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5 Health Benefits of Kombucha

8 Natural Ways to Combat Gum Disease

10 The Season of Creativity

11 Spring Pea & Arugula Salad

12 How to Find Creative Inspiration

14 Local Music Makers

16 Summertime Wellness Tips

19 Stand Clear Napa Valley

20 How Effective is Online Counseling

22 Ways to Embrace Healthy Eating

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ombucha is a health drink that originated in the Far East roughly 2,000 years ago. It is essentially a fermented drink comprised of black tea and sugar. The Chinese refer to it as the immortal health elixir, due to its many benefits. The fermentation process is initiated by bacteria and yeast contained in the beverage once the sugar has been added. After the fermentation process, the beverage becomes carbonated. It contains probiotics, B-vitamins, vinegar, as well as acetic, lactic and gluconic acid. It is these ingredients that are associated with the amazing benefits of kombucha. Below are some of the benefits of drinking kombucha. Detoxification One of the main reasons why people take this beverage is for its immense detoxifying capacity. For instance, it is known to counteract liver cell toxicity. What that means is that because of antioxidants contained in the beverage, it is beneficial against liver ailments. So, if you are big on detoxification, kombucha might be just what you need. Digestion Another health benefit of this beverage is that it aids digestion. There are many people who suffer from digestive problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. The antioxidant properties contained in this drink help to counteract free radicals which cause problems in the digestive system. The main reason why this drink is effective when it comes to digestion is that it contains highly beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and acids. The beverage is also known to prevent or help heal stomach ulcers.

cultures which essentially fight candida. It is important to note that this drink does contain bacteria. However, these are good bacteria known as pathogens. Energy Instead of opting for an energy drink that contains many unhealthy ingredients, you can go for kombucha instead. The reason why this drink is able to invigorate you is because of the iron which is released as the fermentation process takes place. The drink also has small amounts of caffeine, as well as B-vitamins which help to energize the body. The energy comes about as a result of a process referred to as ‘chelation’. When the iron is released, this helps to increase blood hemoglobin, enhancing the supply of oxygen to tissues, as well as encouraging the production of energy at the cellular level. Joint care Kombucha is also known to prevent, heal and repair joint damage. The beverage contains glucosamines, which is responsible for increasing the production of synovial hyaluronic acid. This helps to preserve collagen and to get rid of arthritic pain. The drink also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. With so many anti-ageing creams available on the market, one can easily get confused by it all. The beverage supports collagen in your entire body, including the skin.

Health Benefits of


Because the beverage also assists in restoring balance to your digestive system, it can also prevent candida yeast from thriving in the gut. Kombucha has live probiotic

The above mentioned benefits of kombucha are just some of the many amazing benefits of drinking this beverage. This is one of those drinks which you just need to try out for yourself to experience its effects.

June 2022 | 50+ Living


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50+ Living | June 2022

June 2022 | 50+ Living


Green Tea Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It contains an antioxidant named catechin, which targets and removes bacteria along the gum line. Adding green tea to your diet and drinking it on a regular basis can help keep your mouth healthy. It can also be used as a mouthwash when you are suffering from gum disease symptoms and can provide immediate relief from discomfort. Tongue Health

Natural Ways to Combat

Gum Disease


um disease is one of the most common diseases in the western world, with almost half of all adults over 30 experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding and inflamed gums, and if untreated can lead to gum recession. Though the condition is not reversible, it is treatable, and many people can manage gum disease at home without needing specialist treatment. These suggestions are not replacements for your usual oral care routine; continue flossing, brushing twice a day, and using mouthwash as normal. Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting means eating all of your daily calories in a strict eating window of between 8 and 12 hours and then fasting for the rest of the 24-hour period. If you fast for more than 12 hours a day, your body begins to consume its own unhealthy cells, which can have a fastacting impact on gum disease as your body will target damaged gum cells. Fasting also reduces inflammation, which can ease discomfort and promote healing. 8

