathfarnham patients from their appointments if necessary. Doing our best to help you have a better healthier mouth is what we're all about. For further information and an in-depth price list please find us on We also have our own website on www. and feel free to 'like' us on Facebook!

Giving you a lot to smile about. Produce this advert at time of visit and we will give you 10% off your FIRST full Dr. Danielle Colbert comprehensive exam (including 4 x-rays) that Dental Surgeon normally costs E150 euro for only E135. And our hygienist will start you smiling again with S+P at only E50 for 40 minute cleanings.

67 Upper Churchtown Road Churchtown Dublin 14

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67 Upper Churchtown Road Churchtown Dublin 14

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We're here to keep your mouth healthy, fresh and disease free! The

LET me i paper rea to genera Churchto to provide mouths h name. If y attended cases, ba disease. A spec diagnosis We frequ patients s Often it is many oth can take requisites Halimete best whe ring us on Did yo cities) ha attend the oral healt unless th will be so treatmen their teeth We off comprehe have a h issues an what 'fres fully reco cleanings seen as n has good most peo their mou tend to ne programm given an every 2/3 The w has recom dentist tw encourag we give t 6 months


All about Dublin

Firsthand History Dubliners Executed at Tyburn

In the 17th,18th and for some of the 19th century there were public executions at Tyburn in London, sometimes several at the same time. And, for the crowds gathered to watch the deaths, there were pamphlets on sale describing the crimes and how the condemned men and women repented. They were long on religion and short on mercy, but they sold like hotcakes. Here are some of the Dubliners who died there - minus the repentence. Thomas Williams, 42, a native of Dublin, was executed at Tyburn, London, on Wednesday the 29th of April, 1724. He had been convicted of two robberies and an assault. He also admitted to robbing three StageCoaches. When apprehended, he kept a Shop at Hownslow, had a beautiful pleasant House, and let Lodgings. William Lipsat, 18, from Dublin, was executed at Tyburn on Monday the 1st of February, 1725. He was convicted of stealing, in the House of Robert Kelway, 57 Guineas and half, 6 Pieces of Silver value 12s. a silver Buckle set with Stones, and two Purses value 12d. He had been employed by Mr. Kelway and said that the theft was to fund his return to Ireland. Benjamin Wileman, 34, from Dublin, was executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 22nd of August, 1729. Originally a tailor, he had joined the Army in Ireland and served for 12 years. "He confess'd that he was a Man of a very dissolute Life having been addicted to Whoring, Drinking, Gaming, and Swearing; and that he spent almost all the Money he could earn, in a vicious way of Living, and in the worst of Company; and he own'd that the Judgment of God had justly overtaken him, for such a notorious wicked Course of Life. He deny'd the Facts of which he was convicted, but own'd himself to have been a most notorious Sinner in other Respects." Wileman nearly escaped from prison after sentence of death had been passed, friends smuggled in tools and he had was just one brick away from freedom when he was discovered. James Bryan, alias Brien, alias O'Brien, 20, from Dublin, was executed at Tyburn on Monday the 16th of November, 1730. He was convicted of Highway Robbery. Trained as a plasterer he didn't like the job and "had his Inclinations to go abroad, in order to game and spend his Time with idle

and wicked Company, and to act the Black-guard, which was his whole Delight." After a stint in the Navy he returned to London and, preferring theft to work, came up with the idea of being a Highwayman. "He said, he always disdain'd and thought it below him to commit petty Thefts, such as Pickpocketing, &c. but thought it more becoming a manly Spirit to attack Coaches and such People as he met upon the Highway. He believ'd himself to have been one of the most wicked young Fellows in the World, and to have been Guilty of all Sins but Murder. He was an impudent, bold young Fellow, and if he had not been prevented might have been Capable of doing much Mischief." William Trevors, 19, from Dublin was executed at Tyburn on Monday the 20th of December, 1731. Apprenticed as a painter, he gave it up and turned to "all Manner of Licentiousness, in Whoring, Drinking, Blaspheming, House-breakings, Pilfering and Theiving." In less than a year Dublin became too hot and he fled to London where he got involved with "Gangs of the most notorious Whores, Pickpockets, pilfering Theives, House-breakers, etc." The language is a bit unclear, but he seems to have been convicted of burglary. His criminal career in London lasted less than nine months. Thomas Macguire, 30, from Dublin, was executed at Tyburn on Wednesday, October 2nd, 1734. He had no trade and had worked in the planatations in Virginia, USA., for nine years. Afterwards he was a sailor. Finding himself in London with no ship, no money and no prospects, he stole a horse, value ÂŁ5, the property of John Shipwith. He intended to "sell him in the first Town or Place where he could find a Buyer but at Barnet, they seeing him without Shoes, Saddle, or any thing to fit him for riding, stopt him upon Suspicion, and immediately found out the true Owner. He own'd in general, that he had been a very great Sinner, but said he had never committed any other Theft or Robbery, except in the Fact for which he was convicted." The above accounts, and many more, can be found at

