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The D ifferent Weight Loss Pills for Women Finding the best Weight Loss Pills for Women are different than what you would want if you were a man. Women gain weight for different reasons than men. Their bodies generally carry more fat cells, less muscles and the hormones are different between men and women. This means that weight loss pills for women need to be designed to meet their specific needs in order to be effective. Women gain weight when they eat more calories than they burn. They may also gain weight when their hormones change causing their metabolism to slow down. Eating an improper diet and lack of exercise are other reasons that women gain weight. Just as the extra weight just does not appear overnight losing them will take time as well. Weight loss pills for women can help women get a jump start on losing their excess weight helping to motivate them to stay on their diet regimen. Before you should take any weight loss pills for women you should discuss the risks and benefits with your physician. What are the different types of weight loss pills for women? There are fat binders that come in pill form and you take prior to eating a meal. These weight loss pills for women prevent the pancreas from processing a portion of the fat you consume. These pills are approved by the FDA and Alli is a well-known brand. Alli is said to be able to help prevent twenty-five percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed by your body. Another fat binders Proactol, similar to Alli, and said to bind thirty percent of fat. The side effects reported by Alli users are incontinence and oily gas. When you are taking a fat binder it is recommended that you be on a low-fat diet. Another form of weight loss pills for women includes appetite suppressants. An appetite suppressant will help you refrain from snacking and over eating. The main ingredient for most appetite suppressants is phenethylamine. This ingredient stimulates your nervous system sending a signal to your brain indicating that you are full and do not need to eat. Fastin and Hoodia are examples of popular appetite suppressants and have proven successful in helping women lose weight. If you over eat and snack regularly then you may benefit from taking an appetite suppressant. As these pills are stimulants there are associated side effects including nervousness and sleeplessness. Fat burners are another form of weight loss pills for women that are different from both fat binders and appetite suppressants. These pills help your body reduce your fat content. They do this by increasing your metabolism to boost your energy level to burn the fat away. The most common ingredients in fat burning pills include caffeine, ephedra, ginseng, HCA and green tea. If you take too many fat burning Weight Loss Pills if can harm your liver or heart. Other symptoms may include difficulty breathing and nervousness. More natural fat burning products are compounds that contain ginseng or green tea.

The Different Weight Loss Pills for Women