50+ Living | June 2022

When you have gum disease, you might notice an unpleasant taste in your mouth. This is caused by the build-up of bacteria, many of which will spread to your tongue. If your tongue is discolored, brush it with an old toothbrush, using water and gentle strokes to remove the bacteria build-up. You can also use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Brushing and flossing your teeth will not rid your mouth of bacteria if your tongue is still riddled with germs. Kefir Fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut contain probiotics, which can reduce gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. Kefir is especially good as it is a milk-based product, so contains calcium. You can buy ready-made kefir in stores, but homemade kefir is far more potent and has greater healing qualities. Try brewing your own kefir drink by mixing kefir grains and whole milk, or a vegan alternative, and allowing the drink to ferment for 24 hours. Omega-3 Inflamed gums are an uncomfortable symptom of gum disease. Eating oily fish, nuts, and seeds, or taking omega-3 supplements are great ways to naturally reduce inflammation and start to heal from gum disease. Eating omega-3 regularly can help prevent gum disease from occurring in the first place and increasing your intake when gum disease flares up can help your body fight off the infection. Avoid Bread Most people know that eating too much sugar is bad for their teeth, but did you know that eating bread can contribute to poor oral health? Eating bread can

worsen symptoms of gum disease, so if you do eat bread products, make sure you clean your mouth thoroughly afterwards the way you would after consuming a sugary snack. In the early stages of gum disease, cutting out bread can speed up recovery. Kick Bad Habits Smoking and drinking alcohol both have an adverse impact on gum health. When you notice the symptoms of gum disease, try to detox from cigarettes and alcohol until the infection has cleared. Nicotine patches can help you curb cravings. Instead of drinking alcohol, swap for something that will help improve your condition, such as kombucha, a fermented soft drink with probiotic qualities that can be found in supermarkets and some bars. The early stages of gum disease are treatable, but if the condition progresses you may need to visit a dentist or hygienist. Gum disease can cause gum recession, and ultimately bone and tooth loss, so it is a good idea to stay on top of your oral hygiene and schedule regular visits to the dentist. The best way to treat gum disease is by preventing it through regular cleanings and eating a healthy diet, any of the natural remedies in this article can be implemented as long-term lifestyle changes to prevent a relapse of the condition.

June 2022 | 50+ Living


The Seasons of Creativity

How do the four seasons grant us the ingredients required in the creative process? They offer room for hibernation, dormancy, rest, rejuvenation, growth, fruitfulness, and abundance. By experimenting, working within the seasons, can be a way to find personal balance.

by Laurie Richardone

Tips To Inspire The Creative Process Reading regularly: Exploring new concepts, and learning new methods and techniques. You will be sure to walk away with some insight or inspiration.

Summer is a vibrant season, usually offering long hours of sunlight. It can be a very creative time to immerse yourself in developing a body of work. A beautiful truth is everyone has unique gifts to offer. All of us have a creative side. It can be expressed in myriad ways: such as writing, innovative thinking, cooking, teaching, and artistically, to name a few.

Writing:Try recording your thoughts in a journal at the end of each day. Writing has encouraged me to think critically about my daily experiences and ideas.

The great news is that no creative season has to happen alongside nature’s four seasons. It’s possible to feel symptoms of winter in the height of summer. Lean into your own personal creative season. Give yourself permission to allow your own goals, actions and otherwise to reflect with your internal rhythm. Ask yourself what goals you would like to achieve in each season? If it isn’t clear right away, I find journaling and taking notes helpful. In addition, removing myself from distractions helps to find the balance between presence and creativity.

Cooking: You might have heard the expression; chop wood carry water, I translate that to chopping garlic, and spring onions.

Embracing the cycles of our own process with a gentle open heart is paramount. We’re often unable or reluctant to recognize these. How often have we blamed ourselves for not being creative or productive at a particular time? How often have we tried to rush on with something, only to quickly come to a halt? We have all had times when ideas seemed to come out of the blue, or when you found a richer, deeper vein of thought in something that you’d only started to scratch the surface of. Find a way that’s natural and intuitive for you to store your ideas, it might be using a piece of software, a simple notebook, a vision board or some other method. I have created what I call an idea garden: It’s a place to park your ideas. But it’s not just about planting your ideas somewhere — these seeds need sun and water, as it were. Without getting the energy and attention they need, they’ll become just more ideas that never see the light of day. Tend the idea garden and nurture your ideas. Much of the time they link to other ideas, that can be surprising and delightful. 10

50+ Living | June 2022

Exercise:Taking care of your physical and mental health can help put you in an optimal position to practice and apply creative thinking. Try a 20 minute walk in nature to wake up the creative juices.

