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Making a Plan Obtaining the perfect yard, most of the time, can’t be achieved overnight. Nature needs time to grow and settle into it’s place. Like our personal goals, preparing and planning can lead to those successes. Consider the following when tackling projects in the new year. What is your budget for the next couple of years? Investing in landscape projects often is multi year project that increases property value and overall happiness. Start with priority items, then move towards the preferred projects. If contacting us for our tree service to remove a dead tree is an urgent need, budget that as soon as possible. After those are done, figure out what is left for those extra projects that you been wanting to have around the home. How is your landscape going to be maintained? Creating your backyard oasis is just the first step. Watering and general upkeep is key to having a flourishing yard. If currently you cannot maintain your yard, then let’s work out a plan with our maintenance and gardening crew before new projects are installed. Remember, if you know that a clean and healthy yard is what makes you happy let’s work on getting that for you! What is your timeline? Sometimes giving yourself a deadline to get things accomplished by is a great way to take that first step. Using an upcoming family reunion or graduation party as a deadline is a great way to start the design and installation process. We often have clients come to us with a specific date they would like the job to be completed by. This helps us make suggestions and create the best timeline for completion. A landscape that brings you joy and happiness each time you come home is something that we want all of our clients to experience. As a local landscaping company in Western North Carolina, we strive to promote beautiful and healthy habitats that are both native and environmentally friendly. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you grow in 2017.

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Top: Working on a home is a team effort that is individualized to make you feel good about coming home. Photo credit: Lori Herlin

“If the outside of our home is truly an extension of who we are as a person, then surely it should include things that give us joy.” Established in 1989, Snow Creek Landscaping provides a full range of landscaping services to residential and commercial clients throughout Western North Carolina. Services include: Design, Installation, Maintenance and Gardening Crews Irrigation, Lighting and Specialty Projects Certified Tree Arborists for a Range of Tree Services Specializing in Native Species to WNC

Fine Homes & Design Winter 2017  
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