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WEDNESDAY APRIL 11th 1.00pm -- 2.00pm 1.00 -- 1.10pm Colin Tudge:

Food, Art and the Olympics The 2012 Olympics are showcasing the best of British -- so why not the best of British food?

1.15 -- 1.25pm Tracy Worcester:

What Price Factory Farming?

1.30 - 1.40pm Pete Riley:

Pigs and Chicken: the Absolute Importance of Traditional Feeding


Discussion WEDNESDAY APRIL 11th 6.00 -- 7.00pm

6.00 -- 6.15pm Stephen Vince and Colin Tudge in conversation 6.15 -- 6.25pm Keith Tyrell:

The Olympics, Dow Chemicals and the Legacy of Bhopal

6.30 -- 6.40pm Sam Henderson:

How to Feed the Olympics

6.45 -- 7.00pm Discussion THURSDAY APRIL 12th 6.00 -- 7.00pm “The Idiot Cycle” -- a film by JPS Films This film follows the world's largest chemical producers:and how these chemical companies, who manufacture and emit cancer causing chemical substances, also develop, produce and invest in cancer treatments, the most profitable disease on the planet.

FRIDAY APRIL 13th 6.00 -- 7.00pm Julie Sumner with Mark Aitkin:

The Olympic Legacy: What about the Allotments? “This was Forever” -- a film by polkadotsonraindrops Julie and Mark tell the tale of Manor Gardens allotments in east London and the struggle of a community to hold its own in spite of Olympic development for the 2012 games.

SATURDAY APRIL 14th 11.00am -- 12.00pm Ros Brooks:

'Do Nothing Farming' -- a film by Pasture Promise TV See what happens when you work with nature out in the fields, instead of battling against it.

Philip Ridley:

Global sports and global food. Global governance and the corporate connection The Olympics are a global sporting event sponsored by global food corporations and the event celebrate globalism. Philip Ridley makes the connection between these global food corporations and global governance. He explores World Health Organisation nutritional guidelines and their local adoption, providing examples of how they support corporate agendas and militate against human health.

Who’s taking part Mark Aitkin -- founder of polkadotsonraindrops Mark established “polkadotsonraindrops” in 2003 as a collective of education practitioners who work with digital technology. He has worked extensively in film production and education since 1990. He founded the Short Film Agency in 1993; taught film production at Central St Martins; and has written and directed many short films, commercials and promos including the award winning Vegas Shift; the digital feature Same, Same But Different; and the documentary Forest of Crocodiles, which was sold to BBC Worldwide, TV3 Spain and several other TV stations around the world. Ros Brooks -- Communications Officer, Pasture Promise TV Ros spent nine months living and working at Church Farm, Ardeley, and campaigning for “Real Farming”, including working for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology. She now works for Pasture Promise TV -- a knowledge sharing portal for farmers and food producers who are interested in using ecological farming methods for the benefit of the environment and the quality of their meat and dairy produce. Pasture Promise TV covers a wide range of topics from the farm economy, nutrition, human health, environment (including carbon sequestration), biodiversity and animal welfare. Sam Henderson -- Church Farm, Ardeley Sam’s background is in Sociology (his first degree) and Sustainability (in which he gained an MA delivered by the charity Forum for the Future). Sam lives and works on Church Farm, in Ardeley, Hertfordshire, which he has helped re-establish from set aside since January 2008. Church Farm uses sustainable, ecological methods, based on traditional mixed farming, to grow almost everything that can be grown in the UK. In July 2010 work started with Andy and Paul (Sam’s partners in Something & Son LLP) to transform a disused East End shop into a farm. Almost a year on, “FARM:shop Dalston” is producing fish, salad, herbs, vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and even lufahs. Philip Ridley Philip runs Wise Traditions London, the annual British conference for the Weston A. Price Foundation, which campaigns for wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts, challenging politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats.

Pete Riley -- Campaign Director, GM Freeze Pete has been campaign director of GM Freeze since 2004. Previously he worked for Friends of the Earth as senior campaigner on food and farming. He has also worked as a consultant on waste minimisation and recycling, and for a vegetable growing cooperative in the Vale of Evesham. He qualified in ecology from the University of Edinburgh and is a keen natural historian. Julie Sumner Julie is the daughter of a Lancashire gardener, and plot holder at Manor Gardening Society Allotments in the East end since 1993. She instigated and ran the campaign to try to prevent Manor Garden allotments from being bulldozed to make way for a footpath to the main stadium in the 2012 Olympic Park. She is now a plot holder on the replacement site in Waltham Forest where, at the last count, she grows over fifty different kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Colin Tudge is a biologist by education and a writer by profession, with published books on evolution, genetics, phylogeny, trees and birds. He also has a lifetime’s interest in food and agriculture, and in particular in the technologies and economic and social structures that are needed to feed everyone forever without wrecking the rest of the world. This was first outlined in his first book, The Famine Business, in the mid 1970s. In So Shall We Reap, in 2003, he invoked the phrase “Enlightened Agriculture” and developed this further in Feeding People is Easy. In 2009 together with his wife, Ruth, he founded the Campaign for Real Farming which led to the College for Enlightened Agriculture. Keith Tyrell -- Director PAN UK Keith started at PAN UK as Director in May 2010. Keith has over 20 years' environmental experience. Prior to joining PAN UK he was the Director of Programmes and Research at the Koru Foundation - a charity that supports community scale renewable energy projects in the developing world. He also spent eight years working on UK and EU environmental policy at the ENDS Report where his last role was Climate and Energy Editor. He has extensive experience of working with grassroots organisations and ran the European arm of a three-year international research and advocacy project for WWF. He holds a Doctorate in Development Studies, and MA in Environment Development and Policy - both of which involved research into pesticide use. Tracy Worcester -- Director, Pig Business Tracy actively supports efforts to shift ideas of ‘development’ away from the dictates of giant corporations and banks who put economic growth before the well-being of citizens and the planet. Her documentary PIG BUSINESS has been broadcast worldwide and screened at the UK and EU Parliaments and in Congress to inform lawmakers of the need to regulate factory pig farming, a system which abuses animals, pollutes the environment, damages human health and destroys rural communities. Tracy’s other films include Is Small Still Beautiful? in India, and The Politics of Happiness in Bhutan, BBC World 2005. The Organisers The Campaign for Real Farming was set up in 2009 by Colin and Ruth Tudge to promote “Enlightened Agriculture” -- aka “real farming”: farming that is expressly designed to feed people without wrecking the rest of the world. If this was truly the world’s intent, then we could feed everyone who is ever liable to be born to the highest standards both of nutrition and gastronomy; and we, humanity, could be looking forward to the next million years. More information about the campaign and the College for Enlightened Agriculture can be found on the campaign website

Cork Street Programme 11-14 April 2012  
Cork Street Programme 11-14 April 2012  

Programme for the Forum event at Cork Street Art Gallery - "Art During The Olympics"