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Ways to Enhance your Curly H ai r There are products that not only can enhance your natural Curly Hai r they can give you curls even if they are not natural to your hair type. The problem you have to contend with curly hair is frizz. On humid days especially taming frizz can be challenging. Just what are the best products that give you the great curls you want even if your hair is not naturally curly? There are a variety of styling sprays that can lock in curl effectively. You can use these sprays to achieve a tighter curl and coax more curls into your hair. If your hair is naturally curly you will notice that the curls are more defined as well as being frizz-free. If you have wavy hair you will have the appearance of a fresh perm. If your hair is straight you will notice soft waves or even curls if your hair is the right texture. The best way to treat naturally curly or wavy hair is to shampoo and condition and then towel dry. Apply the locking spray onto damp hair and scrunch. Continue to scrunch your hair as it dries. If possible allowing your hair to air-dry is the best option. If you do blow it dry is sure to use a diffuser. You can keep the curl by spritzing with hairspray when your hair is dry. If you follow these tips you will have manageable, frizz free curls. For straight hair you can follow the same procedures. After you try this and if you like the result then that is all you need to do. However, if you would like more curl then you can choose to use a curling iron. Take the iron and spiral strands of your hair around it. You can purchase a special iron for spiral curling that works really well. With the use of a spiral curling iron and a locking spray you should be able to achieve tighter curls that last longer. Mousses are also used to help provide a power boost to your curls. Mousses are very much like locking sprays. They are different in that they are a foam that you apply with your hand. Locking sprays are sprayed directly onto your wet hair while mousses you put in your hand and then apply it to the hair. If you have wavy or curly hair you would apply the mousse just like a locking spray. But if you hair is straight you need to apply the mousse and then use foam rollers to sleep in to achieve a great curl. No matter if your hair is straight or curly you can have beautiful curls. All it takes is the right products used properly. While straight hair is more difficult to curl, Curly H ai r has more of a challenge containing frizz. At you can find all the information you need to know about creating the curly look you want and the products you need to achieve your great look.

Ways to Enhance your Curly Hair  

Curly hair is becoming common day by day because many popular celebrities are switching from normal to curly hair style.