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Significance of Budget Golf in my life I am a trained professional in Golf now and the speed at which I picked up this game is something which startles most people. I made tremendous progress after I switched over to golf equipments from Budget Golf. I made leaps and bound progress and did feel fortunate to have been introduced to this online golf store. It’s often said that 40% efficiency in golf sport depends on the kind of equipments you use to play. Although I had been practicing golf for months yet there was not much progress visible in my game. Still this belief sounded ridiculous and I believed it to be yet another marketing strategy of companies to promote their product and bring an elevation in its sale. So, I never paid any heed to this and never thought about changing the brand I had been currently using. It wasn’t that I was taking this game lightly or just playing it as a hobby. I really wanted to excel in this sport and become a professional golf player. But after all my efforts turned futile I began to feel that I lacked the material and the zeal required to excel in this sport. His feeling gradually made me lose interest in the game and I began to devote les time to the sport. This also hindered my self esteem which had declined greatly and I was no longer the same confident man as I used to be some months back. Days went by and my Uncle from Birmingham with his family came over to spend their holidays with us. I had always been very close to him and he too liked me much more than my other siblings. He too had a keenness for golf and knew about my passion too. After hearing my sad tale, he didn’t react much. I was really taken aback by this attitude and this came as a very unpleasant surprise. I believed he would be the right person to guide me and motivate me but this last hope too failed. He didn’t seem to be the uncle I was so fond of. Many things had changed over the years and I felt he too was one of them. A week passed by and one fine morning, an entire golf equipment kit from Budget Golf lay beside me. I was shocked and as I looked up, my uncle was standing smiling warmly. This came as the biggest turning point and made me the professional skilled golf player that I am now.

Significance of Budget Golf in my life  

Golf, today, is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a matter of huge awe that not many years ago this game was invented in the...

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