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DESIGN INDABA 2017 Inspired design was a focal point at this year’s Design Indaba, with an underlying thread that it can offer practical solutions to real world problems

K aj a D ahl

Kaja’s perfume project entailed an exploration of what we have lost of ancient perfume rituals. In her unique fragrance (a collaboration with Agata Karolina), Tapputi and the Sea, Cape Town Edition craft and perfumery meet in a unique artisanal creation whereby dyed natural sea sponges hold the handmade solid perfume made of only natural oils. atelierkajadahl.com

Y i nk a I lor i

Artist and designer Yinka Ilori’s work is inspired by the parables his Nigerian-born parents passed down to him. As a child living in London, these stories were one of the only ways he could connect to his heritage. Now, through his work, he explores the ideas of status, hierarchy and cultural heritage through the icon of a chair – subverting its structure and imbuing it with colour, pattern and meaning to tell stories. yinkailori.com


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MARCH 2017

Olafur Eliasson


Artist Olafur Eliasson’s installations and artworks ask questions about the nature of science, art and nature. His often elementally inspired and ephemeral works encourage the viewer to examine their own existence, perception and place in the world. The weather project, 2003, at Tate Modern in London is possibly one of his best-known pieces – a huge glowing sun dominated the Turbine Hall – a study on weather as one of people’s primary encounters with nature. olafureliasson.net

The Sankara rug by textile designer Nkuli Mlangeni, nominated by Bielle Bellingham, was the winner of this year’s Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. The exhibition of 10 pieces, chosen by style influencers, ran alongside the conference. The rug brings together traditional handcraft and day-to-day relevance in a striking graphic design. designindaba.com/profiles/nkuli-mlangeni


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Real Estate April 2017 ( Issue 42 )  

Real Estate April 2017 ( Issue 42 )