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F rench those fries up w ith brand new Electric F ryer

Put in an Electric F ryer in your restaurant kitchen and you surely start to take in more customers because fried is what most of us like. From French fries to Fried chicken wings, knowing what sells faster in a fast food restaurant an electric fryer is your best option along with a grill. Modern fryers have baskets to retrieve the food from the oil when cooking is finished. Deep fryers can be used to cook crispy fast foods. The modern and commercial fryers have improved energy efficient mechanics, i.e. they have transfer systems with better heating techniques. The Commercial fryers use convection heating which is efficient. Commonly available types of fryer models include those which operate on electric or gas. Fryers that operate on electricity are largely used in fast food chain restaurants because they can be easily relocated from one place to another. The fryers used for commercial purposes are available in stainless steel or mid steel versions. The stainless steel ones are less corrosive also. You also get domestic fryers which are considerably small in size but function with same efficiency can be used to fry food at your place if you don’t want to spend time in a restaurant. Frozen fries, chicken wings, nuggets, and bacon strips can easily be fired at home with such domestic fryers. These are smartly designed for hassle free cooking at restaurants and at your home. Many fryers have variety of pot styles. The design of a few commercial fryers consists of‘cold zone’ at its bottom. It is where the comparatively larger food particles settle down and the lesser temperature keeps from being ablaze and the oil is spoilt in the process. The new fry with tube style pattern pots have larger ‘cold zone’. This is very handy in cooking heavy breaded food. Another feature you might really like is that new domestic fryers now come with two frying baskets. It can deep fry in batches and not have to pause and go which makes it easy to whip up large batches of food for large family picnic, dinner parties, outings, birthday parties. The Electric Fryer also comes with covers that have air vents so use it to shelter the unit and avoid oil splatter while you are cooking.

French those fries up with brand new Electric Fryer  

If you have some spare moment at home and decide to prepare a meal of turkey for your dinner then it is important that you get an Electric F...

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