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Straight|Talk miniature horse

The official publication of the Lucky Hart Ranch and Friends

Featuring R 2010 National Grand Champions

fall/winter 2010 issue

OUR MISSION To provide a pictorial glimpse into the workings of one family-run miniature horse ranch and their friends. This magazine is dedicated to Straight Miniature Horses and their caretakers.

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Straight Talk

Fall 2010 Volume 2 No.2 Editor Renee LaBarre Reiten Associate Editor Renee LaBarre Reiten Guest Contributor Swig Hansen Ar t Director Tara Reiten On the Cover R 2010 National Grand Champions

701.345.8273 | luckyhar | luckyhar

I have a thing about trains

Next Stop Express ~ Prince Crossing

pg 5

Meet Swigg Hansen Conversations with Swigg Swigg Hansen lives down the road. Swigg is almost a legend in these parts. Everyone knows and loves Swigg. Among other things he is an avid hunter and lover of the outdoors. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen, as he has the ability to put things in perspective and cut to the chase. We have been working on solving the world’s problems over a cup of coffee for almost 35 years now. Most of the time I do the talking and Swigg just drinks his coffee and asks what kind of cookies I have. He is a good listener and when I am studying on something, I will run it by him and see if he has any good advice. Sometimes he does. So, I have asked Swigg if I could quote him from time to time in “Straight Talk”. He said, “Okay”. One of our last conversations-Me: “Swigg, I used to be so impressed with those top miniature trainers that came out with their horses on a six foot line. It looked so pretty and dainty. I would snicker at the old pony way of showing. I thought they were hanging on to the halter for dear life.” Swigg: “Hummmmmm” Me: “But, when the boys opened up that Roadster In Hand class, I started watching and thinking. Those guys aren’t leading the horse out, they are holding it back. That is why they are up so close. They are making them work off working the rear end. I think we have to teach our straight halter horses that too.” Swigg: “Could be. Ya got any more white cookies?” Me: “The horse just has to use its rear end. We have to show against the ponies and to their judges. We’ve got to learn how to teach our straight miniature halter horses to do that too. It doesn’t matter what the requirements for halter are. In today’s AMHR arena you are going to have to please the judges and that is what they want.” Swigg: “I think you’re on to something” Me: “You know at Nationals when the judges, or someone, pulled three out of a class of stallions and had them pretty much work at the rail, (with no rail) it confirmed my thinking. We are going

to have to use different ways to train our straight miniatures for halter classes if we want to compete. I guess it should have been obvious, but until now, it was not, to me.” Swigg: “Yep, ya should have seen that one coming. Ya want to warm my coffee up a bit?” Me: “If the straight horse is to compete, we are going to have to get very savvy. We are going to have to use some of their tricks. The Pony boys have learned from us. You don’t see those guys showing in their coveralls anymore. We had better pick up a few things from them.” Swigg: “Well, Mrs. Reiten (he still calls me Mrs. Reiten), I think you had better get yourself a blue heeler and hang on. Oh, are you going to make any monster cookies next week?” I did both.

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the ol’ Gals don’t miss a thing

Fall 2010

pg 9

pg 6

The Old Gray Mare

The herd Coming in for water

pg 11

pg 12

Lucky Harts Americ an Example

Lucky Harts Sun Buckle Express

pg 13

How Many Generations Have to be known, before we c an become a breed of our own? Until we become our own breed we will be judged by other breeds criteria and other breeds judges.

CIMARRON MAID BY GEORGe with her colt at side Squires Montana Supreme Dream. Sired by Big Sky Hear ts On Fire. As another year draws to a close. I would like to wish all my cherished friends and customer s from around the wor ld a ver y Merr y Christmas and a Happy New Year. Squires Montana Miniatures P O Box 501, Plentywood, Montana, 59254 406-765-7574

Lucky Harts Over Land Express 2010 Express George cross (dang cockle burr s) pg 18

Lucky Harts Madam Of The Evening A George daughter owned by Michael and Mar y Collings To be bred to Special Expressed for a 2012 AMHR - AMHA foal. (opposite page)

ad campain from 2002-2003 Journal - June

pg 20

Lucky Harts C alamity Express If I can catch her, you can buy her.

