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Wholesale cake toppers are hot commodities in the marriage market This may sound really trite and unoriginal, but the truth of the words- “marriages are made in heaven”, maybe somewhat undermined by the fact that weddings are vastly different from marriages, by virtue of being large-scale and man-made affairs. There are many things that need to be organized, starting from the wedding stationery- the invitations, wedding albums or scrapbooks, to the menus for the wedding feast, not to forget, one of the chief attractions which is the cake. Amongst CNR Uniques wholesale wedding cake toppers are also equally important, due to the fact that they are symbolic of the holy state of matrimony that now binds the bride and groom together, till (as they say) “death do us part”. All wholesale wedding cakes are topped by tiny figures which usually show the bride in her elegant dress of virginal, lacy white and the groom looking distinguished in a black tuxedo. Centuries of tradition culminate in these figurines, centuries of practices that have characterised the society and centuries of couples pledging themselves to each other with vows that are eternally enduring. These figurines are the cultural motifs of people who believe in the power of love and revel in the act of sharing. For what is marriage but the mutual sharing of the lives and dreams of two people who are deeply in love with each other? Most of these figurines are made of fondant and the more traditional ones have sugared icing on them. These days, couples hold weddings that follow certain themes, which illustrate the shared interests or hobbies of the partners. For instance, if both have a liking for cartoons, they can have a wedding styled after a Walt Disney theme, in which case, the figurines on top of the wholesale wedding cakes can be that of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, one of the most endearing animated couples. Wholesale cake toppers and wedding collectibles are the encapsulation of a tradition of togetherness that has been celebrated down the ages, with much pomp, show and fanfare. Weddings would indeed be incomplete without them.

Wholesale cake toppers are hot commodities in the marriage market  

The cake toppers are commonly used in many happy occasions. Cake toppers are widely used in many parts of the world. The cake toppers are mo...

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