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Dedicated to enhancing public safety’s ability to effectively respond to critical events.

The Law Enforcement Crisis Coalition empowers citizens to play an active role in supporting public safety officers and their families through critical events. "If citizens truly understood the hardships and potential dangers officers face, their first question would be 'How can I help,'" said Chaplain David Fair, President of LECC. "Our educational programming moves citizens to ask the question, while furnishing answers that inspire them to act." Two Crises/Two Programs ReadyUSA (Catastrophic Events) Law enforcement’s ability to effectively manage a catastrophic event will depend on citizens who are self sufficient, resilient & READY! ReadyUSA fast tracks emergency preparedness in six easy step. “Courage in Crisis" (Personal Crisis) “Courage in Crisis" provides assistance and recognition to the families of a law enforcement officers who have answered the call of duty in spite of an extreme personal or professional hardship.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS. PAINLESS , UNCOMPLICATED & STRAIGHTFORWARD. Law enforcement’s ability to effectively manage a catastrophic event will greatly depend on the general population’s readiness, self sufficiency and resiliency. The single most important challenge facing law enforcement officers: Will citizens be ready? fast tracks emergency preparedness for the average citizen with a simple six step program.

Through our efforts, millions of citizens across the nation will better understand the importance of emergency preparedness and will have the information to act!

"Courage in Crisis" provides assistance and recognition to the families of law enforcement officers who have demonstrated exceptional courage in answering the call of duty despite having suffered an extreme personal or professional hardship. Awarding Valor "Courage in Crisis" recognizes that while wearing a badge is one of America's finest and most noble traditions, it is also a calling that requires sacrifice and fortitude from both officers and their families. Additionally, "Courage in Crisis" seeks to make a significant contribution to the public's understanding of the unique challenges met by public safety professionals, thereby advancing concerns common to both officers and family members. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:Â The award includes emergency financial assistance that will vary depending on individual need and available funding.

Extreme personal hardships faced by police officers and their families are often compounded or are a direct result of the extraordinary demands of the profession. "Courage in Crisis" offers America's true heroes assistance where there was none -- and by focusing light on issues that merit more public attention, we seek to be a catalyst for change. Chaplain David Fair, Ph.D


"HONOR GUARD" Sgt. John Cooley, a 30 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, leads "Honor Guard: A Step by Step Guide to Planning a Police Funeral". The seminar is the culmination of a lifetime of professional experience in handling line of duty death funerals.


Drawn from the experience and wisdom of police chaplain David Fair, Ph.D., this educational seminar instructs and inspires new police chaplains to master the skills they will need to effectively manage crises.

American Police Officer Channel

Using New Media to celebrate one of American’s great traditions.

American Police Officer Channel American Police Officer Channel is a 24 hour a day celebration of the nobility of a profession that touches lives and protects the foundation of society. Our Goal:  Inspire police officers to stay fit in mind, body, heart and spirit so they are up to the challenges of the profession.  America's police officers serve in the most challenging of environments – often misunderstood, often criticized.  Too often, policing does the greatest harm to those willing to take the oath and wear the badge.  Police departments across the country are reporting increased rates of staff turnover. Many agencies are spending enormous amounts of resources on recruiting, selecting, and training new employees. At the same time, they are unable to make progress because they are losing experienced officers to other employers.  The problem of turnover is approaching critical levels for

Inspiring police officers to stay fit in mind, body, heart and spirit so they are up to the challenges of each new crisis. many law enforcement agencies. The average tenure for a new officer is 33 months! American Police Officer Channel addresses these issues by reinforcing the nobility of the policing profession. By highlighting all that is righteous about the calling, American Police Officer will offer officers and the public a much needed perspective. 

This Fall 2010

President’s Bio Chaplain Dave Fair has served at dozens of natural and man made disasters including Ground Zero following 911, Hurricane Katrina, NASA Space Shuttle Disaster, Sri Lanka Tsunami, the Ft. Hood shootings, and the Haitian Earthquake.

Sensitive Security Information, Homeland Security Emergency Medical Response, Disaster Preparedness and Crisis Response Coordinator.

President of the LECC and CEO of Homeland Crisis Institute, Fair also serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the American Board of Certified Master Chaplains , and also serves on the Curriculum Committee of the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security as well as the Editorial Advisory Board of Inside Homeland Security.

Dr. Fair serves as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff/ Chaplain for the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. He is Chaplain Emeritus of the Brownwood Police Department, and retired as a Chaplain for Brownwood Regional Medical Center after 25 years.

He is the Region 7 Deputy Director of the International Conference of Police Chaplains and is on the Crisis Response Team for Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. Chaplain Fair holds a PhD in pastoral counseling and psychology from Bethel Bible College and Seminary. He is Certified in Homeland Security Level Five (CHSV). He holds certifications in Psychology of Terrorists,


Dr. Fair also serves as a military chaplain. He has received a number of ribbons and awards for his service. He is a Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) and trained in Defense Support to Civil Authorities- Liaison Officer (DSCA-LNO) He is coordinator of the First Incident Response Support CISM Team. Fair serves on the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board for the National Center of Crisis Management/ American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is Board Certified in Crisis Chaplaincy, Forensic Traumatology, Stress Management, School Crisis Response, and Emergency Crisis Response. He is also a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, American Psychotherapy Association and the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Contact Us National Program Office 600 Fisk Avenue #201 Brownwood TX 76801 (888) 801-7633 phone (512) 233-5920 fax

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