This is a phrase that stems from Zen Buddhism: It goes something like this ~ “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water” Simply put, it teaches us to slow down, be present: so that we can hear that sometimes faint voice nudging us to create something wonderful and unexpected. Speaking of cooking: A scrumptious salad with one of May and June’s super foods, raspberries. Add them to dishes this season for a touch of tart and sweet flavors. These delicate fruits have potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and a mineral called manganese that help our bodies thrive. I recommend getting organic berries, as conventional berries are sprayed with pesticides. To your good health If you are a curious cook or person, join me on my Podcast A taste for All Seasons An exploration of food, health, and seasonal living. As always, I share a recipe, cooking tips, and seasonal essentials that will inspire you in the kitchen. All recipes at laurierichardone.com You can listen to all shows, on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and LaurieRichardone.com We talk to farmers, wellness experts,and artisans where you can learn how to cook & live within the wisdom of the seasons. Laurie Richardone is a seasonal gluten free chef and certified health coach. To work with Laurie, visit LaurieRichardone.com

Spring Pea & Arugula Salad

This Seasonal salad covers all the elements. The perfect balance of salt, fat & acid, with a touch of sweet & savory.

Salad - Serves 4 Ingredients 1 1/2 cups english peas, blanched for 3-4 minutes. Drain. 2 1/2 cups arugula, chopped 1/2 cucumber, chopped 1 cup ricotta, goat or cashew cheese 12 raspberries,or strawberries, organic 4 mint leaves, tear the leaves into the salad 1/2 cup of dukkah, optional Vinaigrette 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, use the zest as well 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil 1/4 tsp sea salt, or to taste sprinkle of fresh ground pepper 1/2 tsp monk fruit, or sugar in the raw 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped 1 tbsp white balsamic vinegar works well, in lieu of lemon, or added with the lemon

Whisk the salt, black pepper, monk fruit and lemon juice together. Add the chopped parsley. Whisk in the olive oil or avocado oil to emulsify. Taste for seasoning. Set aside. Assembly Dress the salad right before serving. In a large bowl mix the arugula, peas, cucumbers, and mint leaves. Add a small amount of the dressing and gently toss. When plated drizzle more dressing over the salad and the cheese of choice. Lay the berries over the cheese. If using dukkah, sprinkle some over the salad and serve. Dukkah Recipe is with the Spring Pea & Arugula Salad @LaurieRichardone.com A note on peas: If you can’t find english peas at your market, I recommend organic frozen peas. Blanch them for 3-4 minutes in salted boiling water, to keep the texture. Drain.

Laurie Richardone is a seasonal gluten free chef and certified health coach. To work with Laurie, visit LaurieRichardone.com June 2022 | 50+ Living


How to Find Creative Inspiration


ave you recently struggled to find solid creative ideas to inspire you? If so, you are not on your own. All different creative types periodically face blocks to their creativity. Actions you take to find inspiration when faced with such obstacles matter. Here are some things you can do to find inspiration when you suffer from creative block: Go For a Walk When your mind feels foggy and you lack fresh ideas, going for a brisk walk can restore your energy levels and help revitalize you. It does not particularly matter if you walk in the city or a rural area since it is possible to find 12

50+ Living | June 2022

creative inspiration anywhere. For example, you might be inspired by the sight of kids laughing and playing jump rope on the city sidewalk or the delicacy of a butterfly’s wings as it lands on a flower in the country park. You never know what will inspire you if you get outside and walk. Be Sociable Do not pour all of your time into your work. Make sure you spend plenty of time with your friends and family. You never know when a conversation with someone dear to you will give you an amazingly creative concept. You can also ask the people you love what they would like to

Carry A Few Relevant Supplies If it is practical to carry a few relevant supplies just in case inspiration strikes, do so. Visual artists need to keep a scrapbook and pencil handy. Writers ought to make sure they have a notebook and pen with them. Similarly, it might benefit a music composer to carry a harmonica or pennywhistle in their pocket. You are more likely to remember any creative concepts you come up with if you have a few of the right tools at your disposal. Lose The Fear Sometimes it is not a creative block that stops you from trying an innovative project. From time to time, you might think of an idea and then refuse to try it because of the potential for failure. If every creative person refused to try something new because of what might go wrong, all art would completely stagnate. Do not be afraid to try creative projects because they feel a little scary. It is normal to feel a little bit of trepidation when you try something new, but never let that stop you from creating. Meditate Some creative people find meditating immensely helpful when they need fresh ideas. Meditating allows you to go inside yourself for a while. Regular meditation and journeying within can help you come up with concepts. Do not worry if meditating initially seems challenging. If you practice meditating, you will improve at it. When you can meditate effectively, you will think of more creative ideas than a meditation novice. Take A Break from Technology

see you create. You might be surprised and inspired by what they think up. Children, for instance, tend to have remarkably vivid imaginations. You can sometimes get some superbly innovative ideas if you talk to them. Discover More About People In Your Community Do not limit yourself to having conversations with those you already know. Attempt to get to know the members of your community and find out more about their creative talents. Make an extra effort to be kind and communicative towards other community members. You might meet people with whom you can collaborate and brainstorm.

