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The diverse types of Wedding Cake Toppers Wedding Cake Toppers refer to the specially designed topping on the cake. Some of them are made up of materials that can be eaten along with the cake while there are some toppings which are designed of non-edible materials. Cakes meant for special festive occasions normally have the theme of the festival as their toppings. During the time of Christmas you would get beautifully designed cakes with X-Mas and Santa Claus toppings. The toppings can be easily designed by the bakers as per your choice and you may need to shell sum extra dollars for the same. These toppings are often exclusively designed for weddings and people often want the topping to be the most attractive feature. Not only because it would succeed in drawing the fancy of the guests at the party but because another wedding cake might not be needed in their life. This makes the cake as well as the toppings so very special. Birthdays are other occasions for which the demand of special toppings is on a rise. Most people look forward to getting the toppings designed as per the choice and affinity of the person. Birthday cakes for girls are usually found to have different toppings than those meant for boys. Even the age of the boy or girl matters a lot in case of topping selection. The cake ordered for a young child below the age of five is usually found to have some supernatural characters like Spiderman, Superman, Tarzan and the most recent on the list Ben 10 characters on them. These powerful characters often fascinate little children and sometimes even teenagers. Boys who are in the middle of their teens often do not find these characters very fascinating, instead their on-screen heroes or some romantic themes often catch their fancy. Similar is the case with young girls who like Barbie dolls and until they reach their teens. Then they begin to fancy more about love and hence find floral toppings more appealing. Some of the people do not fancy anything too elaborate as their cake toppers. They look for simplicity and such people often prefer some simple design.

The diverse types of Wedding Cake Toppers  

A Wedding Cake Toppers can be defined as an intricately designed topping which is used on cakes during weddings. Cake toppers are good becau...