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WESLEY & JEMAINE NAIDOO “Rome, Venice, Paris, Dubai. The most romantic honeymoon!” WESLEY and Jemaine attended the same junior primary school and then got together years later in High School after meeting up at church. They call their relationship a divine connection. What made you choose The Oyster Box as a venue? The ambiance is amazing! The location was perfect. We loved the views too. Everything was what we had envisioned for our day. Classy and elegant is the best way to describe it. The gardens too had lovely scenery which led to stunning photos. Five star treatment is what The Oyster Box truly offers. Theme/colour scheme? It was a summer wedding, so the colors we chose were green, silver and white and we had a ‘ heavenly ‘ theme. Did you use a Wedding Planner? No. We preferred to do the planning on our own. It’s much more fun to be hands on. The venue had a very efficient wedding coordinator. Everything was outsourced. We paid for the best to be done, by the best. Most stressful part? Having to choose a limited number of guests considering the wide circle of friends and family that we have. Highlight? The entire day. What really stood for us was the song I sang to Wesley - “When God made you”. Then Wesley’s speech, when he didn’t hesitate to give God all the praise and glory and declared it freely to all. Another highlight was just being with our friends and family. And being whisked off in a green Lamborghini, followed by a Ferrari and the rest of our convoy of white vehicles that all had “Wesley and Jemaine” number plates! What tips can you give to future brides-to-be? Take advice from those you love but always make your own decisions based on your expectations. Plan and organise together as a couple. Have a checklist and record details of the planning, no matter how insignificant they seem. Be logical and practical in your approach.

48 • REAL BRIDES • 1 March 2012


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