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Weight Loss Pills for Men – They Are Effective Too What are the best Weight Loss Pills for Men ? Are pills specifically designed with men’s physiques in mind really effective? Over the years many diet pills have been known to effectively help people lose weight. Epherdra is a well known weight loss product that is not for everyone especially those with heart disease, high blood pressure or other health problems. Well known pitcher Steve Bechler dies after he used ephedra. He died because he did not heed the warnings that indicated his health issue excluded him from being a candidate for the pill. Upon his death ephedra was banned by the FDA. Since that time manufacturers have developed new formulas that are ephedra-free and designed to be weight loss pills for men. Hydroxycut is specifically formulated and is for men only. It is ephedra free and its main ingredient is hydroxycitric acid. This ingredient is an extract of Malabar tamarind and Indian fruit. It is an appetite suppressant found in nature. The American Medical Association published a study that found that while a fifteen hundred milligram dose had little effect a twenty-eight hundred dose effectively suppressed the appetite. If you can find the extract of the fruit that is the best form of the substance to take! Xenadrine EFX uses “advanced thermogenic technology” including caffeine and green-tea extracts. Green tea has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for its beneficial qualities. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when men were given two hundred seventy milligrams of a green tea compound along with fifty milligrams of green tea their metabolism increased by four percent. This makes Xenadrine one of the classes of weight loss pills for men that are preferred. Over one year’s time this increased metabolism alone would be responsible for the loss of twelve pounds. It is unknown how much caffeine or green tea compound Xenadrine has but it seems to work. A natural weight loss method that is effective that you might want to try is to eat one cup of cottage cheese prior to going to bed. Cottage cheese is a good source of casein a protein that reduces catabolism. Catabolism is the process that breaks down the muscle tissue rather than fat tissue. When you retain more muscle mass your metabolism will increase over time and you burn more calories and lose more weight. Weight loss pills for men try to capitalize on these fat burning features of ingredients found in nature. Trim Spa is also ephedra free. These weight loss pills for men prolong the amount of time that food is available to generate energy in the body. It also prevents these foods from being stored as fat. The main ingredient is three hundred milligrams of glucosamine. This ingredient is widely known for helping your belly shrink and lubricating your joints. This is an amino acid derivative that is naturally occurring and helps to weaken the action of insulin causing fat to be prevented from being stored in the body. Trim Spa has been tested on lab rats with results of a fifty percent increase in insulin resistance with Weight Loss Pills.

Weight Loss Pills for Men – They Are Effective Too  

Partnering the Weight Loss Pills with a workout regimen is a sure way to enhance the pills and exercise’s efficiency in burning out the calo...

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