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Electric F ryer – Cooking w ith Joy Cooking can be both a joy, and a headache. Standing for hours in front of the gas stove and sweating it out. Waiting for your dish to reach that perfectly fried level – neither under fried, nor burnt. It saves on the time element. It also saves on the amount of gas used to fry those golden brown crispiest, and other fried items. Switch to an electric fryer. It promises to eliminate all the headaches of standing for long periods in the heat. It cooks the food items to perfection. Plus a whole lot of other advantages. What is an Electric Fryer? There are different types of Elect ric F ryer . Convection heating, infrared heating, electric, and gas. The latter two are the most common, as they are less expensive to buy, than the infrared heating and convection heating fryers. Counter-top electric fryers are the most popular variety, as they can be moved around easily. They are generally made of stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of corrosion. Electric fryers come with various features, like temperature controls, oil filtration, fry baskets, alarm, etc. How an electric fryer works Since it operates on electricity, its basic advantage is the cleanliness factor. No spluttering of oil. Inbuilt timers to ensure exact cooking time. The speed, at which the electric fryer works, helps quicker turnover of frying. The oil used for frying is saved from heavy breading, which would normally occur when frying on a gas stove. This helps to cut your cooking oil costs. The temperature in the kitchen remains cool, no smoky fumes emanate, making you step back each time those frozen fries dive into the pot. Fryers have different pot styles. Styles such as “cold zone” (open type), tube style, etc., are used for different types of frying. The open type fry pots offer easier cleaning, as compared to the tube style pots. Popular fryers used in restaurants are of the flat bottom variety, and are good for frying items like donuts, etc. Frying – without crying Switch over to the modern method of frying. Use an electric fryer, It will ensure better usage of energy. Over-cooking is prevented. Your kitchen will no longer be subjected to frying odors, and messed up ventilation.

Electric Fryer – Cooking with Joy  

Put in an Electric Fryer in your restaurant kitchen and you surely start to take in more customers because fried is what most of us like. Mo...

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