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ReadySetWork 2011 Summer Internship Program


The team at ReadySetWork is offering 7 lucky individuals the chance to work with one of Philly’s hottest new start-ups. We are looking for folks who are creative, outgoing, and love to voice their opinions.


You will not fetch coffee (we don’t drink it!), your input will be heard, you will interact with customers, and you will help continue the success of ReadySetWork

RSW Dream Team 

We are looking for: o 2 – “QA Specialists”  You love breaking things and putting them back together, you can find “Waldo,” and you understand the mind of a genius and a child o 2 – “Sales Genies”  You love talking to people, you are the life of the party, and you could sell a “ketchup popsicle to a women in white” o 1 – “Graphical Lyricist”  You can make Adobe CS sing, you are obsessed with Mad Men, and you know that print still sells o 1 – “Social Butterfly”  You were born with a Twitter account, you feed blogs like it’s your job, and were voted “Most Likely to Run for President” in your yearbook o 1 – “WebMaster”  You are the master of your domain(s), you know how to drive traffic, and your middle name is “SEO”

***Everyone on the Dream Team will go out and speak to actual prospective RSW clients 1 day a week!

RSW PERKS    

Free lunch everyday Dream Team Activities An awesome work environment 1 lucky intern will get asked to join RSW full-time

Send Résumé and Questions to

ReadySetWork 2011 Summer Internship Program - Lucky No. 7  

RSW Summer 2011 Intern Program