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Person of the Year: Ronald McDonald Netflix Starting New Way of Movie Streaming: through toilets John finds apple, millions stunned Local Self Proclaimed Astro-Physisicist Decides 2+2=5 Loch Ness Monster claims he’s not real Stain at Bottom of Sink says to try harder Advertisers realize they’re not making you insecure enough World News: US hasn’t had enough to eat Ask Lien 5 Year Old Writing Transformers 4 Seeing-iDog Middle Aged Mom Stops Caring:Loaf of Bread inside lunch

Age Range:13-18 Gender: Both General Location: America Household Income: Middle Class Interests: Comedy Related Publications: Cracked, The Onion Since Real-T focuses on satire on today’s society, we appeal to those that are the majority of society’s influences, the teenagers, which is mostly ages 13-18. Our magazine appeals to the jokers, the ones who appreciate comedy, so we don’t just appeal to one gender.

Mission Statement Through styles of satire and wit, Real T strives to entertain today’s fans of comedy, and express certain faults within society in a comedic manner with parodies, exaggerated life stories, and political satire.

Our Media Kit  
Our Media Kit  

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