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N ile C ruise - A Beautiful Experience

Vacations are very important in life. It not only gives relief after hard work but also gives lots of experiences in life. People expend according to what they can afford and want, to gain more happiness. Nowadays trend of going abroad and especially on cruise is a fashion. Egypt is a hot cake place to be, the perfect combination of culture and modernization. If one would go to Egypt than how he or she miss the Nile C ruise there? Egypt is one of the most amazing places in the world. People always think that it is a place of pyramids’, deserts and it is only for those who are interested in monuments, sculptures and so on but how can people forget about beautiful and longest Nile River and sailing experience on it. Nile is integral part of an Egypt Tour, because people always have an urge of seeing it. The best time to visit is between October to April. Recently one of my friends visited such cruise. This is an experience of her. She chooses five star class cruise and it was like that itself. The reception, bars and the sun deck are great and rooms are small but well maintained properly. You can choose your menu according to your taste and need. Same thing applies to drinks also everything is available on the cruise. It seems like a small world in itself. Every service, at your disposal. The whole trip is about 4to 5 days long, in which you can see Karnack, Komombo Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsup Temple, Habu Temple, and many more. Lots of temples famous for different Gods and religions. You will get experience of perfumery too. Most interesting is to visit Papyrus Museum, as it’s a one of kind of leaf. If some people want to go to Cairo, Abu Simbal and different places in between, then you will get special wake-up calls. You can experience hot air balloon too, that’s great. Evenings on deck are superb. You will experience nice breeze and great scenery. Its looks so beautiful when you see Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsup Temple lit up across the river. It is a beautiful experience being in middle of water mass and staring at nothingness that lies ahead. Nile Cruise gives you such experience of being in the middle of water and staring at the lifeless desert around. It’s a remarkable thought.

Nile Cruise - A Beautiful Experience  
Nile Cruise - A Beautiful Experience  

The Nile Cruise offers us the opportunity to see the two different parts of Egypt –one being the kind, ancient Egyptian culture and another...