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Different kinds of materials in this generation are worn in the name of fashion and style. Some of them are hard some soft some are expensive and some cheap, but what really helps one make a different style statement is the designer jewellery. One of the most favorite stone used in jewellery is diamond, which are usually available almost everywhere but still they are expensive. This transparent hard stone is cut in different shapes and sizes and its pieces are studded around gold or platinum and sold for high prices. There are many kinds of diamonds found deep inside the earth in various forms of colors and types. Emerald is one of the rarest and one of the most costly mineral people see these days. This rare green gem can be used for an occasional party embedded with gold and small pieces of white diamonds around it. These diamonds are mostly found in gold necklaces and these stones are studded around it. With a pair of emerald bangles, mixed with gold and white diamonds with a ring that matches it and finally the earring, which should also be made of mixed transparent diamonds and gold along with the emerald gives a perfect and dashing look in any kind of party event or an occasion. Apart from emerald, ruby is another expensive and rare material. This red material comes out just like the other diamonds, shapeless and with beauty. This gives you an additional option and can be worn for an occasion or a party event. Various kinds of combinations of designs can be found, discovered or can be made with the combination of these different precious stones with different colors. The other rare material which is very expensive is another blue colored diamond. Sapphire is another beautiful diamond found in blue color. It completes the beautiful collection of a person and also defines with heavy luck. If this gem gets lucky to someone, it gets very lucky and if is found or proved unlucky, gets very heavy loss to the person. That is the reason most of the people can afford to buy it, but go back due to its qualities. The main and beautiful combinations with these three gems results into an impressive Designer Jewellery Collection. For More Information Visit,

Trends in Designer Jewellery for Mens and Women to Look Impressive  

The low of cost of this kind of jewellery is because of the kind of materials used in it. Literally they are made up of anything.

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