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Grape Varieties

GEWURZTRAMINER History Traminer is an older clone growing in Tramin (now Italian Tyrol) Musqué mutation of Traminer, name recognized by Alsace in 1973 Style -

Cool Climate Floral (Rose), Lychee, grape. Full bodied, med/high alcohol, med acidity, dry, med or sweet


Moderate Climate

Tropical fruit, lychee, high alcohol, full bodied, low/med acidity -


Late Harvest: sweet spice, raisin, botrytis Intensely perfumed Rarely blend Slight coppery tinge Origin -

Premium region Alsace, New Zealand (Gisborne), Tasmania, Oregon



California, Australia, South Africa Typical Characters Its perfume Blends Usually unblended or with Muscat and Riesling Synonyms Savagnin rose (See Vin Jaune du jura) Yields Low yield



Grape Varieties


Pruning Early budding Prone to virus diseases Cane pruning Positive attributes Intense perfume Negative attributes Hard to achieve flavour-ripeness at moderate alcohol level Soils (see Alsace soil) Chlorosis is a problem for chalky soil Good for loamy texture soil Clay soil produce the most aromatic wines Rootstocks Low to moderate vigour Others Good quality, fashionable “gewurz” means spice in German Food match Eat Asian, drink Alsace AD




Characteristics of the grape variety: Gewurztraminer