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FUN FACTS! The alphabets in the words ‘the eyes’ can be rearranged to create the words ‘they see’. Using your cell phone while it’s charging can damage the battery- this is why the cords for charges are so short. Cherries can cause cancer cells to die. Sunflowers can be used to clean up radioactive waste. The total weight of all the ants on Earth is about the same as the weight of all the humans on Earth. There is a town named Okay, OK. It has a population of 600 people.

New Members to the District Board!

Division 4D LTG, Sarah Bradbury and International Trustee, Zachary Waldorf

Who to know? Governor: Cameron Clatterbuck Email: Secretary-Treasurer: Reagan Sandoz Email: District Administrator: Glenn Borne Email:

LaMissTenn District Key Club Secretary Treasurer

September Newsletter to Board  
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