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Enjoy & Learn!!!What a Complex???!!! See More Inside‌.

Al-Azhar Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is now opening their arms for all medical students all over the world in her first Summer School which will be from the 13th of July 2012 until the 27th of July 2012 about tropical medicine and infectious disease. It is your chance to enhance your experience and learn more about tropical medicine in Egypt and also have fun in an unforgettable two weeks.

Al-Azhar Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a non-profit association managed by volunteer medical students and is independent from the Students Union In December 2007 Al-Azhar Medical student association became a candidate member in IFMSA-Egypt and was further promoted into an Associate member in November 2008 and a full member in November 2010. As a member of IFMSA-Egypt, AMSA shares the same mission and vision with IFMSA while maintaining its unique identity as a part of the most prestigious Islamic institution namely Al-Azhar university.

Al-Azhar university is the first university in Egypt it was founded 970~972 and the faculty of medicine in Al-Azhar were founded in 1962 with three big hospitals that serve medical students where most all specialties are available.

Tropical medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with health problems that occur uniquely, are more widespread, or prove more difficult to control in tropical and subtropical regions. Many infections and infestations that are classified as "tropical diseases" used to be endemic in countries located in temperate or even cold areas. This includes widespread epidemics such as malaria and hookworm infections as well as exceedingly rare diseases like lagochilascaris minor. Many of these diseases have been controlled or even eliminated from developed countries, as a result of improvements in housing, diet, sanitation, and personal hygiene. Since climate is not the main reason why those infections remain endemic in tropical areas, there is a trend towards renaming this specialty as "Geographic Medicine" or "Third World Medicine.

*We have many Tropical diseases in Egypt related to our community and environment. *In al-Azhar University and in Its 3 hospitals our course in Tropical medicine department includes the following

Daily from 09:00 am – 01:30 pm (this time is preliminary and can be increased upon the tutor need) Friday & Saturday (weekends are off)

After finishing the course you will take a certificate that is a ccredited from IFMSA-Egypt, AMSA and the faculty of medicine Al-Azhar University and that certificate can be accredited also from your embassy too.

1-English (Good command of English is a must) 2-Your white coat 3-Your stethoscope 4-A camera in handy to save your unforgettable moments

In Cairo paradise hotel in the heart of Cairo. Students will stay in private and double rooms with private bathroom. You will have your breakfast in the hotel and after the hospital you will be delivered your lunch. (Dinner will be upon the student)

A Day trip to the Pyramids The Egyptian museum Salah El-Din citadel

Al-Azhar Park A Boat trip in the Nile Al-Hussein

The Islamic Egypt

City stars mall

The Coptic Egypt

Bowling center

A Day trip to Dream Park

Khan el Khalil

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, it was known for the lighthouse of Alexandria (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)

Over two days in Alexandria

1- If there is three students coming together the fee will be 340 â‚Ź for each of them. 2- If they are five, The Fee will be 320 â‚Ź for each of them. Hurry Up!!! reserve your place

There will be also an additional program (upon the student) it will be 3nights 4days to the biggest city in the red sea cities. You will stay in 3 Stars Hotel Enjoying the Red Sea view Diving Sunbaths Safari Going in a trip by glass boat to see the Coral Reefs Going to “Belton” Island and have the chance to discover the magic of the red sea……..and more.


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Summer School general Coordinator in (AMSA) Tel: (+2) 0100 32 64 855

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