This feature was researched with the help of

The Informer

Edited by Zoz From the archives

The Last Train

A photograph of the last train to run from Harcourt Street Station in Dublin. This photo ran in the Irish Independent on New Year's Day 1959, with an article describing the event. "An hour after the last train had left Harcourt Station at 4.25 p.m. yesterday the 100-year-old terminus bore a derelict look as a sad-faced staff locked up for the last time. The departure of the last train will be long remembered by hundreds of people for among the 500 passengers, there were young children who were having their first and last train journey on that route. Hundreds of people gathered at the station and outside to watch the end of the service. As the train moved out promptly on schedule fog signals exploded and passengers waved to the crowds on the platform. With tears in her eyes, Mrs Maggie McLoughlin, of York St., who had been selling newspapers at the station for 39 years, said good-bye alone and unnoticed in a corner of the station. At Bray hundreds of people were waiting on the station to greet the train as it arrived. Some young men attempted to remove fittings as souvenirs but were prevented by the GardaĂ­ on duty." The photograph and text come from the National Library of Ireland collection on Flickr - it is well worth a look.

y Zoz

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eet Station in Day 1959, with

p.m. yesterday taff locked up

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tch the end of gnals exploded

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The Informer

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Date: 16th September 2012 Venue: City North Hotel (Exit 7 – M1 Motorway)• Time: 11:00am – 5pm• Cost: €60 © A&A Deane 2012 To Book please phone: Aureyana - 086 814 4361 or Eileen - 087 656 1126


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Dublin GAA

Outside of the boot with Mick Hanley GAA Sportsdesk on 103.2 Dublin City fm Wednesdays @ 7pm

With the August Bank Holiday over the serious end of Gaelic championships have arrived. Thankfully Dublin are still contesting many of them. The Dublin senior footballers receive most media attention and with them defending their All-Ireland crown perhaps rightly so. They are the crowd pullers although attendances appear to be down this year. They are just two hurdles away from retaining their title with a semi final against Mayo first to come on September 2nd. Still winning Although in many people’s eyes they have not been playing as convincingly as last year they are still winning. They now have a few weeks to get things right

and Pat Gilroy will have them primed for this showdown. Many other Dublin teams are also impressing in the championship. Our senior ladies footballers are through to an All-Ireland quarter final having beaten Meath in the Leinster final. They are awaiting their opponents as the qualifier system is still in progress. Another All-Ireland team Also on the ladies front the minor footballers have already captured their All-Ireland crown beating Tyrone by 3-9 to 3-7 in Birr on the August Bank Holiday Monday. A great achievement for the team managed by Fintan O’Curry. On the camogie front Dublin bowed

out of the senior championship to Offaly in Parnell Park at the quarter final stage on Bank Holiday Saturday. This is a game that Dublin could easily have won but hopefully the experience of it for this young side can fire them on for next season. There is plenty of talent coming through as the Dublin Under 16 team won the All-Ireland title defeating Galway 4-10 to 2-8 on Bank Holiday Sunday so the future looks bright. Minor progress Hopefully by the time you are reading this that the Dublin minor hurlers will have reached the All–Ireland final as they take on Clare recently in Croke Park. Shay Boland’s side have been building

steadily throughout the championship and were comfortable Leinster winners over Wexford. The Dublin Minor footballers managed by Dublin legend Dessie Farrell are also on course for All-Ireland honours having disposed of Monaghan in the quarter final in Newry and now take on Kerry on September 2nd. It would be fantastic if both minor teams reached the finals again this year and who knows last year’s double defeat could be double celebrations this year. So congratulations to the Dublin teams who have already tasted All –Ireland glory and let us get behind all the Dublin teams left in championship action. Let the games begin.

Graham Connor's Movie Advice Ted HHHHH Directed by Seth MacFarlane. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane. As a child John Bennett wished that his teddy bear best friend would come alive – which it did. Twenty-five years later they are roommates but John’s girlfriend Lori thinks it’s time that Ted moves out. Ted really caught my attention in the way it deals with a walking, talking teddy bear. He isn’t imaginary, he’s real and this lifts the film above a Drop Dead Fred kind of film. Ted is also very, very funny – but it’s hit and miss sometimes, with some of the jokes falling flat, yet, when they hit they really are zingers. You don’t need to be a Family Guy or American Dad fan to get this film; it stands very much on its own. Unfortunately Mila Kunis is completely wasted, the character of Lori has very little to do in this film. But, Ted really is about the two guys and how their relationship evolves and it works really well, Wahlberg in particular showing that his film stealing turn in The Other Guys was not just a comedy fluke. It is up there with The Hangover and Bridesmaids as being one of the funniest and most enjoyable films of recent years. If you liked those movies then you’ll love this. Advice: Bring a spare pair of underwear, you might need them!