Lucky Harts Dream Land Express with Tulsa and Tina Michael and Mar y plan on gelding him, as he isn’t quite as refined as they had hoped he would be, but he hasn’t dropped yet.

pg 21

The New Mom Rowbuck Bobbie Sox

JEM Sir Lance Alot Owned by Bar tkewich Miniatures www.miniaturehor

Lucky Harts Brandy Of Broadway Bob daughter out of an Andy daughter.

pg 25

Whitie I think she was close to thir ty year s old at the time the picture was taken

pg 26

The Old Gray Mare

Whitney and Klaudie Full sister Reb daughter s out of Whitie

pg 27

Lucky Harts Lawdy Miss Klaudie

pg 28

Lucky Har ts Lawdy Miss Klaudie and her grand daughter Glor y B of Broadway. What do you say about a mare that has produced a National Grand Champion mare and is the grandmother to two Supreme Futurity hor ses? We have saved four of her daughter s, so many of our mares go back to Whitie through her. She lost an eye a few year s back so you have to remember to let her know if you come up on the right. Had Gar y check her teeth a month or so back. She is 17 year s old, has never been done before and he said that she was perfect. I do her hooves when they need it. Guess it was a couple year s ago. I love this old mare and she likes me .

Thank you Fran. We sure hope she will do you proud. Cutie is going to Robby’s to be evaluated.

Last Days of Summer Emmett Lucky Har ts Simply Fran Sophia

10161 Stow Rd | Webber ville , MI 48892 586.718.8578 Robby Bar th 20915 110th St | Westgate , IA 50681 319.464.6326 | 563.578.1393

Mountain Meadows D’s Americ an Express I think his neck is long enough, don’t you? He usually has it so high and tucked that you don’t realize how long it is. Look how shor t his back is and how high those wither s are. His knees get a little swollen once in a while, but he is basically still ver y sound.

These two pictures were taken a couple year s back by Jodie French. Char lyn Ernest of Lil Bit Farm was handling him.

Lucky Harts Americ an Ex E Cute Express x Lucky Har ts Red Eye Special Owned by Fran Emmett 10161 Stow Road, Webber ville, MI 48892 586.718.8578

2009 Express Gelding

pg 32

Lucky Hart Young Mares

pg 33

Lucky Harts E T Full sister to Lucky Har ts Straight Shot Express pg 34

Lucky Harts High Ball Express Full Steam Ahead on opposite page

Lucky Harts Straight Shot Express “Shooter”

Lisa Marie of Broadway Dam of E T and Shooter pg 37


Lucky Hart Ranch has been proud to sponsor R Run for R Roses 2008, 2009 & 2010. Here R this years winners, Ain’t they grand.


From this...

To this...

2009 National Champion Youth of age with Laureen MaCarthy


2010 National Coolest C ar Thanks Mar y, It was fun to go for a spin. pg 42

2010 Coolest Jacket Mikaila Boxley and Mom

pg 43


Lucky Harts Private Jet 2010 National Super G Futurity Champion • Lynn Yung Driving and 2009 Nationals John Eckbold Presenting

Americ an Extravagana 2009 Nationals Brenda Boxley with American Extravagana pg 45


Lucky Harts Private Document pg 46

with owner Merril Meyer s at the 2009 Nationals

Many Thanks to the Expo Center staff that look after us, for 10 days ever y summer. Your patience and sense of humor is appreciated even though we sometimes forget to show it.


Lucky Harts Americ an Expression 2008 National Supreme Futurity Under Owned by Tibbs Family Miniatures pg 49


Lucky Harts Americ an Excellence National Champion of her class. Owned by MaCar thy’s Lakeside Stables. “Amy” is in foal to Kr yptonite for a spring baby. pg 50

Thanks go out to the City of Tulsa and the Expo Center, for your hospitality.

