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Team Building – Br ief I nformation about I t As simple as it may sound the process of team building is one that requires utmost efforts, devotion and unwavering optimism. But the complexity lies in the course of action. The hard work put in Team Building, is it at any stage like in schools, colleges, in sports or in corporate world etc., is immense and another big factor ‘luck’ plays its crucial part in deciding the success of your team. Though at simpler levels like for academic functions or children programs in a locality, allowing bonding between the kids proves to be sufficient; in the development of an organization where different individuals come from different backgrounds sporting different temperaments, it usually takes more than mere acquaintances to raise a ‘team’ from a crowd. The process gets more important in the scenario where working on a project might involve more than one or two individuals – getting the involved persons on the same platform to achieve maximum efficiency becomes the biggest goal, this substantiating the need of learning the basics of team building. Team building thus is a constant process rather than a one-off skill. Like we have to work on every relationship to keep the spark alive in it, similarly team building does not comprise of only ‘building’ part of it – maintaining the team-spirit is a bigger challenge. Various social activities with your team-mates, bonding with them and understanding the group dynamics sometimes become very crucial to sustain the results obtained from building a good team. Many corporate arrange annual retreats where the focus is on team building and on improving the psychological dynamics between the members of a group. A strong team only can result in good productivity and can improve the work-conditions significantly. Sometimes team building can be quick and at times, one might invest years in achieving this goal – so much depends on the individuals in the group. The compatibility of the members of team with each other becomes crucial in utilizing the strong points of an individual person and this becomes the point where a strong base provided by a successful team building plays its role.

Team Building – Brief Information about It  

The other important aspect of team building is that all the members should be on the same page as they must know what to do and how to do. I...

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