Technology does not necessarily hamper creativity. Many people use technology wisely to enhance their creativity and productivity. However, too much time spent playing computer games, watching banal videos with little substance, and arguing with strangers on social media leaves little room for fresh artistic concepts. If you find technology is interfering with your creativity, unplug for a while and focus on healthier pursuits. Get To Work If what you have just read inspires you to create art, do not wait to get started on your latest project. Instead, begin right away. You never know who will make the next masterpiece or when. Why can’t it be you? June 2022 | 50+ Living


Local Music Makers Women to the Front Festival 2022 By Peggy Ratusz

ver centuries, decades and years, incrementally, gender disparities within the music industry have been changing; and sometimes for the better.


Ten years ago I dedicated an entire feature to the statistics I found in my research, supporting that there’s big strides needed toward equity; specifically in the music business. On the billboard’s top 40 this week (May 1 2022), there are 12 female artists. That’s 30%. In July of 2017, billboard’s top 40 had one woman on it. It fluctuates up and down each week for sure, but the bottom line is the same. Women are still undervalued, underpaid and underrepresented in what some critics claim is the most powerful voice in the industry. Smaller independent radio stations and smaller music venues across the country do a fair to decent job at controlling their own production schedule, in that they will play 2 female artists in a row or book 2 female fronted acts on one weekend; But the bigger venues and festivals, not so much….still. I just now read the calendar listings on one of the most popular venues in our country, Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado. Out of 100 concerts booked between now and September, twelve of them are female fronted. Twelve….. out of 100. 14

50+ Living | June 2022

One of those artists is my all-time favorite musician, Bonnie Raitt who has been making records since she was 22 years old. And yet when she received her Grammy this year for “lifetime achievement” that footage was not televised. Out of 96 recipients the Grammy’s have given out, a little over 30% have been to females. And a few of those were given posthumously. Raitt is especially grateful for hers, given that she is still working and touring at age 72. One of the most popular music festivals in the South just happened, and out of 78 acts, 15 were female fronted and that’s a measly 19%. Melissa McKinney is a local trailblazing musician and advocate for all things women and all things philanthropic. Along with friend Dani Cox who is a solutions-driven, get it done and get it done right champion of the ladies, the differently-abled and BIPOC, they’ve teamed up to co-produce a music festival with deep and positive significance. I had the pleasure of talking with them about the all-local, all-female music and arts festival they will host on Sunday, June 26th from noon-8pm at New Belgium Brewing Company. https://womentothefrontmusicfestival.com/

Women to the Front or WTF is a concert event “dedicated to celebrating women.” The mission is to “close the gaps that still exist by lifting women-identified artists and to inspire the next generations of empowered women.” Not only will all the acts be all-females, but the sound engineers are female and the vendors are from female owned businesses. The meeting of the minds and hearts of these two firestarters was serendipitous in nature with implications they gleaned more profoundly as time went on. They had each other at hello. Dani says she was hounded and encouraged by mutual friends to seek out McKinney, knowing they would be kindred spirits. They credit their friend, Patrick, for being the conduit to their partner/friendship. Melissa and Patrick were gigging together during a time when Dani was co-writing with him. He invited Dani to meet him at one of McKinney’s local shows. “You can feel Melissa’s spirit instantly when you meet her and she made it easy for me to want to be around her,” says Cox. After just a few minutes of conversation, Dani and Melissa were inspired by each other’s quest for finding more and different ways to uplift the community. Dani continues, “Her vision aligned with mine.” Melissa expresses her vocation: “We can all learn from each other, even from people who aren’t as far along on their journey as we are. There’s stuff to be learned from them and I think that’s the exciting part of all of this.” While their differences in approach and philosophies can waiver between miniscule to polar opposite, the common ground they stand on is where WTF Festival was conceived. Their exchanges and inspired action have already caused ripples that will be felt within our community for a long time to come. With this endeavor, they are quite literally, making Asheville music history. The magnitude of it is excitingly palpable while I sit in front of them in Melissa’s studio downtown. “We’ve got to keep moving forward, this social mentality that musicians need to be paid for their artistic energy output, Dani says, while Melissa expands from this vibration: “While Dani is correct, and I agree with her wholeheartedly, at times I invest and give of my time to things I deem worthy, and my compensation is of a different value and nature.”

