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What are Acai Ber ry D iet and Some Valuable I nformation about I t?

With the internet buzzing with websites claiming to have remedies for a healthy body, many supplements are swarming the consumer markets filled with promises to provide us a balanced nutrition that prevents the ill-effects of a stressful life in the fast-food lane. Acai Ber ry D iet is one of these promises and is marketed as a supplement high on antioxidants containing many more health benefits, which range from a quick and sure weight-loss, mental clarity, anticancer and cardio-protective effect, curing diabetes and increasing sexual powers in men – though none of which has been proved scientifically so far! The high popularity of acai berry diet, supplied in market as juice, pulp or dry powder or as an ingredient in various diet or cosmetic recipes, is attributed to its polyphenol and antioxidant contents but the truth is that various other seasonal, easily available fruits are reported to have an even higher concentration of these two beneficial compounds. Mangos, strawberries, blueberries, pomegranate and grapes – all of them have higher and better in vitro antioxidant capacity reported. In fact the anti-oxidant properties of acai berry constituents are relevant only in the context of plant’s natural defense mechanism – upon digestion though these constituents are degraded in the human system and thus have no effect. The claims of using acai berry diet successfully for weight loss, colon cleansing etc. are found to be bogus upon independent research though these fruits are indeed rich in fiber content and contain Calcium, Iron, fat and Vitamin A, but so are many other fruits. Unfortunately in today’s world of marketing hype and glamorous advertising, the buyer easily falls prey to the claims of various online companies and spends a fortune on such false promises of a healthier body. Available in different forms with diverse product names and thousands of vendors selling them online, their sales are often a scam and end up in the customer being duped of money. The surer way to a healthy body thus does not encompass only Acai berry, but can be found in other seasonal fruits and vegetables making up a healthy diet.

What are Acai Berry Diet and Some Valuable Information about It?  

There are many natural diets and supplements that are used against the weight loss programs. The people who want decrease the increasing wei...

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