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Official Newsletter of Key Club Secretary Treasurer/ LaMissTenn District

August 2013 Volume 2 Issue 1

Get the Scoop from Sandoz Heading Back to School LaMissTenn

In this issue! Greetings .................. ..1

Hello Club Secretaries and Treasurers! For those of you who do not know, my name is Reagan Sandoz and I have the honor of serving you as your Key Club District SecretaryTreasurer for this year. I could not be happier to serve this amazing organization with such great servant leaders. I know that we will have a year to remember. As Key Clubbers, we all have our own stories as to why we joined the organization in the first place. I joined Key Club as a freshman because I was in desperate need of service hours, (it is a requirement at my school). However, after being a part of my school’s club for a couple months, I noticed something special about it. I realized that Key Club is the only club in the world where leaders come together not only to serve, but to be part of a family that extends across the

world. I am so proud to call myself one of the 250,000 Key Clubbers across the globe. I am so proud to serve such an amazing district. And most importantly, I am so proud to be a part of such an incredible family. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about Key Club or anything under the K-Family umbrella, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours in Friendship and Service, Reagan Sandoz LaMissTenn District SecretaryTreasurer

Things to remember . ..2 ICON 2013 ................. ..3 Our new trustee! ...... ..3 Contacts ................... ..4 FUN ............................ ..4

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

Me with Kelly Owens, Division 4A LTG, (left) and Jonathan Carter, Division 4C LTG, (right).

UPCOMING EVENTS! September Board Meeting/ September 13-15, 2013/ Lafayette, Louisiana

Keep your eye open for the first monthly video at the end of August!

Relevant Reminders! CLUB SECRETARIES: Monthly Reports Club Secretaries are required to submit a Monthly Report to the Division Lieutenant Governor and District Secretary-Treasurer, as well as any additional club officers that would like the document. Monthly reports are due on the 5th of every month for the previous month. For example, a club’s monthly report for the month of August will be due on September 5th. Reports should be sent to the above individuals by email or mail. If you need the form to complete the monthly report, please contact me! Contact Information Please remember that club contact information is VITAL to a successful organization. If contact information has not been submitted already, please submit it to the division LTG and the District Secretary-Treasurer. If you need the form to send the contact information, please contact me! **Both Club Monthly Reports and Club Contact Information can also be submitted online at**

CLUB TREASURERS: Membership Dues In order for a Key Club to remain active, dues MUST be paid on time. Please note that dues are no longer accepted through the mail. Dues can only be paid online through the Membership Update Center. Treasurers can access the Membership Update Center at Dues are a total of $13 per member. $6.50 for International and $6.50 for District. Dues should be sent in by November 1st to be considered as “Early Bird”. Dues must be sent in by December 1st or a club will be considered “delinquent” until the dues are paid in full for the year. If you need assistance with any part of the dues paying process, please do not hesitate to contact me!


What’s next on the District Board’s list? The September/ Rally Board Meeting! Tabatha Grebinger, LTG of Division 7A, and Hunter Gwin, LTG of Division 12, are teaming up to host the Kick-Off Rally for this year’s rally season! Their rally theme is “Service League” where they hope Key Clubbers will be Heroes of Service. The LaMissTenn District Board is invited to this rally to get ideas and learn various things for their own Divisional Rallies. District Board members will also begin the planning process of New Officer’s Training and District Convention.

KEY CLUB LaMissTenn District Secretary-Treasurer Newsletter

ICON 2013 International Convention 2013 RE-CAP: This year’s Key Club International Convention was held in the historic city of Washington D.C. LaMissTenn started their trip off by touring monuments, memorials, and museums in the city. After learning new things about what D.C. has to offer, LaMissTenn made their way to the Washington Hilton where the 70th annual convention officially begun. Key Clubbers attended a meet and greet to meet other members and then went to Opening Session the next morning. LaMissTenn sported their historic blue hats during workshops, caucuses, sessions, dances, and the House of Delegates. At the House of Delegates, Rachel Benoit, the Immediate Past District Governor from LaMissTenn, was elected to the office of International Vice-President. Rachel, we are proud of you! ICON this year was an amazing experience filled with great memories to last a lifetime. LaMissTenn’s next stop will be Anaheim, California for next year’s International Convention.

Meet our new International President, Raeford Penny!

Meet our new International Vice-President, Rachel Benoit!

Meet our new International Trustee, Zachary Waldorf!


That Extra Fun Stuff

Fast Facts: The Key Club Language o

Here are a few abbreviations to help you understand the different Key Club abbreviations: v DCON: District Convention v ICON: International Convention v PCM: President’s Council Meeting v LMT: LaMissTenn, Louisiana, Mississippi, Western Tennessee v MEP: Major Emphasis Project v N.O.T.: New Officer Training v N.B.T.: New Board Training v LTG: Lieutenant Governor v KCI: Key Club International v Interclub: A service project that includes one or more clubs in a division getting together

o o o o


In 2002, the most popular boat name in the U.S. was Liberty One out of 20 people have an extra rib 44% of kids watch television before they go to sleep Every three days a human stomach gets a new lining In 1873, Colgate made toothpaste that was available in a jar Istanbul, Turkey is the only city in the world located on two continents

Who to know? Governor: Cameron Clatterbuck Email: Secretary-Treasurer: Reagan Sandoz Email: District Administrator: Glenn Borne Email:

LaMissTenn District Key Club


August Club Newsletter  
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