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that’s why they decided that this festival, the first of its kind in our area, will be free to the public. With sponsorships to pay the acts coming in at the time of our interview, the maiden voyage of the WTF Festival 2022 is positioned to be one that compensates while it indemnifies. With over 30 acts vying for spots and slots, these two dream makers are poised to offer air time and compensation to the crux of the groups and individuals who have submitted forms of interest. The energy this festival will surely ignite, added to the daily efforts of women and men everywhere to bridge gaps and squelch disparities throughout worldwide music channels, should prompt every one of us to attend. Our very presence there will signify that we are united and solutions-minded in this ongoing conundrum. Melissa was confronted recently with a male caller who sought information about the festival. He wondered who she’ll get to play the instruments at the all-female local festival if men are not included in the lineup. Melissa politely retorted “Your question will be answered when you attend the festival. That’s why we’re doing this.” Quotes from popular music icons: Other people call me a rebel, but I feel like I’m just living my life and doing what I want to do. Sometimes people call that rebellion, especially when you’re a woman - Joan Jett I’ve always been fascinated about how much more wellbehaved we have to be than men - Jennifer Lopez I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world - Beyonce There’s something special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes grace, intelligence and fearlessness and the nerve to never take no for an answer – Rihanna

Peggy Ratusz is a vocal coach, song interpreter, and songwriter. For vocal coaching email her at peggymarie43@gmail.com June 2022 | 50+ Living



Summertime Wellness Tips

he summer is time to reset, rejuvenate, and get healthy. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and there’s no need to bundle up with several layers as we do in the winter. You’re finally able to go outside without shivering so hard that your entire body shakes in protest! The warm summer months are a time when you can focus on yourself and those things that are important for your well-being -- wellness goals included. Give Yourself a Reason to Drink More Water Water makes up around 60 percent of your body weight. It’s an essential nutrient, vital for the proper functioning of your organs and tissues. Drinking water is critical to your health. Yet many people don’t get enough fluids every day. Hydration is an even bigger issue in the summer, especially when temperatures climb above 90 degrees F. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you’re less likely to stay hydrated. Give yourself an incentive to drink more 16

50+ Living | June 2022

by jazzing up your water with fruit slices, cucumber slices, or herbs. Fresh mint is an invigorating choice. Also, make sure you have a space-age space flask that is easy to tote around and keeps your water cold all day long. Nobody wants to drink lukewarm water all day long, so get something that keeps it chilled. Wear UV Shade to Protect Your Eyes As you spend time outside in the sun, your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. How can you protect your vision? Wear sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This will help prevent eye conditions, such as cataracts and macular degeneration (loss of central vision). Other features that help sunglasses improve vision and comfort include polarization to reduce glare and larger frames that protect the skin around the eyes from sun exposure. Add a hat with a brim for even more protection.

Protect Your Skin

Get Outside Early in the Morning

The sun’s rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can put your skin at serious risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging. Protect yourself from sunburn and skin cancer, generously apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to all exposed skin every two hours -or more often if you’re swimming or perspiring heavily. Don’t forget to apply it to the tops of your feet, your neck, and your ears. They get sun exposure too.

Getting outside early in the morning is probably one of the most underrated things you can do for yourself during summertime.

Limit exposure to the sun’s most intense rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when they are at their highest point in the sky. And if you want to go out during those hours, cover up with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves for extra protection.

What’s also great about getting outdoors early in the morning is that there aren’t many people around, so you don’t have to worry about dodging pedestrians or bicyclists while walking or running through the park (or on any urban path). This means you can fully immerse yourself in nature without any distractions.

