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Comparison between a butterball fryer and other types A Butterball Fryer can be advantageous in many ways over the traditional fryer. One of the very important things to consider is the source for cooking. The butterball is an electric source as compared to the traditional fryer, which runs on oil. This feature would prevent a large number of the accidents that take place next to a traditional turkey fryer. It is best to place the electric fryer in a safe dry place inside the house close to the power source. Make sure that the power source to be used is a connection from the main power line and not the main power line itself. It is best to place the equipment far from any source of water. Being electric in nature, it has its own quota of problems. But there are many protective features found in this fryer. The fryer has a heating coil, which is placed below a grill. The grill has a safety hood so that if children are near, they are not burnt. The lowly placed coil prevents any contact with water. The connection to the power source is attached with a plug for preventing power surges. There is a variety of controls in this fryer. One can adjust the temperature and the time to which the meat has to be cooked. In case of observing any somewhat sparking, the device must be turned off instantly and disconnected from the power source. Making use of the butterball can also help reduce the costs involved in cooking. It consumes three times lesser oil as compared to cooking meat in the traditional fryer. This is because the heat produced by electricity is a lot higher as compared to the heat produced by the combustion of the oil. The butterball fryer can be used within the house, and this makes it very suitable during unfavorable weather conditions. One needs to be careful to maintain this machine properly. One should not use a wet cloth to wipe stains from the fryer. One must make sure that the device is disconnected from power when cleaning is to happen.

Comparison between a butterball fryer and other types  

The smell of turkey frying can be very tempting to most of us. Having had a good dinner, one must make sure one cleans the Butterball Fryer...

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