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Only use the best curly hai r products and let your hai r shine

There are different types of curls, factoring in the shape of the spirals and the density of hair on the scalp. Our genetic constitution determines whether we have curly hair or straight hair. The shape of the individual hair follicle differs in both cases. In the first case, (straight hair), a cross-sectional view of the hair follicle would reveal a round shape, but in case of curls, the shape would be oval. This leads to differences in the shape of the hair shaft. Our hair care regime should be designed according to our hair type. In that case, you should know the best curly hai r products to take better care of those luscious curls. Many dermatologists are of the opinion that curls are a result of the disulfide bonds between hair proteins in the hair follicles. These sulphur bonds tend to make curls naturally dry and frizzy. Hence, any hair care product that you use should have dollops of moisture, while at the same time, being free of sulphate compounds, to have maximised advantage for your curls. In this case, it is advisable to use fewer amounts of shampoos as they tend to absorb moisture from the scalp. One could instead substitute it with moisturizing potions which also act as cleansing agents. The most effective moisturizing products for curly hair would include Shea butter, which should always be applied along with a conditioner. It softens the hair and protects it from the sun. Vegetable glycerine is a particularly effective product for thick, dense curls and being a humectant, attracts moisture from the atmosphere to the hair strands. Jojoba extract, which most closely resembles the natural oils that the scalp secretes, is very nourishing and helps in healing damaged hair. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and makes the hair glossier, while at the same time preserving its texture. Aloe vera is another plant extract that protects hair from heat damage as well. It contains Vitamins B and C. Hence, only the best curly hair products should be your prerogative where hair care is concerned.

Only use the best curly hair products and let your hair shine  

Curled hair will prevent the sweat and thus the hair won’t stick to the neck and the scalp part. It is not that people, who have short hair...

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