Hit the Trails Hiking is such a good summertime activity because it allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while breaking a sweat. It’s a great way to build cardio endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility--and it’s fun. Plus, it’s cooler in the woods than on pavement, so it’s a perfect activity for a warm day. Hiking trails have grades ranging from easy to difficult. You can choose one that matches your fitness level and schedule -- even if you’re not ready for an intense uphill climb every day Hiking isn’t just for nature lovers -- it can be an adventure. It helps build stamina, burn calories, and manage stress. Walking in nature will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. You can even hike with a human or canine friend. What’s not to love about that? Spend Some Time in a Hammock Summertime is a great time to break out the hammock. If you don’t have one, there are plenty of ways to DIY your own hammock. And if you don’t have trees, no worries! There are plenty of hammock stands you can buy or make. A hammock is the ultimate summer accessory. It’s portable, affordable, and the perfect spot to kick back and forget about your worries. Grab a good book & your favorite drink (something cold & refreshing is best) and get to it! It’s a perfect activity for a hot day when you need a little rest & relaxation.

For one thing, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s like having an early morning workout or meditation session. You start in a calm and centered state, which allows you to better resist distractions and stressors that come your way later on throughout the day.

Plus, exposing your eyes to light early in the day helps set your internal biological clock and circadian rhythm for optimal health. A properly set biological clock will also improve your sleep quality. Watch Your Sugar Intake To help prevent summer weight gain, try keeping an eye on your sugar intake. It’s easy for extra sugar to slip into your diet in the summer from sugar-sweetened sports drinks, soft drinks, fruit-flavored yogurt, sweetened tea, ice cream, smoothies, and coffee. The majority of that sugar comes from not just sweet desserts, but also savory foods -- salad dressing and ketchup, for example, are among the top sources of added sugar in the American diet. Cutting out added sugars will make a big dent in your calorie count without sacrificing much food in the process. Keep tabs on how much sugar you’re taking in. The Bottom Line Summer is a time for fun and games, but also a time for taking extra care of your health. Summer brings sunshine, outdoor activities, and leisurely days at the beach -- but it can also bring intense heat, sunburns, and insect bites. Follow these summer wellness tips to stay healthy and safe all season long.

June 2022 | 50+ Living


“some of the best memories

are made in flip flops” Kellie Elmore


50+ Living | June 2022

Oceano Wines, commited to one vineyard site, Spanish Springs, specializes in unique expressions of cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Cited as the closest vineyard to the ocean in California, the cool temperatures and ocean influence yield grapes that By Gina Trippi make vibrant and refreshing wines that are naturally lower in alcohol. Made in limited production, Oceano Wines are certified sustainable.

Stand clear Napa Valley, there is a mighty breeze blowing in from San Luis Obispo County! Oceano Wines in San Luis Obispo County is a joint venture between Rachel Martin, who provided the wine knowledge, and Kurt Deutsch, who worked the market. The two decided in 2016 to make wine in Spanish Springs Vineyard, on the central coast in California. As the western-most vineyard site in California, Spanish Springs provides a cool climate perfect for chardonnay and pinot noir. After Rachel Martin earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University, she decided to make her love of wine a full-time vocation. With a degree in Viticulture and Enology from Napa Valley College, she went on to the prestigious University of Bordeaux School of Enology. Rachel started Oceano Wines from scratch garnering early notice when the esteemed wine writer Jancis Robinson mentioned Martin in “American Wine.”

We met with Rachel Martin at Metro Wines. A very impressive woman, with an impressive background, she offers impressive wines that truly stand out in a tough market. We have two on the shelf that you should try. Oceano Chardonnay 2018 is a deep yellow color in the glass. The nose bursts with green melon, lemon curd, guava, sea salt, ocean breeze, white tea and honeysuckle. Crisp yet vibrant, the lovely texture hangs on a medium/ full-bodied frame. Zesty and balanced, the palate offers lemon, green apple, melon, tangerine, topped in sea salt, hints of toasted bread, vanilla and ginger. The regarded wine publication, Vinous, awarded this wine 92 Points! Oceano Pinot Noir 2019 opens with a perfumed nose of fresh strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, red currant, violets, vanilla, and sweet tobacco. Raspberry front loading leads to a layered palate of pomegranate, red currant, blueberry, plum, anise and hints of cocoa. Firm but elegant tannins give way to a long, bing cherry finish. Only 385 cases were made! And both with 13.5% ALC, both are bottles for dinner!

That same year, winemaker Marbue Marke joined Oceano to help Rachel and Kurt realize their dream to produce unique wines of elegance, balance and freshness. Marbue Marke started down the path to winemaking when he left his home in Sierra Leone. Accepted at the University of California-Davis with an eye toward medical school following in the family tradition, he soon realized that, while it suited his family, medicine was not his calling. Following his new path, Marke earned an enology degree from UC Davis. His practical experience began at J Winery in Sonoma and was followed by a series of moves each adding another piece of experience to the puzzle that is winemaking. Marke’s journey from medicine to wine was featured in Forbes Magazine!