Nationals Live’n on Tulsa Time

There’s a whole lot of love on the Line Puck and the train.

Renee and Puck • 2008 National Champion Under Par k Harness


Flyin G’s Viva Las Vegas Little Kings Buckeroo God x Dusty Lane Vegas Dance Line 2006 AMHR Dun Gelding ~ 35” “Elvis” is an amazing hor se. Not only is he fun to be around, fun to show, he is an amazing athlete with a hear t of gold. We were for tunate to purchase Elvis’ dam in foal with him from Lucky Har t in 2005. We knew he was special from the moment he was born, but we had no idea just how special he was. Elvis attended his fir st national show in 2010. This was only his 3rd show. We asked a lot of him, and he delivered ever y time out, even against the taller hor ses that nobody thought we could compete against. Needless to say, he walked away with 16 National Top 10 Titles! We couldn’t ask for any more. We are ver y happy to be par t of the Lucky Har t family.

Elvis’ 2010 Nationals Results: Youth Ver satility, Over – 10th (out of 25) Youth Pleasure Driving, Over – 7th (out of 12) Youth Roadster, Over – 4th (out of 14) Amateur Ladies Pleasure Driving, Over – 7th (out of 20) Amateur Gentlemen Pleasure Driving, Over – 8th (out of 13) Amateur Roadster, Over – 3rd (out of 15) Model Gelding 2 Yr s & Older, Over – 9th (out of 28) Gelding 3 & Older, 34”-36” – 3rd (out of 22) Open Pleasure, 34”-36” – 5th (out of 20) Open Roadster, 34”-36” – 7th (out of 18) Ladies Pleasure, Over – 8th (out of 17) Gelding Pleasure, Over – 6th (out of 13) Open Ver satility, Over – 6th (out of 30) Roadster, 3 & 4 yr old, Over – 3rd (out of 10) 3 & 4 yr old Pleasure, Over – 6th (out of 11) Roadster Stake, 34”-36” – 3rd (out of 6)

pg 55


Lucky Harts O Boy George

pg 56

Placings at Nationals 2010 Futurity 3yr. Old Pleasure Driving, 9th Futurity 3yr. Old Stallion/Gelding Over, 10th Stallion Pleasure Driving Over, 6th Roadster 3&4 Yr. Olds Over, 9th Golden Age Pleasure Driving Over, 9th 3 & 4 yr. Olds Pleasure Driving Over, 8th Pleasure Driving Stake Over 36”-38’ ’, 5th Oceanbreeze Stables | Jeannie & Dwight MacLean 2303 Rt.12 Miscouche , P. E. I., Canada COB 1T0

Sir Gallahad By George Placings at Nationals 2010 Amateur Obstacle Over, 10th Solid Color Gelding, 9th Golden Age Jumper, 3rd Open Halter Obstacle Over, 10th Open Driving Obstacle Driving Over, 7th Roadster Stake Over, 5th

Oceanbreeze Stables | Jeannie & Dwight MacLean 2303 Rt.12 Miscouche , P. E. I., Canada COB 1T0

pg 57


Lucky Harts Private Dun Dee Driven by Mikaila Boxley pg 58

Lucky Harts Americ an Exotic a Express x Bob cross. Zottie as she looked at 2010 Nationals. She never quit showing. Thank you to Brad and Machelle for giving her such a great home and Tuffy Acton for doing such a great job showing her.

pg 59

Wishing you a very Special Holiday Season From the Lucky Hart Ranch

Special Expressed Son of Prince AMHR-AMHA One of the main herd sires of 2011. We will be crossing him back on American Express daughter s. Owned in par tner ship with Aristocratic Miniatures.

Straight Talk Magazine  

The 2010 Fall/Winter Issue of Striaght Talk Magazine. The official publication of The Lucky Hart Ranch.

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