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Creating a list doesn’t mean that everything on there has to be completed, so think of it more as a brainstorming session. Some yards wouldn’t be complete without statues, stepping stones and waterfalls - extras that are tailored specifically for the owner. Get creative and follow your instinct. Imagine your ideal outdoor environment and put it into a list. Again, write down what makes you happy. You know what brings you joy better than anyone. Once your characteristic list is complete, compare it to what you already have. If your perfect yard is well trimmed with not a weed in sight, but your current situation is the opposite, that could potentially be a source of frustration for you. For those who are in the process of building - knowing what will make you feel satisfied is a crucial part of the planning process.

Priority Work While the overall goal of owning a home is to create a place that makes you happy, there are unfortunately going to be certain ’unflattering’ aspects. If with each storm you are worried about a seemingly dead tree falling over or water flooding into the driveway and neighborhood, those should be a priority for the new year. Take time to make a list of all the things that need to be fixed around your yard before taking on new projects. Examples of priority items on your property: Unhealthy or dead trees Incorrect drainage of water Obstacles in the way or unsafe pathways Dim lighting making it hard to see Anything that could promote structural damage As a company, we value our clients. We want the natural environment around you to be thriving and healthy, while at the same time creating a safe place for you to live. Our arborists, production and maintenance crews are trained to make sure both plants and clients are happy. When you make your plans for the next year, we ask that you please take the time to look at your property and identify the landscape jobs that need to get done to ensure your safety and well-being. We also offer environmental assessments in our packages.

Top: Amanda, our Gardening Supervisor, works with her team to make sure your yard stays healthy and looking fabulous! Middle: Getting creative with steps and railings is what seperates our clients from other yards. Bottom: Proper drainage can be both functional and naturally beautiful.

Fine Homes & Design Winter 2017  
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