Metro Wines Asheville

Charlotte Street! It’s the Next BIG Thing! “Big Shop Selection. Small Shop Service”

828-575-9525 | metrowinesasheville.com June 2022 | 50+ Living


How Effective is

Online Counseling?


nline counseling is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the counseling profession today. No wonder! There are many benefits to working online with a therapist. But you might wonder how effective online counseling sessions are. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and potential pitfalls.

Another study focused on 204 adults with health anxiety. The study found that cognitive-behavioral therapy conducted via the internet was similar to in-person cognitive behavior therapy for reducing health anxiety. The researchers point out that online therapy can be firstline therapy for health-related anxiety.

Does Online Mental Health Counseling Work?

What Are the Downsides of Online Counseling?

The consensus, based on research, is that online counseling is as effective as in-person counseling, based on many studies, although some show more benefit than others. That’s not surprising since many variables can impact the effectiveness of online counseling. These include the client’s commitment to treatment, the quality of therapy, and the client’s ability to express thoughts and feelings about their issues.

One factor that may influence the effectiveness of online therapy is how long it takes to build a relationship with the therapist. In an in-person setting, you can often get a sense of who your therapist is early on by how they act and what they say during sessions. Building rapport may be slower with online counseling.

In one study, researchers compared online and in-person cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for social anxiety disorder. They found that both methods were equally effective at reducing symptoms of social anxiety. Another study found that online CBT was just as effective as an in-person program for treating depression in college students. 20

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Online therapists must work harder than in-person therapists to create a strong bond between themselves and clients. Plus, some people enjoy the comfort of having the counselor in the same room. That’s why video conferencing is the preferred way to conduct counseling since it’s the closest thing to being in the room with a counselor.

Another concern is the limitations of technology and knowledge of technology. Online counseling is typically offered via email, real-time chat, and video conferencing. Some clients use online counseling in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy or nutritional counseling, and a growing number of clients are using online counseling as a replacement for office visits. But successful counseling sessions require the ability to use technology and good enough Wi-Fi to stay connected. For some, that’s a limitation. But There are Upsides, Too Online counseling can be a godsend if you’re unable to attend face-to-face sessions due to geographic distance, time constraints, or other reasons. Other people use online therapy as a convenient way to supplement face-toface counseling. You may have days when you can’t make it to a physical location. Online counseling can help you not miss a counseling session when you can’t make it in. Online counseling got a big boost during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were physically distancing, but still feeling anxious and depressed. Other people may use online counseling to be their only source of treatment, particularly if they live in a rural area where access to qualified professionals is scarce. Some people also like the confidentiality that online counseling offers, as they don’t enjoy going to an office where they must interact with people. Studies also show that clients who receive online counseling report the same level of satisfaction as those who receive face-to-face counseling. Look for a Qualified Online Counselor There are many types of mental health professionals, both licensed and unlicensed, who practice on the Internet. Some provide therapy through websites or apps. Others offer information and resources, and some do a little bit of everything. It can be hard to tell whether a particular website is credible and if you can trust the information there. It’s not always easy to find an online therapist with the expertise to treat your particular situation. And that’s not even considering issues such as cost, privacy, and quality of service.

brought more people opportunities to get help, but also made it harder to navigate the market and find reputable providers. The industry still has some issues including problems such as: • People asked to sign up for weekly or monthly sessions and pay upfront. • Demands to sign up for long-term treatment. • Submitting personal information for insurance reimbursement and later finding it was used fraudulently. The APA advises people looking into online counseling to ask potential therapists about credentials, licensing, experience, and training. They should also inquire about privacy policies and whether their provider will share any information with third parties, including insurance companies. Also, read reviews online and see if people have been pleased with the counselor you’re considering. It may also be helpful to talk to a trusted resource, like a physician, or contact your state psychological association for a recommendation. The Bottom Line Like any other type of counseling, online counseling can be as effective as in-person sessions. Online therapists follow the same procedures as real-life therapists, and patients are often surprised by how comfortable they feel sharing intimate details about their lives with someone they’ve never met. But do your research before choosing a therapist and make sure you have good internet access and know how to use the technology required for a counseling session. References: Psychology Today. “Online Therapy” Stubbings DR, Rees CS, Roberts LD, Kane RT. Comparing In-Person to Videoconference-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2013;15(11):e258. doi:10.2196/jmir.2564.Axelsson E, Andersson E, Ljótsson B, Björkander D, Hedman-Lagerlöf M, Hedman-Lagerlöf E. Effect of Internet vs Face-to-Face Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Health Anxiety. JAMA Psychiatry. 2020;77(9):915. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2020.0940. “What you need to know before choosing online therapy.” 07 Oct. 2015, apa.org/topics/ telehealth/online-therapy. “How to choose a psychologist.” 17 Oct. 2019, apa.org/topics/psychotherapy/choose-therapist.

