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Our bodies are temples and we must do whatever is possible to maintain great health. Longevity through consistent maintenance and repairing of our bodies should be a practice followed by everyone. The purpose of this site is to provide help to those seeking it with the illnesses they are dealing with. The products listed are the best I have found that have been tested to improve and/or help heal the negative health conditions we may sometimes encounter. I personally have dealt with opiate addiction years ago and have found a product that helped me greatly that I will share with you. Some of the other products listed on this site I and other professional physicians in their respective fields have researched and found can help others deal with the specific condition. At the bottom of each page you will find an opportunity to post a comment so please feel free to share your opinion.

Opiate Addiction Over the last 20 years opiate addiction has because too common. From teenagers to elder adults, we have all seen people deal with this disease that can lead to overdosing and death. As I mentioned above I have personally dealt with opiate addiction and beat it and I want to share with you what helped me win. First, I would like to explain to you what opiates do to your brain. Our brain naturally produces dopamine that lifts our mood, helps us feel motivated and helps relieve pain. The opiates that are found in prescribed medication and heroin are synthetic. When they enter our body we have a surplus of dopamine in our system and therefore we feel a "high." This feeling is temporary and will subside eventually.

So if you're at this point ow does addiction happen?what can you do to treat it? • Our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of dopamine each day. Once someone begins to use synthetic dopamine our body will stop producing the natural dopamine because it is not needed. Within as little as 6 months the cells that produced dopamine can shrink up and die or "go offline." Now since they are not active our body is relying on the synthetic supply(pills, heroin, etc..) to feel normal. When this happens it can lead to a strong addiction and disaster.

At this point a lot of people seek rehab to help get over the addiction and get their body naturally producing dopamine again. Well I have found a product that actually speeds up the process! Through research I found a non-prescription product that will help anyone heal their body and brain from the negative effects of opiate addiction. It will naturally help boost your natural serotonin level. Serotonin affects brain cells related to mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation and some social behaviour. All negative symptoms that someone in opiate recovery struggles with on a daily basis.

Opiate Addiction Treatment when most people here the word "protein" they think muscle building. The truth is that whey protein isolate is made up of the amino acids our body needs to help heal and repair itself. These amino acids help repair the brain cells that produced dopamine faster all while helping improve your daily mood and functionality while you recover


As far as how much you should take of the product that is up to the individual. Factors like your weight do come into play but it's easy to figure out because instructions come on the label. I used to drink one shake in the morning and one in the early afternoon and it helped me feel more energized and improved my mood each day.

Opiate Sickness  

Realhealing products gives 100% opiate detoxification and gives better results to withdrawal opiate symptoms

Opiate Sickness  

Realhealing products gives 100% opiate detoxification and gives better results to withdrawal opiate symptoms