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N ile C ruises - Better Than Hawaii & the Bahamas Combined

During the course of the next few minutes or so we are going to attempt to give you in as much information as we possibly can be able to fit into this brief piece about visiting one other wonders of the planet: The River Nile. Why the Nile is the place to be! From its humble beginning in the small nation of Burundi, the longest river in Africa traverses a distance of approximately 6695 km's (4160 miles) in its entire course. This majestic splendor snakes and crawls across the vast Saharan desert slowly winding its way into the great but now separated republic of Sudan and into the barren Ethiopians highlands. The Nile, which also happens to be the longest a river on the entire planet, enters its youthful stages while still in the Eastern African nations of Burundi and in Uganda. These East African nations provide excellent kayaking and fishing grounds with their fast rapids and cataracts that bring about fun and excitement for those bold and brave enough to dare into the-at times- crocodile infested waters. So Much to Do & See We can participate or engage ourselves in all manner of activities at some fantastic spots which have been specially enclosed for local visitors and tourists alike. Today we want to give you a close but highly likely estimate of how many this adventures on one if the wonders of the planet costs so that come the next holiday you might just be looking forward to packing up your bags together with your entire family or with friends too and heading for great outdoor activities on the Nile. We are going to make sure that you not only get the best holiday you never imagined possible but we will go a step further and enlighten you on how to score incredible bargains for your holiday package. Most foreign visitors embark on their voyage across the mighty Nile from Egypt because the country also boasts of a rich plethora of other interesting sites and attractions like the pyramids and the ancient pharaoh’s tombs which have been attracting travelers by the hordes to this picturesque nation. Egypt also boasts of world-class services to host the international guests which may be a bit lacking in the areas ad nations near the source of the river Nile. World Class Cruises for Less Than $100! Therefore, after they-the weary travelers-get exhausted and drained trekking all day on the unforgiving sun and the insufferable heat, the tourists gladly welcome any suggestion to go sailing or even cruising in luxury cruise-liners along the Nile enjoying the cool breeze and savoring the unforgettable geography and history. Prices are not standardized but vary with tour operators after the other. Some high-end cruise operators will charge in excess of $100 per night all inclusive of drinks and foods, but most of the local operators will keep their prices below a hundred dollars, often. Cruises like Ambercombie give you the option of picking their ultra-luxury Nile cruise which may

even reach in excess of $ 500 per night. As is the case with other hospitality related industries the prices are not absolute but keep fluctuating depending on the number of visitors around. In the months of summer chances are that you are bound to face hiked prices as compared to off-peak periods. If you are looking forwards to sightseeing on the Nile cruises as groups then you should insist with the tour operators that they bring down your prices and you will be shocked when TUI or the elite Sonesta operators offer you unbelievable discounts of up to 50% off!! Besides the prices, which we shall also fill you in on many more equally important considerations concerns to remember while travelling the River Nile to make your trip, your journey a lifetime experience worth every second spent. All you simply have to do is get in touch with us using the Email address provided above or stopping right away at our official tour services operations based website and you will walk way a better person, an enlightened individual. For more information visit,

Nile Cruises - Better Than Hawaii & the Bahamas Combined  
Nile Cruises - Better Than Hawaii & the Bahamas Combined  

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