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GARY & ABIGAIL SCOTT “Our main holiday in Thailand was in the December after the wedding.”

AFTER having originally met at a party, Facebook played a part in this couple eventually hooking up. How far in advance did you choose to have your wedding after the proposal? A year, we didn’t want a long engagement. It was only after we had booked, that we realised that we got engaged on the same day as we were to be married! How did you go about the wedding planning process? Did you do it yourself? We did it ourselves. Having been bridesmaid to a number of friends and family, I knew what was in store and started planning very quickly. I booked everything I could as soon as I could so there were no disappointments. Gary was very involved, being a Graphic Designer, his input was invaluable! Did you have a hen party / kitchen tea? My bridesmaids threw me a “High Tea” which was all prim and proper, a real classy affair, which was so me! They dressed me in my Mother’s wedding gown, which made it really special! Tell us about your venue. We got married at Camelot. Perfect, with the right amount of ambiance. We didn’t go for a themed wedding, we just had the beauty of being married in a castle! Our colours were antique gold and silver, which really gave a regal feel, with the Castle as a backdrop! As Camelot already has a lot of Ivy, we brought that in as an accent. Tips and advice for future bridal couples? Plan as much as you can beforehand. What goes wrong on the day is out of your hands, don’t sweat it, the important thing is to enjoy your day. Try to be “in the moment” for every moment! Take Rescue for nerves, as it does not make you dopey! Did you go on honeymoon? Cathedral Peak in the Berg for just two days after the wedding. Our main holiday in Thailand was in the December after the wedding (we got married in July). We wanted to enjoy our honeymoon, not still be tired from wedding stress and nerves. Also, being a teacher, I needed to take my holiday in school holiday time.

56 • REAL BRIDES • 1 March 2012


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