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A Warm Welcome The dynamic entrance was designed with texture and sleek allure in mind and features a custom built door with steel handle impress.

home, and their builders, to make key design decisions before the building process is complete. Laura and her all-female team understand that creating a beautiful, custom home is a constantly evolving journey.

BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY HOMES INSIDE & OUT                                              

WELLNESS WITHIN YOUR WALLS What does it mean when a builder says that they build “green�? Jillian Pritchard Cooke, the founder of Wellness Within Your Walls, provides some insight into the true meaning of being green. She explained that, while a crucial component of being green is the sustainable use of resources and having a low environmental impact, a larger part, that is often overlooked, considers the health of the residents. According to the EPA, indoor environments are typically two to five times more toxic than the outdoors. Standard home building materials such as adhesives and finishes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Especially for energy efficient homes with tight envelopes, these toxic vapors remain in the home and can cause health problems over time. On the other hand, statistics show that people


Dinner and a View Breathtaking indoor out design nourishes the soul as it showcases a stunning view and healthy atmosphere.

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