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ALEX & TAMLYN Nicoll “We spent our honeymoon in Bali and a few nights on a little island off Bali called Nusa Lembongan.”

THE beach was the place where this couple met and that ultimately determined their choice of venue. What was your theme/colour scheme? Black and white with a touch of baby pink. Vintage glam theme. Your venue? We wanted a venue where we could see the sea. That was our main criteria and also a place in our home town for the convenience. Botha House is absolutely stunning and perfect for us. The most difficult part of planning a wedding? Planning a South African wedding from the UK. Not being able to meet any of the suppliers until two weeks before the day was really difficult. When we finally arrived in SA it was crazily busy and stressful. All worth it in the end! Any amusing incidents? My parents planned to get up together in the church when asked who was giving me away. On the count of 3 they were to say, ‘we do’. Dad got a bit excited and blurted it out on 1, after which Mom tried to catch up. Everyone in the church cracked up! How many guests did you have? 120. Things to avoid? Take a step back on the actual day. Make sure someone else (mother/matron of honour) is in control and knows how everything should be so that they can handle it and you can enjoy your day. Don’t try or put pressure on yourselves to sit down and talk/mingle with every guest. The day is about the two of you. Spend as much of the time together as you can. Anything you would have done differently? I would have started with hair and makeup a bit earlier as we were a bit rushed for time. There are a few small details which we, in hindsight, wish we’d paid more attention to. Go with your heart and stick to your guns and do it all and have it all exactly the way YOU want it.

54 • REAL BRIDES • 1 March 2012


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