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Along the Nile C ruise Egypt Have you always fancied exploring Egypt through the river Nile? Well then, here’s your chance. Go ahead and book yourself on a Nile C ruise Egypt and let them take care of everything else. Explore the Egyptian sands by the water and take in the breath-taking beauty of the mysterious land, five-star style. Our experienced guides will show you around, the way Egyptians see the country, all in luxury. Our ships are state-of-the-art cruise liners, with experienced staff. There’s a bar, a gym and a gift shop on the first floor where you can buy almost anything. Climb up the flight of stairs and you reach an open deck with a pool, lounge chairs and umbrellas. Here, you can enjoy the dawn and dusk in comfort, over the river, or while enjoying a swim. And yes! There’s always a clean supply or towels at your command. The cabins of our cruise liners are spacious and comfortable. We give you a set of items that are considered important for everyday, such as a television, a hairdryer, etc. And we even have sliding doors that allow you to experience the majestic Nile from your room, at your comfort. These doors offer you the maximum privacy as they are tinted so only you can see outside, not the other way round. Concerned about the food? Don’t be. A wide array of food is offered for all meals. All the meals are served buffet-style, with a wide variety of breads, starters, salads, meats and desserts. So eat to your hearts content, without being concerned about getting sick. Let’s talk about the Egyptian experience now. As we go to different cities while on the river, our wellaware guides will be taking you to land to explore the mysterious lands. Visit the temples, the Pyramids, the markets or just see the lifestyle of citizens. All of this, while on a cruise over Nile. So don’t be apprehensive. Go ahead and book yourself on a Nile cruise and be prepared for the holiday you’ve always wanted. All of this at affordable prices and in full comfort. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Along the Nile Cruise Egypt  

If you have been wondering of a change in your holiday itinerary, Nile Cruise Egypt can certainly be your best pick. Most of the Nile Cruise...