The Dark Knight Rises HHHHH Directed by Christopher Nolan. Starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. Batman has been a hunted man for seven years. Bruce Wayne has become a hermit and is in risk of losing his family fortune. When Bane, a new enemy, threatens Gotham it is time for the Dark Knight to rise, no matter what the cost. Batman fans expected TDKR to be nothing short of fantastic. Unfortunately it is not fantastic, but it certainly isn’t far from it. TDKR is a complex film, the character of Bruce Wayne having more screen time and thus allowing Bale to flex his acting muscles and not just his actual ones. This is a brilliant move as Bale shines as Bruce Wayne. While it detracts from the character of Batman, as the film progresses you realize that TDKR was never really about Batman at all. Considering The Joker was one of the truly brilliant screen villains, Hardy had a tough time making Bane a worthy successor. This he does, mostly. Bane lacks the manic energy of Ledger’s Joker and the subtly of Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul but he has a physical presence that neither his predecessors had, which is vital for this film. On the downside; it is way too long. The film tries to include too much and this detracts from the film itself. It’s only a small quibble though. Advice: Not to be missed.

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UĂŠĂŠ/9* -ĂŠ"ĂŠ ,6 79-]ĂŠ , 7",ĂŠEĂŠ*/"UĂŠ "6 , ĂŠ-"1/ĂŠ 1  ĂŠEĂŠ7 "7ĂŠ, -

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Informer Classifieds... Informer Classifieds... Informer Classifieds...

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ce of tival



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Santry Local Services & Offers

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By Ed Diggins

Bed closures a cause for concern in Beaumont.

Beaumont Hospital is in the news again this month as latest figures

that the closure of beds within the site is now at alarming levels. Like our Facebook fan page and show In 2009 there was an average of 12 bed closures in the facility howenter our draws for Great Prizes! ever this increased fourfold to 48 in 2010. However figures for last

E35.00 per 1,000 Lo Call: 1890 929 950

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year released by the HSE show that a further 64 beds were closed in 2011 leading to concerns being expressed by many locals. The report becomes even more concerning by the fact that the total number of day case treatments increased by almost 4,400 from 76,147 in 2009 to 80,545 for last year.

LUAS link up to provide jobs boost

Local construction business and workers received a boost this week after the decision by An Bord Pleanala to grant permission for the construction of the Luas BXD light rail line. The plan which will cost in the region of €370m will link the existing Green and Red lines. The line will run via O'Connell Street from St Stephen's Green linking up also to the new DIT campus site at Grangegorman and with the Maynooth Line via an interchange at Broombridge. Once complete, the six kilometer line will have 13 stops linking the north of the city to the city center in 24 minutes. It is hoped that this link up will see a 25% rise in people using the service, meaning that more cars are left at home thus easing the traffic pressures across the region. Transport Minister Leo Varadkar welcomed the decision to allow the project to proceed and spoke of the benefits for the people of north Dublin and beyond. "Luas BXD will revolutionise public transport in Dublin. It will deliver a joined up commuter railway network by linking the two existing Luas lines," he said. “When complete, Dublin will have an integrated rail and light rail network that is the norm in other modern cities. For the first time, it will be possible to get a train in Maynooth or Leixlip and get out in Dundrum or Sandyford with just one change. Minister Varadkar said that Metro North was still a possibility but right now the Luas Link represented the best opportunity for affordable infrastructure improvements in the locality. The new line is expected to be opened in 2017 with work commencing in the next 12 months.

Additional 18 months for barrister death threat

A 24 year old Northside man who was convicted of two charges of murder earlier this year, has received an extra 18 months term to accompany the life sentence he is already serving. Gary Howard pleaded guilty at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court this month for threatening to kill a state barrister who had opposed his bail application during the original trial. Howard from Dunsoghly Grove, Finglas had threatened to put a bullet in the back of the head of Gráinne O’Neill during the initial court proceedings at the four courts on August 16th, 2011. The court heard that O’Neill had been instructed by the DPP to oppose the bail application.

Arts Council launches the Northside Music Festival

Children’s book and television favourite, Angelina Ballerina (by author Katharine Holabird) is performing LIVE ON STAGE in her brand new ‘Mousical’, an all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre show, suitable for all ages 3+. Touring the UK and to Ireland, Angelina Ballerina The Mousical comes to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from Tuesday, 18th September 2012.

To be in with a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Angelina in September answer the following question: Who wrote the book series on which Angelina Ballerina is based? Answers by e-mail only to Please include your contact number Closing date for entries 31st August 2012.

The 6th annual Northside Music festival is taking place over the coming month in various locations across North Dublin. The festival aims to provide music orientated enjoyment for everybody, catering for those interested in trad, hip-hop and Gospel with a mixture of local and international talent on display. Local parks, community centres, churches and civic facilities will play host to acts such as The Lace, Slide, Rooftop Anthems, The Dublin Gospel Choir and Temper-Mental MissElayneous along with many more. Another feature of this year’s event is a series of family based music master classes which will involve sit in sessions and workshops to allow youngsters of the locality to work directly with established professionals in the field while taking in inter cultural activity during the sessions. The festival will run until the end of the month and a full list of events is available on Admission to all events is free but patrons are asked to pre-book seats for all indoor events.

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Santry Informer August 2012  
Santry Informer August 2012