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D r Jeremy F rank and his unique method of t reatment It was a sunny morning with bright sunlight settling down on the canopy of my window. It looked pleasant to see them after a long time and so quickly I lifted the blind to let it stream inside my abode. Suddenly me eyes stuck on Catherine who was strolling down the street and I climbed down the stairs as quickly as I could. Within minutes I was back with her and felt so relieved. She was a victim of post-traumatic stress and it was not safe for her to step out all alone. After so many consultations with psychologist, not much improvement has been witnessed and we were thinking about D r Jeremy F rank . He was a reputed and registered Toronto psychologist and we had heard much about his name and fame. His being a registered practitioner was most impressive as the expenses could be covered under insurance schemes. The only problem was convincing my sister who would get violent at the name of psychologist and we had already suffered her abnormal behavior many times earlier. A tragic incident had left such scars in her subconscious layers that she had begun to behave abnormally. Six months back she had got married to her long time boyfriend and was extremely happy. The fact that neither his parents nor her objected to her decision made her feel even happier. All was well for just a couple of days until they flew to Paris for their honeymoon. Destiny has some other plans in store for her and his happiness didn’t last long. Their car met a fatal accident and my brother-in-law died on the spot leaving her shocked and bewildered. She also suffered injuries but when she gained consciousness the only question she kept asking was” Where is Victor?” Albeit all effort was taken to make her come to reality but she still believed that Victor would come some day and since then not a single day had passed when she had not gone violent for some reason or the other. Doctors described this as post-traumatic stress and the last ray of hope is Dr Jeremy Frank who is known to be specialized in the treatment of such psychological disorders. He is also an eminent member of Ontario Psychological Association.

Dr Jeremy Frank and his unique method of treatment  

Moreover, in developed countries like Canada, the pressure increases by folds. In such circumstances a Toronto Psychologist would be able to...

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