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A humorous incident with Orbital T ravel

A couple of months ago while surfing the net I came across the advertisement about Orbital T ravel. It boasted of being among the leading travel agencies offering economic packages for Nile cruises. All sounded very promising and very exciting too. As I had always dreamt of such cruises, I decided to give it a try and sooner got in touch with them. I must say that their prompt service and acknowledgement needs word of applause. Everything was done in perfection and every need of mine was taken care of. I had booked a single ticket as I change my girlfriends no less than 5 times a year and unfortunately I had no one to accompany me on this romantic tour. Nevertheless, I was quite assured of getting a company on the cruise itself since I knew that girls often can’t resist my charm. I was overexcited about this first cruise of my life and above all about the company of lovely young ladies that I was going to enjoy on board. I didn’t have much time to do preparation for my journey as the next available cruise was just a couple of days later and I didn’t want to wait. So, I had booked a seat without much ado and there I was on the massive ship, so glorious and marvelous to look at! My joy knew bound and I regretted for not having availed such an amazing trip all this while in my life. I was more taken aback by the kind of amenities offered by them on board the ship and not even for once did I feel them any less from that offered in the finest land based hotels. To top it all, there were so many lovely ladies of varying age groups and those in their early twenties were simply irresistible. I began my usual tantrums of drawing their attention but unfortunately they didn’t work. Then I decided to try some other method and finally I managed to be greeted by a young lady who seemed just the age I was looking for. She was pretty, in fact very pretty and I slowly tried becoming too informal and cozy with her. My gestures slightly disturbed her and before she could resist, I felt a loud thump on my back. A tall gigantic framed person stood behind me saying, “Don’t you dare flirt with my girlfriend!” This incident of Orbital Travel often pops in mind whenever I try flirting with girls.

A humorous incident with Orbital Travel  

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