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Reale, F/W 2011/12 - “I don’t wanna be like others, that’s why I wear REALE”

"I don’t wanna be like others - this is why I am a Mod" declares Jimmy, main character of the movie Quadrophenia, set in England in the Sixties. Jimmy belongs to the working class, has a humble job, moves around with his scooter, listens to The Who and wears a green "parka" over his Italian two-tone cut suit. Jimmy is a mod, but with a radical change of his uniform, he could be a Punk, a Skinhead or a Teddy Boy. The world of the youth movement that arose in The UK in the 50's, like the mods and teddy boys are the origin and leitmotiv of the F/W 2011/12 REALE collection. A collection that has revised in a contemporary and refined key strong items such as the studded jacket, slim pants, bomber or teddy. Mods used to get dressed as good guys in order not to show off too much in the middle-class society, but they were rebels! REALE collection is for rebels that apparently conform to the society: The studded jacket in wool, used as shoulder cover on a dress, the parka in plush, dresses sewn with upside-down materials and raw cut, comfy clothes used to stay at home or to go out, sporty materials as plush that get mixed naturally to elegant ones as silk. Reale,the story Reale was founded in 2007 when Camilla Giacomini, Fashion Designer, and Daniele Scaboro, Sales Representative of top-end fabrics and accessories companies, joined forces. In a period in which the Made in Italy is opportunistically celebrated by lot of contractors, Camilla and Daniele offer a REAL Italian product, made by labs in Veneto that have been working for many years stand in this trade working regularly competing against the competition from Asia. Furthermore REALE work with very capable artisans for the realization of fabric and crochet hats and prestigious leather bags. Producing timeless fashion, and limiting production waste, represent Reale's contribution to protecting the environment. In addition to this, only natural dyes and nickel-free metal details are used. Reale are fully and tirelessly committed to an ongoing research in the use of innovative natural fabrics, such as seacell, organic plush, bamboo fibre, nettle as well as cotton, silk and cashmere.

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