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Ways to Embrace

Healthy Eating


he modern diet is full of processed, sweet, and fat-laden foods with low nutritional value. Its consumers become ill, have little energy, and suffer from poor well-being. Although they may recognize their fare is inadequate, their attempts to change unhealthy eating habits often fail. Unsustainable health regimens or an unsupportive mindset stop them from succeeding. These tips are doable lifestyle adaptations. Adopt them, and they will help you embrace long-term healthy eating. Change your environment Design your environment to support healthy eating. If you eat unwholesome foods, no doubt, processed foodstuffs fill your kitchen cupboards. You might also stash sweets and snacks in other rooms. Keep only natural foods at home. Step by step, replace unhealthy fare with fresh, wholesome foods. Also, keep fresh fruit and vegetable bowls on display. This neat psychological trick will infuse your mind with the idea 22

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you prefer them. You won’t need the willpower to stop eating foods that make you plump and unhappy. You’ll eat healthy foods instead. Cook from scratch Cook from scratch as much as possible. You’ll recognize meal ingredients if you prepare dishes rather than eat oven-ready varieties. You’ll put more value on meals you create than those you pick off the supermarket shelf. After you take the time and effort to cook, you’ll savor homemade fare. Create a menu People often eat an unhealthy diet when they run out of meal ideas, but you can get around that predicament. List your favorite healthy dishes to prepare at home and consider potential starters and low-fat puddings. Include breakfast, lunch, and dinner ingredients. Before you shop, peruse the menu. You’ll always have ideas about what to buy and cook.

Use flavor

Include raw foods

Satisfy your tastebuds. Use seasoning, herbs, and spices rather than loading dishes with cheese and creamy, highfat sauces. Experiment until you find which ingredients satisfy your taste buds. Use pink Himalayan rock salt or sea salt rather than table salt. Keep potted kitchen windowsill herbs and experiment with various spices in meals. Also, whet your appetite for variety by using recipes from other countries.

Cooking can destroy foods’ nutritional value, reducing vitamins and enzymes. You need not go 100% raw to stay healthy, but fill your diet with more uncooked foods like nuts, seeds, fruit, and vegetables.

Be smart when you eat meals you didn’t prepare You need not turn down social events involving food to be healthy. But think before you select meals other people create. Check takeaway ingredients and dishes when dining out. Many food-producing businesses are not health-oriented, so be responsible for your well-being.

Ensure part of each meal is raw, and your body will enjoy the nutrition boost. Also, use just a little water when cooking vegetables, and keep it as stock or make soup with it, so you benefit from the remaining goodness. Ditch unworkable health measures and undoable diets; they’ll bring you down when they fail. Instead, adopt wholesome lifelong practices, and your health will improve no end.

Broth-based soups can help fill your stomach before your main meal, so you eat less. Also, turn away restaurant breadbaskets, and don’t ‘go large’ when you order takeaway foods, and you’ll consume fewer calories. Avoid sauces and control how much cheese you eat. Ask waiting staff to tell the chef to add a little rather than their usual measure in meals. Also, choose grilled, steamed, and baked foods, and avoid fried appetizers. Listen to your body Your body sends stress signals when you eat a poor diet. Bloating, stomach upsets, and sluggishness stem from stodgy, difficult-to-digest foods. Listen to your body and link symptoms with meals, and you’ll note which foods harm you. Keep a food journal and write about what you eat. It will help you understand what your body prefers. Log meals, snacks, plus drinks daily. Also, record your mood, energy level, and any aches, pains, or discomfort. You’ll see a connection between what you consume and how your body and mind react. Create an intention You eat because you’re hungry. But when you recognize more reasons to eat, you’ll be selective when choosing foods. Consider healthy eating motives other than staying alive. To provide energy, for instance. Or to boost your immunity so you can ward off seasonal bugs. June 2022 | 50+ Living